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A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up . On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives.
Version 1: Muse B is dating one of the friends who hasn’t arrived yet, but hasn’t mentioned this to Muse A. The truth comes out when the rest of the group arrives.
Version 2: Both Muse A and Muse B are single and ready to spend the summer indulging in their steamy fling.


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As they were finally alone, Noah untied his tie and took his jacket off. He started to unbutton his white shirt, throwing it off to the side. Even though Noah was benched, he worked out even harder than before, using working out as a way to release the anger that had built up in his heart and head. [b "I have some extra sweatpants you can wear, I don't think my shirts will fit over our baby."] he smiled, sitting next to her on the bed.

As she mentioned she felt like a walrus, he could only shake his head and place a hand on her stomach. [b "Savannah, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever laid eyes on. Even pregnant, you are even more beautiful than I could have imagined. You're carrying our baby. Our baby."] Noah smiled, pressing a short kiss to her lips, holding her chin in his thumb and forefinger. [b "God, I missed you."] he smiled, kissing her one more time before releasing her chin.

Noah stripped on his dress pants, pulling on one pair of sweatpants and handing the other to Savannah. [b "I know it's not a lot, but at least you aren't sleeping in your dress. I mean, I don't know how long I'll allow you to really have clothes on."] he laughed. He knew she probably wouldn't want to have sex while pregnant, but it didn't mean they couldn't still have some fun together. She would tell him what she felt comfortable with, she was in charge. He took one strawberry, biting the fruit off and leaving the stem. He brought one over to her, holding it out for her to take a bite, holding his hand under her chin incase it dripped.
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Savannah smiled softly and simply nodded. she and Noah had found their way back to one another and now she wasn't going to let anything or anyone get between them again.
[b "That is perfectly fine by me."] she said. [b "We can always escape to my dads house."]

[b "You get me all to yourself now."] she said. She shivered as she felt him step up behind her and place kisses along her neck and shoulder. She moaned slightly as went to bend her neck more. [b "I definitely think we should go before we both get ahead of ourselves."] she told him. She looked down as he took her hand in his and that was a feeling that she never wanted to forget. [b "If you don't mind. I actually don't have any clothes. I guess we'll have to go to my house before we go see your family. I don't think it would be a good sign if I wore my bridesmaid dress... though, I am already pregnant."] she told him with a smirk [b "What else could happen?"]

She looked down as she realized what he wanted her to see when he told her to look. [b "Oh my gosh. They're the best."] she said as she sat down on the bed. She looked down at her belly and then back at Noah. [b "I feel like a giant walrus."]

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[b "Savannah, please. It's all over and your mine again. We never have to think about any of this anymore."] Noah smiled. Everything in his life felt right again. He was happy, the anger that had settled in his body was now gone. He knew he'd have to tell Savannah about what he said to Samantha and how he'd been picking fights with people during the year, but he had forever to tell her that. He would never let anything like that pull them apart again. But, what were they going to do after the summer ended and she had their son? They'd have to have that conversation another time too, he just wanted to be with her.

[b "Of course. She'll be very happy to know we're back together. She's never going to let us have alone time, you know that right?"] Noah laughed. His family, he really hadn't seen his own family after his breakup. He closed himself up in his room the rest of his break, and then went to school. He had chats with Olivia, who asked for all of the Savannah updates and the occasional call from his parents, but they didn't have the funds to come and see him, especially if he wasn't playing much. Even if he wasn't playing, he would practice constantly, but his focus was off completely. Now, he knew he'd be so much better. He hoped he'd have time for baseball even with the baby.

The two watched Tanner and Megan go off, watching his best friend get married was something he knew would happen, but it didn't feel real until it happened today. [b "Oh, I get you all to myself now."] he smiled. [b "How about we sleep in the hotel room tonight, and then we head home tomorrow. You can change and then we can go to my place so you can see Olivia and Finn and my parents. They'll be shocked."] he smiled. He peppered kisses along her neck and shoulder as he held her from behind. He moved her hair lightly, not being able to wait till they were alone. [b "Let's go, before I get ahead of myself."] he smiled, taking her hand and bringing her to the room. What Noah didn't know is Tanner and Megan sent a non-alcoholic bottle of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries to his room for the two of them. [b "Savannah, look."] he smiled, showing her their gifts. [b "Do you need some clothes to sleep in?"] he asked.
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Savannah listened as Noah sighed, and she was a little confused. Had she done something wrong? She listened as he spoke and her heart broke just a little bit more. [b "She didn't tell me any of that."] she said softly. [b "I mean, I figured that somewhere along the way you were getting updates when Tanner started to text me and ask me how I was feeling, how the baby was.. Noah, I am so sorry."] she said. [b "I am so terribly sorry for the way I left that morning... If I could go back and change it... I would re do it all."]

When she had went back to California, she had wanted to reach out to Noah's family; especially Olivia. The two of them had grown so close those few week they spent together. But she was afraid she would be stepping on toes since she and Noah weren't even speaking. [b "Can we go see her? Tomorrow? It will be late by the time we get out of here tonight, but I would really like to go see your family. I wanted to keep in touch, especially with Liv.. I was just afraid that it would make you upset."]

She couldn't wipe the smile off her face as she watched the way Megan looked at Tanner. They were truly made for each other. After they had seen them off with sparklers, Savannah made sure everything was good to go with the venue and that she had everything of Megan's packed up before heading off to find Noah again. [b "The Bride and Groom have exited the building."] she told him as she grabbed her duffle bag. [b "That means and baby momma and daddy can leave."]
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Noah sighed, Megan didn't tell her yet. [b "So, Megan came over the day after we broke up. She was ready to beat me up for the picture and everything, and that's when she got a message from, you know, and told her it was a lie. We talked for a little bit and I asked her to send Tanner updates for me. I knew it'd be weird if you ever saw she was texting me and Tanner was the easiest person to get things to me. So, it was my way of checking in on you and the baby. I begged for more pictures every day but she didn't want you to catch on."] Noah explained. He couldn't stay away, even if he was supposed to.

[b "And I love you, Savannah Grace Ryan."] Noah smiled. [b "I bet you'll look more amazing than you already do, Momma."] he smiled. He knew she'd be an amazing mother. He was so upset he missed her first mother's day and knew he'd have to make it up to her. [b "Olivia tried not to ask about you because she knew it bothered me, but she did anyway. She still is so obsessed with you and now even more so with the baby. She's not going to leave you alone. She had to stay home right now, she still has rib damage from the accident, and she not supposed to do too much."] Noah said, running his hand over Savannah's hair.

[b "I think that's a good plan."] Noah smiled. The music started to pick up, and Savannah and Noah met up with the new bride and groom. [b "So, Megan, how does it feel to be married to this idiot?"] Noah teased, taking Tanner into a headlock. [i "Don't break him, I need him for our honeymoon!"] Megan said, taking a hold of his arm. A smile never left either of their faces, they were truly meant for each other, as Noah and Savannah were too.
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She hadn’t left his mind? He had never stopped thinking about her? After that morning that she left him, she figured Noah would move on, find someone else that made him happy and just forget about her. She had left him, she had blown up and caused an argument and then ran off. But he came back. He didn’t leave her. [b “Why do you think Megan sent them to Tanner? She knew he would be keeping you updated.”] she said softly.

She laughed slightly as Noah told her not to cry. [b “I’m almost eight months pregnant, it’s my best friends wedding day, and I just got back together with the love of my life. I’m emotional as is, all this isn’t helping. I’m sorry.”] she stuttered as she tried to get her emotions under control. [i “You can cry when you take my last name.”] she heard. Her heart seemed to skip a beat as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him as close as she could get him. [b “I love you, Noah Davis.”]

[b “I already have a dress for the pictures. I’ll find you an outfit though. I was thinking we could take them at the meadow. Oh! I didn’t know he was into photography, but yes! We should ask him to take them. I followed along with their relationship on Instagram, but I didn’t know they were officially together. That makes my momma heart so happy.”] she told him. She felt bad, when she left Noah, she had left Olivia. She really hoped she got the chance to reconnect with her.

[b “Fine, as soon as I see that Megan is safely in the car, we’re leaving.”] she told him with a sparkle in her eye.
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Noah smiled. [b "Savannah, you never left my mind. I kept our Christmas picture in my wallet along with the ultrasound I stole from Tanner's phone."] he smiled. [b "I broke quite a few things and threatened a certain person who ruined our lives, so we shouldn't have to deal with her anymore."] Noah said. He refused to even say Sam's name anymore, she was cut out of his life for good now.

Noah wiped the tears off of her cheeks. [b "Don't cry, babe. You can cry when you take my last name, deal?"] he said, pressing a kiss to her head. He knew he'd marry Savannah, and after losing her, he knew he couldn't live without her. He knew she wouldn't want to get married while pregnant, so he'd wait until they were settled with the baby before he popped the questions, even if he had already been looking at rings last night.

[b "Baby shower, check. Maturity pictures whenever you want. Tell me what to wear and I'll be there. Actually, Finn takes photos on the side, maybe he'll do them for us. I don't know if you know, but Finn and Olivia have been dating since New Years Day. Olivia will love to see you, she called me every day to ask if I had updates on the baby."] he smiled. Olivia was more excited than anyone for the baby, she had started buying toys and things as soon as she found out. She was ready to be the best aunt she could.

Noah bit his lip as he asked to cut out early. [b "Don't tempt me, princess. Maybe after our speeches and cake."] he smirked, kissing her lips lightly.
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Savannah just watched as Clay rolled his eyes and stormed off. What in the world was she thinking?

[b "I never stopped thinking about you."] she told him as he led her out to the dance floor. She giggled as she wrapped her hands around his neck. [b "This isn't as easy as it was last summer. My big belly is in the way."] she said. She looked at Noah with a confused look when she heard him mention baby daddy again. But when she realized that he was asking her to officially be his girl again, tears trickled down her face. [b "I don't need romantic Noah Davis. All I need is you and our baby. Of course I'll be your girlfriend again."] she told him.

She laughed as Megan and Tanner were soon next to them and she couldn't help but smile with happiness. [b "Oh hush it Tanner."] she said as she let her head rest into the crook of Noah's neck again. [b "You have nothing to feel that way for. Okay. It's my fault. I left you. It doesn't matter though, you're here now."] she said softly. [b "I would really like to do maternity pictures."]

Megan peeped up behind Noah with a creepy/funny smile on her face. [b "Hey uh. So. Bad timing, I know. But I kinda already beat ya to that baby shower thing. Just have her at my house next Sunday at three, kay?"] she said.

[b "I don't think I've felt this content in a long time."] Savannah told him as they moved in a slow circle. Noah's hand was still resting on her belly, and she wouldn't mind if he never moved it. [b "Oh no Sir. Momma here is staying with you."] she said with a grin. [b "Momma definitely missed her baby daddy. Would they hate us if we cut out early?"] She asked jokingly.
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Before Noah could blow up at Clay, Savannah beat him to it. He was more attracted to her as she stood up for herself, and it made him pretty happy it was Clay as well. All he cared about was helping her for the reward and not because he was a good person. He was a shit person anyway. When Savannah turned back to him, he took her hand and pulled her to the dance floor. The song had changed but it was still slow. He wrapped his arms around her waist, unable to pull her close as her stomach got in the way of that. [b "I know this is not as romantic as I'd hope, but I don't want to be just your baby daddy or your friend. I want to be your boyfriend, please. Savannah Grace Ryan, will you be my girlfriend again?"] he asked as they swayed to the music that played behind them.

Tanner had dragged Megan next to Noah and Savannah, giving Noah a fist bump. [i "Now, don't be an idiot, okay?"] Tanner teased Noah, who pushed him away. Noah moved one hand from her waist and placed it on her belly, feeling their little one move slightly. [b "Oh my god. I feel like such an asshole, I should have reached out and been more involved. This is the first time I've been able to touch your stomach."] he smiled. [b "Did you want to do maternity pictures and a baby shower? We have the time before the baby is due! I'm not going anywhere."] he smiled, pressing another kiss to her lips.

Noah looked over at the door, where an angry Clay stood. Noah waved, to which Clay stormed out. [b "I have a hotel room here for the night if you'd like to stay with me. I understand if you'd rather go back to your dad's though."] he smiled. He couldn't move his hand away from her tummy, feeling the baby move was such an amazing thing.
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Could kissing make your heart stop? But make it beat uncontrobly fast at the same time? The moment that Noah's lips were on her's she felt everything wash away; all the worry all the stress, everything was fine. She knew in that moment that she had Noah and they were going to be just fine.

Her hand wrapped around the back of Noah's neck, almost as if she was trying to keep him from pulling away. She had missed kissing him. She'd missed his love language. She wanted all of him in that single moment. If it wasn't for the fact that Megan would've killed her, she would've begged Noah to take her somewhere else, anywhere else that they could be truly alone.

Her face was red and hot as she pulled back after hearing someone clear their throat. [i shit.] She thought when it registered with her that it was Clay. [b Hi, Clay."] she said softly. She looked between the two men for a few seconds before focusing on Clay. She nodded as she listened to him before standing up. [b "I was kissing my baby daddy. If that wasn't obvious enough."] she told him. [b "Not that is any of your business. But Noah didn't break my heart. I left him. I made the decision to run. Okay? Now I suggest you find a hotel room to stay in before you go back to California, because I'm going to be very busy kissing Noah some more."] She turned to looked at Noah with a grin on her face. [b "When was the last time you pushed me around a dance floor?"]

Megan stood, frozen in Tanners arms. She had seen Noah and Savannah kiss and then seen her girl blow up on Clay, whom she didn't like anyway. [b IT"S ABOUT DAMN TIME!"] she screamed.
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Noah felt so much better now that he learned Clay was just her friend. He felt like he couldn't hold back wanting to be around her. Wanting to be with her again. [b "I'm glad you had someone there for you."] he smiled. He hoped that Clay wasn't playing this to get with Savannah like before, she didn't deserve that. He laughed as she kicked off her heels, [b "I think she'd be okay with it. She wants you to be comfortable."]

Noah locked his eyes with her as she spoke. His heart was beating out of his chest, Megan had told her about Samantha lying. After he threatened her, Samantha came clean to Tanner and Megan. As much as she planned this to ruin his relationship, the way he spoke scared her too much. She had never been scared of him before, until now.

As Savannah leaned in, Noah took his hand and pulled her face towards his. He pressed his lips against hers, savoring the kiss. He missed kissing her, he missed feeling his lips against hers. He kissed her hungrily, wanting more. If she wasn't 7 months pregnant, he would throw her into bed right now. He wanted her too much, but just kissing her was good enough for him right now. The two didn't pull away until a couch stopped them.

[#116da6 "Excuse me? Savannah, what are you doing?"] Clay started, holding a drink for him and another cup of punch for him. [b "Oh hey Clay. Wel-"] [#116da6 "Shut up Noah. Savannah, are you sure this is right? Maybe you should be with someone who was there for you this whole time?! Not someone who broke your heart and abandoned you and never once checked in on you!"] Clay spoke. Noah bit his tongue, not wanting to piss off Savannah as they were just reconnecting.
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Savannah sipped on punch as she walked Tanner push Megan around on the dance floor with his insane moves and she couldn't help but smile. [b "Hey!"] she said as she heard Noah's voice. She couldn't hold back her laugh as Noah questioned her relationship status with Clay. [b "No. We aren't together. He realized I needed a person when I went back to California and Emily wasn't that. So he apologized and stepped up. We're just friends."]

She looked down as Noah handed her a pair of flip flops and her heart almost burst. [b "Oh I love her. It's her wedding day. I'm supposed to be making sure she has everything she needs, not the other way around."] she said as she quickly kicked off the insane heels. [b "Oh that's better. Do you think she would kill me if I went barefoot?"]

She turned to look at him as he spoke about the song. She nodded, as she told Megan to put it on the playlist. [b" I love it."] she said softly. It was like her heart shattered when Noah told her that he missed her. [b "I-- I can't even tell you how much I missed you.. How sorry I am Noah.."] she told him. [b "Megan told me.. I'm really sorry.."] She took a deep breathe. She wasn't going to think about it. Thinking didn't get you anywhere. She just needed to do it. She looked into his eyes and smirked softly before slowly leaning closer to him.
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After probably thousands of pictures, they finally headed to the reception. [b "You never liked heels, why would you even wear them. You're, what, 7 months pregnant and you [i still] wore heels."] Noah laughed. He sighed, agreeing with her. [b "We can. They definitely are made for each other."] he said as he looked back, Tanner refusing to put Megan down, the two of them laughing. [i Like we are] he thought, as he helped her into the reception.

As they mingled, Noah was able to talk to everyone he hadn't seen since high school. It was nice to reconnect, but he really only cared about talking to Savannah. When he saw she was alone, he sat down at a chair next to her. [b "Hey."] he smiled. [b "So, you and Clay, huh? Are you guys, like, together?'] he asked, the question breaking his heart. He had to ask her, he felt like he wanted to make a move, but he couldn't do it if she was dating someone. Considering the way she had been acting, he assumed they were just as friends, but he wanted to make sure. [b "Oh, Megan gave me these for you."] he said, handing her a pair of flip-flops to wear instead of her heels.

The song that played only made him want Savannah more. [b "I love this song, good pick."] Noah spoke out loud. [b "I really missed you, Savannah."] he spoke, smiling toward her. [b "It's been hard without you. I got benched for the rest of baseball because I couldn't focus. And I didn't have my cheerleader."] he said to her, praying Clay wouldn't be back anytime soon.
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Her heart fluttered as Noah spoke to her Father about how his Mother had already bought everything from girly dresses to monster truck shirts. [b "Baby Davis is going to be spoiled thing, that's for sure."] she said. She wasn't even going to mention the Amazon order that she had placed last night. Clay was less than thrilled about Noah trying to be friendly, but he would play along for Savannah's sake. [b "Yeah. Of course Man."] he said.


She couldn't help but smile softly as Noah turned around to face her after he heard her speak. She caught a glimpse of Tanner and quickly waved. [b "We're all good to go. She's just putting on her shoes, but she'll literally be out any second now."] she said. She took a deep breathe when he addressed how she looked. [b "Well. I think your baby is giving me some extra glow today. But thank you."] That was the first time that Savannah had addressed the baby to as his, in front of Noah. Of course it couldn't be anyone elses, but it was just more real now. [b "Don't you dare let me fall."] she whispered as she tucked her arm into his.

Everyone's eyes were on Megan as she walked down the isle, but she herself couldn't help but bare glances at Tanner, who seemed to be tearing up, which only made her emotional. She couldn't help but laugh as one of the other bridesmaid handed her a tissue.

After TONS and TONS of pictures, the bridal party and groomsmen headed to the reception hall. It was all on one estate, so they were able to walk. [b "Oh I cannot wait to get these heels off."] she said as she walked with Noah. [b "Shew. It's not even my wedding and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder.. We got them married, Davis. I think we can sleep good tonight."]

They mingled at the reception as there wasn't a formal dinner. Caterer's were just walking around with random plates of food, which was actually a huge hit. Clay was off somewhere getting another drink probably while Savannah sat at a random table and took her heels off. The bride and groom were still dancing.

[ song]
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Noah's heart jumped a bit when her father called the baby 'our baby'. As much as Savannah didn't seem to like that they were talking about the baby, it was his baby too. [b "Oh don't you worry. That little one will get whatever their heart desires. My mom had already bought a whole wardrobe with everything from dresses to shirts with trucks. That kiddo will be stylish"] he laughed. It was nice talking to her family again. He missed her and everything surrounding her, including her dad.

Even if Clay seemed uninterested, Noah would sweeten up to him. [b "Of course I remembered. Listen, let's put the past behind us and I hope we can be friends, Clay."] Noah smiled. Was he serious, no. But if Savannah was dating Clay, then he needed to show her he could be civil with anyone. They just agreed to be friends, he couldn't hurt that now.

As she told him he looked good, he couldn't help but smile. She handed him a small photo, a 4D ultrasound. Noah's hand went to his mouth, a perfect person who looked just like Savannah and Noah already. [b "Thank you. Yeah, I couldn't help myself. I've been carrying this around so it's nice to have an updated photo."] Noah said, pulling out an ultrasound he stole off of Tanner's phone and got printed. In that one, the baby was so small, so this was a big upgrade. Noah tried to hide the fact he had been carrying their Christmas photo around, but he knew she caught a glimpse of it at least briefly.

Now, it was the big day. Tanner was so nervous as Noah adjusted his tie. [i "Dude, what if I throw up on Megan. She'll kill me."] Tanner said, the nerves in his voice. [b "Tanner, you'll be fine. You love her, so marry the hell out of her. "] he smiled. Tanner and he hugged and headed out to the venue. Tanner walked to the front of the church, the place full already. Tanner and Noah exchanged a thumbs up, and then Noah heard Savannah. He turned and she looked absolutely beautiful. [b "Wow..."] he said. just taking in her looks. [b "Uh, yeah. He's all set. Ready?"] he asked, swallowing the nerves he had as well to walk down with Savannah on his arm. [b "You look beautiful."] he spoke softly, just so she would hear him. He knew he shouldn't try and cross the line they drew, but he couldn't help himself.

The music started as Noah and Savannah walked down, splitting at the front. Watching Megan walk down the aisle with her dad, he watched as Tanner started to tear up. Noah smiled as she walked down, she did look great. He looked up as his high school best friends got married.

[+red "I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may kiss the bride"]

Tanner took hold of Megan, dipping her slightly before pressing a loving kiss onto her lips. Noah looked over to Savannah, sending her a small smile as the two kissed.
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