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Tokyo Ghoul

ghoul are higher on the food chain than humans. they feed on the flesh of them. when they get hungry, their eyes turn red. they can regenerate and they also have a weapon. its called a kagune. it retracts from any part of there body when. well if it belongs there. Ghouls can't eat human food. it makes them sick. it tastes horrible. They also wear mask's to hide their identity.
To obtain these creatures, there are Investigators. investigators are people who risk their lives and devote them to hunting down the Ghouls. they hate them. Just like the Ghouls, they have a weapon called a Quinque. They get them from killing ghouls. They are made from the Ghous Kugane.
All the best investigators have powerful Quinque. The Investigators are human and are always sure they are right. They see themselves as world saviors. They picture themselves ''always right'' and the Ghouls as '' evil monsters''

you can still join after it starts`so if you want to join then just send me your character and request access

You get to choose between a Ghoul and a Human. Pm me before requesting access and fill in the character skeleton

Human or ghoul:
Investigator or no?:
Quinque looks:



Profile: Hotpotato
Name: Sasha Shane
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Sexuality: Straight
Human or ghoul: Ghoul
Investigator or no?: N/A
Kugane:  hers in on her back. It looks like knives. well, camouflage. she can choose how it looks but it still does the same thing. it cuts you horribly. //////
  Quinque looks: N/A
profession: Waitress at a small library cafe 
Personality: Sasha is very curious and likes to sometimes hurt people. she's not really a bully but she loves to fight. She always tries to get her revenge and isn't a bad Ghoul. She is caring But holds grudges

Profile: cookiecookie524
Name: Henry Vow
Gender: male
Age: 42
Sexuality: bisexual
Human or ghoul: ghoul
Kugane: A defensive type... Its camouflage and wraps around your bad so you can hide. it's shaped like a butterfly's wings but expands and can change its shape. If you get to close, you can shoot poison thorns out of the sides. it can fill a normal human, injure an investigator, and slightly damage a ghoul if you don't try.
Profession: Bartender
Personality: Rude to strangers,





  • you have to choose one or the other.
  • You may be a normal human and end up like the main character of Tokyo ghoul*.
  • If you want to quit this roleplay, then you must choose a way to die** or your character moves away from Japan and to another part of the world
  • cursing will be kept at a low
  • abide by the rules of this site
  • there will be fighting
  • just because they eat humans, it does not mean that there vampires or cannibals. some of them are cannibals but they are not human so they aren't a cannibal for eating one
  • please if possible, play in first-person for your character
I do not know if I will make a posting order... I'll get to that.

* The main character of Tokyo Ghoul: kaneki ken. he wants on a date with a Ghoul disguised as a cute teen the same age as him. She attacked him and tried to eat him and a Large metal bar fell on top of her. he was very injured and the doctors saw that she had the same blood type. they replaced his liver with part of her's and he became part Ghoul

** If you would like to choose death for your character then Pm me please so we can discuss how your character will die


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Roleplay Responses

[i I crept up slowly onto the top of a building and peeked over it to see the investigators. waited until I could see my partner and waited. if we went to soon then we could completely blow it. I had to be careful. I waited for five minutes before I gave the signal. I put my hands to my chest with my index finger and middle finger together with my other fingers apart. then I shot it forward braking the wall like-look and it was parallel to you. My eyes narrowed at you with direct permission. watching the investigators and you every move. My breath was slow and soft and quiet . not to draw any attention]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 13d 3h 17m 13s
Henry nodded as he thought through the plan. It could be pure suicide, or a really successful idea. He would have to play carefully. He knew those guys, they were the reason they were pretty much together. "Lets do this already." Henry got into position and waited for the signal
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 3h 39m 27s
[i I started driving and headed to the 13th ward. when we got there, I put my mask on and turned the car off] [+red I gotta plan okay?] [i I waited for a nod then explained it] [+red there right over there. it looks like 2 or 3 of then. I get them from atop and distract them from you. as soon as they see me, you sneak behind then and I dash to another building. you draw attention to your self so I can move and I'll attack them from ahead. they will probably focus more on me and that will give you time to snatch their suitcases. before you do that you need to hide and wait until they think you've gone. I'll yell Kayhki when they do. when you get their cases, run away and I'll use my kugane. I want you to smash the cases and hind the contents in the car when your away and come back and you can use yours. we corner them and fight them. we [b Kill] them. okay?] [i I looked dead serious and there was no sign of softness in my face. I had a cold dead stare and it was like suicide when you look into my eyes. that's how I was all the time. this time was different. its hen Im ready to kill. My eyes would murder anything in my path] [+red if we mess this up then were dead! those two, I don't know If you heard of them before. their names are ''Kawargwi and chansukine'' they are the deadliest of all. the head of the investigators. there also the sickest] [i My face gives a cold dagger to the throat of Kawargi] [+red I've fought them many times and they are shits] [i I remember the time when I saw Kawargwi kill my best friend '' Tsuknichan'' I stabbed his eyeball out. I considered eating it but then I'd be eating that creature. for humans when you think of that~ you want to eat the person you hate for breakfast for torture but for people who have to eat humans, you'de rather just kill them] [+red I'll leave the trunk unlocked and When I say go... we carry out our plan] [i My eyes are blood-shot at your throat] [+red and no playing around this time] [i I thought about saying please but that's too nice. I need to show this is serious. I opened the car door and stepped out of it and slammed the door and went to the roof] [+red actually I won't say go. I'll give a sign instead] [i I put my hands to my chest with my index finger and middle finger together with my other fingers apart. then I shot it forward braking the wall like-look and it was parallel to you. it was like I was pointing at you] [+red lets go] [i I didn't give him a chance to speak. knowing that he would probably say something smart ass. But then again he might not. don't feel like taking the chance though so I went on to my spot hoping that he got the signal]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 1h 59m 46s
"I'm not slow, I was already in the car," Henry looked at her as she had been talking about no one since he was in the car. "And for your information, you know [b nothing] about me. That is not all I do, that is all you've heard. And the young ones are the ones who get into the most trouble anyways," Henry said, remembering the many times his other partner had dragged them into trouble just before being killed by an investigator. She was weak, but she also made more sense and did a better job at actually doing the job with him than pretending she was the boss. That was the type of partner he was comfortable with. And he hated how this kid thought she knew every single detail. Just yesterday he killed an investigator without anyone around and no one knew. He had only happened to run into the one though and was quite disappointed.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 2h 47m 6s
thats just in her mind... she's a liar and lives in her own world to get out of the chaos so what she was thinking was not completely true)

[i I rolled my eyes and hit him in the back] [+red I plan on taking out my anger on the investigators]
[i I walked in from of him] [+red yea and the young ones are the ones who do the most work] [i I started to shout] [+red all you ever do is hook-up with some ugly ass shock every day and eat her! you don't need to eat every day! no wonder why Awatari-san needs you to be with ghouls that can [b actually fight!] all you ever do is eat! trying to be something your not~] [i I walked faster and unlocked the car door and got in it and put my seat belt on. I was tempted to drive off without him but that would piss Awatari off so I waited and beeped the horn] [i I yelled out impateantly] [+red Get in the dambed car!] [i I rolled my eyes and laid back a mumbled] [+red old people are [b soooo] slow] [i I buckled up and beeped again. he's taking his own sweet time]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 2h 58m 46s

"You can try but you won't succeed," Henry retorted. They could beat each other and he knew that. Some fights he won while others she won. It was weird, but thats how it was. "Sorry your in a pissed off mood, but take it out on a garbage can or something. And your not my boss, I know what to do." Henry looked at her as she started to explain and all he could think in his mind was [i she really thinks I'm that dumb? I learned about this already.] Henry already killed lots of investigators before. He tried to keep track but lost count. "The young ones are the moodiest," Henry sighed as he walked past her, rolling his eyes and getting tired of Sasha bossing him around. He didn't even have to listen to her if he didn't want to, which made him decide to tune her out.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 3h 23m 14s
[+red =.=] [i I kept eating and finished up and washed my face then I put my mask on and popped my knuckles] [+red if you mess up then I'll kill you] [i I said honestly and bluntly]. [i I knew he thought he was stronger and better he's not. The older the ghoul, the weaker they are in my opinion. If he's so strong then how did I beat him in every single fight. even when he's not going easy. when I'm in disguise and he doesn't ḱnow it's me, I still beast him. what's his problem~] [+red lets go] [i I ordered. not caring about his good mood at all. I just wanna get this over with. the more investigators I kill, the better I feel and oh Im really pissed right now]

[i I remembered the investigator's weapon.] [+red make sure you don't use your kugane if possible] [+red I looked down realizing that he hasn't heard of Quinque yet] [+red they learned how to turn our kugane, against us. they cut them off or tear them from our bodies and turn them into a weapon. If they get you, then you're out of luck. besides. your just a defensive type. your kugane wouldn't do much in a battle unless you're barfing up or bleeding out your guts!]

[i I opened the door and walked out. holding it for you as you come over and I get impatient and start wanting to slam the door on you]

[pic <img src="" alt="Image result for mask anime girl tokyo"/>]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 3h 35m 32s
Henry smiled at the last part as he grabbed his mask,"I make no promises." Henry was in a good mood and wasn't going to let Sasha's mood ruin his. He was stronger than her, older, and more experienced. "Lets just get this over with."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 3h 48m 2s
oh... okay)

[+red where were you? hiding?] [i I said rudely and sarcastically as I went to get my mask.] [+red come on. where going down stairs] [i I waved to you. gesturing to follow me. I had to eat something so I wasn't weak. I needed to not be weak against the investigators. awh those roaches]
[+blue gets your mask and were going out the back door and[b NO GETTING DISTRACTED LIKE LAST TIME!] [i I ordered. I really was not in the mood to be late. these roaches were going to pay for what they did] [+red remember to not make a scene until we get there] [i I took out a pack of meat and got out a fork. I started eating it and I felt better after 3 or 4 bits]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 3h 54m 30s

"I'm here, don't fret," he said, looking at the two people.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 3h 59m 45s
[+red ughhh where is he?!. he should be here by now!]
[+grey Im sure he's just cleaning up]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 4h 3m 4s
Henry had gotten done and smiled at her. "It was nice to know you Akira," he whispered under his breath as he wiped away everything and changed into his spare clothes he had brought with him. He washed his face off and lit up a match like he always did just after putting gasoline all over the room and lighting the match. He had screwed up the oven to make sure that it looked as if the oven had messed up. He walked out of the back door easily as he heard neighbors. This wasn't on his side of the town so he shouldn't be bothered about it. He set on his way and showed up to work looking at everyone with a smile on his face.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 4h 6m 36s
[i I went to the office and gave my pass] [+red time for me to go to work~] [i They waved me by and I left. I got to the cafe and talked to the owner dude name ''awatari''] [+red Is there anything I need to do?] [+grey We've been having trouble in the 12 ward] [+red okay I'll go check it out~] [+grey now yet! your partner is coming with you but right now he's feeding~] [+red oh come on! I work better alone!] [+grey there are investigators in the area and you will need some help] [i His old wrinkled eyes looked down at me with his hands behind his back like a gentle man] [+red I'll get to work while I'm waiting then] [i I said a little mad but not to much]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 4h 25m 2s
They walked into the kitchen, Akira first with Henry following behind. He looked at Akira's food she had prepared and smiled,"I didn't have that type of dinner in mind." He could have ate one plate of the food though since he could handle that much before getting sick. A little trick he learned over the years. Akira looked at him confusedly,"what did you have in mind then?" Henry looked down at the shorter woman and smiled just before his eyes turned red and a small scream was heard.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 4h 31m 40s
[i I took my notes until it as lunchtime. PBJ... easest to eat]
[+pink why are you eating so little! you're a growing girl you need to eat] [+red no. I'm fine thank you anyay~] [+pink come on! I still have some chicken left. Here you can have it! I have another box] [i If your wondering who would bring an extra lunchbox so they can give their food to me? then chandji is that person] [+red thanks. I really enjoyed it!] [i I grabbed the dish and took my chopsticks out and started picking at the food] [+pink sasha~ stop picking at your food and eat] [i I weakly smiled and picked up a piece of chicken with the chopsticks. I put it in my mouth and swallowed it. I made chewing sounds, noises and expressions] [+pink Im going to the bathroom okay?] [i I nodded and kept swallowing food. when she left, I kept eating and I got nauseous again] [I When I finished with lunch, I put the sandwich in my backpack and went to my next class]
  Sasha / hotpotato / 14d 4h 36m 58s

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