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You want to move away from home but don't have the money. so what do you do? you go to the witch across town but people tell everyone about how creepy she is. how she's evil... walking quickly, you get up to the door pondering whether to knock or run away. let's say that you knock on the door. [i you knock on the door, lightly but loudly. you hear a voice from inside] [+indigo ''Coming!''] [+red you stand there waiting. wondering what that voice sounded like. it's hard to hear because of the door in the way] [+red you hear locks moving around and the door starts to open just to where you could see the witches face. at least you thought it was the witch,] [+indigo '' umm hello? is there anything you need?'' her voice smooth like silk] [b what if you said no. well, then you leave or talk to her about something random or whatever... but what if you didn't go to her house. then you'd have to find another way to leave]
[b If you said yes then there will be almost every obstacle ever in your way]

[b Male role needed]

I will be the witch

rules... same as always

your character has to be completely human... no type of magic or powers or source of strength!!!! they can have like an animal tail and ears but no magic.. can't be completely animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! listen to this please if you dont then I will boot you out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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