An affair to remember

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An affair to Remember


You: Married. Bored. Falling out of love with your wife/husband.
looking for something new.

Me: Married. Bored. Falling out of love with my husband.
looking for something new.

______________ ________________ ______________ ________

We meet in a library and end up bumping into each other. We start talking and we sort of start to fall in love after a few weeks. We become friends and start seeing each other. We both are having an affair. We will have to tell our spouse sometime, but we don't get to tell them before they find out their selves.



  • Your of [b [i MUST]] be human
  • Male role is suggested but if push comes to shove then you may be a female
  • avid by the site rules
  • no sexual content
  • keep cursing to a minimum

Female role:

Username: hotpotato
Name: Shoondjina
Gender: female
profession: nothing
Spouse: eric roneden
personality: preppy, caring, loving, sweet, grudge-holder


Male role/Female role :

Username: Mercedez1234
Name: Mercedes Varrs
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Spouse: Luis Varrs
personality: She likes to keep her life spontaneous and exciting always trying new things, but her husband likes to play on the safe side. She begs him to spice things up in the relationship, which is why she is at the library looking for romance novels. Normally, she's not the type of girl who likes to read, she'd rather be out enjoying herself, but her married life brought her there.


Pm me you character before requesting access
follow the character skelly



* Age must be 26-29
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