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[b SAY PLEASE!!!!!]

You play as either the bully or bystander/random charecter[friends, teachers, parents, ecteria] I play the girl

The bully is feared by everyone. that is until the new girl comes with a =b biiiiig] attitude! you tell her to move --->[+red ''MOVE OUTA MY WAY''] [+pink Exuuuuse you?!?!?!... How about you stop saying move and start being polite... you know... saying please excuse me,''] [+red ''What did you just say to me?!?!?!'']
[+pink ''you heard what I said, don't play dumb~''] [+red goodbye. don't have time to talk to losers''] [+pink *slaps him in the back of the head as he starts to walk away*''hmmh''] [+red *his whole body turns red and basically starts screaming* '' DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM??!?!?!?!!?!''] [+pink ''no and I don't care''] [+red ''argggghhh''] [+pink *swiftly walks away*] [+blue and that's where the enemies were created]

now you must figure out how the rest of the story goes... will they fall in love? you dont know. the story unfolds its self with your help...


[b BULLY:]


[b Rules:]
same as always)
must be lit

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