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She glance up when she felt Clay standing behind her, pressed up against her. She shivered slightly as she adjusted her shirt. She sighed softly as she heard Noah speak to Clay. [b "Yeah.. Thanks Clay, but I've played this game a thousand times with Noah back in Tennessee before."] she said. [b "So.. If you wouldn't mind.."] she said as she gently pushed him back.

[b "HEY!"] she said as she jumped off the bench after seeing Clay walk up to Noah. [b I don't know what your damn issue is, but you need to tone all of this down a few notches."] She looked at Noah, her eyes begging him to back up, to fight his anger. She sighed softly as she seen him mouth his apology before he walked turned around and walked away. She went to follow up, but quickly realized that Emily had already beat her to that.

Savannah was beyond furious as she sat down on the bench again. She looked up as the sound of the game started. What else was she going to do? She took the water gun in her hands. Of course, she lost. She wasn't with it. She looked at Clay after he handed her the stuffed penguin. [b "Thanks but no thanks."] she said.

She turned at she heard Noah's voice. [b "Noah. I was going to give it back to him.."] she said softly as she placed a hand on his chest. She dropped the plushie and looked at everyone else. [b "I think we're going to call this early. Emily, you can ride back with Clay and Ross. I need to talk to Noah."] she said as looked back to Noah. [b "Can we go?"]
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Noah was pissed. Clay was all over Savannah, and clearly was looking down her shirt. [b "Hey, Clay! Savannah's actually [i really] good at this game. So, if you know what's good for you, I'd get off of her. She's actually very capable in playing this game ALONE."] Noah spoke harshly, narrowing his eyes towards Clay. He made a promise to himself he wouldn't hit anyone, but he could kill with words. He didn't hear any of the words Clay whispered to her, as he wasn't in the line of sight.

Clay took a look at Noah, scoffing. [#116da6 "Yeah, what are you going to do about it?"] Clay said, walking over to Noah. Noah, knowing he'd hit Clay if he got too close to him, he got up and walked away. He turned to Savannah, [b 'I'm sorry'] he mouthed as he walked away from the game. He knew that if he stayed he'd hit him.

As Noah left, Emily followed after him. [i "Don't worry about it! I'll go and get him!"] Emily smiled, running after Noah. Noah really wanted a cigarette. He had picked up smoking from his high school days and had been off them for a little while now, but later picked them back up due to stress. But right now, his stress was at a breaking point. He didn't have any on him, maybe he could pick some up soon to have on stand-by. He'd have to mention to Savannah he'd been smoking again when he was stressed.

Emily practically jumped onto Noah's back, he surprised at her. [b "Hey Emily. I kinda want to be alone right now, I'll be right back."] he spoke, and as he walked away, she grabbed his wrist. [i "Oh, everyone always says that but they really don't want to be alone. C'Mon, we can ride a ride or something."] she smiled.

Emily pulled him onto the Ferris wheel, Noah uninterested completely. [b "Emily, this is nice. But I'd rather be back on the ground with Savannah, Ross and Clay."] he spoke, wanting to keep an eye on Clay mostly. Emily slid into the seat next to him, smiling a large smile at him. Noah laughed nervously, [b "What are you doing?"]. Emily coughed lightly, [i "Oh, uh, I just, uh..."] Emily started but was cut off by Noah calling the Ferris wheel operator to stop the ride for them to get off. The two of them waled back toward the game, Emily mad she missed her shot.

As the other two were on the Ferris Wheel, Clay and Ross had taken the other two seats at the game. Clay whispered to Ross to let him win so he could give the prize to Savannah. Clay also winked toward the operator, motioning toward Savannah. The operator turned on a slower speed the water on Savannah's gun, so she'd be unable to win. The game went through, Clay obviously winning due to his cheating. He won the big penguin, handing it to Savannah. [#116da6 "Here, this is for you."] he handed the stuffed penguin to her.

As Noah came back, he saw Clay giving Savannah the plushie. Noah walked behind Savannah, [b "Wow, Clay, that's [i SO] nice of you. Winning Savannah a stuffed animal"] he said through clenched teeth, balling his hands into fists.
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Savannah didn’t know what to think when Clay reached over and touched her leg. [b “Uh. I’m fine.”] she said. [b “I guess it wasn’t a good idea to chug the slushee and then get on a ride.”] She didn’t even look down at Noah. She knew he had probably seen, and his blood was probably boiling at this point.

After the ride, she all but jumped off. Soon she felt a hand on her back and she was being pulled. [b “Noah.”] she looked back and realized their group was still hanging back beside the rides. [b “I don’t know.”] she admitted. [b “Clay has never really acted like this before, and yes. Emily is a tad bit on the slutty side, but she’s nice and she’s a really great study parent. But it’s pissing me off too. We’ve literally been pulled apart this entire day.”] she told him. [b “I just wanted a fun filled day with my boyfriend and friends, and it’s like it’s been the exact opposite.”]

She sighed when Clay yelled at them to head to the gaming area of the pier. [b “I think after the games we should just go back to my apartment and lock ourselves in my bedroom. I don’t feel the best anyway.”]

Savannah listened to Emily call for Noah to help her. [b “Shaky hands and she wants to be a plastic surgeon everybody.”] she mumbled. She sat down a stool in front of the water game and just smiled softly. This was her and Noah’s favorite game at the county fair back home. They would always get so competitive with one another.

Clay watched as Savannah sat down and he knew his time to shine was now. [b “Hey! I can help you. I bet they didn’t have these games back in Tennessee.”] he said as he came up and stood between her, his legs and waist resting against her back. [b “So you like the squirter up with that little circle.”] he said. He couldn’t help but glance down, as she had all but given him the BEST view of her chest. [b “You know.. When we all go back to your apartment. There’s something I would really like to talk to you about.. Do you think we could get a few private moments?”]
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Noah still got butterflies when Savannah mouthed she loved him. Still hearing those words sent him over the moon, even though they had been saying it since they were teens. But when they were teens, it was more in a friend-way than a relationship love. But he stilled loved to hear it.

As the ride started, Noah pressed his body back against the back of the ride, making sure to push against either Clay or Emily. He couldn't really move his body, but he still attempted to look over at Sav. That's when he saw Clay put his hand on Savannah's leg. [i What. the. fuck.] What did he think he was doing? What right did he have to touch her?

Then Emily called to him, talking to him about being a good girl. He was so confused, what the fuck was happening. Was he on a tv show, or being punked? As the ride ended, he got up, went straight to Savannah, and placed his hand on her lower back, pushing her far in front of the group. He had to talk to her, something was going on.

[b "Savannah, pardon my french, but what the fuck is going on? I saw Clay touch you, I will kill him. Also, Emily is talking about being a good girl, and let me do whatever I tell her?"] He spoke. [b "I'm sorry. I must be overreacting or something. Sorry, I should calm down."] he smiled. He was about to give her a kiss when he heard Clay yell over to Savannah. [#116da6 "Hey! Let's go play some games, yeah? The lines for the rides are really long, let's let them die down!"] he yelled over, smiling. Clay just wanted to win Savannah a stuffed animal, showing her he cared. While Emily prayed Noah would win her a stuffed animal, maybe she could work on a team with him or something.

[b "How does some games sound, babe?"] Noah asked, and the two of them walked over to the group.

Ross knew Clay's plan, he had told him this all night long, as they were roommates. [+blue "Hey Clay, don't you think you're laying it on thick? This Noah guy seems kinda tough. Maybe he and Sav are -"] [#116da6 "Shut it, that girl will be mine."] he replied, turning on his smile when Sav joined them. Ross sighed, knowing Clay would never listen.

[i "Oh Em Gee! Noah, can you help me with this game? I have such shaky hands."] Emily called, sitting down at a water spraying game. This was the game where they had giant penguins as prizes. Noah sat next to Emily, adjusting her hands, making sure they didn't linger. [b "Okay, you should be all set."] he said, wanting to play to try and win as well. Emily pouted when Noah didn't help her the whole game, but she still got the attention she wanted from him.
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Savannah looked at Noah as she knew he would quickly get the slushee for her, she blinked and it seemed as if Clay was running off to get it instead. She sent a soft smile Noah’s way, and let her hand brush his arm softly. She had this no PDA thing.

[b “Thanks Clay! You didn’t have to thiugh.”] she said as she took the insanely large cup in her hand. She couldn’t help but giggle as he bowed to her feet. [b “I’ll definitely keep that in mind!”] She froze for a moment when she realized Emily had taken ahold of Noah’s hand and was literally pulling him toward the rides. [i “What the actual fuck.”] she thought. She wasn’t so sure of the idea about everyone coming to her apartment tonight. It seemed like she was going to have to set boundaries with Emily regarding Noah.

Of course she didn’t get to sit beside Noah on the ride. She was smudged between the end and Clay. [b “This is gonna be so fun.”] she said through clenched teeth. She looked at Noah and smiled softly when she realized what he had mouthed to her. [b “I love you.”]

Clay was beyond excited. He had Savannah right where he needed her. The ride started and they began spinning. He looked over at Savannah who had her head pressed back against the ride. [b “Are you okay babycakes?”] he asked as he rested a hand on her upper leg.

[b “You should totes give me cooking lessons tonight. I can be a really good girl.., I’ll do WHATEVER you tell me.”] Emily whispered to Noah.
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Noah laughed as Emily almost knocked him over, very excited about the rides. He was about to answer when Savannah but in between the two. He smiled down to Savannah, [b "Me too. That's my favorite."] he smiled. The group made their way down the pier, different games dotted the sidewalk as they walked, Noah remembering one, in particular, he would come back and win for Savannah. There was a penguin stuffed animal that would fit along with the theme that she would adore.

Noah was cooly about to buy Sav her slushie, when Clay, out of nowhere, butted in. [b “I got it for you, Sav! I meet you at the rides.”]. Noah wanted to hit him right there, why did he want to buy Savannah anything, she was HIS girlfriend, they all knew, didn't they?

Clay watched as Noah looked like he would kill him, but he didn't care one bit. Noah wouldn't hit his friend's new friend, that would make him look pretty bad. Also, Clay assumed he could take on Noah if he tried. He ordered Savannah the biggest blue slushie he could, trying to make a good impression. Start winning her over, the sooner the better. He brought the vibrant colored drink over to her, handing it down to her. [#116da6 "Here you are, m'lady."] he teased, bowing a little as he handed the drink to her. He looked over at Noah with just his eyes, smiling as he watched him seething. [#116da6 "Just let me know if you want anything, I got you."] he smiled toward Savannah, laughing at Noah in his head.

Noah was say the least. Why was Clay flirting with his girl? Noah had hit many boys who tried to flirt with Savannah, and he would do it again. But, he told Sav he'd be cool. He wanted to be nice as well, so he let it go. As Sav took the drink, Emily took Noah's hand, [i "C'mon! The tilty ride is this way!"] she said, pulling Noah behind her, a death grip on his hand. He almost fell over with the sheer strength of her tugging. The rest of the group following along.

As the got to the ride, they were able to be let on immediately. Emily squeezed her way to be next to Noah, Clay went next to Noah on the other side, so Savannah would have to be next to him, as Ross took Emily's other side. Noah looked over to Savannah, wondering why they were constantly being pulled apart. Maybe the friends just wanted to get to know Noah separately, or they didn't want the couple to be all over each other. He smiled toward Sav and held on to the bars. [b 'You're beautiful'] Noah mouthed toward Savannah, sending a wink before Emily tapped his shoulder before the ride started. [i "So, what's your, like, biggest turn on?"] she asked.

Noah shot a confused look at her, [b "Uh, I guess being a kind and genuine person. And being goal-driven. I think that's why I l-"] [i "Oh, yeah! I am so goal-driven! And like, really kind. I help out at animal shelters sometimes."] Emily interrupted him, nodding and smiling at him.
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After their aquarium tour, which went longer than they had planned for since they wanted to walk back on a few different parts to see again, the sun was beginning to set so they were going to head to the end of the pier that overlooked the water so they could rides all the rides and play the games. [b “Did you guys see the penguin named Frank? Wasn’t he just the cutest thing ever!”] she said as she slipped her sunglasses over her eyes.

Emily laughed as she walked out and playfully jumped against Noah. [b “I’m excited for the rides, aren’t you?!”] she asked.

Savannah was honestly getting annoyed with Emily being ALL over Noah ALL the time. She didn’t know what that was about; Emily knew that they were dating, right? She had to know. She forced a smoked as she pushed herself between Noah and Emily. [b “I’m just SO excited for the tilt a world.”] she all but spit out.

She was partially regretting coming with the group now. It had been fun, but this would’ve been the best day date if it had just been her and Noah. And now everyone was coming to her apartment after their outing at the Pier. [b “How about we go get a slushee? I would kill for a blue one.”]

Clay perked when he heard Savannah’s comment about a slushee. The girl definitely liked her sweets. [b “I got it for you, Sav! I meet you at the rides.”] he said before he disappeared.
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Noah smiled as he listened to different friends explain themselves. But he got a bit hung up on Emily, who seemed to be clearly super affectionate, especially towards Noah. He smiled, he suggested he cook and they could all have drinks tonight. Noah didn't want to decline, even if he did want to spend more alone time with Savanah. [b "Yeah, that sounds really fun."] he smiled.

Clay rolled his eyes almost every time Noah spoke. He could make small moves all night, and hopefully, be able to kiss Savannah tonight. He had been flirting since he met her, and she didn't seem to discourage or encourage it.

Emily clapped her hands. [i "Yay! I love to cook too, so I'll be your second in command."] she said, squeezing his shoulder, feeling his tense muscle as well. [i "Oh, you seem tense. You'll have to let me give you a massage later, people rave about my massages."] Emily spoke. Clay chimed in, trying to push Noah and Emily closer; [#116da6 "Oh yeah. She has given me one after a game and they are life-changing."] Clay responded. [b "Oh, I don't know. We'll see."] he responded, moving slightly away from her, letting her arms drop lightly.


As they started their walking tour, they all ended up splitting up to look at different things, but meet up when moving into different sections. When Noah went over to watch the sea turtles, he felt someone brush up against his arm. He looked down, expecting to see Savannah, but it was Emily. [b "Oh hey. Yeah, I like a sea turtle."]. Emily just loved taking in the male's features, as he was chiseled and handsome. [i "Huh? Oh yeah, me too."] she smiled, placing her hand on his arm. Noah let out a small awkward laugh, Emily definitely loved to connect with people, specifically with touch.
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Savannah smiled softly as she realized that Noah was actually trying with Clay and Ross. It made her heart happy; they would hopefully be her friend group all through her General college education and it was important to her that they all got along.

She listened as Noah opened up an tried to get to know them. [b “I can definitely tell you that his Mac and cheese is orgasmic.”] she said quickly.

Clay looked at Noah and simply rolled his eyes. [b “Obviously I go to Southern California. I’m a Pre-Med, with a focus on Sports Medicine. After Med School, I plan to go work for the MLB. I love to workout.”] he said. He really didn’t pay attention when Ross spoke, he was too busy looking at Savannah through his sunglasses.

[b “My turn!”] Emily squealed as she heard Ross finish. [b “I’m Pre-Med, but I’ll probably go into Plastic Surgery. I’m from Montana. And I would LOVE to try this orgasmic Mac and cheese... “] she said as she placed a hand on Noahs arm. [b Tonight! Everyone should come over for drinks and Noah can cook!”] Savannah looked at Emily and simply rolled her eyes as she seen her rubbing Noah’s arm.

Clay grinned as he heard Emily’s idea. If Emily could get Noah alone in the kitchen, he could corner Savannah and finally make his move. [b “I think that’s a great idea! ... It would give us all more chances to get to know each other.”]

After their beach picnic they headed to the aquarium. [b “So from what I read online, part of this is walk through and then they have little double seats that go through the other side!”] she said. [b “I cannot wait to see the penguins!”]
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As the group got together, Savannah seemed to take charge. [b "Sounds good to me."] Noah responded. The group took off toward the pier, staying together as the went to grab food. The found a small spot where they could grab lunch at a window before sitting at a picnic bench. Noah was excited, to say the least, to have to make conversation with Clay and Ross, but he would do it for Savannah.

[b "So, we should definitely get to know each other a little bit. I mean, you all are so well acquainted, but I want to get to know you all a little bit more."] Noah said, holding his ticket for his food. They called your number from a small window when your order was ready. [i "Oh, I'll start. As you guys know, I go to Standford, I'm a political science major. I live and breathe baseball. That's all about me. Oh wait, I also love to cook. And Savannah can attest that my food is amazing."] he smirked toward her.

Clay rolled his eyes. Noah was clearly trying to make himself look good in front of everyone. Why did Savannah have some guy come down, weren't they good enough for her? Clay didn't like how close the two had been, they had years and years of friendship, but he knew Savannah and he was perfect together. Maybe he could get Emily to get Noah away from her, and he could finally make a move.

Emily had her head resting on her hand as she watched Noah. [i Wow, he's perfect.] she thought. She was so happy Savannah brought this very handsome and kind boy down, she would definitely take her shot while he was around. She even saw him get out of the shower today, she didn't want to pass up having that body on top of her.
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Savannah was not a morning person. Noah knee this, Emily knee this. Everyone knew this. She wasn’t sure why Emily suggested they meet at the Pier at eleven, when it was an hour drive with traffic. Hell, getting up at Ten was early to her. Emily ended up riding with them, as it was kind of senseless to make her drive herself. [b “Man I didn’t remember how I much I hated driving until now.”] She never drove when Noah was with her.

[b “I’m excited for the aquarium and the cute sunset selfies were gonna take.”] she said as she answered Noah’s question. [b “But being able to spend time with you definitely is the icing on the cake.”] She looked up as she seen Clay and Ross out of the corner of her eye. [b “Hey guys!”] she said. [b “How are you?”] Clay was definitely a hugger. [b “Oh.”] she said as she was held in his embrace longer than normal.

[b “Okayyy so our tour of the aquarium starts at noon. It lasts four hours, and then I figured we would go grab some food and then see all the other things?”] she asked as she looked at Noah. [b “We definitely have to ride the tilt a world and that spiny one!”]

[ outfit]
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Noah made sure he pleased Savannah with all he had. He wanted to make her feel good after being so far away. When they finished, they cuddled up together, both of them sharing the warmth of their bodies underneath the sheets. [b "I missed you too, babe."]

As Savannah asked her about Brandon, he sighed. [b "I mean, I think it definitely triggered something. I haven't wanted to hit anything until he tried to touch you. The guy hasn't even looked at me since that night, and I haven't looked at him. Tanner didn't even remember hitting him."] he laughed. [b "I'm okay baby. I promise. I'll call you if I think it's getting worse, but I have been able to handle it more than I did in high school."] he responded. Noah had one too many fights in high school, all of which Savannah, Megan, and/or Tanner had to break up. Someone just looking at him or his friends in a way he didn't like, and they would end up with a broken nose at least. Noah had to attend anger management and was given medicine to help him relax.

[b "Baby, I promise everything is okay. Really."] Noah smiled, pressing a kiss to her forehead before curling up with her. ["Let's get to bed, we have a long day tomorrow."] he smiled. Noah didn't know if he was going to be okay. Clay had given Savannah some looks he really wasn't okay with, and he had to keep himself calm. He couldn't hit anyone, but that didn't mean he wouldn't have a verbal outburst, which could be just as bad with him.

[center ~]

The next day, Noah let Savannah sleep as he woke up early. He pulled on his shirt from last night and his boxers, heading into her bathroom. He showered quickly, wrapping a towel around his waist to make his way back into Savannah's room. He caught a look of Emily, waving to her with a smile before closing the door to Savannah's room.

Noah changed quickly, pulling on a grey t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. He left his hair flop over, for now, let it dry before he styled it. [b "Hey Sav. It's morning, let's get ready"] he smiled, kissing her cheek to let her wake up.

[center ~]

Soon, they were all ready, waiting for the Ross and Clay to join them at the pier. [b "So, what are you girls most excited to do? I'm just happy I get to spend time with you all today."] Noah said, smiling a bit of a goofy grin. But his grin fell a bit when he saw Clay and Ross make their way over. Watching Clay hug Savannah hello made his blood boil, but he took a deep breath because giving his a handshake, taking his hand a little more firmly than he usually would, hoping it would hurt him a bit. He put on a forced smile, just ready to forget he was there all together.
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Savannah looked at Noah and nodded softly when he told her about the incident with the wall. [b “What made you so angry that you got that point? Noah, why didn’t you FaceTime me?”] she questioned. Granted, they were both SUPER busy with school and extracurriculars, but she would always make time Noah, whenever he needed her. [b “FaceTime me next time.. I might not be there to help you in person, but I believe I can still help.”]

Emily was definitely boy crazy. They had to have a talk within the first few weeks of her moving into Savannah’s apartment about all the extra “visitors” she had over. She didn’t want just any random guy knowing where they lived. [b “Of course. Emily is one of those people that let things go through one ear and out the other! I don’t think I’ve ever brought it up to Clay or Ross just because their guys and we don’t talk about relationship stuff, like I’ve definitely mentioned “Noah” but I’m sure they’ve seen our pictures and such..”] she said.

She grinned at him and nodded as she laid back against the pillows. [b “We are definitely a perfect match, baby.”] she said as she ran her fingers through his hair. She squealed as he pulled her down closer to him, she almost moaned when she felt his touch on her skin; she had missed this. [b “Ummm. I say we proceed with the pleasing.”]


After their intimate time, they were both cuddled up on her bed. [b “I missed you.”] she mumbled as she crocked her neck so she could look up at him. [b “Don’t get upset at me for asking this... but Do you think the anger issues came back after our incident with Brandon?”]
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Noah could help but smile at Savannah. She was worried, which he knew she would be. His anger problems got him in a lot of issues in school and she was worried she wouldn't be around to calm him down if he had an outburst. [b "I don't know when but I know I've been getting angrier easily and I may have punched a wall the other day. But I didn't make a hole, so it wasn't as hard as I have in the past."] he responded, knowing that he really wasn't making a good argument. He knew it started because of the whole Brandon thing, but he didn't want to worry Savannah. He just hoped he could control it as well as he thought he could.

Noah didn't think Emily was flirty, just friendly. Of course, she had told her friends he was her boyfriend, why wouldn't she? [b "You told your friends about me, right?"] he asked. He had told everyone he met at school immediately about Savannah, she was his favorite thing to talk about, right before baseball.

[b "Hey, you're lucky your boyfriend is so hot. And I have a smoking hot girlfriend too, so we must be a perfect match."] Noah smiled, pressing a kiss to her neck. [b "What do you want to do tonight? I'm 100% ready to please you right now, but I thought I should ask first."] he said, flashing his smile toward him before grabbing her hips, pulling her toward him. One of his hands slid down to her butt before he pressed a loving kiss to her lips.

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Savannah couldn’t help but laugh as she heard Noah’s statement about who was going to when the Stanford x Southern California baseball game. [b “Baby I have no doubt that Stanford will win. I just didn’t want to hurt Clays feelings by saying otherwise.”] she said. Clay was more tender hearted than he would ever let on, but she had gotten that from him.

She looked up at him when he mentioned his anger issues. [b “Are you okay?”] she quickly blurted. It was strange, part of her now worried that Noah’s anger issues had become more of an issue after the incident with Brandon. But she didn’t want to bring him up. [b “W-When did you notice it?”] She tucked her hand into his free one and rubbed across it with her thumb. [b “Why didn’t you mention it before? It’s fine, really. We’re going to have the best weekend yet.”]

She laughed as he brought up Emily. She didn’t know what was up with that. [b “Yeah, I don’t really know what that was about. Granted, she had a few drinks tonight.”] she told him [b “She was extra flirty with you though.. I know I’ve told her that you were my Boyfriend before, but maybe she forgot.”] Or maybe she had forgotten to tell Emily all together.

After they had gotten back to her apartment, Noah indeed wasted no time to get her into her bedroom. Not that she minded though, she was the one that told him he was all hers. She grinned as her legs wrapped around Noah’s waist and soon she felt the bed underneath her. [b “I missed you more.”] she said as she looked up at him. [b “You’re right. We do go overboard sometimes but it’s not helpful when you show up here looking so damn good.”] she said with a grin.
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