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[center [size12 The Bermuda Triangle, a place known for the disappearance of ships as well as planes. If people knew what was truly there, what chaos would it cause?]]

[center [size12 Hidden behind a magical barrier lies Demigod Academy, a school for the many children of the gods of all cultures. They come from all over the world to learn about their heritage and how to defend themselves from the creatures that plan to destroy them. Being in the middle of the ocean, the island is surrounded by nothing but water. The island itself is a vast forest with the school and dormitories in the middle. Each dormitory is separated by culture, each floor separated by gender.]]

[center [size12 Aside from the many dorms, there are only a few other buildings. The main building is for all classes, aside from archery and such. A large gymnasium is where training and battles are held. As well as a large cafeteria area where all cultural meals are served.]]

[center [size12 Each year, at the end of the year, a tournament is held. Each culture battle against one another to test their skill and show which culture is the top class. Last year's tournament ended with the Native Americans winning!]]

[center [size12 The first day back to school will be for students to settle in. At sun set, a large banquet is held that all students must attend. Everyone must wear the formal wear of their culture and give their parent an offering. Attendance is mandatory.]]
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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/DQ6IyVP.jpg]][center [size12 [#8B4513 "Ma! Come on, we're going to be late!!!"] Len grabbed his duffel bags as his mom came down the hall, shaking her keys towards him. [i "Your brother moved them again. That boy can never put things back where they go."] Shaking her head, she grabbed one of Len's small bags and opened the front door. [i "Let's get going."] It was still dark out, the sun had yet to risen. The two walked over to the old Sudan and started placing the bags inside. When everything was packed, they got into the front seat and off they went to the airport.]]

[center [size12 The entire car ride, his mom lectured him about staying out of trouble and keeping up his good grades. [#8B4513 "Ninety-two."] His mom scrunched her eyebrows as she glanced at him for a split second before looking back at the road. [i "What?"] Len chuckled, [#8B4513 "You've done the same lecture ninety-two times since I've come to school."] Shaking her head, his mother turned into the airport parking lot. [i "You counted it? What am I saying, of course you counted it."] Len smirked as he nodded before getting out of the car as soon as it was parked.]]

[center [size12 Len has always been a little prankster, tricks were his way of life. He was constantly pulling them...and getting in trouble for them. But can you truly blame him? His dad is a trickster god for crying out loud! [i "Len...why is your hoodie moving?"] Looking down, Len could see that it was in fact moving. It looked like his stomach had the major rumbles. Reaching into his hood pocket, he pulled out his Cinnamon Ferret, and held it up to his mother. [#8B4513 "Chester."] The ferret merely blinked at the woman before going to playfully naw on his fingers. [i "Put him in his cage before you get in trouble."] Len pouted, he was looking forward to the priceless look on people's faces when his stomach went haywire.]]

[center [size12 After getting through all of the boring and hectic boarding things, Len stood at the entrance, hugging his mother goodbye. [i "Seriously now, Len. Be good, I really don't want to get a call every month cause you either broke a relic or blew something up."] Len nodded to her but with the look in her eyes, she didn't believe him. And she shouldn't, he was just going to pull a prank anyways.]]
[center [size12 [b ***]]]
[center [size12 Many hours later, Len landed on an island, not to far from the school, where a private plane picked up students. The school couldn't afford humans knowing about the school so the kids always got picked up on one of the nearest islands via plane or boat. Unless their parents had a plane or boat to drop them off in, which most didn't. That plane ride was much more entertaining than the previous one. He was able to talk to these kids about anything and not have to worry about weird looks as he went into something about his dad, the god.]]

[center [size12 Upon arriving at the school, he noticed the beautiful, Greek blonde that was Kalliope. [#8B4513 "Kalliope! Hey, Kalli!"] The girl looked back at him, rolled her eyes before continuing on her way. Glancing over at the two younger boys he was talking to on the plane, he wiggled his eyebrows. [#8B4513 "She so wants me."] The two boys laughed as one of them spoke while the other nodded. [i "Oh, yeah, she totally wants you."] Len shrugged his shoulders, she may not look like it but deep down that girl wanted him [u bad]. Or at least, that's what he thought, he still believed the whole "if-they're-mean-to-you-than-they-must-like-you" thing. And boy, did Kalliope want him. To bad for her that he was mentally taken by his one true love.]]

[center [size12 [#8B4513 "Alright, now to find that ass Will."] Him and Will had been buds since...forever really. How the two becomes friends was beyond him. They were misfits at heart, a trait the both shared. Lenn was a prankster, while Will was a bit of a perv. Constantly taking photos of girls and selling them to male student body. While Lenn wasn't one for looks, hence the long hair he'd sometimes forget to brush, the t-shirts with holes in them, and gym shoes that seen one to many chases. William Thomas on the other hand cared far to much about his looks. If the boy could, he'd most likely marry himself.]]

[center [size12 His eyes skimmed through the vast sums of demigods, in search for that one kid that was most likely snapping pictures from a safe distance. But to no avail. He would be searching for Dom, but knowing that girl, she was most likely not going to show up today. Dominique Valia, the British beauty with the sticky fingers, and pretty much the leader of their terrible trio. The last he heard from her, she had snuck on a cruise ship instead of staying on the island for the summer like she's suppose to.]]
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[left [pic https://i.imgur.com/xAqQbAe.jpg]][center [size12 Hasina walked down the quiet halls of the Egyptian dorm building. A majority of the students hadn't gotten there yet, but soon enough the halls would be bustling with them. It was the day before classes started so she was enjoying the last moments of quietness that she would have. Hasina is a year rounder, a student that stays all year long. As much as Hasina would love to go back to beautiful Cairo, she had no where to go. Her 'ami (mom), had passed away just before she started school, causing her to have to enter a year early.]]

[center [size12 Being the daughter of Thoth, the god of Art, Science, Astronomy and Literature, she was easily able to catch up the other students. Not only was she able to catch up with them, but she was also able to lose herself in everything knowledge wise. She was actually carrying one as she walked down the hallway, a book in French. She recently decided to learn French. She had already learn Italian, Chinese, German, and to write in Greek. She let out a small sigh as she could hear all of the students began to gather on the courtyard as one by one they were dropped off. The quietness the summer usually brought was officially gone. Soon the hallways of the dorm would be to loud for her to study.]]

[center [size12 She headed out of the building and towards the large crowd of kids. She needed to get them to where she was going. At the far end of the island was a tree at grew on the beach. One of the branched was low enough to hop on and thick enough for her to comfortably sit on it. It was a quiet and peaceful place to study, the only sound was the water crashing against the shore and seagulls flying about. There was really no other way around than through. She clutch her book to her chest as she made her way through the crowd, trying her best to not bump into anyone. She was almost all the way through when someone bumped into her, causing her to trip and bump into a long haired boy. She apologized, her hazel eyes glancing at him than his friend with the camera as the boy took a picture of some other girl.]]

[center [size12 Her nose scrunched in disgust as she realized the boy was taking pictures without the girl's approval. He was being a pervert. She quickly turned when she made eye contact with him and finished rushing through the crowd. She didn't have time to lecture him, the sun would set in a few hours. She practically ran the rest of the way to the beach, clinging to the book so that it wouldn't fly away. Soon enough the grass turned into sand and she could hear the waves. She closed her eyes as she slowly walked in the sand, it reminded her so much of Cairo, covered in all the sand. She reopened her eyes and finished closing the distance between her and the tree. She hopped up onto the branch, making herself comfortable before she opened her book.]]

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