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[b she] is a young woman, engaged to London's finest and ready
to take on the task of womanhood, To escape cold feet,
she heads countryside enjoying the last of what she
considers her freedom to youth
[b he] is the son of a history teacher at one of the
finest academies, getting through the day of boring
law lectures, and burning with passion of painting
[b they] cross each other's path on campus
and like many love stories, attraction blooms unexpectedly
but she is already betrothed to a man she's expected
to love, what will be the fate of the two
to walk a destiny chosen or to create their own?]]]]
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Joseph didn’t understand what was going on. He thought things were going well and Gwen was apologizing as though it was taking everything in her to break things off. He was confused and as she tried to explain herself it only seemed to further his pain and lack of understanding. He felt like a fool in some sense. She knew how he felt about her and yet expected him to just be able to ignore such feelings and still be friends. His stomach was turning and had he any breakfast that morning, it surely would’ve made an appearance. He came from a good family, yes not the richest, but certainly of high status. He couldn’t see as to why her parents would be against them coming together.

“You don’t have to lie Gwen. If not me than who?” He couldn’t believe that she would have hid someone from him, unless she had met someone at the school besides him. He placed his hand up then, to stop he r from further talking. He couldn’t take another second and without another word turned sharply on his heel to walk away, his heart breaking as he glanced over his shoulder at her. He felt like such a fool.

Joseph had found it hard to focus in class, his mind elsewhere as he stared toward the front of the class and listened to his professor lecture. By the time he met up with Harvey, his could tell that something was up.
“Why the long face?” He asked. He pulled Joseph out of the way, standing in front of his father’s classroom. “You’ve been quiet the whole time and this morning you were -”
“Gwendolyn has denied me.”
“What do you mean? I thought things were going well.”
‘I thought so too, but I guess I was wrong.” Joseph knew class would start soon and he wasn’t sure if he could handle being in the presence of Gwen. He’d only saw a brush of her hair before he started to walk away.
“Hey where are you going? What about your father? Joseph!” He called out, but Joseph was long gone. He knew his father would be displeased with him, but he didn’t know how to act with Gwen. He wanted to go to his secret place and be alone, allow himself to face the hurt.
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Gwendolyn felt awful and she wanted to take everything that she had just said back. She wanted to continue on what she had with Joseph, go in dates with him, hold his hand when no one was looking. Yes, it was entertaining and she enjoyed the thrill of it all. However, she genuinely liked Joseph. She wanted to get to know him, she wanted him to get to know her.

She noticed that he had backed away from her and she felt a pain go through her heart. She didn't realise that she had affected him this much, she had simply assumed that he didn't hold as much feelings as she did. Unless this was just an act... But, he didn't seem the type to do that.

"I'm sorry, Joseph. It's my parents too, I know that they wouldn't like this or us and I just want to stop before either of us can get hurt." She desperately tried to explain, showing him that she hadn't just been using him and that she did like him. She wanted to tell him the real reason, but then, what would think of her? She nervously fiddled with her fingers. She gently sighed and glanced down at the ground for a moment. "I'd still like to be friends... That's if you want to... I won't be hurt if you don't, I'll understand..."

She couldn't believe that she had been stupid enough to let herself get that close to him, or not even tell him about her arranged marriage. This was all her fault and now she was paying the price for it... She still didn't want to leave him. She wanted to give him the chance to leave her, she just needed to explain and make him understand. That was hard when she wasn't telling him the complete truth.
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Joseph felt a little bad when he woke up, still stressing over the previous night with Gwen. Though, he told himself that it was a new day and that he couldn’t take it to heart. Jane was right, he should just let things happen as they were meant to and allow Gwen to lead him toward what she felt okay and comfortable with. He’d washed up quickly, changing into a white linen shirt and dark slats. He opted out of wearing his hat and instead had style the dark strands for once out of his face. As usual he rode with his father to school. Once arrived, he searched for Harvey, just to have a casual chat and maybe some understanding on his end before class.
“So, you’re telling me that she allowed you to kiss her?” Harvey asked in shock. Joshua couldn’t help the smile on his face as he thought back to that moment. Despite how the night had ended that part was well worth remembering as a great memory. He could only think of what would happen on their date and future dates. Maybe Gwen was the one. He’d never felt so happy and excited; being around her made him feel nervous and to know that he filled her with the same amount of joy was just as promising.
“Yes, we did kiss.” Joseph said, his cheeks turning a light pink. He turned serious then. “But after she ran off. Maybe I did something wrong.”
Harvey reached his hand out to press against Joseph’s shoulder. “Sounds like she just got nervous. You know how these girls can be – maybe she’s just waiting for the right moment, when you two have more time together.” Harvey said with a wiggle of his brows. “Here comes your bride to be,” he whispered with a smirk.

Joseph turned at the sound of Gwen’s voice. “Hey,” he said to her with a smile. Though that soon faded at Gwen insistence they speak alone. Harvey gave Joseph a look before disappearing off to head toward his class. “Is everything alright?” He asked Gwen. Joseph was cut off though. You don’t have to apologize; I shouldn’t have been so forward I suppose.” The more Gwen talked though, the more he came to find that things weren’t going as planned.
“I don’t understand, if we like each other what’s the harm? Just because you leave. I mean I can – “Joseph had unintentionally backed up from Gwen. He didn’t know what to say, but he was completely hurt. “I have to go to class,” he mumbled, his ego completely shattered.
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Gwendolyn was wracked with guilt and that took her to the next morning. Last night, she ended up telling her grandmother everything. Of course, the old woman had offered to talk to her parents and call off the wedding but she insisted that the other just let thInga be as they are. She knew what her parents response would be to her and she just didn't want to be the cause of any fights. So, she knew that she had to distance herself from Joseph. It would only hurt more when she would leave at the start of August and if he had feelings for her... Well, she didn't want to hurt him either.

That morning, she woke up later than usual, as she had spent most of the night tossing and turning unable to sleep. She slipped out on breakfast, not that she had the stomach to eat anyway, and just simply had a wash before changing out if her night wear and into clothes. She opted for something much more simple that day. The dress had sleeves that stopped at her elbows and the collar just below her collar bone. The colour was a pale mint green and it had a ribbon wrapping around the top of her torso.

She didn't want to go to school. She checked her timetable and saw that she had history. Maybe Joseph would be ok with just friends? He probably didn't like her that much anyway and would be hardly effected by this new decision of hers. She sighed heavily as she looked at herself in the mirror before she picked up her portfolio and walked downstairs. She smiled just slightly as she saw her grandmother had left a note and some money to get food. The note told her that everything would be more than ok and it told her that her Grandmother was more than willing to talk to her parents.

Soon enough, after a painstakingly long journey, she was outside of the school. She spotted Joseph and at the same time, she felt both excited and disappointed. She rained her hand to briefly touch her lips before taking a deep breath and walking over to him. "Joseph, can I talk to you?" She asked and then glanced at Harvey. "Alone." The other male left hesitantly and then she directed Joseph to stand more to the side. It gave them just a bit more privacy. She looked up at him and found that she wanted kiss him again, to be that close and to make him smile again. "I'm sorry for running off last night... I enjoyed the kiss, I really did and I meant everything that I said... But, it's better for the both of us that we just stay friends. I have to leave by the end of summer and I don't want to develop any more feelings for you than I already have."

She paused for a moment, letting the information sink in properly. "So, that means I'm going to have to cancel our date... I like you Joseph, I really do but it just can't happen." She added on. Now, she was unsure of whether she should leave or stay. She decided to just stay, maybe he had something to say to her and it would be unfair to runaway again.
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Joseph at first was quite worried that Gwen would not take the kiss nicely and when he felt her not yet resisting, he was unsure whether to continue. He was more than happy that he listened to himself as the kiss had deepened and he felt as she pressed her lips back against his. For a small moment as he pulled away, his thumb had slowly grazed over his lips and instead of a ball of flurry, he saw that beautiful smile. Her little giggle ad the red blooming on her cheeks had led him to believe that Gwendolyn was more than happy to allow him to kiss her. Yet, when he saw that glimpse of doubt in her eyes it did make him question if she had truly been okay with it. Soon the red head beauty was flustered and talking of walking home alone.
“Did I do something? I mean – I don’t.” Joseph chewed on his bottom lip then and as though his question fell on deaf ears, Gwendolyn was already rushing away. He tried to keep up, but her shortcut had certainly been not something he was used to and with the oncoming darkness, he could do nothing but continue to watch as she walked off.

Sighing out Joseph through his hands up in frustration, exasperated he had started his own trek home. He worried, had he maybe been a bit to presumptuous in his judgment that things were going well. Maybe she wanted to be just friends. Had she kissed him back out of pity? Joseph certainly would hope not. Even though their knowing of one another was quite short, he felt the span of time they had with one another had given him insight to who Gwendolyn was. It seemed that every time they met, and he learned a bit more, it only intrigued him to further his desires to know about her. Could she possibly have a suitor already in mind? Joseph knew it wasn’t his right to pry and certainly he didn’t want to complicate her life. By the time he arrived home he was mentally exhausted, telling himself it would do him well enough to stop coming up with such scenarios.

The smell of Jane’s roast and potatoes was enough to relax him some. Finding her in the kitchen, he had reached for one of her warm sweet rolls. Jane took one look at the male and with a raised brow already figured something was wrong.

“Spill it out.” She said finally with a huff, though he knew she was not trying to be tough with him. If there was one thing Jane believed in, though, was not being afraid to speak up. Of course, she had been with their family for years and her spunky attitude went well with her caring and warm spirit as well as her good cooking.
“I kissed Gwen,” he said finally. His cheeks ten had started to bloom red. Jane had paused in her kneading to look at him with a look of mischievousness, a soft twinkle in her eyes as though she dared to go back into memory lane regarding her own shared kisses.
“Well she’s a lovely girl. Why’re you so down? You don’t look torn up, so I suspect she took it well. Or did she let you down easily?” Joseph had reached for another roll before taking a seat on the stool.
“Well that’s the thing, I can’t tell.” Jane could only chuckle and shake her head, though for a moment she was pensive in thought.
“Well maybe she just had something that crossed her mind. Going into courting isn’t exactly easy and you know for a young woman, it’s the most important decision of your life. There were countless of times I myself was unsure. Of course, I didn’t have much choice, but I did luck out with George and of course he is the one who led me here.” Joseph was familiar of Jane’s love story with her husband, who had passed ten years ago after falling off his horse and striking his head. “I say just don’t rush it. Enjoy your time together.” She kissed him on the forehead then before shooing hm out of her kitchen. After dinner, he found himself too full to eat and eventually had fallen asleep.
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Gwendolyn did often dream of what the future had in store for women and girls. She hoped that they have more freedom, more opportunities than she did. She didn't have the right to vote and jobs were limited. She just couldn't comprehend why everyone wasn't treated equally. Though, she did not speak these thoughts. She had been raised and had learned to just stay quiet. As a child, she was very vocal about her opinions and would often get into arguments. However, going into adolescence, she realised that fighting wasn't going to get her anywhere and she started to just keep to herself.

However, in this moment, she felt as if she could say anything that she wanted and she would not be judged for it, looked down upon or be told to be quiet. She felt incandescently happy, simply because she was able to show her favourite childhood place to a man, that she had only really just met. But, despite that fact, she liked him very much. She knew so little about him, but, that made her want to know more. She had this want to be in his presence, to talk to him, listen and laugh. Another thing that she just couldn't understand is how or why she had developed such feelings for him. Though, she did know, that the more time spent with him, the more these feelings of hers would grow.

She had turned to look at him properly as he said her name, but then, he did the unexpected. He leaned down and kissed her. At first, she stood there in shock. However, as soon as she realised that he was actually kissing her, she pressed her lips back to his. She couldn't believe that he had kissed her and she felt her cheeks begin to redden as he cupped them and deepened the kiss slightly. Afterwards, she was left wanting more and she opened her eyes to look at him. She laughed lightly at his teasing and gently nodded her head. "She would be more than just cross with you."

Then it hit her. The mention of her mother again made her remember what was going to happen come the end of the summer. She had stupidly forgotten and allowed all of this to happen. Her stomach dropped and her smile faltered. She could only just manage to look him in the eyes. "I can walk the rest by myself. I know a short cut from here and I don't want to keep you out here longer than you need to be... I'll see you tomorrow." She gave him a half-hearted smile before slipping her hand out of his and quickly walking away. She did not wait for a response from him, nor did she look back. She walked and walked until she reached her grandmothers house. She closed the door behind her and pressed her back to it, letting out a shaky sigh. She ran a hand over her face before she slid down the door.

She felt incredibly stupid. She couldn't go around, holding hands with Joseph, agreeing to going on dates and kissing him. She was to be married in three months time and if her feelings developed further, she would not be able to leave. She decided then, that she would treat Joseph like he were a friend and she was going to pretend that their kiss had never happened. Just as that thought crossed her mind, her fingers gently traced over her lips. She could still feel him there, with his hands on her cheeks. Tears began to well in her eyes as she began to feel overwhelmed. She wiped at her eyes before standing up and going up to her room. She stayed in there for an hour, before spending the rest of her night with her grandmother.
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Joseph knew for most women their futures were planned out. Though despite what they had been told, Joseph had hope that Gwen would follow her own suggestion of standing in one’s truth: shouldn’t it be just as easy for her to tell her parents that she didn’t want to marry or have children and that she wanted to travel?

Joseph watched Gwen as she took his hand and they walked deeper into that he would find would be their secret world. He felt safe with her, safe enough for him to open up and not be ashamed of his thoughts and Joseph would like to think that Gwen thought the same of him. Surrounded by the field of flowers, he admired the beautiful woman before him. She didn’t know that she too made him feel like drawing and Joseph was unsure why he didn’t say that aloud. Maybe he was scared, or maybe he had hope that she just knew how special the moment was to be with her in her presence without him having to say so. Some part of him was unsure really of what this moment would mean for them, but he knew that this moment mattered. The weight of it was incredible, and Joseph found himself becoming nervous then. Swallowing thickly, he tried to distract himself by trying to catch up to the conversation.

“I guess that’s the beauty in youth, being able to [I try] things out.” He smiled, a small glint of sadness to match her previous small slip of despair – a point toward reality that only further pushed the narrative that despite the freedom that came with youth, they were still tied and bound by society and their own parents.

“You don’t have to be sorry,” Joseph said with a. chuckle then as he closed the space even further, he shrugged his hands into his pockets. They were balls of anxiety then as he squinted a bit into the direction of Gwen. “Gwen I – “he chuckled then and as boyish as could be, leaned in forward to place a kiss on her lips. He was timid at first, but felt the worry seeping away and his hands unclenching. Joseph had now placed both hands gently against her cheeks to guide their lips just a bit deeper. He’d pulled away from her, his lips gently brushing over her lips. “Sorry, I should’ve asked. Reckon your mother would be proper crossed at me as well?” He jested with a chuckle. The light was soon fading and while Joseph wanted to stay in the moment, he knew that like most moments it was fleeing, and he was just lucky enough to catch it in the first place. His hand took hold of hers once more.

“So, if I haven’t scared you off. Then I suppose it best to get you home?”
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vYBlpmN.jpg]

Gwendolyn laughed very lightly and almost sadly, about him stating that she still could travel. "As much as I would love that... My fate has been sealed. I will marry a man and then have his children. " She replied and that in fact was the truth. That was what exactly was going to happen. Though, to Joseph it would look like she was predicting her future rather than telling. It made her heart sink that this was what she was being subjected to, it was as if her life wasn't hers and she wasn't allowed to make her own decisions.

It was unfair and only wished that she wasn't so afraid to speak her mind on the matter. Maybe she could have persuaded them or she could have rebelled until they changed their minds. But instead, she just took the news and accepted it. Though, she supposed it was due to having not known Joseph back then. If she had, she definitely would have spoken up.

She was distracted from her negative thoughts when he spoke up and made a silky face. She laughed, more genuinely this time. "Well, I imagine them to be mean, grouchy old men who do nothing but frown all day." She replied and with that, she frowned deeply to demonstrate before laughing again. "But, you're not like that at all." She added on and then listened to his reason as to why he didn't tell his parents what he truly wanted to do.

She empathised with him, they were in similar situations. But, he did have more freedom than she did. "Well, you could always pursue law and then when you have enough money then you can travel the world." She suggested to him. "Or you could just do what makes you happy."

She looked to him as he did to her and, so many times before, found herself appreciating his features. She hoped to draw him one day,bit would give her the excuse to study him properly. She smiled at what he said and let him take her other hand. In that moment, she wanted to kiss him. Not on the cheek but his lips. It felt like an urge and she had to remind herself to speak. "No, I meant the way I feel around you is the same way I do when I draw. So, I feel happy, calm and like I can be myself." She told him.

She knew she had to distract herself from wanting to kiss him, but, then he suggested he take her home. She didn't want to go back just yet, that was when she had the idea. A playful twinkle sparked in her eyes and she gently squeezed his hands before letting one go. "Not yet, I want to see something first." She said, however, did not wait for a reply as she began to lead him through the tall field of flowers.

She was walking in front of him, their hands still connected and every now and then she glanced to smile back at him. She finally stopped when they came to the border of a field and a woods. In the middle was a small lake. The trees casted shadows over the body of water with light seeping through the cracks. It was quite the beautiful scene and Gwendolyn smiled. It was still here. "I used to come here all the time when I lived here as a child. One time I was pushed in by a group of boys and my mother was so cross." She giggled at the memory and looked to Joseph to see his reaction. "Sorry for dragging you out here."
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Joseph was glad that they had this moment of privacy. It felt good being able to hold her hand and not worry about who saw. Joseph didn’t want anyone to think badly of Gwen. Of course, she wouldn’t be here that long, and it made him sad to think that soon she would be heading back home. Of course, Joseph had the ability to change that, if he were to make things official with Gwen. He liked how slow things were now however and figured over time it wouldn’t be a question, but simply an action. He knew that he would make that decision, the right one when it presented itself. A part of him also wanted Gwent to have a say in the mater, considering women had very few rights and he thought it unfair to choose for her on what she wanted to do. She seemed to have the same plans as him though which did give him hope that this could work out.

“Well, I think you’ll do it! Who knows maybe we’ll go together – or you know bump into one another? Wouldn’t that be crazy?” His hand danced through the grass then and gently ran over the petals of the flowers. He was tempted to pick on for her. but wanted to find the right one.

“What’s a lawyer supposed to look like? Stern and stoic I suppose – maybe I do look a tad too silly.” Joseph joked after making a silly face. Of course, with his parents he had brought up the possibility of doing something different. Though, he had to be practical as his father would mention, and Joseph knew that meant having an income of his own. His father didn’t want him living off their wealth as that was not how he was raised and certainly not what he expected his son to pass on to his own children. “I’ve brought it up, but I guess it feels like a battle I don’t want to lose. I don’t want to disappoint them or myself, but I know my father will at least support my decision to pursue something else I prove I can be successful. It’s not bad to have a plan b I suppose.”

Joseph looked to Gwent then, standing in the middle of the field with the light hitting her just right. “That’s the greatest compliment I’ve ever received,” he said as he took her other hand in his. “I don’t think I’ve been the excited to just walk around since meeting you.” Joseph had then reached over to grab a perfect white lower he saw. “I look forward too many more days of making you feel like drawing.” He said with a grin. He knew he shouldn’t keep her out too late, especially after the night they had previously and suggested they start back on to her home.
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vYBlpmN.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg]

After marrying Vincent, Gwendolyn intended to keep her hobbies and keep learning. It was something special to her and she would surely lose sight of herself if she stopped them. Luckily, Vincent was a good man and she was positive that he wouldn't make her do something she didn't want to do. The marriage was something neither of them wanted. Though, it was only him that had a choice to go through with it or not. That part seemed unfair, but life wasn't made to be fair. As long she could keep her art and she could continue to learn, she was sure that she would be ok.

She was surprised, again, when he had told her that he wanted to see more of her work. She had promised to bring in her portfolio for him to see. Somehow, him complimenting your work sounded better than the others who had. That could be down to Joseph being an artist himself or potentially because she cared about his opinion. She had only known him a day and yet she already really liked him. She felt childish and silly. But, this was the first time she had had feelings for someone like this and it couldn't be helped when she noticed the way he looked at her.

Gwendolyn enjoyed the sceneries they walked through, they were all so aesthetically pleasing and they made her feel calm and at peace. Like she didn't have a care in the world. The fact that she walking with Joseph, holding his hand and talking with him just made it all so much better. She listened to his answer, but, her eyes widened slightly in shock. "Really? That's what I would love to do! I've always dreamt of travelling the world and unlocking all of its secrets." That passion from when she talked about her art was back. Usually, she felt embarrassed for having such ambitious dreams. But, not with Joseph.

She studied him for a moment, before speaking up. "You don't look like the lawyer type or at least, it's not what I see you doing. Have you ever talked to your parents about what you want to do with your future?" She asked, walking close to him and switching appreciating the sunlit flowers to looking at him. She smiled though, when he told her he found enjoyment in being with her. "Well, I think hanging out with anyone would be better than law." She said with a light laugh. "But I really enjoy being with you too... I feel like I'm drawing when I'm with you."
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Gwendolyn brightened up when she talked about her art. It was rare to find women who stayed in school or who actively participated in certain hobbies. Even those who were in school eventually started to turn more of their interest into things that would benefit them in the homes and make their husbands look good. Life soon began and life centered round children and making dinner. Though, Gwen was sure to catch the eye of a suitor who was wealthy and well – if things with Joseph worked out, then she certainly would be set. That meant, like his mother she would do more socializing and maids would work for her. Though, it was a thought too far into the future to consider and Joseph didn’t want to get ahead of himself. He couldn’t imagine not allowing Gwen to do whatever made her happy. Joseph had already decided that if he did have children, he would let them know that they didn’t have to follow society’s norms.

“I’d love to see more of your work,” he admitted. “You’re greatly talented. Too talented to have your art folded away.” He said with a smile gently nudging her shoulder. He heard the librarian clear her throat and he chuckled softly, not realizing how loud he was from his excitement of being close to her again. He shrugged his hands into his pockets, waiting for Gwen to return. He couldn’t help the smile on his face as she returned, her cheeks this whimsical pink. She looked quite ethereal with the light shining from behind her – almost like a fairy herself.

They were soon on their way, walking off campus and along the dirt road that eventually met the overwhelming plush green land. He was taking the backway which is where the untamed fields of flowers were and there was also less traffic. He enjoyed the bit of privacy with her, though every now and then a horse or carriage would come by.
“If I could do whatever I wanted?” He asked, his breath hitching then when he felt her hand in his own. He looked to her, squinting a little as aid against the sunlight before turning his attention back to the road, trying not to make it obvious at how deexcited he was to hold her hand. “I guess an artist. Or maybe just a world traveler, you know – going on trips to wild countries and coming back with all these gifts and worldly knowledge. I guess it’s not something you would consider practical. Though, I do know of someone who went on a sea voyage. Sometimes I think about doing that after finishing my studies.”

It was a crazy dream, but a nice one to have. “But I mean, being a lawyer can’t be too horrible, I guess. I do enjoy it, it’s just – I guess not the same enjoyment as painting or reading, or – hanging out with you.” They were reaching a bit thicker area of grass, almost about chest high and the wild arrangement of flowers was. Burst of color – perfectly illuminated by the warmish light of the sun setting.
“What about yourself? What’s in store for you after?”
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vYBlpmN.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg]

Gwendolyn was rather proud at what she had produced. The book had described a small clearing in the woods during Autumn. However, she had gotten slightly carried away and added in different animals and other extra details like toadstools and pine cones. It was a shame that she didn't have any colouring pencils, but, then she really would spend hours, just sitting there and she wouldn't get the chance to have that walk with Joseph. She felt excited for that. She hadn't had chance to properly explore the environment in which she spent her childhood. She had missed it all and wondered if anything had changed, and she could think of a better person to re-experience it all than Joseph.

She had smiled up at him, even blushing slightly, as he told her that her world looked enticing. "It's much better than this one, it has all sorts of fantasy creatures." She told him but then laughed a little in embarrassment at what she had admitted. However, as she spoke, she added in a small fairy or two along the branches of tree's. She gave a satisfied smile, signing her name on the back and standing up. She was surprised at the compliment and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Thank you... But I'm going to finish it at my grandmother's... That sunset sounds too good of an opportunity to miss." She replied, picking up the pencil and the book. She informed him that she was just going to place the things back to where she found them. She first slotted the book back into the shelves before going back to the librarian who gave her a suggestive smile. She blushed even redder at it before walking back to Joseph. She hoped the flush on her cheeks was gone but, most likely not.

She picked up the paper and winced slightly. She didn't want to fold it, however, she didn't have a bag or a purse to place it in. So, reluctantly, she folded the parchment into quarters and soon enough, they were on their way.

"If you weren't going to be a lawyer and you could be anyone you wanted and do anything you wanted, what would it be?" She asked curiously as they slowly walked together, side by side. She wanted to hold his hand again, but didn't want to ask. So, she casually slipped her hand into his and intertwined their fingers. She acted as if it didn't faze her, as if it were a natural action. However, she was jumping up and down in joy on the inside.
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Joseph watched her walk into her class before turning on his heel to see his father. He couldn’t hide his blush but tried not to show such a boyish demeanor as he walked alongside him to his law class. His father often liked to sit in, since he knew the professor and he also wanted to make sure his son was paying attention. Joseph of course was finding it hard to focus but doing his best as he didn’t want to deal with a lecture. He thought then about the life he could have as a lawyer. It wouldn’t be terrible: he’d have a good life make a great amount of money and he knew that he would have quite the selection when it came to women. Though, Joseph didn’t want to make it seem like women were just pages in a catalogue, products to choose from or anything. He did still want to marry for love and have a child. Though, travelling had always been a dream of his.

He thought about Gwen then, how beautiful she would love running through the tall sunflower fields in the sunny countryside, or under a starlit night with the Eiffel tower in the distance, a romantic dinner shared between the two. He felt his father tap his arm gently and Joseph hadn’t been aware that he’d been doodling, drawing a lose sketch of a woman. He knew those eyes though and the lips he had just curved off. He couldn’t be more than happier when class was over, thinking about walking Gwen home. He came to a stand but was stopped by his father. The other students were filing out and Joseph was trying not to show how anxious he was.

“I know what you’re going to say.” Joseph started. “It’s not distracting honestly. I mean she’s not going to distract me.”

“I know you say that now Joseph, but you forget I was young once.” He looked at his father who had offered a smile and Joseph relaxed some, knowing this wasn’t to be too bad of a talk. “If you are going to seriously pursue this lady, you have to also take your education seriously. Woman is not to be pursued for fun and games Joseph. Are your intentions pure?”

“I do like her,” Joseph admitted to his father. “I think it can go somewhere.”

“Good. You know what’s expected.” Of course, Joseph knew that courting was very important, and it wasn’t common for people to know follow through into marriage afterward. He didn’t want that pressure though and he liked how things were going so far. His father patted him on the back then and soon enough they were leaving. He let his father know that he would be a bit late for supper since he was walking Gwendolyn home.

He’d a quick chat with Henry before finally rushing toward the library, a bit out of breath by the time he had arrived. He was glad to see that Gwen didn’t seem to notice his tardiness, in her own world as she was sketching. “Your world looks enticing,” he said with a smile. “You’re a wonderful artist. I didn’t mean to distract you. We don’t have to rush,” he said to her and he meant it. He liked spending time with Gwen.

“Though if we leave now, we should reach your place by sunset, which is a beautiful view. “
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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/vYBlpmN.jpg]
[pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg][pic https://i.imgur.com/Z8hWz1H.jpg]

If Gwendolyn had the freedom and the rights to do so, she would travel the world and learn all of its secrets. She would write a book and sell it, then, she would return home and become a teacher. Telling the new generations of what she had learned and inspire them to travel. But, it seemed it would not be. Her fate was tied to marriage and children. To stay at home and care for her children when they weren't at school. Her future scared her, she didn't want that. Not at all. It saddened her every time she thought of it, she hoped and prayed that she would hear news that Sebastian had found a new wife or that her parents no longer liked the Harrison's and so the wedding was called off. She was disappointed every day when such news didn't arrive.

She also felt disappointed that they arrived to her class so quickly. Thought all the time she spent with Joseph seemed to flash by. She supposed it was due to her enjoying herself when she was with him and she only wanted to spend more time with him. She nodded her head at his suggestion of going to through the fields so that he could walk her home. "That sounds wonderful! I would love to... I'll wait for you in the library." She replied to him. She felt flutters in her stomach as he squeezed her hand and she watched him leave for a moment before going into class, sitting beside Elaine who was already giggling.

The rest of that lesson was spent completing an essay and explaining to her friend about what had happened at lunch. The other girl reminded her of her engagement and she had fell quiet. Mumbling an answer stating that she was going to be careful. At the end of the lesson, she went to the library and scanned it's tall shelves for a book to read. She settled on s fantasy novel and sat herself at the table. A content smile settled on her lips as she was absorbed into the fictional world. However, there was a paragraph that caught her attention. It was describing a scenery and she felt inspired to draw it. Do, that's exactly what she did, she asked the librarian for a piece of paper and a pencil. The woman was hesitant but gave it up and Gwendolyn thanked her.

She sat back at her table and re-read the paragraph describing a woodland scenery a couple of times before getting set on drawing. By the time Joseph came to the library, she was almost done. She was just adding some extra details. She had looked up and was slightly shocked to see him. She had been too focused to pay attention to her surroundings. "Joseph! I apologise... I was too wrapped up in my own world to realise you were there."
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Gwen’s words to Joseph had resonated with him. He often thought about telling his parents that he didn’t want to be a lawyer, but he didn’t want to disappoint them. He didn’t the idea of being a lawyer though Joseph just couldn’t see himself actually being in that field. He enjoyed law and all the complexities that came with it, but of course he couldn’t deny his passion and talent when it came to art. When painting he found himself transcended to a whole different world. He had thought about this for quite a while; Gwen was not the first person to make him question what he was doing in life. He was enjoying the walk so much that h hadn’t noticed they had come to a stop after reaching her class. He sighed out, knowing if he hung around too long that he could be late, but the idea of parting wasn’t that enticing.
“I’d love to see you later,” he said to her. “Maybe I can walk you home? There’s a nice flower field we can go through?” He suggested with a smile, hoping Gwen would say yes.

It was a shame that they only shared one class, though Joseph figured it would help him from getting distracted an don’t paying attention on his studies. He knew of the conversation his father would have with him once they were home. Courting could be fun of course, but it did come with a lot responsibilities and certain expectations thought of you; he didn’t want to embarrass Gwen or his family. Joseph found no reason why they had to rush anything, however. Something told him that Gwen was worth getting to know.

Brushing his hand through his hair then, he gave Gwen’s hand a quick squeeze before waving as he headed off to class. He was ecstatic that they got to spend some time together and Joseph was looking forward to the many more times that he would be with Gwen. Joseph was ecstatic that things for the most part seemed to be going well between the two. He couldn’t wait to see her come the end of the day.
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