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[b "I shouldn't have ran for the hills."] she said truthfully. [b "Hi, Noah."] She sighed softly before placing a hand to cup her belly. [b" I would really like it if we could be friends, yeah."] she told him. [b "I got one of Megan's famous pep talks. This is her and Tanner's weekend and I don't want our drama to get in the way of that... So. If we could put it behind us and just get through the wedding.. I would really like it if we could talk about things before you go back to California."] she admitted. She took her hand in his, and relished the warmth of his touch for a spilt second.

[b "Oh. Thank you."] she said as Noah helped her up the abnormally big step that led back into the venue. Noah was always very aware of when she needed help before, she guessed that hadn't changed now, especially with her pregnancy.

Mr. Ryan was very surprised when Noah walked up to them. He wasn't aware that he and his daughter were on speaking terms, but this was a start, right? [b "Nicee to see you, Noah. We're all good. Susan has taken charge of doting grandmother and I hate to admit it but our baby is quite spoiled already."] he admitted. Savannah flinched slightly as she reacted to her father talking about the baby with Noah. [b "Dad."]

Clay was a little less friendly with Noah. He wasn't going to pretend that he liked him. he had broken Savannah's heart. [b "It's been a minute. For sure. School's going well. Yeah. Pre Med. You remembered."] he said.

Savannah smiled weakly as Noah turned to her. [b "Thanks Noah, so do you."] she said softly. She knew that they hadn't exactly spoken about the baby or anything that involved it. But she was well aware that Megan had been giving Tanner baby updates, who of course told Noah. [b "I uh.. wanted to give you this."] she said as she held out the most recent 4D ultrasound of the baby. [b "I don't know what it is yet, so they cut out all of that.. It's mainly just the facial features. Tanner may or may not have let it slip that he had been giving you all the updates too.. So I thought you would like to have that."] she told him.

The rehearsal went off without a hitch. She was just praying that the wedding day was the same way. She and Clay were staying at her Father's house, so he could spend the day with her Father. She had told him that he was pre med as well, so she was sure that would give them plenty of topic while she was with Megan and the rest of the bridesmaid.

The next Savannah picked Megan up and they headed to the Venue early as it had a Bridal Parlor so everyone could get ready together. [b "I'm just hoping I can make it through my speech without crying. I'm an emotional train wreck these days."] she said as they headed into the building.

Megan looked absolutely gorgeous and she was already a train wreck. [b "I'm going to make sure that the guys are where they need to be before you come out, okay?"] she told her. She would be walking down the isle with Noah. That was the only thing that was weirdly calming to her. [b "Hey. Is Tanner already up there? Meg's almost ready to walk."] she said as she found Noah by the flower corner.

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As Noah finished his cigarette, he saw two legs standing in front of him. He looked up at Savannah, a small chuckle leaving his lips. [b "Thanks."] he said, taking the water from him. [b "Sorry, I should have just said hi."] he spoke, rubbing the back of his neck lightly. [b "Hi. Listen I'm sorry, okay. I hated how we ended things, and I at least want to be there for you and the baby. So, could we try friends? Or acquaintances at least? Even if it's only for the weekend."] he asked, holding out a hand to her.

Noah heard announcements going on inside, turning his head. [b "Let's go inside."] he smiled, walking inside. He wanted to put his hand on the small of her back as he used to, but he didn't want her to be uncomfortable. But he did open the doors for her, helping her inside when she needed it. Noah met up with Tanner and stood next to him as they announced the wedding party and were starting the rehearsal dinner. The dinner was normal, as Noah kept stealing glances at Savannah, who he couldn't believe had brought Clay with her. Were they dating? He knew this wasn't about him, it was about Tanner and Megan.

After dinner, they had time to mingle and talk to people. This was his chance to bring back his good impression. He walked over to Savannah, Clay, and her father; a smile on his face. [b "Hello Mr. Ryan, how are you? How's the hospital? Congratulations, by the way, I heard about the new girlfriend."] he attempted to be kind and inviting. [b "Hey Clay, long time no see, huh? How's school, pre-med too, right?"] he asked, shaking his hand. He wanted to show Savannah he could be fine. He wasn't fine, but he would fake it. He had to find a time for them to talk alone, but he wanted it on her terms. She was in charge of this situation. [b "Hi Savannah. You look great."] he said, making sure it was a nice compliment and not sound creepy at all.
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Her anxiety was at an all time high as Clay followed the directions that Siri spoke. They had to go to the rehearsal dinner straight from the airport as their plane was late. She had been able to change in a bathroom at the airport, and she looked put together, well as put together as an eight month pregnant woman could get. [b "I'm nervous."] she muttered as Clay turned into the parking lot. [b "I'm really excited to see Megan, and my Dad.. But I'm just nervous. Maybe it just from the plane. I wasn't supposed to fly this late into my pregnancy, but what choice did I have?"] She was mainly talking to herself at this point.

She was thankful that her Father had been able to meet Clay via one of their many facetime calls. It made it easier; knowing she would have to leave Clay to fend for himself during most of the weekend, as she was the maid of honor. [b "There's my dad!"] she said as she pointed. She froze when her eyes locked with Noah's. Her breath was caught in her throat and she felt like she couldn't get any air. [b" I- I need to go find Megan. See if there is anything that she needs me to do. You go mingle with my Dad."]

She found Megan and Tanner and quickly indulged her role as the MOH. After Megan had given her a pep talk of course. [i "I know that this is going to be awkward as hell for you [b both]] Megan had told her. [i "But this is my wedding weekend. It's supposed to be the best day of my life, Sav. I cannot deal with Noah drama while focusing on marrying Tanner. I need you guys to at least be okay for this weekend.. He is your baby's father anyway. Maybe it's time for you two to clear the air."]

Megan was right, she quickly realized. This weekend wasn't about her, it wasn't about her baby and it sure as hell wasn't about Noah. It was about their best friends getting married, and she was going to make sure that it went off without a hitch... Even if that meant she had to talk to Noah.

She had seen him walk out the back door and she hadn't seen him enter again so she grabbed a water and ducked out before Clay found her. [b "I'm going to tell you right now, If I ever catch my kid smoking and hiding at their best friends rehearsal dinner, I'm going to kick their ass."] she said as she handed the water to Noah. [b "I have gum too. You don't want that smell on your breath."]
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Noah's next few weeks were filled with hospital visits. It was the only thing he could do without thinking about Savannah, was watching Olivia and Finn get better. As his relationship fell apart, Finn and Olivia's had flourished. Finn had actually planned on asking Olivia to be his girlfriend at the fireworks before everything happened. He had asked her soon after she woke up, and she of course agreed.

Noah would escape the room to walk the maternity floor, looking at all the newborns. He couldn't bear to see Savannah and he knew she probably didn't want him around. But he wanted to be a dad, he wanted to be like his own father was to him. It tore him up that no one would like Noah even to talk to Savannah, especially Tanner. He had been around her when Megan went to visit her, so he knew how upset she was. All Noah wanted to do was go to her house and beg for her to take him back. Let him be the boyfriend he knew he could be. Tanner refused, she was too fragile right now for his grand gestures.

Going back to Standford was the hardest thing he ever had to do. He went back with Tanner, who had since heard from Samantha that the picture was old and she apologized to Tanner, Noah still refused any contact with her. Noah became cold, similar to his time in high school. He was constantly on edge, he was smoking at least half a pack a day and barely talked to anyone. All he did was play baseball and go to class. He barely slept, barely ate, and only talked to Tanner. Tanner had been able to get updates from Megan, which Noah followed religiously. He wanted pictures daily, he wanted to watch every video Savannah sent Megan all the time. He'd get yelled at by his coach staring at photos of the ultrasound that he carried around, along with the picture of the two of them from Christmas. Noah played shit in baseball, considering he had no Savannah in the crowd to cheer him on or send him a good luck text before every game. He ended up bench for most of the second half of the season due to being so distracted. He couldn't wait to be home.

Noah flew home with Tanner, meeting up with Megan at the airport. Noah hadn't talked to Megan in a while, but it was nice to see her. [b "Hi Megan. How's Savannah?"] he blurted out. [b "I mean, how are you?"]
[i "She's fine. Baby's good. It's nice to see you, Noah. Heard you were benched for the baseball season, huh?"] Megan jabbed, and Noah knew he deserved it.
[b "Yeah, too distracted."] He replied sheepishly.

Noah went right from the airport to the hotel for the rehearsal dinner. Tanner had booked a room for Noah so he could stay nearby in case he needed anything for the wedding. Noah had no plus one, no one he actually cared to take, so he was going solo.

Noah got to the rehearsal dinner early and headed to the bar to get a drink. He knew he'd been seeing Savannah and knew he couldn't do it sober unless he wanted to break down in front of her. As soon as she walked in, his old demeanor washed away. She looked beautiful and glowing and he wanted to scoop her into his arms again. She was followed in by Clay, and Noah wanted to die. She had moved on to Clay, he was there for her and Noah couldn't be. Noah's eyes locked with Savannah's and he had to leave. He headed out a backdoor, lighting up a cigarette and taking a long drag. This day was not going to be easy.
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Savannah watched as Noah stood on his front porch.. watching her as she got into Megan's car. [b "I don't want to talk about it. I just want to go home."] she said. Her hands cupped her belly as her body shook from the sobs.

Olivia was hit by a drunk driver, and she couldn't even check on her. It wasn't her place anymore. She didn't know what she was upset more about, Olivia or the fact that she had just left the love of her life.

The next few weeks were brutal without Noah. Megan was always with her, with was almost annoying at this point. Because that meant Tanner was there too... Well when he wasn't checking in on Noah, from what she had heard. [b "I'm really fine. You have a wedding to plan for christ sake, I don't know why you come over here every day. I'm literally just laying in bed ALL DAY."]

She and Megan planned the wedding and got everything finalized before they flew their separate ways back to reality.

She went back to California without Noah.. Her Dad flew out with her so she didn't have to travel alone, everyone was acting like she was a piece of glass that was going to break and she hated it. [b "I'll be okay."] she muttered as her Father pulled her into a hug. [b "Tell Susan that I expect those phone calls she promised me."] Unlike she had planned, she actually liked her Father's girlfriend. She reminded her of her Mother, though she knew no one could ever replace her. [b "I'll see you two in a few months. Call me when you land."]

She didn't realize how depressed she was, how much she missed Noah until she was completely alone in her apartment. School kept her busy so her mind was distracted.

The semester dragged by. She had found an OBGYN that was willing to see her, even though she was going to deliver in Hamilton County back in Tennessee. Megan and Tanner's wedding was about a month before her due date so she was going to be a cow by then, but she would be home. She and Clay had reconnected, he apologized after he realized that she needed someone. He had been a shit person and realized that, but he had been there when she didn't have anyone else. They were doing so well with their friendship that he was going to be her plus one, once again mainly so she didn't have to travel alone being so pregnant.

Going back to Tennessee was more emotional than she thought it would be. She had packed up her clothes and what not since she would be staying with her Father and taking two semesters off. She knew there was no way she could take care of a newborn baby in California by herself and be a full time student, so her Father offered to let her move into the basement that he had been redoing, and Susan was going to take some time off to help while she transitioned into the mommy role. Susan had quickly become one of her best friends, aside from Megan of course. She was so helpful and was always there with anything that she had needed.

[b "Feel's weird being back home."] she muttered as she and Clay exited the airport. [b "I know I have to go to the rehearsal dinner, but I really cant wait to sleep."]

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[b "Drunk driver hit them. I promise I wouldn't lie about her."] Noah said, his eyes darted to the ground before back to her.

As Savannah spoke about taking a step back. [b "Savannah, no. Please."] he spoke, reaching out to her. He had to learn to be a dad and he didn't want to do it alone. He didn't want to be without her, and he knew they had just broken. As she walked away, he realized how physically hurt she was. Her ankle was messed up and he could see the small baby bump that he hadn't noticed until now. As she made her way to the car and got inside, his girl had left. She was no longer his girl and that killed him inside. [b "Fuck..."] he spoke. He walked inside and slammed the door, making the pictures on the wall shake. He grabbed the first thing he could find, ceramic decoration, and threw it. It smashed on the ground as Noah fell to the ground in tears. He could stop hitting the ground, he was so upset. He had no time to celebrate that they were going to have a baby and now they weren't together. He went upstairs with blurry eyes and checked his phone.

He did, in fact, have almost 100 calls from Tanner. He did have one text from Samantha. [+purple [i Hi Noah. Sent your friends a little picture of us. Happy New Year]]. Noah pressed call, allowing it to ring.
[+purple "Noah! Hello!"]
[b "Cut the shit, Sam. Just letting you know that once again you have ruined my life beyond repair. Stay away from me, don't fucking talk to Savannah, and don't ever talk to me again."]
[+purple "Noah, you haven't talked like this since high school. I thought your anger was under control."] For some reason, Sam now seemed concerned.
[b "Sam, don't fucking talk to me ever again or I will take legal action. If I hear that you have even looked in Sav's direction, you don't even want to know. Goodbye."]

Noah took his phone and threw it against the wall, the phone shattering against the wall. He landed on his bed, finding a shirt of hers that had been tucked under his sheets. He held it up, it smelling of her perfume. His eyes were full of tears. He headed back to the hospital, telling her whole family and Finn what happened, about the baby and the breakup. Olivia cried, his mom cried and his dad could only pat him on the back. All Noah wanted was Savannah.
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Savannah froze as Noah grabbed her shoulders. She wanted to believe him, she truly did... So why couldn't she? [b "I don't understand why Samantha would lie about that though! I mean..."] she looked at him when he said Olivia was hurt. [b "What do you mean Olivia was hurt? She was going to watch the fireworks downtown with Finn... Did--- Did he do something to her. Noah! Tell me what the hell happened to Olivia!"]

She nodded as she listened to him. There was no way he would've known that she was pregnant.. The only people that knew before last night was herself and Megan. [b "I wanted to surprise you. I thought it would be a great surprise to take into the new year with us..."] she mumbled. She looked down at the promise ring Noah had given her as a Christmas present before she looked back to him.

[b "I- I think we need to take a step back."] she said. Her insides were screaming. Why was she saying this? [b "I think you need to focus on yourself and Olivia... And I need to figure out how the hell I'm going to be a Mom."] she said truthfully. She couldn't get that picture of Noah kissing Samantha out of her head. [b "I...I'll see you around."] she muttered as she hobbled out of the house. She looked up as she heard an engine running; Megan was still there. The sobs burst out as she realized her friend hadn't left.
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Noah took a hold of her shoulders, not to hurt her, but to look her in the eyes. [b "Savannah! I was not with Samantha. Do you know where I was? The hospital!"] he spoke, taking a deep breath. [b "Olivia got hurt, real bad. So that's what I did."] he said.

[b "Savannah, I told you! Samantha and I were not together. I haven't seen or heard from her. I didn't have my phone and I had no idea you were pregnant. If I had my phone, you know I would have found my way to you. Do you really think I'm lying to you right now? What would I have to gain from lying! I wouldn't have given you a ring if I didn't think I wanted to be with you!"] Noah yelled. Now his eyes were glossy, but he couldn't cry anymore.

[b "What do you mean? Savannah, what do you mean you don't know? Savannah, you are so important. My sister was hurt and I didn't have my phone or any way to call you! I wasn't with Sam! If you don't believe me...then I don't know either."] Noah said. He wanted to be happy, he was going to be a dad. Savannah was holding their child in her, and the two of them were fighting. He wanted to sweep her up in his arms and kiss her, take her pain away, but he knew better than to do that right now. Why couldn't she see he wasn't lying? [b "What does this mean, Savannah?"] he spoke, his voice still raised, but calm. He couldn't make her stay if she didn't want to, but it would kill him inside.
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[b "How do I know that Noah?!"] she cried. [b "I was sitting there so scared... Afraid that I had killed our baby before I had even been able to tell you that I was even pregnant."] she told him. [b "And when I found out that you were with Samantha... I was shattered at my core."] She took a deep breath before she looked back at him.

[b "I was in such a state. Megan couldn't calm me down, so Tanner took charge of getting ahold of you."] she told him. [b "He texted and called everyone. He tried to get ahold of you in every way that he knew to try... So at last, he texted Samantha. It was a cheap shot, probably wasn't going to help ANYTHING. Until he got the picture."] she told him. [b "It kills me. It kills me knowing that you could help Samantha when you really didn't even know if she was even telling the truth about being pregnant... But you couldn't be there for me."] she sobbed [b "You couldn't be there on the one night when I needed you the most in my life."]

She shook her head before she looked back at him. [b "Was being with her so important? Was it more important than being there for me? For your freaking unborn baby."] She shook her head as she realized that it was no use. [b "Noah... I don't... I don't know anymore."]
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[b "I told you four times! I was not with Samantha!"] Noah yelled. Groaning, he ran a hand through his hair. [b "Again, I had something going, my phone was an afterthought and I just forgot it. I didn't have access to a phone so I couldn't call you!"] he said. [b "Believe me, I know bad things happen!"].

Noah couldn't believe Savannah believed Sam over him. She should know how much of a liar and manipulator she was, and she was falling right into a trap she set, he could tell. He was going to tell her he was happy she was pregnant and try to smooth this over when she mentioned Tanner. [b "Tanner?"] he asked. Why the fuck was his best friend texting Sam or buying into what she said. He felt a phone shoved into his hands and a picture of him and Sam from last year. He couldn't help but scoff. [b "The photo I took with her last year? That's your 'proof'. She's trying to manipulate you!"] he sighed.

[b "Here, I posted it on Instagram last year."] he said. He used her phone to go onto his Instagram page and scrolled down. He remembered that he deleted all their pictures, so he also had no proof. [b "I deleted it but I swear! I was not with her, why wouldn't you trust me?"] he said. When it came to Samantha, Savannah couldn't calm down. She had sabotaged them too many times and this was just another attempt.
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Savannah looked at Noah and just shook her head softly. [b "Tanner tried calling and texting you. He tried to get ahold of you ALL night long, Noah. You not knowing, is no ones fault but your own."] she said. [b "What am I talking about Samantha for? REALLY?"]

She froze for a spilt second when he said that his phone had been at his home, and dead. [b "Why did you leave your phone at home? I mean... Was being with Samantha so much more important than even knowing that your girlfriend was ok?"] she asked. [b "Why did you leave your phone at home when literally everyone knows that bad things happen on New Years?!"] she asked.

[b "NO! I didn't know. I didn't know until two weeks ago, Noah. I wanted to surprise you. I thought that New Years Eve would be best... Considering you would see me not drinking."] she told him. [b "Tanner told me you were with Samantha."] She held up her phone and handed it to him, the photo of him and Samantha kissing under the fireworks. [b "That's how Tanner knew you were with Samantha... I just don't understand how you could run back to her after all the shit that you've spoken about her!"]
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Noah was confused about everything that came out of Savannah's mouth. But once she mentioned a baby, everything froze. She was pregnant and she hadn't even told him. And she had fell. Was she okay? Was the baby? He didn't know what to do with the information that was being thrown at him. Then she mentioned Samantha, what in the world was she bringing her up for.

[b "Savannah, I didn't know! And what are you talking about Samantha for? I haven't even seen or spoken to her since we saw her at the lights! My phone has been at home and dead, how would I have seen the calls. Don't you think if I didn't reach out to you that something else was going on?"] Noah said. His voice was raised, but he kept his cool. He knew he couldn't get angry right now.

[b "But you knew for three months that we are going to have a baby and you didn't tell me?! Don't you think that would be something to mention?"] He said. Why wouldn't she tell him, he would have been more attentive. [b "And who told you I was with Samantha? And why would I be kissing her? I don't love her, I've told you over and over! Why do you keep bringing her up? She's over, done."] he continued. He felt like he was dreaming, nothing made sense to him. He couldn't even talk about Olivia or he knew he'd burst into tears.
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Savannah froze when Noah opened the door. She had prepared a speech in her mind, a yelling match... But then she was pulled into his arms.

[b "I have no idea the night you had? You have no idea the night I had. Noah! Tanner called you one hundred and thirty six times. Megan texted you and everyone that she could think of trying to get ahold of you!"] she screamed. [b "Noah. I fell down twenty stairs last night. I was in the hospital for the entire night. Hooked up to all kinds of damn machines just to make sure that your baby was ok! While you were out with Samantha. While you're out making out with your ex girlfriend who with your words mentally and emotionally abused you!."] she said as she stepped back.

[b "The one moment when I needed you most, you weren't there! You were sucking faces with Samantha."] she screamed. [b "I was going to tell you that you were going to be a Father. I'm three months pregnant."] she said, throwing the Plot Twist Onesie at him. [b "How the hell could you? You didn't think that Tanner calling that many times was an emergency? Or did you just not care?"]
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After a few hours, Olivia begged Noah to go home and shower. [+pink "Noah, please. I'm okay. Please go home and clean up. And I'll give you a list of stuff from home to bring back."] she smiled. She had stabilized overnight, Noah sleeping in the chair next to her all night. If almost on cue, their parents ran into Olivia's side, Noah's mom in tears. Noah instantly felt better about going home. His body was stiff and he was tired, but he should shower and try and tell Savannah why he didn't come. He hoped she wasn't too angry with him, it was just a party.

Noah drove home and went straight to his phone, which was dead y now. He plugged it in and went for the shower immediately. He showered, trying to think of how to tell Savannah what happened with Olivia. She knew how important the girl was to him, as soon as he said what happened, she'd probably want to go visit with him.

After his shower, he pulled on a pair of sweatpants, and the new Apple watches that Savannah had gifted him for Christmas as well. He ran a hand through his wet hair, pushing it out of his face for now. He left his shirt off as he gathered things for Olivia that she asked for.

Noah heard the door, running downstairs to see Savannah. A smile came to his face as he saw her, pulling her into a hug. [b "Babe, hi. You have no idea the night I had, sorry my phone died or I would have messaged you this morning. But what's up, why are you here?"] he asked. He knew she was probably just looking for him, but he'd let her speak too.
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They ended up keeping Savannah overnight for observation, probably just due to her hysterics. But the baby was perfectly fine. She had some bruising around her stomach due to how she landed. Her ankle was sprained, but everything else checked out.

Megan and Tanner stayed with her the entire night, as Noah was still nowhere to be found. Tanner had continuously called his every five minutes, but at some point his phone must've died. [i "I don't know what's going on. But I know this isn't normal for Noah. Something else is going on."] Tanner told Megan during the night while Savannah slept. He had gotten desperate, so he decided to text Samantha. Knowing that it was a small town, maybe she had seen him. He wasn't ready for what he received. He looked to Megan with wide eyes as he showed her the picture he'd received. [i "Noah is with Samantha..."]

They released Savannah at noon. She had went into a frozen state after Tanner and Megan told her what they had learned about Noah. What they had learned about his whereabouts. She was frozen, she couldn't feel anything. [b "I need to talk to him."] Megan once again stayed by her best friends side. [i "You can't drive with that ankle anyway. So I refuse to leave you alone until you're safe with Noah."] she told Savannah. [b 'After all, that is my Niece or Nephew in there."]

Savannah didn't know what it was, but it was like her small baby belly had gotten bigger overnight, literally so it seemed. After she had gotten a halfway shower, Megan promised to drive her to Noah's. She just wanted an explanation. He had been MIA on the one night that she needed him most up to date.

[b "His car is home."] Savannah said as Megan pulled into the Davis' driveway. With some struggle, she managed to get onto the front porch and waited for someone... anyone to answer. She didn't know what to expect.
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