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[size11 [#01437a [b She]] just found out that she has been approved to study abroad at a boarding school in Castalia, a small town in Eastern Europe. She is very excited, always wanting to explore an area surrounded by beautiful Gothic architecture and of course, the place where her family tree began.

[b [#01437a While]] she feels like she is home, there is no doubt that she stands out as, as she is from the states. She thinks she wont be able to make any friends and feels lonely, until she meets [#01437a [b Romina]], her roommate. She’s beautiful, wealthy and enigmatic. Something about the woman who never wears anything other than black draws her in.

[#01437a [b Winter]] break has arrived and Romina invites [#01437a [b her]] to come spend time at her home. The first night there Romina takes [#01437a [b her]] to a raging party where everyone is out of this world gorgeous.

[#01437a [b He]] has his eye on her the minute she enters and Romina is not shy in introducing the two. Glasses of wine later and a lot of flirting, there’s no surprise when she and he share a kiss. Still, [#01437a [b she]] is shocked the awake the next morning, heading pounding and a puncture mark to her neck]
[size10 [b rules.]
-alright so this is a vampire story. Now the history of the female character is completely up to you, however I do have some basis of the background to aid in the direction of the plot
[tab] [b *your character basically comes from a family of the wealthiest pure blood vampires. Highest of the high. Of course with cross breeding this kind dwindled the pool. Romina recognized you as a part of the line because she was friends with your characters great great great grandmother
[tab] *my character comes from a line of also purebloods. Now the kicker is a long time ago there was a pact made between lines to after years of control over land. The two were bound to marry. However your grandmother ran off and the pact never was made – until now when my character bit you
[tab] *so this is kind of a love hate thing. Our characters are meant to be together but kind of by choice and yet by love as they start to bond with each other.
[tab] [I *anything else, im happy to discuss! Love building plots with people.]]
-real pictures
-mature theme; gore, violence, romance, cursing
-doesnt matter how much you write, just give me [i something] to work with
[b [center pm if interested x]]]


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[font "Times New Roman" She was very still, her eyes half closed in waiting to see what he would do. She felt heat through her body despite her body not being to make body heat anymore. His mouth hovered at her neck and she felt him press her even closer. She held to his jacket tightly, and when she felt his bite, she couldn't hold back the sharp gasp and moan that left her lips as she pressed against him more, her arms slipping around his waist.

Every touch after that bite sent shivers along her body as she lost herself a moment to the sensations it brought her. She let her head fall aside more for him, giving into the feeling of his bite. The ache in her own throat roared to life as she held to him tightly, her nails threatening to tear holes in his jacket. And then too soon it was over. She felt his tongue and sighed in another moan before he kissed her neck and held her close.

She knew that he was trying the best he could to help her to understand what all she was going through and to try and make the best of it all. As he held his face to her neck, she did the same to his neck, only when she took in his scent, she almost felt her knees give as she held to him. Her throat felt completely dry and it was painful. [#000580 [b "Cyrus....?"]] She crooned with the sound of a pained pout in her voice. It was the sound from her vampiric side. It held more of a sultry allure to it. [#000580 [b "I'm thirsty again.... does it ever go away? ..... it hurts...."]] She nuzzled against his neck more as she spoke to him.
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Raven was already doing so well and she didn’t even know it. She was capable of hunting and right now still able to contain herself, despite the fact that he knew that she had to have some burning desire to feed again. He felt as Raven leaned into his touch. Had she needed to breathe, he knew that she probably would’ve been holding her breath in anticipation. Should he? Cyrus had been thinking about biting Raven since the night he changed her and yet he didn’t want to move fast. Would she have flashbacks to how he held her, the way she fought against him until she became too weak and ultimately succumbed to the venom. Cyrus felt as her hands clung to his coat. Would she let him bite her? He knew she was bouncing back and forth when it came to her coming into the new life of being a vampire and didn’t want to further confuse her. Though Raven had to eventually come to terms with the fact that she was no longer human. If she allowed herself to fully come into the lifestyle and trust Cyrus as her mate, this would make things much easier to deal with. She wouldn’t have to struggle with the agonizing torture of not knowing what to listen to: her evolving body, or the memories of her [I past] life.

Cyrus’ free hand had sprawled a bit against Raven’s back, drawing her closer if that were at all physically possible and without much more thought, Cyrus’ fangs sank into Raven’s neck. Of course feeding on your partner was very intimate, sharing blood with your partner only further increased the bond between the two. He could feel the way her tongue coated his tongue, tart like a cherry he realized and she was delicious, completely addicting and Cyrus could feel his desire to take more from her increasing, though Cyrus knew that Raven was still healing. He restrained himself, pulling his fangs out and immediately suckling the spot on her neck, until the last drop came out, to which he gently lapped at it before placing a kiss on Raven’s neck. He rested there in the crook of her neck for a moment, trying to collect himself though he was currently riding the biggest high it felt like.

He was gentle as he played with her hair, Cyrus looking to raven then with a small smile. Cyrus reached up, pressing his hands against his lips as he watched her carefully.
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[font "Times New Roman" She looked to him as he explained that she was changing and that it would soon all be over and she would be so pained and conflicted. She wasn't sure how she felt on that, whether it was a good thing or a bad thing. Would she forget who she used to be? Would she lose who she was to be a Vampire for him and this race of people she didn't know?

He stepped closer, but she no longer backed away from him. In watching him, she hadn't realized she had been chewing at her lower lip. He brushed along her neck, feeling her hair sliding back from her shoulders. He was so close, his scent overwhelming her. He asked her if she trusted him as she felt him kiss at her neck. Her body responded before her mind could. She stepped closer to him, her hands resting to his chest as she tilted her head back for him as if she had done so a million times under his touch.

Her body shivered at the feel of teeth against her neck and if her heart had still been beating it would have skipped several beats. Softly her fingers bunched in his shirt beneath his jacket, her breath leaving her in a sigh as well as a plea. Everything within her screamed for him, even if she didn't understand why or how. She murmured his name softly as she took another step to lean in closer, taking away anymore space there was between them.

With his mouth so near to her neck, she realized that she was happy she hadn't started on her jewelry yet. She had been given matching pieces to a set of Ruby and Black Diamonds inlaid into silver. Earrings, necklace, bracelet, and single garter set along her vanity table waiting to be placed on. Since the necklace was a choker necklace mix, he wouldn't have had access to the skin he had in his mouth now. The intimacy of being so close, the need that ran through her at the slightest of touches from him was like nothing she had ever felt before in her life. Or death.
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Raven was nervous and why wouldn’t she be? Her whole life as she mentioned had changed. Things were moving quickly, and they would continue to move with such speed and force that it would be hard to jump off this ride. Raven had every opportunity to run off, to try to go back to who she was before the change and yet they both knew that was a death sentence. Eventually she would come across someone who would see what she was and if she didn’t get to them first she’d be dead This was something that they were trying to avoid. For years vampires had lived in the shadows, acting as though they were the everyday people and not the strong and royal humans with a power that man could only dream of having. This was their time.

Cyrus of course knew what smell Raven was referring to and he made sure to not move, not wanting to ensure an attack. She was close to him, her nose buried against his neck. It would wear off, in due time as he was no longer seeing Mallory in that fashion. For some it was easy to have the best of both worlds, women you could feed on and have as you wished and also a mate. Yet, there were some that were incredibly defensive of their mates and it seemed Raven was the latter. She was aggressive, but it was relieving to see that her vampire instincts were overpowering her human ones. Soon they would fade and these stressful thoughts that plagued Raven’s mind would fade as well. For now though, unfortunately, she would be caught in that back and forth until she fully allowed herself to trust Cyrus in all entirety.

His arms wrapped around her tightly, his neck tilted some as he felt her pressing tighter against him, his nose trailing against the top of her hair as he inhaled her, consumed by her nearly. His hands had moved toward her arms then, almost as a means to control himself at that point. And while some part of him was disappointed that Raven had pulled away, the other part knew that had she continued he wouldn’t have been able to resist her. As though he wasn’t already having that problem.
“The venom is still working inside of you, mutating at a slower speed now. You are still stuck in the phase of changing where your mind is trying to detach from what you were. It will change Raven, but you have to trust me,” he said as she walked closer to her. His hands reached then to cup her cheek, pushing back the strands of hair then. His lips placed a lithe kiss there. “Do you trust me?” He asked. Her scent still lingered on him and it had driven him to a point that he could not ignore. Cyrus’ hand had traveled now to her neck, not applying enough pressure but able to tilt her head. He thought about that night he had bit her, her blood hot and sweet on his tongue. How would she taste now? His fangs had come out then, gently grazing her skin.
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[font "Times New Roman" Raven watched through the mirror as Lilian left. The door opened nearest her, so she hadn't seen Cyrus on the other side, nor heard their words, though she probably could have had she been paying attention. Her mind was swept up in all that was happening. She was used to having money. Not anything like what Cyrus or Romina had, but they were more than comfortable. But her family never had maids or servants to clean the house or make the meals or do the chores. But this hadn't been what had teetered Raven off. Something about Lilian had smelled off. Not wrong, but like there was more than her smell with her. This confused her deeply.

She was just adding more and more to her mind, stressing herself out, and she needed to try and breathe. The problem was, she no longer needed to breathe, so deep breathing did not help much in the way of calming her down anymore. She was in the middle of mentally talking herself down when Cyrus' voice reached her and she looked up surprised and into the mirror to meet his gaze behind her. He said she was lovely, and she glanced to herself once more before looking back to him in the mirror. He toyed with her hair softly as he asked about her comfort.

[#000580 [b "This is a whole different world for me.... my family never wore such elaborate things.... not unless it was a wedding or a funeral..... and... this is just a huge change to my life.... and all done over night.... I'm just-"]] She stopped a moment and tilted her head. [#000580 [b "What..... is that smell?"]] She asked scrunching her nose a moment. She sniffed around her a bit here and there, before she turned to him and sniffed as if following the smell. When she stood and leaned in to one of his shoulders, she took in a deep breath and stilled to pull back her face with a look that said she smelled something sour. [#000580 [b "I can.... smell.... another woman on your jacket....."]] She frowned taking a step back as she tried to think of why it bothered her so much.

She gave a light growl, and before she realized she was reacting on instinct, she wrapped her arms around his neck, buried her nose into his neck and pressed against him. She was surrounding him in her own scent, in a way. Hoping that it would overpower that other scent. At least her new instincts hoped. All she consciously knew was that he smelled of another woman, and it nearly pissed her off. All these new feelings, emotions, and reactions were going to leave her confused on who she was in the end.

She trailed her nose against his neck, then found herself pressing closer to his neck before she realized what she was doing and she dropped her gaze and stepped back from him murmuring an apology as she tried to figure out why her body and mind were working almost separately. [#000580 [b "Cyrus..... I don't know what I'm doing.... my body wants one thing, my mind pulls another.... I'm just.... I feel lost.... everyone around me is expecting me to be this.... answer, this great thing..... and I can't even control myself or my actions....."]] She wrapped her arms around herself with a groan and a sigh as though she had a headache.
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Romina felt terrible. Ins some sense she felt like she had been casted out of Raven’s life forever. She could still see the disapproving look her friend had given her – that look of complete betrayal. When she was approached by the Council, Romina was unsure how to deny the request before it became clear she didn’t have a choice, as her family was bound by loyalty to the Council as they had been the ones to protect and rehome them after their trouble in a previous country. She shivered at that memory, thinking back to the sound of [I that] man who had bombarded into her bedroom, a dagger in tow. Had it not been for her father, she would be dead, but he wasn’t the only one. It soon became clear that the country had learned of what they were and they wanted them dead. That was so long ago and yet it seemed like it was just yesterday. She knew that the Council had to be preparing for something or to go up against [I someone] if they were rushing this relationship and she was to be the one to see to it being carried out. Raven truly was a friend to her. She hoped that maybe with some time, she could see that she had been true during their time together. She had been just as lonely at the school and once meeting with Raven that had all changed.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/BplDlhV.png]] Cyrus headed to his own room which he hoped soon Raven would be able to share with him. Of course there were no coffins, which he could feel she had qualms about the minute they passed hers. With how gray the skies were in their country and how thick their curtains were, fear of sunlight hadn’t been an issue. Most vampires tended to go out at night anyways, congregating at one another’s homes for parties or meetings – plans. There was very little that Raven knew about why their coupling mattered so much. He’d heard the whispers at first, of the group of Silver Knights, as they called themselves, travelling through the world to rid it of any and all of their kind. There was rumor they were making their way to them, but so were other vampires that had managed to escape. A war was brewing.

He’d his own personal maid since his younger years, Mallory, a wispy brunette with doe eyes. It was strange now, knowing that he had Raven as their relationship hadn’t always been strictly business. Though, blood slaves had no choice but to remain loyal and understand their place. To get between mates was asking for death as jealousy was not taken lightly and a purebred was much stronger than a human who had just a splash of venom within them even if they full transitioned. Raven at least carried some of their DNA, and he already noted how strong she was from her hunting. Admittedly, he missed her and as Mallory helped him undress he found himself thinking of Raven. Finally he showered, something usually Mallory attended but with news of Raven’s presence, she had stayed outside, tending to getting his clothing laid out.

He came out, towel wrapped around his waist and watched as Mallory excused herself. He’d changed into a pair of dark black dress pants with a white button up, up to the high collar. He pulled on the royal blue coat, which had a velvet lining near the buttons. They were to have a formal dining setting for him to introduce Raven to his parents and explain that things had moved a bit quicker considering the danger they were in. He’d left the room after tying up the black dress shoes and soon he was leaving. Lillian looked panicked which concerned him.

“She is not ready. She seems antsy.” She said and that made Cyrus even more worried. He walked into the bedroom then, seeing her still sitting at her vanity. He was overwhelmed by her scent no longer masked by the grime of her feed. He walked over to Raven.
“You look lovely,” he said, his hands on her shoulders, loose as they ran through the dark curled strands. “Are you not comfortable?” He asked softly, noting her hair was down. Of course leaving your neck vulnerable did require trust. He could already feel his desire to taste her.
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[font "Times New Roman" Raven watched as his parents decided to give them some time while they went to hunt. They seemed nice, but preoccupied with the need to feed. She knew the feeling, she could still feel the ache in her throat, but it was nothing like when she first woke up. He spoke up with another apology and she looked to him as he spoke up.

Ever since she'd laid eyes on him before the hunt, she'd been torn between her fear of him, and that ever growing need to touch him, to pull him close to her. When he had kissed her, pressed his lips to her neck and held her closely, she'd nearly melted against him. She wanted to pull him close now, even as he leaned in to kiss her cheek. Everything in her screamed at her to grab him and pull him close. To feel every inch of his skin. And she wanted to. There was a tingling sensation in her teeth that grew in intensity when he was close to her.

He spoke up of changing, pulling her from her rather more erotic thoughts and she nodded softly as she followed him back to her room. The coffin still lay on the floor and she had to fight back the shiver that ran through her at remembering how she had woken up within it. He called for a woman named Lilian and when the woman came to her room, she noted that she smelled like how Cyrus' father smelled when he had passed by her. She gave him a curious look, but didn't ask. Lilian was asked to help her change and get cleaned up, and then he gave a squeeze of her hand before stepping out the door.

Lilian led her to the bathroom connected to the bedroom and helped her to strip down. Raven showered and Lilian gathered her soiled clothes and brought her fresh ones. She had also brought her underwear she wasn't that used to wearing. It looked like the overlay of Cyrus' mother's gown. Lace like spiderwebs wrapped and hugged her curves in a way she'd only ever seen in lingerie ads. It had a matching bra with it, that held amazing support for such thin material. The dress was a deep crimson with black embroidery. It wrapped up behind her neck, with a low sweetheart neckline. It, too, hugged her curves. The skirt in the front was as short as a mini skirt, and longer like a train in the back. This was to show off her legs, she was sure.

Raven wasn't sure why she needed something so formal, but then remembered what his mother had been wearing and she wondered if it was a vampire thing, or just a wealthy thing. Maybe both. Lilian had started to pile her curls up on her head when Raven asked her to leave her hair down. She thought she'd seen the woman give her a disapproving look but obliged and let her curls frame around her face. The short time it had taken to shower and dress, she felt a gnawing need to be beside Cyrus once more and she whimpered softly, unaware that she had done so audibly, and Lilian finished and went to the door to allow him back into the room, murmuring to him without Raven hearing that Raven needed his attention with a worried look before excusing herself.
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“We’ll leave you two alone.” His father said with a knowing smile. Cyrus couldn’t help but roll his eyes in swift speed, his parents were gone through which left him little time to explain to them that things weren’t as simple as they had expected. The change into a vampire hadn’t been done so willingly, in due to that, Cyrus was sure that there was still a very human side of Raven that was fighting everything that was happening and that had happened to her.

“I’m sorry,” he said to her, scratching the back of his neck. He could very well see that this was all becoming too much or even actually overbearing for Raven. Though, there was nowhere to really run or hide from what was happening to her. “Just because – I mean I understand that you would like your space,” he told her. Though with how close she was to him, Cyrus didn’t think that would be the answer. He had to still try to feel out how Raven was getting through this change and transition. Especially if they were to go before the Council. He didn’t want her to say anything that could lead them to further issues. In order for their plan to be a success, they had to be a strong and dedicated couple, not just to themselves and their love for one another, btu for all vampires.

Love, Cyrus was a bit unsure if that was a word that would work for what they had. Not only because he felt like love was so minuscule to capture their feelings, but also because Raven really didn’t know him and he didn’t really know her. He too was battling with these feelings if what he did was right, but he couldn’t deny that pull when he first saw her and how it had grown stronger the minute his lips touched her neck and her blood coated his tongue. He leaned din to press a kiss against her cheek. “Come on, we should get changed. We’re both a bit underdressed I guess? You can meet some of the staff too, since you’ll be staying here.”

As far as Cyrus knew, Raven only had Romina as a friend, life sometime could seem lonely when you weren’t around your own kind. He hoped that Raven would eventually be able to blend into their crew. Once reaching her bedroom, he called for Lilian, one of the housemaids. She was once a human who had surrendered herself to his father years ago as a blood slave. She still remained loyal to him due to that, despite his marital status. She had quickly reached the bedroom entry, bowing slightly at their presence. She tucked a loose strand of curly red hair behind her ear.

“Lilian this is Raven, Raven this is Lilian. Can you assist in getting her changed.”
"Of course Master Cyrus.” Cyrus hated the idea of leaving, but he wouldn’t be far of course. He squeezed Raven’s hand then before pulling away to head out.
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When his mother noted her face, the dried blood that flaked along her skin, she ducked her gaze down from them once more and wiped her hand along her cheeks and chin as if that would hide the mess. She looked herself over and she noted that the blood was dried all the way to the cleavage of her chest where it had dripped down. She was thankful none was actually on the dress, so it wasn't ruined.

His mother chided him for not giving her a chance to clean up, and he claimed he had been excited. This caused Raven to glance to him softly. Had he really been excited for her to meet his parents? The more she learned of all of this, the more she learned just how much it meant to Cyrus. It still surprised her, and she was still having issues wrapping her mind around it all, but she was also starting to form an idea of Cyrus and this whole situation.

His parents spoke up of needing to feed themselves and pulled Raven from her own thoughts. She stepped closer to Cyrus, her eyes still down shyly, as he came closer to her. She wasn't sure she wanted to fully give into all of this. But she was sure that even though this wasn't how she expected her life to go, she didn't want to die (again) either. She tried to offer a polite smile to his parents, but otherwise she couldn't find the words to speak to them, still nervous and a bit scared. Without realizing she had done it, she reached out to take his hand, like she had back in the guest house. There was a part of her that was drawn to him, there was no doubt about that, but it wasn't a conscious part of her just yet. Her instincts told her to go to him, that he would make everything better, but it clashed with her human way of thinking and so it left her confused, and with a slightly roaring headache.
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Like most of what had happened today, he suspected that Raven was overloaded with information by this point and more than likely having a tough time taking everything in. She did have centuries though and there was no one way to be a vampire. Cyrus was just happy enough to know that Raven as actual trying and she seemed to be warming up to her new life much better than before. Still, he knew that things were going to seem strange for a while and all he could do was make sure that he was there every step of the way should she have any questions or concerns.
Like for a human, meeting the parents was pretty special and for vampires when you chose a mate it was a very important step one would take. The parents had no say really in who you could mate with, but they would make it quite clear if they didn’t like the selection. That said, Cyrus couldn’t see his parents having anything bad to say about his choice, especially since it had been in the making for years. Though, what they would think of Raven would still mean something to her he believed. Who didn’t want to make a good first impression?

Cyrus looked to Raven; a bit embarrassed at himself for being so stupid as to not ask her if she wanted to prepare before meeting them. Though, at least it would show that she wasn’t a threat. The fact that she had actually grunted instead of locking herself away in the bedroom, showed that she was going along with this. Besides, they were all the same and there was simply no way to stay clean during your first hunt. The taste of blood was incredibly addicting and sometimes you simply lost yourself in the sauce. When Cyrus was in his first months of hunting, he often would sleep in the mountains, becoming something of a true monster thieving the animals in the middle of the night.

“Well, it seems we got a bit late to the party,” she joked as she noticed the blood still caked upon her porcelain skin. “Cyrus, that was rude of you.” She chastised. Had he been able to blush, he knew his cheeks would have turned incredibly red.
“I guess I was a bit excited,” he admitted.
“Well who wouldn’t be? You’ve certainly done well for yourself. I right now need to feed myself.” Cyrus headed to Raven’s side then and kissed her cheek. It would give her time to get settled and maybe answer any other questions she would have. He knew for ow this would be their downtime before they would have to meet with the council eventually.
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She wasn't sure why, but his words of his never leaving her made most of her panic flee from her. He had taken her by the hand then and began leading her back to the main house. Her bare feet brushing back through the snow covered ground, and never feeling the bite of the cold. It almost felt warm to her. He promised that she had nothing to be scared about. But he was taking her to meet his parents. That was scary enough as is.

[#000580 [b "Some explanation might help..... I understand this is all things that you learn growing up.... but I was raised human.... I no next to nothing of anything with Vampiric ways that didn't come from some movie or fantasy novel...."]] she said lowering her gaze as if it was her fault and she felt guilty for it.

They walked inside and towards the stairs of his grand home once again. He was trying to explain things, but they were a little confusing to her. She was afraid to ask for him to explain or elaborate more, not wanting her head to explode from information overload. She looked to him with a look she hoped conveyed that she was trying to follow what he was saying. It was just hard to absorb. He stopped them at the top of the stairs and pulled an attic string that would lower a rolling ladder to the floor before them. She was glad she no longer had a heartbeat, because she was sure it would be thrumming out of her chest by now. She followed him up the stairs as he continued explaining things.

Once they reached the top of the stairs she blinked a moment at the dark room. Her eyes could see everything without any issues, but the blackout curtains were doing a wonderful job at keeping out the light. The attic was decorated like a very posh and sophisticated Master bedroom, minus the Master bath and large bed. Instead of a bed, there were two large coffins in the middle of the room. This caused Raven to stop breathing a moment to try and calm herself.

He went over and touched each coffin before coming back to stand at her side. Almost like a cheesy horror movie, the lids groaned and creaked as they opened, but the figures that stepped out of them were not the wrinkled, crazed monsters that one would expect. They looked young despite Cyrus' age. Not younger than him, but as if they had started their family at a young age. And they were hauntingly beautiful. They could have been goth models if they truly wanted to. Cyrus greeted his parents after their shared their intimate moment, and it was then that she remembered that her face and chest was covered in dried blood. Her feet were most likely dirty from being outside without any shoes, and she was sure there was salt and snow along the hem of her gown as she shyly stepped back. She looked like a wild child next to his parents.

His mother cried out happily to see her son, and made her way over to them. Then her eyes were on Raven and she stilled, an unsure look crossing her own features, sure that she looked a hot mess. Not the way she wanted to meet someone's parents. The woman reached out and touched her cheek and Raven couldn't help but to raise her gaze to the woman's before she dropped it again quickly and shyly. Normally Raven could hold her own and stand strong and confident. But this was all a whole new game to her. Humans, she could do. Vampires were a completely different story, and she wouldn't take the chance of offending someone until she was more sure of herself.
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Cyrus was conflicted a part of him wanted to tush into their new life together and the other part of him was sympathetic to the life that Raven had to unfortunately leave behind, a life he had taken form her. But what he gave her had to outweigh that, right? Unimaginable strength, power and immortality; everything that a lot of people dreamed of. Cyrus looked down at their hands, how tightly she gripped it and he could see then what his parents had always talked about. There was no bond stronger than between mates. He knew she had to have felt it the minute she awakened, how they both felt physically painful at not being close. Even during the hunt, he found it hard for him to actually focus on the conversation without worrying about Raven.

“I will never leave your side,” Cyrus said. He was glad to know that Raven was opening g up to trusting him, but a part of him feared that maybe it wasn’t really just by choice. It was maybe some kind of survival technique. She needed him and while they were bonded, who was to say that it would last should she change her mind? What if she took the more morbid way out of the situation and ended herself? Still, he had to trust by the way that she looked at him that Raven had to agree this was fate.

“There’s no need to be scared,” he promised as he led her across the yard and through the back entrance of the house. Somehow the space felt different with Raven there and he was glad she had decided to stay by his side. He paused then, as they reached the top of the stairs. “Maybe I should try to explain how this works?’ He smiled then, sheepishly almost as this wasn’t something that was usually taught to outsiders. Cyrus was realizing then just how much if his lifestyle Raven had to learn.

“Other than feeding, most vampires have a need for their mate. Usually it’s . . . a bit more casual.” He told her. “There’s still fun feeding, but it is absolutely important you find one before your [I twenty-fifth]. At that point you enter a stage of . . . weakening I guess you would say. Though there are some, very old vampires who have never mated and live in another part of the country high in the mountains. They go there to die in a sense, becoming nothing more than white rubble that slowly cracks away.” He reached for a string from the ceiling which produced a set of stairs. “Vampires can only have one child, to which when they come of age, they give up their belongings and go into a deep sleep. It’s almost as though they feed off one another’s energy, which is why it’s important to find a mate.”

Cyrus reached his hand out for Raven’s as he began slowly up the stars, turning the light on once they reached the attic space. He found a candle and lit it, illuminating the room. There were thick black curtains covering the windows, different statues and decorations surrounding the two coffins which lied in the middle of the room. “The bond is at an intensity to which cannot be measured; it lasts a lifetime.” Cyrus paused then to look back at Raven. He was trying to give her time to take in everything before finally approaching the coffins, to which he bent between them, his hands placed on both as the same time. They shook then, just a little and Cyrus pulled back. After some time, there was the loud sound of groaning as the coffin doors were pushed open, revealing his mother and father.

After some time, the two had stepped out, hand in hand, their nose brushing against one another’s before turning to face their son.
“Cyrus!” his mother had exclaimed as she walked over, her lace gown trailing behind her like spider webs. “And this must be [I her].” She said with a grin as she reached out to touch her face. She grinned, her fangs coming out then.
‘You should feed first?” He suggested, not wanting to. Put too much pressure on Raven.
  cyrus / kshahidx / 67d 3h 37m 4s
He looked to her as she looked to him, and she couldn't believe the look in his eyes. Was such a look even real? Could a man look to a woman like that and it not be some kind of cheesy romance novel? She wanted to grab him, pull him close, and just become lost in his touch, his scent. To bite him and let his taste fill her. But those thoughts also terrified her. She'd never felt something so intense before.

He told her that she could still be herself, but she wasn't so sure what was her anymore. So many things were different, was she still even the same woman? He asked her once again to trust him. With every minute she was losing more and more of her anger and simply slipping into fear and shock. All she had to help her through this was Romina and Cyrus. She looked to him as he ran his hand up along her neck, sending shivers down her spine and an aching through her.

He slowly pulled from her and it was obvious it was with an effort. Was he just as effected? Just as intense as her feeling? He said he couldn't keep from her anymore, and he looked pained every time she pulled from him. Her human life was over, she wouldn't have the first clue how to live in her new life. He mentioned there being a room in the house he wanted to show her. She didn't have an immediate need to unpack so she hesitantly took his hand.

It was then that he mentioned meeting his parents. She held tighter to his hand then and looked to him in fear. [#000580 [b "I... do you think I'm..... r-ready for that? Other than you and Romina....I...."]] She had to force a deep breath to calm herself down. She thought a moment. She'd been best friends with a Vampire, met HER parents, made out with a vampire, and now was one herself. Was it really going to be that terrifying at this point? She bit her lower lip as she stepped closer to him, away from the wall. [#000580 [b ".....you promise that you'll be there through everything?"]] she asked him, not just meaning the meeting with his parents.

She was scared as hell, but if this was to be her life now, what more could she do? There was no going back from being human no matter how angry she got at them. Not to mention, he was just as roped into this as she was. If she ran away, would he and Romina be in trouble? A pain in her chest said she couldn't let that happen. So many confusing new emotions, but one thing was sure. She needed to learn her new life before someone took this one from her as well. She may not get a third one.
  Raven Masters / Ravanya / 68d 17h 12m 55s
Cyrus was looking into Raven’s eyes and it felt like he could get lost in them if he stared for much longer. He could tell that she probably felt the same way about him, as if there was constantly too much space bubbling in their way no matter how close they were. Even with their hands touching one another’s body or their lips so close he could drink her kisses, it still felt like it wasn’t enough. He was trying not to mope though, taking all that he could. With Romina around it seemed less than likely that she was willing to fall into the fact that they were one. There was no denying this connection, though of course it was much more intense considering that before this Raven had been human. The love between vampires stretched beyond the bounds of what humans could ever even try to comprehend. Cyrus would give more than his [I life] for her.

Still, he was cautious and knew better than to test his boundaries with raven too much, despite how it seemed that she was giving in to him.
“You can still be you,” he told her, his hand gentle as it ran up her neck to push through the thick lack strands from the nape of the neck, carefully twirling them around his hand. In some sense it was much like Raven had been reborn. Yes, she still held pieces of herself and those she knew from the [I before] would always know that Raven they had met. But now, now she was powerful. Now she was on her way to being a leader amongst immortals, of course there was nothing that would stay the same forever in that case. He looked down at her hands as they gripped his shirt.

“If you trust me, I can show you how this is supposed to be.” It had been wrong for them to bring her into this world without her permission, but what was done was done and now she had to live with it. That didn’t mean she had to be unhappy ad it was clear that she was bonded to him as was most noted to happen considering him biting her. Though everything in him wanted to taste her at that moment he still pulled away, his hand extended outward to her.

“There’s a room in the house, maybe it’ll be easier to explain if I show you.” He told her then. While they were busy, Romina was on her way to see the council. It seemed while plans had gone as expected, there was looming danger that was unexpected. It seemed now may have been the best time for the prophecy to finally come into fruition.

“With that said,” Cyrus told Raven then. “I hope you’re ready to meet the parents?”
  cyrus / kshahidx / 69d 15h 40m 13s
She wasn't sure what she had been thinking when she reached out for his hand. She'd heard his startled gasp, the surprised look at their entwined hands. She said his name, and he looked to meet her eyes. The moment their eyes met, his hand tightened to hers and pulled her close. She didn't even realize that the motions were not the speed of humans. Immediately his mouth claimed hers and she felt as though her entire being had been set to life. She started to push him away, but the kiss deepened as her back was pressed against the wall and she found her walls being broken with every second in his arms.

Raven's mind was swimming in emotions. She didn't know what to feel first. This was all so new and confusing to her. She felt things for Cyrus she didn't think was possible. The thought of him walking away had her wanting him near her, wanting him close, but her brain tried to be rational - human - and keep him at a distance. How could this guy effect her so much after knowing him such a short time? At the growl he gave, her entire body shivered before he broke the kiss to press one against her neck. She imagined that first bite, and shocked herself when she found she wanted him to bite her again, craved it, needed it.

He pleaded with her, claimed he couldn't be away from her. Asked her to stay with him and promised to show her that this life was not all bad. She had to pant a moment to form coherent words as his breath tickled along her throat. [#210066 [b "C...Cyrus..."]] she tried again. She managed to pull from him just enough to meet his eyes. [#210066 [b "Cyrus..... I'd be lying.... if I said I didn't feel the same pull..... I want to stay.... but that thought also terrifies me.... I d-don't understand everything I'm feeling.... We've only barely met but I'm now in a position where your touch feels like home..... your kiss is like breathing, and your presence keeps me sane..... I don't understand.... what's happened to me...."]] Her words were still in the same tone as when she had whimpered his name, only now a bit husked from his kiss. Her lips feeling the slight swell from such a kiss.

[#210066 [b "....a part of me wants to give in and let you take me so far away from everything, and I feel like that would make me happier than I've ever been in my life..... but.... surely you can understand why this scares me? I don't..... I don't know what's me anymore...."]] Though she tried to keep herself in check in her thoughts, her hands had held to his shirt now, bunched fingers holding tightly to the material against his chest, his body pressing hers against the wall. She felt so vulnerable in this moment. Was it only around Romina that she could keep up such pretenses? Or was she simply doomed to never be able to hide things from Cyrus? There was so much she needed to know.
  Raven Masters / Ravanya / 70d 14h 34m 18s

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