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[b "I'll tell you later."] Noah had replied, keeping his eyes on Clay.


The couple headed back to the apartment, wrapped his arm back around his girlfriend. [b "You know we're gonna kick Clay's team's ass, right?"] he teased. [b "Oh, and I'm sorry. My anger problem's have been on the rise again. I didn't like how Clay was looking at you, but that's me being jealous again. I'm sorry, I'm not going to ruin our weekend together. But your friends seem nice. Emily's a hugger, huh?"] he replied, all of her friends he liked - except Clay.

The two made their way into Savannah's room, and Noah couldn't wait to be alone with her. Noah closed the door as soon as they were in her room, picking the girl up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He pressed his lips to hers, placing her onto her bed. [b "God, I have missed you so much. I'm sorry I wasn't super affectionate while we were out. I didn't want to off-put your friends, we have a tendency to go overboard."] he laughed, as he was already on top of her after being alone for only a few minutes.
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[b “I play centerfield but I fill in with pitching. One of our guys broke his hand over the summer.”] he told Noah. He couldn’t help but smirk. He couldn’t wait for the game against Stanford. Southern California was going to kick their ass.

He listened as Savannah explained that she was supposed to go to Columbia. He hadn’t know that. He guessed in a way he owed Noah. He wouldn’t have ever met his dream girl if it wasn’t for him. Even though he seemed to be into her as well. Savannah was bound to be his own girlfriend.

Savannah couldn’t help but grin as Noah told her friends he was still going to make sure she made it to Columbia. [b “I told you, I didn’t want to be across the country while everyone else was on the west coast.”] Emily was the only one who knew that story. [i “I think that is amazing. That’s really thoughtful Noah. I know Columbia means a lot to Sav.”]

[i “We have an early practice tomorrow so I’m gonna head home after this.”] Clay said as he watched Savannah. He wanted to invite her over. [i “I’m heading home early tonight to gear up for this drunken weekend we’re going to have.”] Emily said, she definitely had her eyes on Noah.

[b “Yeahhhh. I had early classes this morning so I think it would be a good idea if we do a chill night too. You haven’t partied with these guys yet, they might be a little worse than Tanner.”] Savannah said. She jumped slightly as she felt Noah’s had squeezing hers even tighter. [b “What’s up?”] she whispered as the pizza came out.

After everyone had ate and said their goodbyes, which included an awkward hug from Clay; and Emily hugging Noah a little too long, they headed back across campus to her apartment.
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Noah nodded, surprised Savannah never told her that her friends played baseball too. [b "Oh, nice. I guess we will see more of each other. What do you play, I'm the first baseman. My best friend plays third now, but he's trying to get into pitching."] he spoke. He thought about mentioning that his team would crush them, but he left that out for now. Savannah did say that Clay and he were similar, which he could see why. They both played baseball, which was most of Noah's life anyway.

Savannah must haven't really brought him up, as they all seemed to be shocked that she brought a guy with her. [b "Yeah, I think I influenced her decision a little bit over the summer. She is still going to Columbia, I'll take her if I have to. It's her dream."] he smiled. He didn't want Savannah to miss her chance at Columbia for anything, it was her dream. If he needed to move to New York after college to make sure she went, he would. She sacrificed her dream for him, so he would give her her dream too.

[b "So, are there any plans for tonight? Going out, staying in?"] Noah asked. He made sure not to direct the question at one person, but more to the group. In the end, though, his eyes landed on Savannah. She was always so beautiful, but he also saw Clay staring at Savannah. He gripped her hand tight under the table. Noah had mentioned it to Savannah, but his anger problems had been coming back more than before after he found out about Brandon harassing his girlfriend. Clay looking at Savannah the way he was, made him start to become even more protective and even a bit angry.

Noah had been in plenty of fights and really had no problem hitting someone if they hurt Savannah in any way. But wandering eyes made him angry as well, but clearly not as much.
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Clay watched as Noah and Savannah sat in the booth. He was slightly confused as to why Savannah had bought a guy friend with her, as he was planning on finally making a move tonight. He rolled his eyes and shook that thought out of his head. Another day. He couldn’t help but watch Noah though.

[b “Uhh, yeah. I play baseball for Southern California.”] he told Noah after he had initiated conversation. [b “Ross is the teams student manager. He’s pre-Med too.”] he explained. [b “So you play for Stanford? I guess that means we’ll be seeing more of each other.”]

Savannah and Emily engaged in small talk until she asked how they had met. Which was weird to her, she was sure that she had told this story before. She nodded along to Noah’s answer, grinning when she felt him take her hand under the booth. [b “We grew up together pretty much, we were in the same friend group all through middle and high school. He definitely knows me better than anyone.”] she agreed [b “I was actually supposed to go to Columbia, but a few people from our group were going to schools in California and Texas, and I didn’t want to be the lone wolf.”]
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[b "Yeah, well, wait 'till you see me in my new uniform."] Noah smirked.

Noah took a seat in the booth next to Savannah, looking around at her friends. He didn't want to be all over Savannah around her new friends, worried about it being offputting to them. Of course, the longer he spent around them, the more he would show his affection toward his beautiful girlfriend.

Noah turned toward Ross and Clay, who had both been eyeing him since he sat down. He now was nervous, he wanted to make a good impression, as he wanted them to like him as well. As her boyfriend, you never want your girlfriend's friends to not like you. [b "You guys into sports? I play baseball for Standford right now."] he asked, trying to see if he could find any similarities besides Savannah.

As he heard Emily and Savannah talk about the two of them meeting, he was confused. Maybe she didn't talk about him, or maybe never used his name. He turned toward Emily, taking Savannah's hand under the table and squeezed his hand. [b "Oh, we've known each other forever."] he responded. [b "I know more about this lady than anyone else does, maybe even her family."] he laughed, squeezing her hand again.
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[b “Wellll. All those guys from East were shit talking while they were LOOSING the game.”] she said [b “They wouldn’t shut up. And you did look realllyyy good in that uniform.”] she said honestly. [b “I guess it works out because I will be rooting for YOU and your team. I expect a tee shirt. We should see if Megan can come to that game! We can get the group back together. I miss her and Tanner.”]

When they walked over to the booth, Savannah quickly introduced her friends after Noah had introduced himself. [b “That’s Jo, Brooke, Emily, Ross and Clay.”] she said pointing to everyone. She smiled softly as she felt Noah’s hand wrap around her shoulder, was he not into PDA anymore? She thought to herself. [i “Hes coming with us to Santa Monica tomorrow. I’ve never been, so I’m really excited.”] she said, trying to start a conversation after Emily said they had ordered pepperoni and Hawaiian pizza.

[i “So. How did you and Noah meet?”] Emily asked. She wasn’t aware that the two were a couple. She just thought they had met in California, which was a little weird considering their schools were hours apart.

[this is awfulll]
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[b "I'd expect nothing less from you babe. All the guys on my high school team knew you as the girl who would scream after every play I did. And we weren't even dating yet."] Noah laughed as the two continued to walk through her campus. [b "I haven't gotten a final schedule, but we have a 'TBD Schedule'. We do play you guys, but not for a while. Also, I will crush your team. Sorry, but we will."] he smirked toward her, running his hand through his hair.

As the entered the Pizza Pub, he smiled as she opened the door for him. [b "Thank you, love."] he smiled. He looked over to where Savannah waved, turning back to her. [b "Oh, are those your friends? I'm so glad you found a group that you relate to. Seems like we both had good luck with finding a niche in school."]

As the two went over the booth, Noah smiled. He assumed they would understand that he was Savannah's boyfriend, so he decided to leave that out when introducing himself. [b "Hello guys. I'm Noah, I'm here for the next few days visiting Savannah."] he smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulders in a friendly way. He ran his hand through his hair, flashing his smile toward her group, taking each of them in.
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[b “I can’t either! I’m gonna be that crazy girlfriend screaming in the stands... I hope you know that.”] she said. [b “Have you gotten the home game schedule yet? Are you playing Southern California? I’ll definitely have to come to that game! I can bring Emily and Clay!”] she said as they walked around Campus.

[b “That’s awesome! I know he had mention pitching when I visited before school started. He tried to drag me out at 6am to bat for him, remember.”] she said. [b “I’m really glad you get along with the team.”] She had been worried since the incidents with Brandon. She was afraid that it was going to put a damper on his season, but the way he had been taking about the season, Brandon wasn’t really an issue anymore. Of course she hadn’t stayed in his Dorms since before classes started.

[b “We try and go out. Just to relax and kind of let loose, but it doesn’t always work. Emily and I will watch old reruns of the Bachelorette and drink wine a lot, and then the Clay and the groups comes over for movie night too.”] she explained. [b “Oh we’re here!”] she said when she seen the pizza pub. She had gotten lost in conversation and hadn’t realized how long they had been actually walking. She opened the door and held it open. [b “After you my love.”] she quickly waved as she seen Emily’s head pop up out of a booth.
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Savannah had never mentioned a guy before. He knew he shouldn't be jealous, but he couldn't help but feel protective over Savannah. Even before they dated he felt protective over her. [b "I can't wait."] he smiled, lying just a little bit. He knew she would have more than one friend who was a guy, and he will be as he always is. Protective.

[b "Ugh, I could say the same thing about you, babe. I've been playing so much baseball I've toned up a lot. I can't wait for you to come out for our first game."] Noah smiled. He took her hand and followed her over to the campus. He started showing her around, laughing at her comments on buildings and all. [b "Oh, Tyler is doing a pitching training. He wants to get more into pitching so the coach was able to set him up with some training. And he'll probably go out with the boys, ya know. Usually, the whole team will go out one day of the weekend, to a bar or something. It's a good time."] he smiled. He loved having the team behind him, always having his back.

[b "Do all you pre-meds get together and do something fun. I mean, besides studying?"] Noah teased, knowing she was always studying. He thought about Savannah studying late with that male, Clay. She'd have to get more info on him later.
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She squealed as she all but tackled him down on her bed when he held onto her waist. [b “I know we only live like five hours away from each other, but I just cannot believe that you’re actually here!”] She giggled when she felt him nip lightly at her collarbone. [b “Heyyy mister. Lips to yourself or we’ll never get out of this room.”] she sat up and grinned as she listened to him list off what this weekend was going to be about. [b “Okay definitely like as sooon as we come home tonight, you’re all mine.”] she said as she placed kisses along his jaw. [b “Butttt. We’ll go walk around campus and go to the pub, Tomorrow I think the group is going to Santa Monica and hanging out on the pier, WE HAVE TO GO. Sunday we should go to Hollywood! But You’re going to love Emily, she’s like me just a brunette. And Clay! I swear he reminds me so much of you.”]

She sat on her bed and all put drooled as he changed in front of her. [b “Is it possible that you’ve gotten even more gorgeous since the last time I seen you?”] she asked. She grabbed her purse and slung it on her shoulder and took Noah’s hand before leading him out of her apartment. She lived across the street from Campus, so they would walk tonight. [b “What was Tyler going to do this weekend?”] she asked. [b “So that is where most of my classes are, aka the building of tears.”]

[ outfit]
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Noah was so happy his surprise worked. He hated lying to Savannah, but he tried his best to keep this secret. He entered her room, allowing her to complete her homework before she turned toward him. He smiled, pulling the girl against him, holding tight onto her waist. [b "I've missed you so much, my love."] he smiled. He pressed his lips to hers, allowing his lips to trail down her neck, nipping lightly on her collarbone. [b "This weekend is all about you. Whatever you want to do, whoever you want to have me meet. I'll take you out, spoil you, pleasure you. Everything is all about you."] he spoke, whispering this into her ears as he pressed kisses to her neck and cheeks and lips.

[b "I'd love to meet her. I want to meet all your fancy pre-med friends."] Noah teased, adjusting his glasses onto his nose. [b "Let me just change, I drove 4 hours here."] he said. He took off the t-shirt he was wearing, his shirtless body becoming more chiseled from constant baseball practice. He pulled on a black t-shirt, throwing a zipper sweatshirt overtop. He turned toward his girlfriend, so happy and blessed to be her boyfriend. [b "Okay, where are we off to first, love."] he smiled, pressing a kiss to her temple.
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Savannah Didn’t have time to register that Noah was physically in front of her before he scooped her into a hug and lifted her off the ground. [b “Oh my gosh! I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow!”] she squealed as she wrapped her arms around him and returned the hug. [b “This is the best surprise yet!”] She grinned as he held out the bouquet of roses and sunflowers. [b “You’re the best.”]

After they were back inside her apartment, she still couldn’t believe they had an extra night together. She grinned at his enthusiasm. This was the first time Noah had visited her Campus, so she definitely had to take him out and show him all the things. [b “Okay! Yes. Let me submit my homework and then we can go walk around Campus? There is a Pizza Pub that is the BEST!”] she said as she ushered him to follow her into her room. [b “My roommate Emily is actually already out for the weekend. She likes to party. Maybe we’ll run into her and you can meet her! She’s Pre-Med like me.”] she explained as she quickly pushed a few keys on her computer. [b “Done.”] she turned around in her chair and just looked at him. [b “I still can’t believe you can’t down a day early. This has just made my week.”]
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Noah waited at the door, holding a bouquet of sunflowers and roses, his bag set down next to him. He was bouncing on his feet, more excited than anything to see Savannah again. The last few days their conversations had been cut short due to all the work the two had been working on, so having a couple of days together would mean so much to the two of them. Tanner had been talking about Megan coming down soon, so he also hoped he could get Savannah to come down the same time and get the whole gang together to celebrate their engagement.

When he saw the handle move, his heart beat faster. As the door opened and he saw his beautiful girlfriend, he smiled. [b "Surprise baby!"] he spoke, scooping her up in his arms in a hug. He picked her up slightly off the ground, wrapping his arms around her. He placed her feet back to the ground, pressing a kiss to her lips quickly. [b "I missed you so much. These are for you."] he smiled, handing her the bouquet in his hands. He went back to the door, grabbing his duffle that he packed for the next couple of days. [b "So, show me around! I want to see everything!"] he smiled.
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Saying Goodbye to Noah two days later was harder than she thought it would be. Granted, she was just going to be four hours away from him. It was still going to be difficult. They were both going to be busy with classes and Noah had baseball.

After College had officaliy started, she quickly got herself into a routine. Classes, study group, more classes and more studying. With a facetime call with Noah thrown into the mixutre if it was fisable for both of them. She had made friends that were on the Pre-Med track as well, which was something that she had worried about at first. Her roomate, Emily was also pre-med which helped because they were in a lot of the same classes. Emily had introduced her to Clay, pre-med who wanted to focus on Sports Mediciene. They had become fast good friends, as he somewhat reminded her of Noah in a way. They both had that same funny personality.

It was now September and Noah was coming down to spend Labor Day weekend with her! She had classes that Friday, but she wasn't expecting him until Saturday morning so it worked out. After she had finished with classes she headed back to her apartment to get a head start on her homework/studying. She looked down after she seen Noah's name pop up on phone. After opening the text she grinned as she headed into the living room to the front door. Noah was all the time sending her flowers and candy.
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The trio had a great time all night. Tanner did end up singing Single Ladies, which he believed was his best performance. They went back to the room, Savannah and Noah had an intimate night as they had not too many nights left, and soon, it was time for her to leave. As much as Noah wanted to follow her the four hours, he knew it wasn't good for either of them. He was going to visit her in a few weeks, and they knew they would speak in their time away. Noah pressed a final kiss to Savannah's lips, [b "Drive safe. I love you."]
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The weeks between their meetings dragged on. It was class, practice, a phone call or video call with Savannah if possible, and bed; repeating every day. It was boring, uneventful, and a lot of avoiding Brandon because he still wanted to break his nose for even looking in Savannah's direction. It was too long, and now, it was time to visit Savannah for a long weekend. Monday was a holiday, and he was heading down Friday night as a surprise and would be staying until Monday night.
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Noah drove for hours, making sure that Savannah wasn't expecting he would show up early. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend by being early. He showed up at her apartment, knocking on the door. He sent her a text, [+blue Hi baby. I sent a surprise outside your door, go see what it is (;].
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