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the main character Grant who later becomes Grace, the plot of the story is that Grant is a boy who doesn't really like women. the word of this spreads around town for some reason and he gets kidnapped by an evil witch. she says his actions towards women must not go unpunished and boom, Grant turns into Grace. Then Grant must go through a whole month having to be Grace. the plot is confusing, i know, DON'T JUDGE ME. i'm new to role play and I'm not that good at making plot lines and a story that makes sense. The other Characters are Alex, Grant/Grace's twin brother, Ben their long time best friend, Grants Mom, who is super supportive of Grants situation and Grants Dad, who is not so serious about it and is pretty skeptical until he changes back. the dialogue is totally optional. there is no preset dialogue to start off

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  Catlover33 / 1d 22h 34m 15s
also you can use your characters. the catch is they are only side characters, not main ones unless i find a good fit for them in the main story part of it all. just wanted to let you know
  Grant/Grace / Character / 14d 6h 21m 4s
I am Grant
AutumnReaper is ben
hotpotato is the mother
nobody is the father
cookiecookie524 is alex
  Grant/Grace / Character / 14d 6h 22m 26s
I'm already here and this will be funny since I'll be using a male character
  Catlover33 / 15d 1h 37m 6s

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