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"Then grab some drinks lady!" Noah said as he heard she brought her ID. "I'll drink whatever, and I know Tanner grabbed a bit more liquor so we'll be set on that!" he smiled.

As she started listing off people, he was shocked that their entire friend group was coming down. "Wow. That's like everyone." he said. Now, he was so excited to see everyone, but he was gonna have to pull Savannah into his room so they could have time alone. Since he kissed her, he wanted nothing more to do it again and again. "I hope we still get our alone time, I like spending time with you." he smiled.

Noah grabbed a bunch of other stuff and finished everything they needed. They checked out quickly and got all the bags in the back of his truck. They got all their bags quickly inside and he sighed. He smiled at Savannah and went up to the girl. Noah pressed his lips to the girl, letting the kiss for a few seconds before pulling away. "I've been waiting since we left the house to kiss you again." he smiled at her. "Uh, Savannah, do we want to tell our friends, about us?" he asked. He was a bit unsure of what they were at this point but he didn't want to kiss her in front of their friends if she wanted to wait to tell them.
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She could hardly hold back a giggle when he realized they needed muffin mix after he had called her “muffin”. [b “Okay! What flavors? Blueberry? Strawberry? Wild berry? Banana?”] she stammered as she basically listed all them off.

She watched as he went over to the butcher. She couldn’t help but smile. [b “Lets see... We needed hamburger meat. We could do burgers one night or I could make some Lasagna too. Pizza! Definitely need some frozen pizzas.”] she said as they walked around, both of them just throwing randoms in the cart. She did a happy dance as she snuck a few more bags of hot Cheetos in the cart, hoping he didn’t notice. She couldn’t help but grin widely when he gave her a look. [b “But they are a necessity!”]

She followed him around as they continued to wonder around. [b “Hmmm. I brought my I.D with me...”] she muttered as she stood in front of the beer section. [b “Yeah! Megan texted me, the roads are cleared so they’ll be here sometime Monday afternoon!.”] she said [b “Megan and Tanner, Josie and Jake, and then I think Ben and Adrian are coming. Megan said something about her sister and Jacob tagging along, but I’m not sure about that her. Oh and Jenna and Micheal!”]
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"Okay, whatever you want muffin." Noah smiled, "Oh and muffins. We need to make muffins" he laughed.

Noah went over to the butcher and asked for the two best cuts of steak they had. He could make a special dinner for the two of them, steak and mac and cheese. He'd make it more than once but it'd be a special meal for the two of them tonight. He watched her throw Hot Cheetos into the basket, "Ugh, okay. Fine." he smiled at her. "But Takis are so much better and spicier." he smiled, throwing two bags of Fuego Takis into the cart as well.

Noah looked around, throwing random snacks and different things into the cart as the wandered through the aisles. He saw a bunch of groups of teens, probably doing the same thing they were doing. The pair was going to have to wait until Monday until all of their friends were gonna be there anyway. "Have you heard from anyone? Also, who exactly is coming, I forgot. I know Tanner and Megan but have you heard from anyone else? " he asked. He was super forgetful and knew he would never remember who was invited until they showed up.
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Savannah just stood there and stared at him. He really had to go and bring that up, AGAIN? [b "Okay, wow. Meanie."] she muttered. [b "I told you, Your Momma told you, you're not allowed to make fun about that anymore!"] she whined. [b "It was one damn time! And I swear, it moved when I was backing out!!"] She had started to walk toward the door, but she stopped quickly when he said he had forgotten something. [b "Oh wha--."] she was cut off when she seen him leaning down toward her out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help but blushed as she ran out towards his truck. He was the cutest thing in the world. While they were driving, she couldn't help but sneak glances at him.

She all but jumped out of the truck once they arrived at the grocery store. [b "When I imagined what our summer would look like... I didn't imagine all this fucking rain."] she said as she shoved her hood off her head when they were inside. She thought for a moment when he asked what was something she really wanted. He could probably cook rubber and it would taste good. [b "Hm. I'm not sure... But would you let me cook for you one night? I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as your own cooking... But I feel like I should do something in return."]

[b "Steak!"] she said rather quickly. [b "And pleaseee make your mac and cheese. I would literally do just about anything for it."] she said with a wink. [b "Hot Cheetos!"] She grinned as she wobbled over and threw two bags in the cart. [b "Oh my gosh. Look how good this looks."] she said as she grabbed ice cream out of the freezer. [b "Strawberry Cheesecake!"]
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Noah thought a minute about what car to take. "Hmm, we can take mine. I like my truck and I really don't trust you driving after you hit my mailbox when you backed out of my driveway last year." the boy laughed, grabbing his wallet and keys. "Got everything?" he asked, smiling. They walked to the door, and Noah stopped. "Oh I forgot something" he said, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the girl's lips. "Okay, now we can go." he said, winking and putting his hood up.

Noah opened the door for Savannah, shutting her door and went to his side. He got in quickly, putting his hood down and ran a hand through his slightly wet hair, pushing it out of his face. He smiled at the girl, putting the car in drive and started going to the store. He put on the GPS and was able to find a store right around the corner. He parked pretty close to the store, opening his and her doors, closing them. He grabbed the girl's hand, running slightly so they wouldn't get too wet. Now his hair was fully soaked again. "And my hair just dried from my shower," he said, trying to run his hands through it so it looked somewhat decent.

"So, what is something you [i really] want me to make? I'll make you anything you want." Noah smirked at the girl, winking. "I'm definitely getting things to make my famous mac and cheese. I'll probably get stuff to BBQ with too once the rain lets up." he smiled, throwing stuff in the cart as he passed it.
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She grinned as she nodded. [b “Well. If you keep cooking like this... then I’ll just have to start working out again.”] she said. She watched as he moved closer to her, her eyes closed when he pressed his lips to her forehead. [b “So did I.”]. She couldn’t help but feel giddy even today. There was just a feeling that this was going to be the best summer ever.

[b “Well. I think we should definitely go to grocery store. Daddy gave me one of his cards and told me that we could it on food... As for later. I’m sure we could find something to do.”] she said as she took a bite of the pancakes and all but moaned. [b “Maybe make out some more.”] she muttered softly. [b “I’ll go get dressed after I eat.”]

When Noah came back downstairs, she had demolished her plate of food. [b “It was AMAZING.”] she said as she placed her things in the dishwasher. [b “I’ll start it when we get back from town... Maybe we should find some board games or cards or something too.”]

She quickly placed a kiss on his cheek before she ran upstairs to change. She ended up taking a shower last night before she went to sleep, so that was out of the way. After slipping on some nike shorts and a random tee shirt, she headed downstairs to find her tennis shoes and her pink rain jacket. [b “Your truck or my car?”] she questioned as she bent over to tie her laces. She had left her hair down in a wavy mess.

[ outfit]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 254d 18h 16s
"Of course I am! And I love cooking." Noah said, adjusting his glasses. "Hey Savannah, I had a really nice night last night." he smiled. Noah walked around the island separating them and pressed a kiss to her temple. He didn't want to push anything on her, they were still best friends. They just made out now.

"Any idea of what we could do today? It's still disgusting outside. I mean, I know some things we could do inside" he said, winking at her and biting his lip. He laughed, "But we should also venture to a grocery store or something, there is literally no food in this house." he said. "Literally, I cooked the last few things I could find." he smiled. Noah finished up the breakfast and set everything up. "I'm gonna get ready, eat and we can go," he said, heading upstairs.

Noah went into the bathroom and took a quick shower. He put on some boxer briefs, jeans, and a black tee-shirt. He pulled on a red and black hoodie and some socks. He had some black Vans downstairs he would wear out. "How was my food?" he asked, messing up her hair while passing her. He grabbed some bacon and some pancakes, taking a bite of his pancakes. "Oh, I am a food genius!" he said, laughing. He looked at the girl and smiled, [i Damn, she is so pretty.] he thought, taking another bite of food.
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Savannah looked at Noah and grinned as she heard him stat she was was reading his mind. She shivered as she felt his hand running through her hair, and then they were both on her hips. She deepened the kiss as she felt him pull her closer to him. [b "This is perfect."] she mumbled.

She gasped as she felt the wall against her back. [i "Oh my gosh."] she thought as she reached up and ran her hands through his already messy hair. Giggling, when she felt her legs lift off the ground, she draped an around around his neck for support. The next thing she knew, she was laying on the bed, and he had kissed her forehead and then proceaded to...lick her face? She looked at him as he ran out of her room. [b "Noah! That's not nice!"] She sighed as she leaned back against the pillows. [b "Goodnight meanie."] she called.

She woke up to more rain. It was still raining, so it seemed like they probably wouldn't get out in the water today either, maybe they could find something in town to get into. She slipped back into her pajamas, as sometimes, she got hot at night and inded up in only her underwear. She didn't know how it happened, it just did. She was weird, it was okay. She looked up when she heard Noah yell good morning. She grinned and rolled her eyes to herself before she headed downstairs. [b "Good Morning yourself."] She looked around and noticed he was cooking bacon and pancakes. [b "I think you're trying to make me fat."] she muttered. She threw her hair into a messy bun before she was around the food. She walked up to bar and climbed up into one of the stools.

[ pajamas]
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Noah looked directly into the girl's eyes. "You are basically reading my mind" he smiled. Noah pressed his lips to the girls, letting their lips follow each other. He let his hand travel into her hair. brushing it through the ends. His hands traveled to the girl's hips, pulling her closer to him. "Is this okay?" he said quietly, breathing a bit heavy.

Noah kissed the girl as they stood up, and ended up with her back against the wall. They clumsily walked up the stairs, until Noah picked the girl up, her legs wrapped around his middle. The kissed as they made their way upstairs, into the girl's newly picked bedroom. He placed the girl down gently, placed a kiss on her forehead and pulled away from her. "Goodnight." he said, licking her down her cheek and ran out of her room. He ran into his room and locked the door. "Goodnight muffin. We have a month to do whatever we want," he said. He knew he had to stop himself, he didn't know what would happen if he didn't. The boy quickly stripped into his boxer briefs and fell asleep.

[b [i THE NEXT DAY]]

Noah woke up bright and early, knowing the girl would still be sleeping. He pulled on some basketball shorts, a baseball hat and his glasses, and continued to head downstairs. He started making bacon, pancakes, and toast. He looked outside, it was still raining, but no thunder or lightning. It looked light a flood outside, and he just hopped his friends were safe. He heard some rustling upstairs, knowing it was either Savannah or a ghost. He laughed at his own private joke and continued to make breakfast. "Goodmorning Sleeping Beauty" he yelled upstairs from the kithen, smirking to himself.
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Savannah glanced over at him when he called her out on perching her lips together. She playfully rolled her eyes and shrugged. [b "Okay but do you really gotta just call me out like that?"] she questioned as she playfully pushed him.

She looked down before looking at him when she heard his question. How long had she wanted him to kiss her? When did she start feeling some type of way about him? It had been forever. [b "A lon--."] she was cut off by his lips lightly on hers. She couldn't help but grin as she shook her head. [b "A long time."]

She knew at that moment, that this summer was going to be the best summer of her entire life. She shivered when she felt his hand on her hip. [b "Okay soooo. I'm thinking we should maybe try that again."] she muttered as she scooted down closer to his face.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 257d 5h 47m 45s
"Yeah you are, you are doing that thing you always do when you're nervous." Noah laughed. She was really cute. He had done what he wanted to do for years, he kissed her. She was such a good person. She was sweet, funny and beautiful. He couldn't take all the credit though, if she didn't say something, he probably wouldn't have done anything.

"Savannah, how long have you wanted to kiss me?" Noah asked, not looking at her face quite yet. The boy kissed the girl lightly on the lips before whispering, "Because I have wanted to do that for years." he smiled, pulling away from her. Noah was acting so cocky, but in reality, he was freaking out on the inside. He had gained a lot of confidence lately, being more comfortable in his own skin and getting older, and he was starting to use it. He placed his hand on the girl's hip turning towards her, biting his lip in the process.
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She blushed when she realized he had said he hoped he could see it sometime. [b "Ye---Yeah, when we go swimming or something."] she muttered. She perched her lips out, something she did whenever she was nervous. It was a horrible habit/trait, and she had tried to break it many times, but it just didn't go away.

She all but gasped when she felt his hand on the back of her neck, as if holding her in place. And then his lips were on hers. She all but MOANED. Like she had dreamed of this moment and now he was finally kissing her!.... Until he wasn't. She could've pouted when he pulled away. She blushed when he winked at her. [b "Uh... Yeah. Happy."] she muttererd, averting her eyes elsewhere. [b "I. I'm not nervous!"]

She leaned back against the pillows, she couldn't help but grin as she thought about what just happened, about the feeling of his lips on hers.
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Noah knew why he wouldn't show her now. He would see it at some point, especially when they would be wearing bathing suits. He listened to why she got it but was nervous to look at her after basically getting on top of her. He nodded at her explanation of her tattoo, "Cool, I hope I can see it at some point. Maybe when we go swimming or something" he said, biting his lip.

Noah froze when she started talking to him. She WANTED him to kiss her. Oh, well, if she wants too. Noah leaned over, taking hold of the back of the girl's neck, pressing his lips to hers. He closed his eyes, knowing he wouldn't stay there if he could see. They kissed for only a few seconds, and his stomach was already in knots. He pulled back but kept her face close. "Happy?" he smirked, winking at her. The boy laid back in his previous position, biting his lip, looking at the girl. "You're cute when you're nervous" he said, laughing a bit
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[b "You're very nice. Probably the nicest guy I've ever met."] she said after she all but chugged the rest of her drink. She squealed when she was in a headlock. [b "Oh come on. No fair! I wasn't even paying attenion. You can't just do that."]

She couldn't stop laughing as he was now poking her in the legs. He kept getting closer. Oh my Gawd. Was he going to kiss her? She froze. He was going to kiss her!.... What. Why was he backing away. She sighed slighty. [b "It's under my breasts."] she said, just out of the blue. She knew that if she wanted anything to happen tonight, anything at all, then she would have to make the first move.

[b "I don't have a reason as to why I did it. I just seen it in a drawing book, and decided that I wanted it."] she explained as she began poking his chest. [b "I have a question for you..."] she muttered. [b "How are you going to get really close to a girl, like you're finally going to kiss her... and then you just dont."] she mutterd, looking down at the floor.
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Noah laughed at the fact that he was 'nice at first'. "I'm nice at first too, but look at me now." the boy said, putting the girl in a gentle headlock and messing up her hair. He let her go, sticking out his tongue at her.

Noah could tell her girl was really concerned with the movie until she answered his question. "Oh, come on. You can't say that and not tell me where it is!" he said. He started poking her in the legs and sides, "C'mon, c'mon tell me." he said, laughing. He got closer and closer, still laughing until the boy realized he was about an inch or two away from the girl's face. As much as he wanted to kiss her right there, he didn't. He didn't want the girl to be uncomfortable or anything.

"Ha, sorry." Noah said, backing off her a bit, but still staying close to the girl. "But really, where is it and why did you do it?" he said, laughing, taking a sip of his drink.
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