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Tanner laughed as she spoke about Megan. He wasn't gonna lie, that is probably what he was gonna do. He did end up texting her that he was going out with Noah and Sav, so if he didn't answer his phone, that's why. He got dressed quickly, leaving his shirt open a little bit. He wasn't looking for anything, obviously, but he was decently into fashion, so it was for him.

[b "I only do it to keep up with you."] Noah laughed, winking at her. [b "Oh, if you wear one you won't be allowed to leave because you'll be mine all night. So maybe two because we're leaving the room."] he stuck out his tongue out at her, winking. [b "Okay! Can't wait to see you."] he smiled.

Brandon saw as Savannah ran from Noah's room to the bathroom. He watched as he could see her through the mirror. He bit his lip, winking at her. He hoped she'd be able to see him. What was Noah or Tanner gonna do? They wouldn't and couldn't do shit.
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Savannah looked at Tanner and smiled weakly. [b "Oh you can make it! Yay. Don't act like you were going to do anything but mope in your room and wait around for Megan to call."] she said. [b “Were leaving in an hour and a half! Don’t spend so much time on your hair, T!”] She sighed when she realized sooner than later she would have to tell Noah about Brandon, about what he had tried.

She looked up when Noah kissed her cheek and she just grinned. [b "Maybe we can get the gang back together and go next Summer."] she said [b "We definitely made some great memories in that beach house."] she blushed softly, thinking about their first few nights there.

[b “I bought two outfits today because I literally couldn’t decide... Which one do you like? I didn’t know how fancy things were around here... I hate having to get ready without Megan being here to help.”] she whined playfully.

She walked over to the closet and pulled out an outfit that she had bought when she went shopping today. [b "Damnnn my man is sexxxyyyy. It is SO on tonight babe. Don't even try to tell me no."] she said as he slid the jeans on. [b "I'm gonna go curl my hair really quick."] she said before she grabbed her makeup tote and headed into the bathroom. Her heart was racing because she was terrified she would see Brandon or that he would see her.

[ outfit1]
[ outfit2]
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[b "Aw yeah! Tanner, you should come!"] Noah said, punching his friend's arm. [i "Okay, okay! I guess I can make it."] Tanner replied, shooting a look to Savannah. His look was to say, 'Okay, but you can't keep lying to the boy'. As much as Noah was a smart guy, sometimes he was just obvious to tension and stress. He saw the good in too many people, causing him to get hurt easily, just how Samantha had gotten to him.

Noah started grabbing stuff out of his closet to wear. He decided to go with an all-black outfit, a shirt that was able to show off the tone he was building at practice. People around campus were starting to notice the news guys on the team, and it almost gave Noah more energy to play. He got all his energy off of others, so more people that were there made his game better.

Tanner nodded, heading to his room to get ready as well. Noah went over to Savannah, kissing her cheek. [b "Man, I wish we could go back to that Summer House, back before everyone came. It was such an easy time. I'm sorry our relationship isn't as easy as we thought, but I'm happy we have been able to survive it together."] he smiled, pulling the black shirt over his head. [b "I'm looking forward to your outfit choice."] he said, sliding the black jeans on.

[ Noah's Outfit]
[ Tanner's Outfit]
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Savannah sighed softly when she realized that Tanner believed her and didn't think she had done anything with Noah. [b "I swear. I didn't ask him for anything. I don't know why he tried to come onto me like that."] She sat down on the bed and looked up at Noah's best friend. [b "If Noah found out, if I told Noah, He would go insane and get kicked off the baseball team. Tanner, he lives for baseball."]

She listened to everything Tanner had to say and nodded slowly and she took it all in. [b "I'll think about it, okay? We're going to some bars and clubs tonight... You can come with us if you want."] she told him.

She looked up when Noah walked back into his bedroom and she smiled. Trying to hide what she and Tanner had actually been talking about.. She hated lying to him though. [b "Haha. I guess I'm just little miss popular today."] she told him. [b "No, Tanner just came to ask if we had plans tonight and I told him that we were going to some bars and clubs. I invited him to tag along."]
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Tanner held up his hands in defense. [i "Oh Sav, no! I don't think you did anything."] he responded. As he listened, Tanner realized why she didn't say anything to Noah. He'd probably already beat the shit out of Brandon if he knew, but he now knew to be careful of the boy. For Sav and whenever Megan came to visit. [i "Sav, I just want you safe, as Noah also does. But he shouldn't get away for doing that? What if Noah didn't get back when he did. I know you are a strong woman, but maybe telling Noah isn't a bad thing. I can be there, Noah might be nuts, but I am stronger than he is, and I'll can hold him down if he tries to fight Brandon."] Tanner responded. He tried to lighten the mood, as it was a defense for when he felt uncomfortable. [i "But obviously, we don't have to do it now."] he smiled. Tanner just wanted the best for his fiancee's best friend.

Noah's shower wasn't long, but it was longer than normal. He knew after today's practice, he wasn't smelling like flowers. He washed up, brushed his teeth, fixed his hair the best he could until it was fully dry. His hair tended to fall over when wet, he wasn't able to do much. He slid on some basketball shorts before exiting the bathroom/ He entered his room, looking to both people in his room. [b "Huh, everyone wants to talk to Savannah today, huh?"] he said, rubbing his hair with a towel. Obviously, he knew Tanner and Sav were friends for the most part, but why was everyone talking in secret, in his own room with the door closed. [b "Secret meeting?"] he laughed, looking between the two.
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Savannah grinned as Noah walked in and looked around. He seemed to be confused at first, like he wanted to make sure he was in the right room. [b “I did! I just wanted you to have a comfortable space that you could escape too. Plus somewhere quiet you could do your homework and we could have our skype dates... I wanted it to feel homey.”] she explained.

She laughed when he said he was gonna go shower. [b “Oh so that stench is coming from you!”] she said. She pulled on one of Noah’s tee shirts as she heard a knock on the bedroom door. [b “Just a minute!”] she said. She finished getting dressed and trudged over to the door. Part of her was expecting it to be Brandon so she only opened the door enough so she could peek out of it. [b “Hey Tanner.”] she said. She opened the door and moved so he could come inside. Her heart dropped when he asked about Brandon. [b “N....I.... What did he say? Tanner I didn’t do anything with him. I swear.”] she said. This was like their messed up summer with Samantha all over again. [b “Noah went to get me coffee this morning and while he was gone, Brandon got a little grabby... If Noah hadn’t walked in when he did... I don’t know what he would’ve tried.”] she said soflty. [b “He told me not to tell. I don’t want any trouble. Those guys are your roommates for the next year.”]

She sighed before she looked at him again. [b “You cannot day anything to Noah. I don’t need him doing something stupid and getting kicked off the team. I can handle Brandon.”]
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As Noah entered, he started laughing as something Trevor had said. All four boys were tired, but Noah told said he'd go out tonight with Savannah. He entered his room, looking very different than when he left it. It looked awesome, but not what he expected. As he saw Savannah exiting the shower, he smiled. [b "Did you do this?"] he smiled at her. [b "Man, you should be an interior designer on the side. This looks so good babe."] he smirked, going over to everything to get a better look. [b "I love it, thank you!"] he went over to her, pressing kisses to her lips and cheeks.

[b "I'm gross, so I'm gonna shower, I'll be back."] Noah smiled, winking at her. As he closed the door to the bathroom, Brandon headed toward the room. Parker grabbed his arm. [+grey "Do not do it. She just showered, last time you almost got caught. It is not smart."] Parker said to the guy. Brandon took another look at the door, he might not get away with it a second time. He'll wait. Trevor had heard what Parker said, heading over to Noah's room and knocked. [i "Sav. It's Trevor. Can I come in?"] he asked. He waited until she allowed him in, and he shut the door. [i "I just heard Brandon and Parker taking. Did Brandon do something to you?"] he asked. He wanted Sav to be safe, the best friend of his fiancee. But he knew Noah's temper got the best of him sometimes, and he could help the two with this.
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Savannah looked at Noah and smiled softly. [b “Classes start in four days. I want to make sure I know my around campus without the map.”] she explained. [b “I don’t want to get lost and be late to my first class.. that would be horrible.”]

Her eyes sparkled when he mentioned that they could go to a club. They could dance and just have fun. They both did have fake ids. [b “Let’s go to a club tonight and do a movie night tomorrow night! That way I won’t be hungover on my drive back to campus.”] She nodded when he said he had to get to practice. [b”Okay babe. Have a good practice! Don’t forgot to leave your key for me.”] she said as she took a sip of the coffee.

After she was sure Noah was gone she grabbed her keys and headed out. It didn’t take her long to find everything that she needed as she had gotten ideas online.

[ bedroom]
[ desk]

She had everything set up by the time she heard someone walk through the front door. She’d only assumed it was Noah. She had just gotten out of the shower.
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Noah hugged the girl, pressing kisses on her neck. [b "Do you have to leave? I mean, I know you have to, but do you really?"] he asked. With Savannah here, there was no awkwardness, no jealously, nothing. He wished she could have gone to the same school, as they planned when they were kids, but she wanted to go to pre-med, just like her mom. He loved her, but also wanted her to follow her dreams.

[b "Of course baby. What kinda pizza would you like? I can order some and I even let you pick the movie out."] He smirked, kissing her cheek before finally letting go of her. [b "But we could also go to a club or something if that interests you more."] he replied, smiling. Looking over at the clock, he noticed the time. [b "Okay, you think about it! I gotta get ready and go. Practice starts soon."] he smiled.

Noah quickly got in his uniform and all the roommates went off to practice. It was long and grueling, but Noah could tell he was getting better. He was getting more and more time on the field and the coach took a liking to him. He couldn't wait for the season to start, and have his biggest fan cheering him on every game, even if it was from a live stream. She never missed a game, even when she was sick. She would sit in the stands wrapped in a blanket, she would always be his biggest fan.
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She hated lying to Noah. They had dealt with some many lies already these last few months and she didn't want to add anymore, but Noah would go ballasitc if she told him about Brandon and what he was trying to do. [b "I know. You're always there for me no matter what. Just one of the many things I love about you. I hope you know you can call me as well. I will drive down whenever I need to."]

She grinned as he pressed a kiss to her cheek. [b "I leave the day after tomorrow."] she told him before she took another sip of the coffee. [b "I'll probably just hangout here while you're at practice.. But can I have your door key incase I decide to go out?"] She still had time to decorate his bedroom and his apartment to make it a little more homey for him.. and Tanner before she left. She only hoped that he liked it.

[b "We could do a movie and pizza night tonight? Or we could go out. It doesn't matter baby. I'm content with whatever you want to do."]
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Noah was confused. He knew Savannah wouldn't lie to him, but it just seems like a weird situation. He just would shrug it off, she seemed embarrassed by the whole thing. He did want her uncomfortable at all. "Okay. You tell me, even when you go back to school, if anyone ever hurts you or makes you uncomfortable or sad, I'll do what I can to help you. Whether I come down to you or we just facetime for a little bit, you are too important to me, love." he smiled, letting her face go, after pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"I mean, I'm not going to be upset if you tell me again." Noah laughed, taking the towel that Brandon had wiped up the juice with and put in a laundry basket, so he could wash that with his clothes from practice later. "Uh, nothing too important. I have practice soon, and then we can do whatever you want. When do you have to leave to go back to school?" he asked. He was dreading the day she would have to leave, but he knew they would make it work.
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Savannah stared blankly at Noah as she fought herself. She wanted to tell him that Brandon made her completely uncomfortable. She wanted to tell him that if he hadn’t come back when he did, who knows what would’ve happened. But Noah and Tanner had to live with this guy for the next year. They were on the baseball team together. She didn’t know what Noah would do if she told him.

[b “He.. He didn’t hurt me.”] she said. [b “I was a klutz and I tripped over my own feet and spilled my juice everywhere. He just helped me clean it up. But I was perfectly capable of doing it myself.”] she told Noah as she was forced to look into his eyes when he took her face between his hands. [b “I know, babe. I know you would.”]

She smiled weakly before taking a sip of her coffee. [b “Have I told you that I love you lately?”] she asked. [b “Sooo do we have any plans for today?”]
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Noah watched as Brandon left the room quickly, he narrowed his eyes at the boy. Why was he in his room? And how would he have known that Savannah spilled some juice? Savannah would know enough just to grab a towel and clean it, she wasn't one to ask for help unless she really needed it.

Then when Savannah said it was really bonding, he looked at her. [b "What happened?"] he asked, his face flat. Was he covering up something? [b "Did he hurt you?"] he asked her, taking her face gently in his hands. [b "You know I'll fucking kill him if he hurt you, beautiful."] he smiled, kissing her forehead.

Brandon walked back into the common room, sitting down with Parker. Parker looked over to him, suspiciously. [+blue "Please don't tell me you did something stupid, Brandon"] Parker said quietly, [+blue "You are such an idiot, you know that kid will kill you."]. [i "What, I'm not scared of anyone."] Brandon responded, quietly as well.
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Savannah walked back into Noah’s room, ready to shut the door behind her. She glared when she seen Brandon walking into the bedroom. [b “What are you doing?”] she asked through partially gritted teeth. [i “Noah will be back any minute, just stay calm.] she thought to herself as she shivered when Brandon’s hands raked up her waist.

[b “I don’t want you.”] she said. [b “I need you to let go off me and get the hell out of this bedroom.”] She moved her head as she realize she was going to try to kiss her. [b “Stop.”] She whispered.

She looked at Brandon when she heard Noah’s voice. She jumped when Brandon knocked over her glass of orange juice. She just stared as he wiped it up with her towel she had used last night.

She didn’t move as Brandon finished and then walked out if the room. She looked at Noah and smiled softly. [b “Good Morning baby.”] she said. She took a sip of the iced coffee and smiled. [b “Thank you.”] she sat down on the bed and looked up at him. [b “I don’t think I would call it bonding.”]
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Parker looked up from the TV to look at Savannah from his room. [+blue "He went out to get coffee or something. He'll be back soon."] he smiled and looked back toward the TV. Parker was a nice guy and had been friends with Brandon since they were kids. Brandon was not like Parker, his motto in life was 'Let nothing get in your way of what you want'. He was newly single, and Savannah was hot. He was not gonna let some guy like Noah get in his way. No way.

Brandon followed Savannah back into Noah's room, shutting the door and standing in front of it. [i "Wow, you are beautiful."] he smiled sleazily at the girl. He walked up to her, pushing hair behind her ear. [i "You know, I won't tell Noah if you know."] he winked at her. He grabbed her waist tight, making sure she wouldn't be able to get away from him. [i "C'mon baby..."] he said, attempting to pull her in for a kiss.

Noah opened the door to the apartment. [b "Hello! I'm back!"] he called out. He handed Parker the coffee he wanted, heading over to his room to wake up Savannah if she wasn't awake. Brandon heard Noah, letting Savannah go. [i "Don't say anything!"] Brandon said, softly and sharply. Brandon knocked down Savannah's juice glass, and started wiping it up. As Noah opened the door, he looked toward the two in his room with the door closed. [b "Uh, what's going on?"] Noah asked.

[i "Oh! Savannah spilled her juice, I was just helping her clean it up."] Brandon smiled at Noah, standing back up. [i "Thanks for the coffee, see ya."] he left Noah's room, leaving the couple alone. [b "Morning babe. I got you a coffee! And, I got you a cake pop too! I know you like some sweets."] he smiled, pressing a kiss to her forehead. [b "So, you and Brandon are bonding now, huh?"] he asked, sipping his iced coffee he held in his hand.
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