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As Olivia had to go into surgery, Noah was told he couldn't go in with her, as much as he begged. He paced in the hospital, talking to Finn as his mind went wild. [b "You think she's okay? What if she doesn't wake up?! Oh god, I can't even think like that. My parents are trying to get a plane back, they went on a trip and can't get a flight."] Noah said as he walked, Finn tried to calm him. [+green "Hey hey, Noah. She's the strongest girl I know, she'll be okay. She will be fine."] he said. [+green "Wait, where is Savannah? She's usually attached to your hip."] Finn asked. Finn had been hanging around more and more, and never saw Noah without Savannah. [b "Oh shit. I should call her, I'm supposed to be at a party with her. Fuck."] he reached around. He realized he had left his phone at his house, throwing it after he got off the phone.

[b "I left it. Does the phone in here work?"] Noah asked. [+green "No, they are connected only to the rooms, not outside."] Finn replied. [b "Well, I don't think she'd be that bad when I explain it to her. She's understanding."] Noah said, sighing as he sat on a couch in the room.

Olivia came back from surgery, he legs up in a cast and her torso wrapped due to her broken ribs. They had to wait for the anesthesia to wear off, hoping she would wake up after that. Noah was holding her head, nodding off as he felt her hand tighten around his own. [+pink "N-Noah, what-what's going on?"] Olivia said, then grabbing her head in pain. Finn pushed the nurse button repeatedly. [b "Oh honey. You're awake. Oh, thank god. You got in a bad accident, just rest okay. I'm not going anywhere."] he smiled, pressing a light kiss to her hand. [+pink "Is Finn okay?"] she asked. [+green "Hi Liv."] Finn called, she turned her head slowly, smiling at him. [+pink "Hi Finn."] she spoke. As she did, doctors and nurses came crowding around her to check vitals as she was awake.
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Christmas and December seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. It was now New Years and Savannah had the best gift of all for Noah.. Well, she hoped he loved it. She had recently found out that she was about three months pregnant. It was a complete surprise and of course unplanned... But everything happened for a reason so this was how it was supposed to be for them. Megan was the only one that knew, as she was with her when she found out.

Her life wasn't going according to her plan, but really did anything ever? Her Father was now dating again... well. One of his ER Nurses. They were going to the Lake for the weekend, she suspected her Father was going to propose. She and Megan were getting ready for the party at her house and Tanner was picking them up. Noah was going to meet them at Johns' since he had to Dropped Oliva off at Finns.

[b "I'm heading downstairs. I can't find my keys."] she said as she walked out of her room. She had of course dressed up for the occasion, which included high heels. [b "Oh shit."] she muttered as she felt her ankle give out.

She came with it a few moments later at the bottom of the staircase with Megan standing over her, screaming into her phone, telling Tanner to hurry up and get her. She was laying on her belly. [b "Meg. The baby."] she muttered as she raised herself up to lean against the wall. [b "I need to go the hospital."]

Tanner had somehow managed to get to her house in five minutes when he lived twenty minutes away. [b "Okay. I called my mom. Hamilton County has a really good OB. We're going there."] Megan told Sav as Tanner walked in. [b "Wait OB?"] he asked.

[b "I'm three months pregnant and I just fell down twenty stairs, Tanner. I need to make sure the baby is ok. Can you please just get me to the hospital."]

An hour later, Savannah was registered and in the ER with Megan at her side. Tanner was going back and forth from the waiting room, trying to get ahold of Noah, but he was having no luck.

[b "What if it's not ok?"] she asked as she looked at Megan. [b "Noah doesn't even know.."]
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And just like that, Christmas and December had passed. It was New Year's Eve and Noah was getting ready for a great night of partying with his friends. His old high school friend, John, had bought an apartment, as he went to school nearby, and was hosting a new years party. Savannah, Megan, and Tanner were all going, and they were just going to meet up there, as Noah had to drop off Olivia at Finn's house before they were going to go watch the fireworks close up. He had already dropped her off and was just fixing himself up before he headed out. He texted Savannah,
[b [i Hi my love. Sorry, I'm running late. I will see you soon and save that New Year's kiss for me.]]

As he fixed his hair and made sure he had all his things, he got a call from an unknown number:

[b "Hello? Noah Davis?"]
[i "Hello Mr. Davis. Is your sister, Ms. Olivia Davis?"]
[b "Yes, is she alright?"]
[i "Well, sir, she was in a pretty bad accident with a Mr. Anderson. She broke a few bones and she's unconscious but-"]
[b "Where is she? I'll be right there."]
[i "We're bringing her right now to Care & Cure Hospital now."]
[b "I'll be right there, thank you."]

Noah threw his phone quickly on the bed, grabbing his wallet and keys, and running out the door. He was quickly in his car and drove to the hospital. He talked to the woman at the desk, her letting him back to be with Olivia. He ran back, seeing his sister hooked up to all those machines made his eyes wet with tears. [b "Olivia...please. You'll be okay, you have to be okay."] he spoke, taking her hand.

Finn was laying on the bed next to her, but he was awake. He had a broken arm and some bruises. [+green "Noah...I'm so sorry. We got hit by a drunk truck driver head-on, I tried my best to get out of the way."] Finn's voice cracking, as he was scared for Olivia as well. [b "Finn, it's okay. It's not your fault. I just need her to wake up."] he said, gripping the girl's hand lightly. Noah stayed out of the doctor's way but refused to leave the room, no matter what.
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Savannah grinned as they walked through the rest of the lights. Noah seemed to be more into Christmas this year than he ever had before, but in a way she was too. It was just because Noah was officaly hers. This was there first Christmas as a couple. [b "Do I ever say no?"] she asked.

After Noah had given his phone to his sister, she grinned as she placed her hand on his stomach and grinned. She was taken by surprise when he took ahold of her face and kissed her. [b "Mhm. That's going to be my favorite photo."] she said. She looked at the photos that Olivia had taken before she asked if she could take a picture of her and Finn. [b "I can!"]

She grinned as the two of them posed, and then Finn kissed Liv's cheek. She didn't even have time to react before Noah tried to walk over to the two. [b "Oh Noah, leave him be."] she said. She watched as Megan stepped in front of him and then Finn took Liv's hand. [b "He wasn't going to do anything. You just need to realize that Liv is our little sister and he's very protective over his girls."] she said, shooting a look at Finn. [b "WELL."]

She walked over and took ahold of Noah's wrist before pulling him back towards the parking lot, leaving the other four to look around. [b "You scared the shit outta Finn, ya know."] she muttered as she turned to look at him. [b "What were you even going to do?"]

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[b "For you, I'll give you anything you're heart desires."] Noah whispered to her, pressing a kiss to her head. He was happy to hear she felt better, but he could understand that all the travel could have affected her. When she asked to stay with her dad, he of course said yes. [b "We can stay at your dad's, of course. He might be busy with work and everything. How about we spend all of tomorrow with him, okay?"] he asked, giving her a small smile.

As they wandered around the petting zoo, they fed different goats and piglets. They pet different animals that were there and the whole group laughed as one of the piglets crawled up onto Olivia's lap and started biting onto her hair. The group was officially done with the petting zoo ad started to head through the walk-through lights to the large Christmas tree. As they walked through, Noah would point different things out to Savannah, pressing kisses to her cheeks and head every so often. [b "You want to take our annual Christmas photo?"] he asked. Every year, the two took a photo together in front of the large tree. Now, this would be their first year as a couple. Noah mostly wanted to have a picture of the two to keep with him at all times, in his wallet.

They walked through the lights up to the tree, Noah handing his phone to Olivia to take a photo of the two of them. They took a normal one, and Noah took Savannah's chin and pressed a kiss to her lips as Olivia took another quick photo. Olivia ran to Savannah, showing them the photos, [+pink "Sav, will you take a photo for Finn and me?"] she asked.

As they posed, Finn leaned down and pressed a kiss to her cheek, Olivia's eyes widening. Noah attempted to walk over as Megan held him back. [b "FINN!"] he yelled, trying to get out of Megan's hold. [+pink "NOAH, stop it!"] Olivia yelled back as Finn almost ran and Olivia took his hand and kept him near her.
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Savannah grinned as she seen Noah running around to her side of the Tahoe to open her door. [b "You didn't have to do that. I'm perfectly capable of opening my own door."] she said softly. [b "Buttt thank you."]

She leaned her head on Noah's shoulder as they walked to the petting zoo. She watched as Olivia's face lit up as she seen the goats and piglets running around. [b "Okay now I want a goat farm. Do you think you can make that happen in the middle of LA?"] she asked Noah as she giggled.

She nodded softly as he asked if she was feeling better. [b "I am. A little anyway. I think just between the traveling and then getting up early, it did me in."] she told him. [b "But I feel fine now... I'm excited to get back into my own bed.. We can stay at my house tonight right? And honestly.. I get that you miss your family. So if you want to stay at your house, that's fine Naoh. I just really want to see my dad.... It's weird that I've been home for what thirty six hours now and he hasn't tried to see us yet..."]
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As Noah parked the car, he ran over to open the door for Savannah as he helped her out of the Tahoe. Noah looked over to see Finn doing the exact same for Olivia, and he couldn't help but smile. Olivia always had an issue with dating guys who she felt she needed to fix. She needed a boy she could relax and just have fun with as he did with Savannah. Watch Finn do that, gave him the hope that maybe this would be different. He'd watch the like a hawk, but he was beginning to trust him just a bit.

Noah laced his fingers with Savannah, the group deciding on the petting zoo and then the rest of the walkthrough lights. The group paid for access and walked in. There were baby goats and piglets running around, which Olivia couldn't stop laughing at. She loved anything that was small, plus she loved animals. Finn just followed her around and smiled she chased a piglet around. Noah got some food, handing some to Savannah to feed the animals. [b "Hey, are you feeling any better from before? I know you were feeling sick."] he asked, placing a free hand on her lower back. He looked over to Finn and Olivia, who were looking at a baby piglet together. [b "I think I'm starting to like him, even if it is just a little."] he laughed.
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Savannah watched as a smirk grew on Noah's face after she had mentioned their first days at the beach house in Florida, and she had doubt that his thoughts matched the ones she had moments before. [b "You guessed right. We definitly didn't have distance.. Except that time you carried me upstairs, threw me on the bed and then [i left]."] she whispered. She felt content in that moment, she had the love of her life, their best friends, and Noah's sister, who was practically her adopted sister at this point. She turned around to say something non chalant to Megan, but in reality it was just a sly way of checking on Oliva and Finn in the backseat, who were lost in deep conversation. [b "They're so cute together."] she mouthed to Megan before turning back and facing the front. She had no doubt that Finn was going to become a part of their group now.

Towards the end of the drive through section of the lights, she heard a voice that gave her cold chills. She looked over and seen tht Samantha was in the car next to him. She couldn't help but grin as she waved. [b "OH HEY! Samantha. GREAT to see you!"] she said as she glanced back at Megan who was just rolling her eyes. [b "Have Fun!"] She looked at Noah and just laughed. [b "Well. This is her hometown too. We were bound to run into her at some point."] She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "She's not going to ruin our night. Kay?"]

After the car was parked, they all headed to the petting zoo, which also had some walk through lights and a big Christmas tree that was great for a photo background.

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Noah couldn't help but smile as Savannah mentioned their first few days at the beach house. Those were some of the best days of his life, having Savannah all to himself, kissing her for the first time. [b "I guess we didn't..."] he mumbled, before directing his eyes to the road. Finn and his brother were good guys, he knew he'd be respectful. And if he wasn't, Noah, Tanner, Savannah, and Megan would kill him. Finn knew about Noah and still agreed to come, so he definitely had some bravery. They got to the light festival. The guy at the front scanned their tickets, Noah letting a hand on Savannah's upper thigh, letting his thumb lightly rub. They started driving through the area, seeing all the amazing lights that had been set up. Noah couldn't help but smile at Savannah's face when she saw the different lights. He moved his hand from his leg, taking her hand. He pressed a kiss on her knuckles, just so happy to be in this moment, with his friends, family, and girlfriend.


[right [pic]]
Olivia was happy to be supported by Savannah, as she saw her talking to Noah. Talking to Finn was so easy, she felt no awkwardness at all. As they drove through the lights, she smiled as she pointed to her favorite lights. As she looked away from where Finn was, she felt his hand lace with hers, and she couldn't help but smile and blush lightly. She looked down at her hand and back at him, a smile plastered on her face. It was clear to see on his face that Finn liked her as she liked him. Maybe she'd invite him back to the house to watch a movie or something, something a bit more private. She just enjoyed holding his hand for now but could see her brother's face in the rearview mirror, his look could kill. She knew Noah just didn't want her to get her as he did with Samatha.

Speaking of Samantha, Olivia went to look over at some lights, seeing Samantha in the car next to them. She was clearly about 4 months pregnant, a man sitting in the driver's seat next to him. [#ff57a8 "Hiiiii Noah. Ugh, hi Savannah. Noah, this is my boyfriend Jake."] Samantha nearly yelled out the car. Noah rolled his eyes, [b "Hi Sam. We'll we gotta go, have fun!"] he spoke rolling up his previously open window. Samantha yelled something as the window went up but he didn't care. [b "She's fucking everywhere, damn."] he spoke, squeezing Savannah's hand lightly. [+pink "She's actually the worst human ever,"] Olivia spoke, Finn looking at her confused. [+pink "I'll explain later."] she said, giving his hand a short squeeze.
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Savannah nodded as Noah said he was going to drive. [b “Thats fine with me.”] she said softly.

After they had all climbed Tahoe, everyone had fit in the SUV very comfortable. [b “I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see all the Christmas lights.”] she said. She still wasn’t feeling the best, but she was definitely putting on a brave face. This was an important night. It was Olivias first date and she was determined to make sure that she and Finn both had a good time. Regardless to how Noah felt.

[b “Hi Finn! We’re glad you could join us.”] she said as she shot Noah a glare. [b “Be nice!”] she whispered as she looked back to Megan who was just smirking. [b “Or I’ll let Megan take a go at you.”]

She rolled her eyes as Noah questioned the distance... or the lack there of between Finn and Noah before he pulled the Tahoe back into the road. [b “Because they are on a date. If I remember right, we didn’t have much [i distance] between us those first few days.. did we Noah?”] she asked with a cheeky grin.

She could hear Finn and Olivia whispering in the back as they headed for the horse park. It was adorable. She felt like a proud big sister, seeing her little off for her first date. She looked over at Noah who had a smug look on his face and she just grinned. [b “Lighten up. He’s practically afraid of you. He won’t try anything.”] she said as she placed her hand on his knee.

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Noah nodded, he knew she wouldn't miss this for anything. [b "Okay okay. But I am driving the Tahoe, I was you to be able to rest, okay?"] he smiled, knowing she would at least agree to that. He headed back to where Tanner was, the two boys adjusting their outfit's and hair. The boys assumed the girls would want to take some pictures, so they wanted to make sure they looked okay as well.

[right [pic]]
Olivia smiled, [+pink "Thank you, girls. I hope Finn likes it too."] she replied. She looked at her phone, realizing they should leave now to get the right car and pick up Finn.

They were able to easily get into the Tahoe and went and picked up Finn. He climbed into the back seat with Olivia, making sure to keep a bit of distance from her, due to her brother being in the car. Noah had a bit of a reputation at their old high school because of his old fighting days, so anyone who knew him knew not to make him angry. [+green "Hi everyone. Thanks for inviting me, Liv. This should be a good time."] he smiled. He leaned into Olivia's ear, [+green "You look really pretty, Liv."] he whispered. Olivia's face turned bright red, and she accidentally locked eyes with her brother, to which Olivia looked away quickly, turning toward Finn. Noah bit the inside of his cheek. He whispered toward Savannah, [b "Why is he whispering to her? They should keep like 3 ft between the two of them!"] he said to Savannah, trying to hide what he was saying from the others in the car.
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Savannah took a deep breathe before she looked up at Olivia, who was taking the curling iron from her hands. [b “I promise I will go see a doctor. [i Tomorrow.]] she said. [b “Tonight is your first date, and I’m not missing it for anything. I’m sure it’s just the jet lag.”]

She smiled weakly as she realized Noah was in front her. Her hand immediately went to his shoulder. [b “I’m fine.”] she whispered. [b “I just got really hot. I’m tired, and I think my blood sugar just dropped.”] she explained. She quickly shook her head when he said that they could just stay home. [b “No. Were going to see the Christmas lights.. It’s Olivias first date, and it’s our first Christmas together... I want to do all the things, please. I’m fine now. Really. My blood sugar just went crazy for a moment.”]

After moments of reassuring Noah and the girls that she was okay, Noah finally let her stand her and she got back to curling Olivias hair while Megan worked on her makeup.

[b “You’re so freaking beautiful Liv. Not that you aren’t all the time... But the eye shadow that Megan used just makes your eyes POP.”] she told her. She looked down at her watch and realized it was time to head out. [b “You ready to go?”] she asked just as Noah and Tanner stuck their heads in the door. [b “I know. We’re coming. Liv told Finn that we would pick him up at 7:30.”]

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[left [pic]] Oliva finally found something she liked, although she knew she would probably get shit from Noah about it. It showed off a bralette on her shoulder and her stomach if she moved a certain way, but Savannah told her she would keep Noah in line. The two girls were so excited at her outfit, she couldn't not buy it. She really liked it too, she usually wasn't confident enough to wear something like that.

Once they got back, the girls got started on their hair and makeup. As they began to curl her hair, Savannah seemed to get dizzy and looked paler than before. [+pink "Yeah, Savannah, sit down. Please promise you'll see a doctor. Like, tomorrow. Maybe you got sick on the plane or at school."] Olivia said, taking the curling iron from her hands.

[ Olivia's outfit]
[ Olivia's nails]


[right [pic]]
Noah headed upstairs to check on the girls. He was going to make a comment on Olivia's outfit to mess with them until he saw Savannah was looking sick and very pale. He ran to stand in front of her, bending down to her eye level. [b "Hey baby. What's going on? Not feeling well? Want me to make you some tea? Do you want to stay here and Tanner, Megan, Olivia, and Finn can go see the lights?"] he asked, taking hold of her hand. Noah knew she really wanted to go to this, but he wanted to give her the option if she didn't feel up for it. [b "What can I do to help?"] he asked, pressing a kiss to her hand he held in his hand.

Olivia watched her brother and Savannah, she couldn't wait until she had someone like Noah to be her person. She hoped Finn might be that person for her.
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Savannah grinned as she could sense that Olivia was getting nervous as their day went out. [b “I get a lot of my clothes from TJ Max, Ross and H&M. I know Megan over there loves Marshall’s. But you can never go wrong with American Eagle and Anthropologie for the basics.”] she told her. [b “I know this seems like a lot, but I know as soon as we pick Finn up tonight, all those nerves will just wash away.”] she said.

After they had found an outfit that both Megan and Savannah had to all push Olivia to buy, they were set. [b “I told you, If Noah has a problem, he’s going to take it up with me. You’re eighteen. He doesn’t want me telling you the stuff he was doing at eighteen so you can have good comebacks, I promise.”] she said. They stopped by Megan’s house so she could get a change of clothes and then headed to the Davis house. Tanner was still hanging out with Noah, so Megan was going to get Savannah with Olivias hair and makeup. [b “I can’t wait to see Finn’s face tonight when he sees you.”] she told Olivia as they walked onto Noah’s house. [b “Babe! Don’t let me forget that we have to go trade cars with Dad at the hospital before. He’s letting us to take the Tahoe so we can all ride together..”]

Soon enough the three girls had taken over the bathroom and got to work on Olivia. Though, halfway through curling her hair, she had gotten really dizzy and nauseous. [i “Sav. You okay? You’re like really white..”] Megan said.
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Olivia wandered behind the girls as they worked on getting presents for Noah and Tanner. She had already bought Noah a gift, which was combined with their parent's gift. They had gotten him a new computer, as his laptop was on it's way out. They also knew he was going to be taking a photography class next semester, so they had gotten him a decent camera and a lens to go with it. Noah wasn't big on gifts that he didn't use, he preferred practical things. But Olivia did know that Noah kept every gift and card that Savannah had ever gotten him, but he would never tell her that.

Olivia perked up as Sav asked her where to start. [+pink "Hmm, maybe we should check H&M first? I don't really know, I don't buy clothes for myself all that often. Where do you guys shop?"] she asked, biting her lower lip. Olivia was starting to get nervous about her date later on, and just needed the guidance of the girls. She did start to feel a bit dizzy, but the feeling passed quickly.


Noah smiled at the text that he received. He sent her a reply, [i I miss you too, princess. We're having a good time, I hope you are having fun with the girls. I'll see you later, love.]. Tanner laughed as Noah had a goofy smile on his face, to which the boy just bumped into him. They ended getting their gifts and heading back to Noah's house. They decided to play video games until the girls had finished, after hiding their gifts of course.
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