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You want to move away from home but don't have the money. so what do you do? you go to the witch across town but people tell everyone about how creepy she is. how she's evil... walking quickly, you get up to the door pondering whether to knock or run away. let's say that you knock on the door. [i you knock on the door, lightly but loudly. you hear a voice from inside] [+indigo ''Coming!''] [+red you stand there waiting. wondering what that voice sounded like. it's hard to hear because of the door in the way] [+red you hear locks moving around and the door starts to open just to where you could see the witches face. at least you thought it was the witch,] [+indigo '' umm hello? is there anything you need?'' her voice smooth like silk] [b what if you said no. well, then you leave or talk to her about something random or whatever... but what if you didn't go to her house. then you'd have to find another way to leave]
[b If you said yes then there will be almost every obstacle ever in your way]

[b Male role needed]

I will be the witch

rules... same as always

your character has to be completely human... no type of magic or powers or source of strength!!!! they can't have like an animal tail and ears. they can't be completely animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! listen to this please if you dont then I will boot you out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Andrew set the tea down on his lap and looked up at her. [+blue “I guess it has been good. I just am ready to get out of the house. Maybe get an interesting job. Start a family. I don’t know really...”] Andrew flushed when he realized what he was talking about.
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 16d 10h 36m 35s
[i I nodded and smiled] [+cyan thank you. tp both of what you said. anyway. how are you doing?]
  hotpotato / 16d 12h 25m 11s
[+blue “Alla. That is a pretty name. My name is Andrew. Andrew Tabor.”] Andrew took another sip of the tea and relaxed. [+blue “This tea is very delicious!”]
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 39d 15h 3m 57s
[i I smiled and nodded] [+cyan your welcome] [i I ten heard him ask my name] [+cyan my name is Alla. What's yours?] [i I went to fixed my tea and enjoyed the company]
  hotpotato / 39d 16h 35m 19s
Andrew took the tea from her and he smiled at her. [+blue “Thank you. I don’t think I quite caught your name actually.”] Andrew took a sip of the tea and sighed with how good it tasted. [+blue “Mmm~”]
  TessaFox / 40d 3h 11m 14s
[i I put the suger in the tea and handed it to the guy] [+cyan here]
  hotpotato / 40d 3h 56m 6s
Andrew snapped out of looking around the room and he looked at the witch. [+blue “Umm... Two please.”] He looked down at his thumbs and started to twiddle them while he waited for the tea. What was he going to say? She didn’t seem like the kind that would kill him.
  TessaFox / 40d 6h 7m 35s
[i I finished and I took out the sugar] [+cyan how many spoons of sugar?]
  hotpotato / 40d 14h 10m 45s
Andrew nodded politely. [+blue “Yes please, ma’am. Tea would be great right now.”] Andrew followed the witch to the kitchen and he leaned on a counter top. He kept looking around at her decor as she made the tea.
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 40d 22h 33m 17s
[i I smiled and went into the kitchen and started making some tea] [+cyan would you like some tea?]
  hotpotato / 41d 9h 24m 47s
Andrew carefully stepped inside and looked around. He expected her house to look like Halloween just threw up in here with cobwebs and spiders. However, all Andrew saw was normal looking walls with regular home decor. Was this some kind of allusion or trip of the eye? Or she could just be an beautifully evil woman with a normal house. Who was he to judge?
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 43d 7h 25m 6s
[+cyan Oh! Thank you. Sure!] [i I opened the door even more and gestures for him to come in. the house looked way better then is does on the inside. It actually looked normal]
  hotpotato / 43d 8h 34m 50s
Andrew timidly took the cash. [+blue “Thank you Ma’am. Thank you so much!”] He wanted to give her a hug and keep thanking her but he didn’t. That would be too immature and probably freak her out. He saw her smile and gave a sheepish smile back to her. [+blue “A-Actually there is... I-I have seen that y-you have been living here a-alone. So I wanted to k-know if you m-maybe wanted some c-company.”]
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 43d 11h 45m 58s
[i I came back with a few hundred bucks and handed them to you] [+cyan here you go] [i I gave a warm smile] [+cyan is that all?]
  hotpotato / 43d 13h 12m 6s
Andrew waited outside for her to come back. He had always been told that she was an evil old lady but she didn’t seem to look like that to him. How could someone with a voice so silky be an evil person? We started to bounce in his toes, looking around the porch and the yard. How long had it been since someone local had come up to this porch? None of the neighborhood kids had even come close, that is for certain.
  Andrew Tabor / TessaFox / 44d 7h 28m 55s

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