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Noah looked around them as they had gotten off the plane. Tennessee was so different than he remembered. He couldn't remember the last time he was cold, and right now, he could feel the chill in the air. But it reminded him of Christmas, and of home. He knew being home meant something else too, that Samantha only lived a few minutes from his home, and she would most likely be home for the holidays too. He hoped he would have nothing to do with her and that it would be a painless holiday season for all of them.

Noah followed Savannah to the truck, wrapping an arm around Savannah to keep her warm as well. They all had been adjusted to much warmer weather, so they all seemed to be shocked by the weather. [b "So, Savannah, would you drop me off at home? I just want to say hi to my parents and sister. They probably would love to say hi to everyone if you guys want to stop in a minute."] he smiled. He was planning on spending time with Savannah tonight, but he did want to say hello to his family.

When they arrived at Noah's house, it was decorated to the nine's with Christmas decorations. Christmas was big in the Davis' household. He entered his home with his friends, calling out to his parents. The first person who greeted him was a little sister, Olivia. She had just turned 18 and was going off to college next year. She ran into her brother's arms, and you could see the tears streaming down her face. Her brother was her best friend, and she hadn't seen him since he left. [+pink "Noah! I missed you so much. And you brought your friends! Hi everyone! Sorry, I'm such a mess."] she laughed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Noah's parents entered behind Olivia, greeting the group of college kids.

[+grey "So, what is your plan for the rest of the day, kids?"] Noah's father asked the group.
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Savannah grinned as Noah finally came and opened the door; she looked around and sighed in relief when she realized that his other roommates seemed to already be gone. [b “Hi my baby.”] she said as she was pulled into his arms. [b “I missed you so much.”] Things seemed to slow down whenever she was with Noah... Like she could breathe better when she was around him.

[b “Wait? Surprise? Christmas isn’t for like another eighteen days, Noah.”] she said. [b “Noah!”] She giggled as soon her eyes were covered and they had started walking. [b “What on earth is going on?”]

[b “MEGAN!”] she cried as she wrapped her arms around her best friend. [b “Oh I didn’t think we were going to meet you until we got to Dallas!”] she cried. [b “I missed you so much.”] She and Megan had to settle for FaceTime dates as they hadn’t been able to visit each other once classes started, of course Megan had came to Stanford’s game against Southern Cal, so they all got to see each other there. [i “I wanted to surprise you and Noah was all for it! Okay. I know that we have to get to the airport, but I need to ask you this first... Noah is Tanners best man, and you’ve literally been my best friend since we were three. There is no one else that I could imagine having standing up there with me on my wedding day... Sav, will you be my maid of honor?”]

[b “Oh my gosh. Megan, I promised myself that I wasn’t going to cry UNTIL your wedding.. Of course I’ll be your maid of honor. I would literally fight someone for that title”]

After much catching up and wedding talk on the plane, they had finally arrived back in Tennessee. She never realized how different California and Tennessee were until they went back home. [b “Dad said he left the truck in guest parking.”] she told the group as they walked out of the airport. [b “I can’t believe that we’re back home.”]
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Noah was almost done packing up his things. His other two roommates had already head home, so it was just him and Tanner. But Tanner had planned a surprise for Savannah, Megan had come down to help him move out. Noah had spent most of his time with Tanner and Megan, and Tanner had asked Noah about being his best man! He accepted and was so happy for his high school friends.

Noah heard a knock on the door and smiled. He knew Savannah was finally here, and they could show her their surprise. He opened the door, pulling the woman into his arms. [b "I missed you baby."] he smiled, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Once the semester got started, it was hard for the two to see each other. She had come to a couple of games, and that's more than he could have asked for. He was so happy she supported him like she always had. He didn't know what he'd do without her.

[b "Oh babe. I have a surprise."] Noah smiled, covering her eyes. He led her into his room where Megan had been hiding. [+purple "Surprise girl!"] Megan said, jumping into Savannah's arms. [b "She came down to help Tanner pack! So it worked out that you all got to meet now!"] he couldn't help but smiled.
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It was like she had blinked and it was now December. Finals week was almost over and she couldn’t wait. She was driving down to Stanford where she and Noah were flying home for the Holidays. She was so excited that they were just going to have almost an entire month at home with little to no responsibilities.

School had been a lot busier and harder than she had thought, so she had only been able to go to a handful of Noah’s baseball games. Of course their schools played one another, but Stanford had won, just like Noah had said. She and Clay were on better terms now.. he had apologized for speaking to her like he did that weekend that Noah had visited. Emily and Ross were now dating. They were inseparable. Ross was always at their apartment, not that she minded, he was good for her friend.

Megan had asked her to help with the wedding planning while they were all back home in Tennessee, which she agreed. They were now getting married in the summer, about six months away. They had a very short amount of time to get it planned and figured out, but Megan had told her she didn’t want to waste one more minute of her forever. Which made them both cry, she had been an emotional wreck the past few weeks, she didn’t know what was going on with her.

She hadn’t had a lot of time to shop for Christmas gifts, so she was going to have to do a lot of it when they got to Tennessee. Christmas was always her favorite time of the year though, gift giving was one of her favorite things.

[b “Knock, Knock!”] she said as she knocked on the front door of his shared dorm apartment. All her bags were already loaded up in her Jeep; she couldn’t wait to get back home and see their families.
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[i "Babe, if the school requires you guys to be around each other, it happens. I trust you so much, so I know you wouldn't do that to me."] Noah smiled. [i "I would never leave without telling you. And I left my hair gel in your room, I wouldn't leave without that either."] he teased, trying to lighten the mood.

As she spoke about he left his lighter, he bit his lip. He should have hidden it better, but he didn't want to hide things from her. [b "I've thought about it. I did talk to someone the school offers, but she seems to think I just 'get angry sometimes', and makes it less of a deal than it is. Maybe if I can go to someone and get an actual diagnosis, that might help with getting medication. I've been like this my whole life, so getting a reason would be nice. I'll start looking for someone once I get back."] he smiled. Pressing a kiss to her forehead, he couldn't help but smile at her.

[b "Well, I liked one of three friends. I think Emily and I will get along better now that she realizes that we're dating."] Noah laughed. [b "Maybe we should try and get her and Ross together. They did leave quite a while ago together. We could double date."] Noah laughed, trying to lighten their mood again. [i "Ross seemed like the only sane one, and he realized we were dating before we told them."] he said.

[b "I love you baby. Do you want me to still make mac and cheese for you? I did say I would make it, and we haven't had dinner yet?"] Noah smiled.
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Savannah couldn’t help but grin as Noah admitted that he had waited on her since they were little children. She watched as Clay stormed out and she felt as if she could finally breathe again. [b “I swear I will never speak to him again. I really thought you two would get along.... until tonight.”] she told him.

She snuggled into him after he had pulled her into his lap. She rested her head against his chest and smiled weakly as she listened to his heartbeat. [b “I was afraid that you weren’t going to come back... when you went outside. I was scared that you were going to go back to Stanford.”]

She looked up when he said that he had something to tell her. [b “You left a lighter out on my bedside table.. I guess you went outside to smoke last night when I was asleep?”] she asked. [b “It’s not the best habit to have. But.. If it helps.”] she said. [b “Though I definitely think we could find another habit that helps.. Have you thought about therapy? Or medication? When my mom died... it really helped Noah.. Ypu havent exactly had the easiest year and a half.”]
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Noah brushed Savannah's hair back as she spoke. [b "I know you would never do this on purpose."] he said, squeezing one of her hands lightly. He listened to Clay speak under his breath and his eyes shot over to him. [b "Oh please. I've been waiting for Savannah since I was a kid. Go find some other girl, she's mine."] Noah shot back at him.

Clay rolled his eyes, sighing. [+blue "Fine, whatever. I'm done. Bye."] Clay said, getting up and leaving the apartment. Noah waved smugly at Clay, pulling Savannah into his lap. He pressed a kiss to her lips, smiling. [b "Thank god he's gone."] he smiled.

[b "Hey Sav, I wanted to tell you something."] Noah said, taking a deep breath. [b "So, you know how I used to smoke in high school? Well...I've got back into it again. I know it's bad, but it's been helping regulate my anger issues since they resurfaced."] Noah said, rubbing the back of her neck, a bit embarrassed. He hated to disappoint her, and he knew she wouldn't be happy about it.
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[b “CLAY! Can you please either shut the fuck yo or GET OUT of my apartment!”] Savannah said.

Emily looked at Savannah and sighed softly before she looked at Ross. [b “I think we should let them talk... Ross. Want to take a walk?”] she asked as she stood up. She passed Noah in the Hallway and apologized once again.

Savannah looked up when she heard Noah’s voice. The sofa went down as Noah sat down beside her. [b “I’m sorry.”] she mumbled. She whimpered as she felt Noah kiss her forehead... even when he was upset with her, he was still trying to make her feel better. She heard Noah speaking to Clay and she just shook her head as she took one of Noah’s hands into hers. [b “Clay took it as I was flirting. I just thought I had found a study buddy, Noah.”] she said.

[b “Clay and I studied together, I wouldn’t necessarily call them [i study dates]. He came over when I would cook dinner and we studied. That’s all we ever did was study. We would all go out as a group, Emily, Ross, Clay and myself. Sometimes we would have other people from class tag along, but I never made a move on him, Noah. He got the wrong impression somehow. I love [i you]. I only want [i you].”]

Clay scoffed as he listened to this. He couldn’t believe it. [b “I wasted almost two months on you, and I didn’t get jack shit.”] he muttered.
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[+blue "But you never told me to stop! You'd think someone with a boyfriend would tell a guy who was flirting with you to stop. I would have stopped if you told me! But you didn't! Why is this my fault?!"] Clay said, throwing his hands in the air.

Noah entered, his face calmer as he pushed the hair from his face. He sat down, taking a deep breath. He turned to Sav, [b "I'm sorry I left. I was going to hit something if I didn't."] he said, pressing a kiss to her forehead, and wiping her tears away with his thumbs. [b "Please don't cry."] he said, offering her a small smile. Noah then turned to Clay, [b "First of all, don't yell at my girlfriend, ever. I could hear you in the hallway. If I ever hear from anyone that you yelled at her or make her cry again, I will drive four hours from Sanford and make you regret it."] he spoke, his tone flat and serious.

Noah turned back to Savannah, knowing he wouldn't get mad if he spoke to her. [b "Can you tell me your side? I'm sorry, I left before you had a chance."]
[+blue "I just told you-"]
[b "Shut the fuck up, Clay!"] he said sternly to Clay. [b "Let her speak."]
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Savannah looked at Emily. It almost seemed like the girl genuinely didn’t know. Like she was genuinely sorry. [b “I-. It’s fine. You didn’t know. I didn’t make it clear, that was my fault.”] she said.

Her eyes went wide as she heard Clay ask her if she wanted him on the weekdays and Noah on the weekends. [b “What the hell is that supposed to mean? I— Wait. Noah. No.”] she said. She looked at Noah as the tears flooded her eyes as Clay told him about their study dates and dinner nights. [b “We-Noah.”] she said. She watched as Noah stood up and walked outside... but not before he told Clay to keep his hands off her. She was furious. [b “What the hell did you tell him that for?! He knows we’re both pre-Med!”] she said as she shoved at Clays chest. [b “After we get this shit straighten out, I want you the hell outta my apartment.”]

This weekend was supposed to be her best yet with Noah, and up to this point, it had been nothing but a complete drag.

[b “What does Ross even have to do with this?! Who did you think I had all those Skype and FaceTime dates with after class? Who did you think was in my profile picture with me on Facebook?”] she spat. [b “Yes! You’ve been hitting on me FOR WEEKS. And have I ever once flirted back? NO.”]

Emily sat on the couch. She was sipping her drink, looking between Savannah and Clay as they all but had a screaming match. She was ready to intervene if need be.

Savannah sat back on the couch and hung her head in her hands. She had really messed up about not telling Noah that she had a guy friend...ex friend?
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Emily's face turned bright red. [+pink "Savannah, I-I don't what to say. I'm sorry, and I'm sorry to you too, Noah."] Emily spoke, taking a sip of her drink. As much as Emily was sorry, that didn't mean her attraction to Noah had stopped. But, she also didn't want to hurt Savannah.

Noah turned to Clay as he heard him speak to Savannah. [b "You should be apologizing too, Clay. You have no reason to yell at my girlfriend for something that you did."] he spoke. But he then took a minute to listen to what came out of Clay's mouth. [b "Wait, what did you say? Are you telling me that you and Savannah go out like this all the time?"] Noah said, the fire building behind his eyes.

Clay stared at Noah, holding his ground. [+blue "Of course we do. We'll have late-night study dates until early in the morning, or we'll go to dinner or something."] he crossed his arms. [+blue "Oh, did Savannah not tell you?"] Clay said in a mocking tone.

Noah turned to Savannah, his voice was less mad, but more of a hurt tone. [b "Is that true?"] he asked, his eyes softer as well. [b "Actually, you know what? I need a minute. I'll be right back."] he said, walking out the front door. Before he left, he turned to Clay, [b "Oh, if you touch Savannah one more time, I swear I'll hit you."] he spoke before closing the door.

Noah went outside, the cold air hitting his warm face. He went to his car, finding an extra cigarette he had dropped, and sat down in the driver seat, his legs still outside his car. He lit it and took a drag, allowing his body to relax. He still needed to tell Savannah about the smoking habit he picked back up. He ran a hand through his hair, before finishing the cigarette and locking his car back up, heading back to the apartment.

While he was outside, Clay had turned to Savannah, [+blue "So, you didn't think to tell us about your boyfriend? You may have told Emily, but you didn't think to tell us?"] he motioned to him and Ross. Ross held his hands up in defense, [+green "Don't bring me into this, I figured it out at the fair..."] Ross spoke, his voice not quite as loud as Clay. [+blue "I've been hitting on you for weeks, and never once you mentioned a boyfriend. What the hell?"] Clay said his voice raised.
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[b “Next time you visit, we’ll go ALONE and you can win me one.”] she said softly as she looked at Noah. [b “Thank you for today.. Honeslty I know it wasn’t an easy day.. But you still did it.”] she said. Before today, it was important to her that Noah know and get along with her friends, but now she wasn’t so sure how she felt about them even having a relationship. She nodded quickly when he asked about drinking and being all over one another.

As they walked out, she all but had a death grip on Noah’s hand. [b “Oh. You know. We just had to chill out for a few moments.”] she said in answer to Emily’s question. [b “We just wanted a few minutes [i alone]”] She smirked when Noah sat down and placed her beside him, but that smirk was wiped away when Emily placed herself very closely to his other side. [b “What are you doing?”] Her eyes almost came out of her head as she leaned forward to stare at Emily after she had asked Noah about his relationship status. She literally didn’t know what to say. A few seconds after Noah had told her that he was dating her, she finally got her thoughts.

[b “Emily. I told you that I had a boyfriend.”] she said [b “I mean who the hell did you think Noah was? He came to see [me]. He sleeps in [my bed.]”] she spat. Everything made sense, tbe awful day that they had had, why Emily was all over Noah and why Clay thought it was ok for him to touch her. Everything made sense.

Clay turned to look at Savannah with a pissed look. [b “Your facial expressions practically begged me to flirt with you, to touch you today... And you had a boyfriend? What the fuck Savannah? Are you trying to get it to where you can have him on the weekends but me throughout the week?”]
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Noah's eyes basically rolled out of his head when he heard Clay speaking Savannah's name, but he didn't say anything. He just wanted his few minutes with Savannah- alone. He brushed her hair away from his face, smiling toward her face. [b "Also, I really wanted to win you that penguin stuffed animal. Before Clay basically rigged the game."] he said the last sentence was a bit under his breath.

Noah took one more kiss from Savannah, before taking a deep breath. [b "Ready to drink and be all over each other?"] he smirked, taking her hand lightly. The exited her room, the three who were sitting in the living room where already being served drinks by Emily, who smiled when Noah entered. [i "Hey! What took you guys so long?"] she asked. Clay saw their hands being held, wanting that to be his hand laced with Savannah's.

As Noah sat down, he had Savannah sitting right next to him. Emily sat down on the other side of Noah, scooting close to him. Emily turned to Noah, and what she said made everything that happened tonight make perfect sense.

[i "So, Noah, are you seeing anyone?]
[b "Are you joking?"] Noah said, completed dumbfounded.
[i "No, silly. Are you?"] Emily expected his answer to be no.
[b "Of course I am. Savannah...Savannah is my girlfriend."]
[i [+blue "WHAT?!"]] Both Emily and Clay said together.

The look on Emily's and Clay's faces her differently. Emily looked embarrassed, clearing not knowing, and felt bad for hitting on her roommate's boyfriend. Clay just looked mad, how did he have his girl? Clay believed he was so much better, he just had to try harder. Ross's face was normal, as he had figured it out himself.
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Savannah was silent as they walked back to her Jeep. She kept replaying the events of the day back in her head. What in the world was going on? Why was Emily all over Noah and why was Clay being so touchy feely with her. Didn’t they know she and Noah were dating? It was so disrespectful.

She hopped up in the driver seat and turned to face Noah. [b “No. I’m so sorry.”] she started [b “You came up here so we could spend time together.. And I just... I just wanted you to meet my friends. I wanted them to know what a great guy I was dating.”] she said [b “I’m seriously considering kicking them all out tonight. Emily can find somewhere else to stay.”] She froze when she heard Noah admit that Emily had tried to make a move on him. [b “Yeah. Clay was pressed up against my back.”] She looked down when she felt his hand on her thigh and she quickly nodded. [b “I love you baby... You’re right. We need to lay on the PDA and just establish that we are in a happy relationship.”]

When they got back to her apartment, they quickly escaped to her bedroom for just a few moments of privacy. She laid back on the bed as Noah apologized about the day. [b “Babe. It’s not your fault.. I should’ve planned something for just the two of us. Tomorrow it’s definitely going to be just us.”] She all but cried when she heard Emily shrilling voice. [b “We’ll be out in ten minutes!”] she yelled back, as she quickly ran up to lock her bedroom door. [b “I honestly wouldn’t put it past her to try and barge in.”]

Clay looked around when they walked into Savannah and Emily’s apartment. [i “Where was she?”] [b “Savannah.”] he called. He sighed when he realized she and Noah were in her bedroom. He sat on the couch and just looked around.
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Noah was beyond glad Savannah wanted to leave. He did too. As much as he wanted to impress her friends, he felt as though he was losing his girlfriend as well. He took her hand as he led her back to the car, hearing Emily and Clay's voices calling them back behind them. Noah knew that they wouldn't be alone for long, considering Emily lived with Savannah, and she would let the boys into the apartment.

Noah got into the passenger side, knowing that even offering to drive when he was this anger would be shut down. His arms were crossed until he took a deep breath. He turned to Savannah, [b "Love, I am so sorry I was so angry today. Seeing Clay touch you made me crazy. And Emily wouldn't leave me alone. When we left, she pulled me onto the Ferris Wheel, almost like she wanted to make a move or something. I got off that ride as fast as I could. I love you so much."] he spoke, placing a hand on her thigh. [b "You know that they are going to show up tonight, as much as we don't want it. I think if we lay on the PDA, they will be able to tell we don't want either of them."] he said, a small laugh escaping his lips as well.
Emily was dumbfounded as Noah and Savannah left. What were they so angry about? All Emily was trying to do was get to know Noah, she didn't think Savannah would care very much about her trying to flirt with her friend. [i "C'mon boys. Let's go back to Savannah and I's place."] she spoke to Clay and Ross, letting Clay lead them to his car.

Clay sighed, why did Savannah not want the stuffed animal, and why was she so angry. Why was [i Noah] so angry? She was just a friend, he must have a crush on her that she doesn't know about. He led the two back to his car, making their way to the apartment.
Noah and Savannah arrived at the apartment before everyone else and entered Savannah's room for a bit of privacy. [b "I'm sorry this day wasn't as awesome as we thought. But we can drink tonight and I'll make sure I please you so well tonight."] he smirked, pressing a soft kiss to her lips. Noah then groaned as he heard the door to the apartment open, [i Nooooah? Saaaaavaaaanaaah?"] Emily called through the apartment look for them.
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