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[b “I’ll be okay.”] she said. [b “I wasn’t feeling all that great before we got on the plane, and I’m sure flying didn’t help it. But I promise if I’m not feeling any better in a few days, I’ll go see a doctor.”] She looked in the rear view mirror, she was indeed pale.

[b “I already told him if he embarrassed you or anything, he would have me to deal with. So he should be on his best behavior. Megan and I will make sure of it.”] she said. [b “Megan’s like my own little attack dog. I’ll have to tell you some stories about the beach house once day.”] Wow. It was crazy, she and Noah had only officially been dating for like six months.. It seemed so much longer. She guessed it was because they just knew everything about each other before.

She grinned as Olivia gushed about her and Noah getting married and having babies. [b “I think I want to finish College before we married... I don’t know. I guess it all depends on what Noah’s wants to do after college. I’m going straight to Columbia after I get through with Pre-Med.”] she explained. [b “It’s gonna be hard if he doesn’t come with me... But gosh we have three years to worry about that.”]

After their nail appointment they went to grab a coffee and quick lunch at a little cafe and then headed to the mall. [b “Now if you can’t find an outfit here, we can always go to my dads house. I know I’ll have something you like.”] she told Olivia as she parked the truck.

She grabbed her phone before hopping out, just sending a quick text to Noah. [i “Miss you. Hope you and Tanner are having a blast.”] she sent. [b “So I’m really stumped on what to get Noah for Christmas.”] she told the girls. [b “I was thinking about one of those Nike Apple Watches or maybe AirPods? He could use them both at practice or when he’s running or working out.”] she told them.

She did end up buying a watch for Noah, as she knew he would wear it and use it every day. Though she did have a few other small things up her sleeve.

[b “Okay Liv. We need to find you an outfit. Where should we look first?”]

[ NoahsPresent]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 40d 8h 2m 33s
Olivia smiled as Savanah said she'd help her. [+pink "Thanks. And are you sure your okay? Maybe you should go to the doctors tomorrow, you do look a little pale."] she responded as Megan hoped in the backseat.

Olivia smirked, [+pink "It took a lot of convincing and Savannah backing me up to allow it to happen. He's already going to embarrass me, I can tell you that much. I'm just happy to spend the time with you girls"] Olivia gushed. [+pink "I can't wait till Savannah's officially part of the family! You basically are already, but I can't wait until you and Noah get married and have lots of kids"] she gushed even more. She wanted a sister more than anything, and Savannah gave that to her.


Noah got ready and ended up meeting up with Tanner at the mall. They were working on getting Savannah and Megan their Christmas gifts. [b "I don't know man. I think Savannah and I need to be together for a least a year or two before I propose. You and Megan have had years to build up your relationship, we've only had a couple of months. We don't know what will happen yet."] Noah spoke. [i "Okay, it was just a suggestion. Maybe a promise ring or something. I bet she would really like that."] Tanner suggested. Noah had been saving up to get Savannah something really nice, and a promise ring wasn't a bad idea.

Noah ended up picking out a perfect ring for Savannah before following Tanner around as he tried to find something to give his future wife.

[ ring]
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 43d 6h 15m 38s
Savannah laughed as they walked out the front door as she heard Noah’s comment about Olivia.

[b “I’m sure he likes you too.. Given as excited as he was when you asked him to hangout.”] she told the girl.

She was excited for the day and night that was coming. She was getting to hangout with Olivia and Megan, who were basically the sisters she never had, with the love of her life, their best friend and Olivias friend. What else could she want on her Christmas vacation? What could possibly go wrong?

[b “But of course I’ll help you with your hair and makeup. We can go shopping for a new outfit if we have time, if you want. Everyone wants to look cute for their first date, but they never want to try that hard. I remember my first date with Noah.”] she said softly. [b “I don’t know if it was an official date or not, but he cooked dinner for me one night at the beach house before any of our other friends had gotten there. It was the sweetest thing ever. He wouldn’t let me come down at all while he was cooking.”] she told the girl as they drive to pick up Megan. [b “I’m going to wear just a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. I haven’t been feeling like myself lately. I don’t really feel like getting that dressed up. You can always borrow something from my closet. Most of my winter clothes are at my dads house.”]

[#c71912 [i “What is up up my girl! Hey Little Davis.”]] Megan said as she ran up and jumped in the backseat. [#c71912[i “Can we just talk about how I’m honesty so surprised that Noah is even letting you go out with Finn tonight? Like I get that we’re all going together, but that man always talked about how you weren’t allowed to date until your twenty. I can’t wait to see how he is when he has a daughter with Sav.”]]
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Noah slept the best he had since he had visited Savannah. He had slept with her more times than he could count with her in this room, but now it was different. He had always liked her and enjoyed sleeping next to her, but now he was able to press lazy kisses to the back of her neck in the morning.

By the time Savannah was kissing him goodbye, Noah had just woken up. He was wearing nothing but a pair of grey sweatpants. He yawned, pressing a kiss to her head before she ran off. He laughed as he saw Olivia run off with the girl too. He messed with his hair, before heading inside to get ready to go out with Tanner for Savannah's Christmas presents.

[b "Bye love. If my sister looks too adult when she gets back, she's not going"] he laughed.


Olivia was so excited for today. She got to see Finn, Savannah, Noah, Megan, and Tanner. Savannah was also being so nice, taking her out on a girl's day too. [+pink "I am excited. I'm nervous too though, I just hope he realizes that I like him, and doesn't just think it's us hanging out. I don't know. I want to look cute but I also don't want him to think I'm trying too hard, ya know?"] she said, biting her lower lip. [+pink "You'll help me with the outfit, hair, and makeup, right?"] she asked, excited and hopeful.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 46d 5h 56m 15s
Savannah grinned as Noah said that he and Tanner would use tomorrow as a shopping day for their gifts to the girls. [b “I can’t wait. It’s our first official Christmas together.”] she said.

She looked up as Olivia came busting into Noah’s room. She grinned as the the girl told her that Finn agreed to go out with them all. But then her smile faded as she realized Noah had just heard everything. [b “Oh boy.”] she said.

[b “Olivia is eighteen. I’m quite surprised that she didn’t ask him out while we were out in California, Noah. I told her that if she wanted to ask him out, then we would all double date. I told her that we could go to the Southern Lights Christmas thing and then out to eat before or after.”] she told Noah. She laughed as Noah said he wasn’t allowed to touch Olivia or sit beside her. [b “Liv, tell Finn well pick him up tomorrow at five or six.”] she said. [b “That should give us plenty of time to go get our nails and stuff done and then come back and get ready.”]

She turned to Noah. [b “You [i will] be nice to him, Noah. He is important to Olivia and if you scare him off, you’ll have me to deal with. Noah; you are acting crazy. Olivia is eighteen. I’m pretty sure you and I were both already in relationships by the time we were sixteen.”]

That night she had slept amazing, she figured it was because she was back in Tennessee, in Noah’s arms. She and Olivia had gotten up around nine and got going so they could go get Megan, head to the nail salon and then they had decided to take Olivia to the mall to pick out a new outfit for her date. Tanner and Megan had decided they were going to tag along tonight as well, so Savannah’s dad had offered to let them take his new Tahoe, just so they could all ride together as the Christmas light was partly drive thru. [b “I’ll see you later baby.”] she said as she kissed Noah’s cheek, who was still in bed before she headed out.

[b “Are you excited?”] she asked as she and Olivia got in her Dads old truck. [b “I’m really excited. Finn is just adorable, so I think you’re going to really have a great time.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 48d 7h 52m 43s
Noah laughed as she buried her face into his chest. [b "Yeah, let's Christmas shop then. I'll just go out with Tanner and we can get gifts for you girls anyway."] he said, pressing a kiss to her head.

Just then, Olivia bounced into Noah's room, her face beaming. [+pink "Savannah! He said yes! Finn said yes! He just told me he's free all the time and just let him know when he can go! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!"] Olivia gushed. Olivia had no realized she said all this in front of Noah, trying to hide her excitement.

[b "Finn? Thomas' brother? What are you doing talking to him?"]
[+pink "Well...I like him. And Savannah said I should ask him to hang out and that we could go on a double date. And he said yes. And-"]
[b "You told my sister to ask a BOY on a DATE?"] Noah turned to Savannah. Then he turned back to Olivia, [b "He's not allowed to touch you, or sit next to you. Or look at you. Olivia, I thought you thought boys were gross."] Noah said.
[+pink "Noah, I'm 18."]
[b "But you're not allowed to date until your 30"]

Noah and Olivia went back and forth like Noah was her father. Noah was super protective of his baby sister, no matter what age she was.
[+pink "Savannah, please tell him he's acting crazy!"]
[b "Me? Savannah, please tell Olivia she is too young to go on a date!"]
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[b “Finn Anderson. Oh if I remember right he was the one that had the pretty curly hair, right? I mean, his hair was better looking than mine.”] she said. She grinned as Olivia started to blush as she was thinking about her crush. [b “Why don’t you ask him to hangout? The Christmas lights are up now, and they have a drive through one this year... But they have a petting zoo too. We can double date, and I can assure you that your brother WILL be on his best behavior before you say no. Just think about it, okay?”] she asked. [b “But yes. Manicures and pedicures with me and Megan tomorrow. My treat.”]

The dinner was like old times. Full of laughter as Jenni and Mr. Davis were always picking at each other and their children... which included her now, she guessed. It was like nothing had changed, even though she and Noah now lived a thousand miles away.

She giggled as Noah pulled her upstairs to his room after dinner before Olivia could “steal” her. [b “Yo know she’s going to come find me right?”] she asked. She grinned as she bent down to run kisses along his jaw but quickly pulled back as his bedroom door was opened. She looked at Noah when she realized it was his dad, her face was blood red. [b “Okay that was awkward.”] she whispered as she buried her face in Noah’s chest.

[b “So tomorrow, I’m taking Olivia out for a mani and pedi, I’m going to see if Megan wants to go too. But then the next day... Want to go Christmas shopping with me?”]
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[+pink "Okay okay! You caught me. It's Finn Anderson, he's in my grade. You might know his brother, Thomas Anderson. He was in your grade. We've been friends since middle school but I like him way more than just friends."] Olivia responded. [+pink "I wish I still thought they were gross, to be honest."] she sighed. She really would take Savannah's words to heart and smile at her idea of a girl's day with her and Megan. [+pink "Really? You're the best!"] she smiled.

Noah saw the girl's come down, and smiled. [b "Did you guys talk about how awesome I am?"] he smirked, and Jenni gave him a small hit to the back.

The family ate, discussing their time away from each other. Considering Savannah practically lived at their house in high school, it felt completely natural with her there. Noah was so happy she got along with his family, and he still was kicking himself that he didn't tell her sooner that he liked her.

After dinner, the family cleaned up together and Noah stole Savannah before Olivia could again. [b "My turn with you."] he smiled as he closed the door to his room, pressing a kiss to her lips. The door then was opened by his dad, [+grey "Door guys are dating now."] his dad said, a small chuckle following. Noah rolled his eyes, smiling toward Savannah.
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Savannah smiled brightly as she looked at Noah’s Mother. [b “Thank you Jenni... I really appreciate it.”] she said. [b “Okay but also; I LOVE Noah’s Mac and cheese!”]

[b “I’m coming I’m coming”] Savannah said to Olivia with a huge smile on her face. She hadn’t realized how much she had missed home until now... The craziness of the of the Davis household, and the lack of at her home. Her home was quiet now. Her Father was the director and main doctor at the Emergency Room in town, so he was almost always busy or working.

[b “It sounds like you’ve had quite the exciting first half of school.”] Savannah said as she sat on Olivias bed. [b “Boys... Oh gosh. I was really hoping you would still think they were icky.”] she said honestly. [b “Noah and I... It just kind of happened on our beach trip. He was my best friend, but I never realized how much more he was until this past summer.”] she admitted truthfully. [b “You just gotta be yourself... but tell me. Who is it? You wouldn’t just ask me that out of the blue.”]

Of course she wouldn’t tell Noah about Olivias boy situation, Noah would absolutely freak out but there was no harm in having a crush. She heard Jenni call up the stairs to let them know that dinner was ready. [b “Okay. I am starving. How about we go eat and then we can finish this conversation tomorrow? I’m taking you out for girls day. Maybe we can even rope Megan into going.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 50d 6h 14m 20s
Mrs. Davis smiled toward her. [i "Savannah, honey, you are always welcome here. You know that. Now, Noah, I'm going to actually teach you to cook something other than Mac and Cheese for Savannah."] Mrs. Davis finished. [i "Oh, and Savannah, call me Jenni. Mrs. Davis is so formal."] she laughed.

Olivia smiled as Savannah said they could talk. She grabbed her hand, pulling her upstairs to her room. She sat down on her bed, talking all about her senior year of high school so far. From boys to classes, she told her everything. She did ask Savannah to keep the boys thing a secret from Noah, knowing he'd be all over it. [+pink "Savannah. How do you get boys to like you? Like how did you get Noah to like you? I want a relationship like you guys to have, or like Tanner and Megan. You guys are so happy and I feel like no boys like me like that."] she said, sighing slightly before looking back to her. Savannah's advice meant everything to her.

Noah was working up a sweat with his mom, her having him do almost everything to learn how to make the new dish. He wiped his forehead, as he put the last thing in the oven, and leaned against the counter. [b "Damn, mom. I just got home and you're putting me to work."] he sighed. Then he heard his dad from the living room, [+grey "And tomorrow, you can wash my car."] he laughed.

[i "Girls, dinner!"]
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Savannah looked at Noah, she honestly didn’t want to go home to an empty house by herself. [b “Only if you’re sure your parents won’t mind that I stay... But I know you want to spend time with your family baby. I don’t want to interrupt.”] she said. Though she was sure that Olivia would all but tell her she was staying. [b “Are you sure it’s ok, Mrs. Davis?”] she asked. Her mouth began to water when she said that she was cooking dinner. Nosh and His Mother were AMAZING cooks.

[b “What do say, Oliva. How about we let Noah go get his butt served in the kitchen by your mom and you and I go upstairs and I’ll tell you everything about school and you can fill me in on all things high school.”] she said.

It was honestly sort of weird being back here. She had practically lived her the first few years after her Mom died. She either stayed here or Noah would sneak over to her house to make sure she was ok. Of course, even there parents had been friends, so they all took it kind of hard. She took Noah’s hand and squeezed it slightly. [b “I realize I have a lot of things to be thankful for... But I just wanted to make sure you knew how much I love you.”]
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[b "Savannah, you should say here. C'mon, we just got home and I want to spend all the time I can with you. I don't want you to be alone in your house tonight. Or I'll go with you to your house. You are not going to be alone."] Noah smiled. Of course, Noah wanted to spend time with his family and sister, but he didn't want Savannah to be alone as well. They could have the next day to spend time when her dad got home, but tonight was for both of them.

Olivia wanted Savannah to stay at their house, but she couldn't make her. She was excited when Noah suggested she stay over. Noah knew that his mom would love to have Sav and that she would make a huge dinner to celebrate their homecoming. [i "I am making dinner Savannah, at least stay for my famous dinner."] Noah's mom smiled. Noah learned all his cooking from his mom, his mom could outcook Noah any day.

[+pink "Yeah yeah! Please! At least for dinner!"] Olivia said. She just wanted to talk to Savannah about everything. She was just so cool.
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Savannah couldn’t help but smile as Olivia got excited when she walked into the home. [b “I promise I will tell you ALL about it!”] She and the girl had become quite close when she and Noah had been in High-school, just friends at that point. Olivia was a year younger than them, but she definitely had a smart head on her shoulders. [b “We’ll have a girls day soon and we can catch up on everything! You have to tell me about your classes too!”]

She seen Olivia like she was her own little sister, it made her wish that she had her own sibling all the time... but now she had Noah’s, officially.

She turned to Noah a second later. [b “Dad is working all night tonight. Where you going to stay here tonight?”] she asked. It didn’t make a difference to her either way. She knew Noah had missed his family and she had gotten used to staying alone at night a long time ago. [b “I’m really just planning on unpacking and then seeing what I can order online before I go shopping later on this week.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 50d 7h 53m 36s
Noah and his family got to catch up, him showing them all her pictures from his baseball season. They were only able to come down for one game, just because of work and Olivia in school. Olivia also showed off that she had just gotten her license, only a few years late. Olivia had always been nervous about driving, but since her only ride had left, she needed to learn. Olivia had been Noah's best friend since they were little, besides Savannah. She would try and hang out with the pair all the time, thinking that Savannah was the coolest person in the world, and she still thought that.

Olivia had hated most of Noah's girlfriends, especially Samantha, but she really liked Savannah. She had all but screamed into the phone when Noah called her to tell her they were finally dating. Olivia told him she'd hurt him if he ever messed it up, and she would really hate it if it was Samantha's fault as well.

Samantha had been abusive to Noah, but it put a strain on the sibling relationship Noah had with Olivia. Olivia had talked to Savannah about Sam more than once because she couldn't stand the relationship. Noah could thank Olivia for opening his eyes to the things that Samantha was doing to her.

As Savannah re-entered, Olivia ran up to her. Olivia really looked up to Savannah and wanted to know everything about her college time. [+pink "You have to tell us everything! We want to know everything! About your friends and classes!"] Olivia smiled, basically bouncing up and down. [b "Hey Olivia, let Savannah sit down at least!"] Noah laughed, taking his hand and walking her over to the couch. [+pink "No! She's my friend right now!"] Olivia laughed, sitting right next to Olivia, basically on top of Noah to get next to her.
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[b “I forgot how cold Tennessee could get.”] was the first thing that she said after they had walked outside. It was so pretty though, there was a slight dust of snow on the ground. [b “We have to take pictures when it really snows. I need a new profile picture”] she told Noah as they walked out to her car.

She nodded after she had hopped into the truck and cranked up the heat. [b “Sure. I would love to see Mr and Mrs Davis. And Olivia! I can take Tanner and Megan home after they say hello if you’d like baby.”] she said. They ended up all going in to the Davis home. She grinned as Olivia ran out of her bedroom and all but jumped into her brothers arms. She and Noah were close, it was hard on her when he left, from what Noah had told her.

[i “We have dinner with Megan’s family. A welcome home thing.”] Tanner told Mr. Davis.
[b “My dad is working the night shift tonight. So I’m probably just going to unpack and watch Christmas Movies.”] Savannah told him.

Tanner and Megan had to get to her family’s home, so Savannah ended up leaving Noah so he could spend time with his family while she took them to Megan’s parents. [b “I’ll see you guys in a few days!”] Savannah said before she drove back to the Davis home.
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