Noragami #2 because the other one was not used)

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I´ve only read the first book sooo yea~... if you have a problem~ then im your person

If you never head of Norigami then this is for you and the same if you have heard of it...


(You) have some kind of problem and you're at (______). you see the words´´ Yato. hopen for business
XXX- 000-9847 Iĺl solve all of your problems´´ on the wall. in order for this to work though, you have to call the number. I´ll be Yato...


  • you must be completely human. I, however, am not.
  • have to have your character have at least 3 problems
  • send me your character and their problems before requesting access.
  • this can be a 1X1 roleplay if you want to do it separately but it will be a group on here.
  • Pm me if you want to do 1X1 of this
  • please don't copy this because I really don't like it when people do that sometimes and this is one of those times.


he has become half-demon because a demon wouldn't leave him alone

he has a ghost problem that forces him to sleep in the streets

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

"I'll smack him when he does something wrong." Noctis told the girl.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 4d 23h 44m 19s
[+grey can we just ditch him? please?] [i I begged when he started coming over here]
  Yato / hotpotato / 4d 23h 45m 27s
Noctis finds a cat in a tree and returns it to it's owners. "Make sure the cat doesn't get stuck in a tree again." He told the owners.
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 5d 18m 54s
[i Yato took out his jar and started counting money] [+grey is that all he does?]
  Yato / hotpotato / 5d 22m 4s
Cloud sighed and went back to ignoring Yato as usual
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 18h 21m 14s
[i Yato finished that up and went back over to them]
  Yato / hotpotato / 12d 18h 25m 39s
Cloud gave Yato another blank stare as he was tired of him.
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 22h 5m 9s
[+grey oh] [i I get up and go over to the newspaper rack and look at it]
  Yato / hotpotato / 12d 22h 9m 42s
"He just does it." Cloud and Noctis told the girl while sighing
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 22h 11m 57s
[i I look up to them both] [+grey Is he allowed to do that?]
  Yato / hotpotato / 12d 22h 15m 34s
Noctis and Cloud woke up and yawned. They both were sleepy.
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 22h 17m 11s
[i I sigh and sit down staring at the grass] [i Yato went to the side of a house and spray-painted his number on it]
  Yato / hotpotato / 12d 22h 18m 13s
Noctis and Cloud were still asleep and wanted to be left alone.
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 22h 19m 36s
[i In the morning I got up and stretched] [i Yato to up as well and started writing more advertisements]
  Yato / hotpotato / 12d 22h 21m 12s
Cloud had snuggled up with Noctis and was fast asleep.
  Cloud / Catlover33 / 12d 22h 28m 33s

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