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[center [font "times" [size12 [i They come with cold bones in heavy boots. See how they tremble. The folly of man . .
[center [size22 [b ☾]]]
[b she] is working toward her history masters
[b she] is attending the same college as her, studying english literature
[b the two] of them come into each other's presence
when they both are called toward a certain book in the library
a book which holds the secrets of a world considered a fantasy
[b she] discovers she is a [i witch]
[b she] has always known of magic in his blood
[b together] the two soon embark on a journey,
shielding a prized book of spells from the one they call the [i dark lord]
[center [size22 [b ☽]]]


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Violet hated that Tori had confirmed that what happened before her eyes wasn’t a hallucination and when it was something direct like that, it meant a spell had been cast specifically tied to your blood. What could this have to do with either of them, Violet wondered.
“Should I –“ Violet whispered as her hand reached out to grab the book. She was scared, as though this thing had teeth or would burn the flesh right off the bone like well cooked meat. Violet took a deep breath and grabbed the book, sighing out when nothing as close to being harmful happened. She looked down at the book again, wondering what else it would reflect before their eyes.

She didn’t recognize the language, but she knew that it was the old tongue of magic. “Wow, “ she said. Whoever wrote this was ancient, the question was – who was this witch or warlock? Was it the one who was whispering to Violet while she was in the library?
“They call him, Matthius.” Violet was surprised then to find her history teacher standing there in her room, her entrance silent.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#248269 "You've made it your own space. That's hard to find sometimes, especially in a new place like this. I hope you can continue to do that."]] Tori replied, smiling softly to her. She poured over the books they had checked out, searching through the tales that brought a chill down her spine to think about-- this was the first time she had read about any of this first hand, rather than through stories she had been told.
[tab ] Looking up and over, Tori took in the image of the woman that Violet was describing, seeing the similarities that had passed through the generations. They were most definitely related to each other, that was for sure. She jumped slightly, when the black book opened itself to a page, before looking back up to Violet and meeting her eyes. [b [#248269 "That-- something about that feels not right. But I saw it too."]] She said, confirming the unasked question that was being held in the air.
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“Oh, thank you,” she said. “I kind of went a little décor overboard. My mother would never allow my room to look like this at home.” She said, partially she had decided to live in the dorms with the intention of being away from her parents and being free in a sense. It would be short lived once the semester was over, but she was going to enjoy it, nonetheless. She had poured herself a glass of the iced tea then before picking up one of the books. Of course, the history of the trials was a gruesome tale. All those innocent people killed for something to which humans or normies were so unwilling to learn to understand. Those without magic it seemed were just blindly making their way through the world and it was quite sad. Though Violet also couldn’t imagine having so much power, she couldn’t identify with that side of living a normal lifestyle sadly.

“There,” she said as she pointed to a picture of a woman, she had the same color hair – a sweet honey blonde and the same eyes, but there were some differences. Still, it was clear there had to eb some kind of family resemblance. It was one of the famed 3 witches that she had mentioned earlier: Sybil Christanti. “Sybil was the first one to be killed of the many witches of the trial. She was extremely close to a man named Matthias.” Violet could feel herself getting hot then almost, pushing up the sleeves of her sweater. The small thin book had sprung open then, to the middle of the page. Violet looked to Tori then. It felt good knowing she didn’t have to second guess what she saw was [I abnormal] and yet still needed to comfort herself by looking to Tori to confirm that they had both seen the same thing.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#248269 "Yeah, something tells me they've had too many careless students here."]] Tori replied, nodding to her reference to the librarian. She followed her, helping check out the books, they needed, out into the cool air and followed her back across campus to the dorms. She mulled over their conversation, going over the information in her head that she had just gained. It was so oddly freeing to know she could talk about her life with someone here-- her family was too paranoid to discuss over the phone.
[tab ] As Tori sort of looked around a bit, she couldn't help but smile at the plants, at the style of everything. It didn't seem messy to her at all... [i Or maybe I'm just a messy person...] she thought to herself, trying not to feel embarrassed in comparison. [b [#248269 "Your room is lovely, I'm a bit jealous."]] She complimented.
[tab ] [b [#248269 "And I'm fine, but thank you for the offer."]] She moved more into the room, looking over the books, and nodding a bit, examining the titles. [b [#248269 "Yeah, let's take a closer look. Maybe get some answers."]]
  |Victoria Johnson| / DanceMyDear / 7d 44m 14s
“A legacy student who deserves it,” she said with a small pout. Of course, there were others like her, but not the kind of people she got along with easily and that’s to say a lot since it was always so easy for Violet to be nice to anyone really. Some people just needed to learn how to be humble. Of course, in a world without magic, with money, they still seemed to be powerful.
“I like that, very optimistic. Truthfully I’d break my parents heart if I didn’t graduate from here but of course this isn’t the end if I can escape it.” Violet’s parents were already trying to set her up. She didn’t know what was viler the men they chose or the fact they were choosing her future for her. “Good because I am starving. The librarian already wasn’t as happy with my drinking tea.”

With books and all in tow, they headed soon to her dormitory. She was room 11b. “Fortunately I escaped a roommate this year. Sorry about the mess,” she said as she gathered some of her clothes and pushed them to the corner of the room. It was neutral in color: black and white. a whole corner dedicated to plants, tall unlit candles on either side. Violet did appreciate the dark to help her think.

She turned on a lamp then, placing her books on the desk, she headed toward the small kitchen.
“Do you want something to drink? I’m just having a simple meat and cheese,” she was nervous. Violet didn’t usually have guests. She placed the crackers and likes on a tray on her bed before bringing over the refreshments. “Sorry, I don’t really entertain much,” she said then. “Let’s have a gander at these books yeah?” She suggested, taking a small bite of her cracker.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#248269 "That's very interesting. Sort of funny that we can all experience such a similar thing, yet find control in such different ways."]] Tori hummed a bit, happy to see Violet smiling and chatty, and letting her hair down-- quite literally. And realizing that she was almost staring at her she felt a small wave of embarrassment wash over her, glancing down at her hands. [i Don't be such a mess Tori. She's just smiling, if you're going to melt over that you'll never get anything done on this project.]
[tab ] [b [#248269 "Ah, so like a legacy student."]] Tori said, nodding a bit as Violet explained. [b [#248269 "You could always still go, you know. If you really wanted to. You can do whatever you put your mind to."]]
[tab ] She nodded a bit, looking over the other books they had. [b [#248269 "I think that's probably... smart. A lot safer than discussing here. And easier to feel comfortable."]] Tori tried not to over-think it too much, especially with her mind reeling over everything that had happened in only the last few minutes. [i This strange feeling is just from the spell.... right?]
  |Victoria Johnson| / DanceMyDear / 8d 13h 52m 21s
“Ah yes, my family I guess is a bit more in between arcane magic and divination – a lot of our magic focuses a lot on manipulating energy.” She said with a smile. It was unusual how confident Violet had seemed to be and she wondered if that was just some sense of connection from feeling so close to Tori. “I would assume you’re right. It can get a bit [I tight] in here,” she mentioned with a sigh. She played with the strands of her hair the scrunchie now sitting around her wrist, both of them now; feint scars along the arm. Honey blonde curls sprung and framed her face. “The theater program here is lovely.” Violet looked to her then. “Hm, well my mother went here, and you know the whole lineage thing I guess you would call it.” She shrugged. “I like there arts program, I wanted to go to a city school -you know a real city. I hear there are places for people like [I us].”

Violet nibbled on her bottom lip then. “So, what’s say we take a gander?” She mentioned as she picked up the notebook. Violet got a shiver then, taking the time to look around. “Actually, maybe we should – read somewhere a bit more private? We can finish researching in my dorm?” There was an uneasy feeling in the library then, the same feeling that had nagged her earlier. She wanted to see what was in the book then, ad it would be even better if she could facetime her aunt and really get some help.

Some part of Violet felt guilty though. She had sinned in the eyes of her mother if she were to know she acted on her wicked ways. Violet tried not to think about that though, instead turning her gaze on Tori. “What’d ya say?”
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Tori tried not to feel ridiculously flustered with Violet's attentiom being on her, tapping at her hand. That was... Silly. It was interesting though, how things had seemingly shifted so quickly-- she could've sworn that Violet was speaking more now than she had really heard her ever speak out during class-- other than a presentation perhaps. She frowned when Violet began so calmly describing the way that magic was treated here, how people would suppress their powers to keep themselves safe.
[tab ] [b [#248269 "I guess you get used to it. When you have to."]] Tori replied to her commenting on it being normal here. [b [#248269 "We're-- my family anyway- we're much more druidic, more connected through nature and the earth and animals than I believe the magic users here are, but that's more attuned to the way we are taught, as I know you saw. You should see it in person some time, it's... It's not like here. Not stifling."]]
[tab ] She shifted a bit, humming over her last question. [b [#248269 "I guess I wanted a change of pace more, I wanted to do some exploring away from my family. And the school has such a lovely theatre arts program. Why did you choose to go here? From what I've seen you're intelligent enough to go just about anywhere you'd like."]] She said finally, smiling a bit.
  |Victoria Johnson| / DanceMyDear / 8d 20h 50m 30s
“Oh, don’t be so silly,” Violet said playfully tapping Tori’s hand. Violet wondered why she hadn’t felt a vibe like this from Tori before. Granted, the two very rarely came that close to one another. Though of course Violet would occasionally watch her leave the class, sometimes focusing on her during presentations. Those were all coincidences. . . she could only assume. “Well, it certainly isn’t allowed. If anyone were to even be suspected of witchcraft you’re banned. Though before you can leave, you often disappear.” Violet’s voice was low, very somber. “At least that’s the tale the spin. I know a few magic folk around here, my family for one. They just slowly try to block it out. My mother stop practicing and eventually hers kind of,” Violet made an explosion with her hands. “Poof.”

She was trying to make it seem like it wasn’t a big deal, but Violet was disappointed to know that her cultured was considered damned and how so many innocent lives were stolen by the people in this town who refused to understand. “For the most part it’s normal,” she said. “Probably not like where you’re from. At least, it didn’t look like it when I –“ Violet blushed then. “I’m sorry.” I was rude of her to know things about Tori when she had accessed them without permission. “It’ll wear off eventually.” She assured her.

“Why move here of all places? Is it the school?” The university was the pride of the town and pretty hard to get into. Violet enjoyed it so far, though she admitted staying in her hometown had seemed like a drag.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] Victoria sighed, taking in a deep breath and counting to ten to calm herself briefly. [i Of all the ways to find out such a thing....] She could, in the very least, tell that Violet had meant no harm from it, but still it was just... it was hard to put her finger on. Her family was still on the forefront of her mind, as well as memories of her home, and it made her feel terribly homesick in a way that she was mostly able to push away. She nodded slightly to Violet and righted her chair, sitting back down, and pulling her hair down from her bun so that she could smooth it out a bit, run her fingers through her hair and relieve some of that tension in herself.
[tab ] [b [#248269 "Yes. I could read it."]] Tori spoke, a bit calmer now. [b [#248269 "They call me Victoria. You know, like my name?"]] She added in response, trying to lighten the mood just a bit, before leaning back in her chair and looking at Violet. [i So, was it the magic then that drew her to Violet? Hard to say. Things felt no different now really.] [b [#248269 "Do you know how many conversations I've had, warning me about America? Warning me about the way things are here? I'd never imagined I would meet someone like you; like me. Though, I would definitely argue you're different from the norm."]] She kept her voice softer, and even. Not a whisper, but quieter than normal speech. Whispering would only draw more interest it seemed.
[tab ] [b [#248269 "You grew up here, right? That must have been.... interesting."]]
  |Victoria Johnson| / DanceMyDear / 9d 14h 43m 0s
Violet had to admit she did get a rush as she was able to actually connect. Though her head was pounding by the end of it and her ears were ringing, Tori’s obvious frustration going from fuzzy to clear by the second. A nervous chuckle escaped her lip and she quickly covered her mouth, not meaning to make fun of the situation as it was an invasion of privacy and a bit rude to a fellow witch without their permission especially.

“I’m sorry, I just – I was curious. You couldn’t expect me to have asked?” vmViolet excuses herself as she came to a stand and met her furious gaze with one of her own. “Now let’s be sensible. Let’s pick up our chairs, take a seat and talk about this.” Violet was trying to be the obvious calm one when she was a bit new to this. Truly all she knew was what her aunt told her and what she learned on her own. She’d constantly beg to spend a summer with her aunt and her parents always had excuses until no just meant no. Violet adjusted her chair and sat down, picking up some of the books that fell, including the thin one.

“We both saw what was on this first page. Agreed?” Like she said, it was a risk to ask, this could’ve been a trap. Violet’s heart was racing then. She knew what she saw, but she wanted to hear it out of her mouth. “Say it; what do they call you?” Violet had whispered as she leaned in close, humming a tune that her aunt had sung to her over the phone, almost like the witch’s anthem. It was a somber song, the sound only being explained as the sound of sparrows on a dark day.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] [b [#248269 "Ah, that's perfectly understandable, I mean, I've dealt with the same sort of thing before. But I like doing my own work, I like learning, so hopefully you shouldn't have to worry about me not helping."]] Tori replied, keeping her eyes averted from both Violet and the book, not wanting them to betray her. What was she supposed to do? How could she explain if Violet couldn't read that and she could?
[tab ] But, it seemed that she didn't have to ponder on it for much longer, due mostly to the fact that as she pushed the few strands of hair coming loose from her bun out of her face and glanced up to look at Violet, she felt herself pause, catching sight of Violet's eyes glowing unnaturally in the light of the library, whispering a chant that she didn't quite recognize, but she did know the intent of. It was a spell.
[tab ] At once, Tori could feel herself forced to a pause, she could sense the flashing of images in her eyes, turning from that pale blue-green to this; telling the story of her family. Showing a crest of a wolf holding a white rose over green, images of her family lineage; her cousins, her sister, and herself; her parents and her aunts and uncles; even her grandmother she recognized, but it went even further back. She could see her home, the land she was raised on, the land she had been raised to practice magic on, a place surrounded by nature, the beautiful hills and forests she could remember visiting every summer since she was a little girl. Her first experience with magic, watching her mother... It felt like her entire life in relation to magic was being pulled to the forefront....
[tab ] It felt almost violating, and when she was released from the brief spell she stood up suddenly, nearly causing her chair to fall backward behind her before she regained her composure. She glanced around the room quickly, thankful to see no one else around them, and she had to keep herself from slamming her hand on the table in frustration, before turning back to Violet once more. [b [#248269 "How dare you."]] She hissed in a whisper, trying to calm herself down. [b [#248269 "Aren't you supposed to be more careful here, not less?"]]
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To Tori it could come off as a blank sheet of paper and though it was weird to become so disturbed by a blank sheet of paper, it would be a way for Violet to properly navigate the conversation in the future. “I mean – it does,” she started to stutter then, her cheeks red. “I guess, I just thought if we – I mean. Sorry, I’m not used to working with someone who is actually productive. I used outlines so you know, the other person can get some credit without it looking completely like I did everything – ironically.” She said. Though, Violet’s mind was still stuck on the book. She looked at Tori as she picked it up, trying to get any sense or sign that those words lit up before her eyes.

Violet knew it was a risk, but if Tori was who she said she was, she would be none the wiser at Violet putting a spell on her. It wasn’t anything serious, just enough to pause time for but a second, enough time to look into ones eyes. It was said that a witch’s eye was almost like a crystal ball, flickering with the memories of our people: the bright flame of hanged bodies, starting hail as a curse to humans for their deeds. She wasn’t that much good with her magic as she rarely practiced. Violet swallowed thickly then, cocking her head almost as if to seduce Tori. Th pupils of her eyes had enlarged then, her mouth moving quickly, softly reciting the spell over and over. Would it work?

She was just about to find out.
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[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] At Violet's answer, Tori found herself both relieved and still put on edge. This sort of conversation wouldn't have usually thrown her of so much if she were back home, with the support of her family. Things were different there, and she constantly had to remind herself that the atmosphere here around magic was so different, so much more hushed. [i So fearful...]
[tab ] Tori settled in looking over some of the other books while Violet remained content to look at the strange book she had pulled from the shelf, the book that Tori was placing blame on for her unease. She glanced up at the mention of an outline. [b [#248269 "I mean, I suppose so. But doesn't it help to know what sort of information we can get from our sources?"]] She asked looking over.
[tab ][b [#248269 "I mean, what sort of thing does that book say?"]] Tori looked to the book in Violet's hands and skimmed over the first section, realization setting in. [i I can read it...] she thought, trying not to let it be apparent she saw or understood any words on the page though she knew her eyes would betray her, widening at the thought of it. [i Can you?] What would that mean?
  |Victoria Johnson| / DanceMyDear / 10d 15h 53m 35s
Violet tried not to let her expression change as Tori answered. She weighed her words carefully before offering a small smile. Of course, for witches there were still those that believed in magic and that that those who played with magic were evil and deserved to be killed. To risk another witch trial was devastating at this time to which was the reason that if there was anyone still practicing magic they do so in secret. It was thought that with the first hanging of witches, the three women and the Dark Lord, that it would be the end of magic. However, those women had children who were hidden away, and they would have children as well. That didn’t stop society from killing innocent women. Violet tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear.

“I think you are right,” she said to her. “I know it’s kind of crazy to think about, but I too figure that maybe that which can’t be explained by science has to have something [I supernatural] aiding it right? She opened up one of the books, unsurprised to find that her family member Sybil Christanti was mentioned in the history books. The pages the whole story of how she was the first to be offered for hanging, as she had taken to hiding the Dark Lord after the townspeople sought him out for [I killing] the mayor’s only daughter. Sybil had basically sacrificed herself, leaving behind two little girls and a loving husband.

“She opened the notebook then, her eyes instantly recognizing the first line, it was a spell to which described that the only people who would be able to see the writing would have to have the blood of magic. Violet swallowed a lump then and dropped the book back on the table. “Guess we can outline before reading” she suggested with a smile toward Tori.
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