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A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up . On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives.
Version 1: Muse B is dating one of the friends who hasn’t arrived yet, but hasn’t mentioned this to Muse A. The truth comes out when the rest of the group arrives.
Version 2: Both Muse A and Muse B are single and ready to spend the summer indulging in their steamy fling.


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Noah waited at the door, holding a bouquet of sunflowers and roses, his bag set down next to him. He was bouncing on his feet, more excited than anything to see Savannah again. The last few days their conversations had been cut short due to all the work the two had been working on, so having a couple of days together would mean so much to the two of them. Tanner had been talking about Megan coming down soon, so he also hoped he could get Savannah to come down the same time and get the whole gang together to celebrate their engagement.

When he saw the handle move, his heart beat faster. As the door opened and he saw his beautiful girlfriend, he smiled. [b "Surprise baby!"] he spoke, scooping her up in his arms in a hug. He picked her up slightly off the ground, wrapping his arms around her. He placed her feet back to the ground, pressing a kiss to her lips quickly. [b "I missed you so much. These are for you."] he smiled, handing her the bouquet in his hands. He went back to the door, grabbing his duffle that he packed for the next couple of days. [b "So, show me around! I want to see everything!"] he smiled.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 9d 18h 4m 58s
Saying Goodbye to Noah two days later was harder than she thought it would be. Granted, she was just going to be four hours away from him. It was still going to be difficult. They were both going to be busy with classes and Noah had baseball.

After College had officaliy started, she quickly got herself into a routine. Classes, study group, more classes and more studying. With a facetime call with Noah thrown into the mixutre if it was fisable for both of them. She had made friends that were on the Pre-Med track as well, which was something that she had worried about at first. Her roomate, Emily was also pre-med which helped because they were in a lot of the same classes. Emily had introduced her to Clay, pre-med who wanted to focus on Sports Mediciene. They had become fast good friends, as he somewhat reminded her of Noah in a way. They both had that same funny personality.

It was now September and Noah was coming down to spend Labor Day weekend with her! She had classes that Friday, but she wasn't expecting him until Saturday morning so it worked out. After she had finished with classes she headed back to her apartment to get a head start on her homework/studying. She looked down after she seen Noah's name pop up on phone. After opening the text she grinned as she headed into the living room to the front door. Noah was all the time sending her flowers and candy.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 14d 2h 6m 38s
The trio had a great time all night. Tanner did end up singing Single Ladies, which he believed was his best performance. They went back to the room, Savannah and Noah had an intimate night as they had not too many nights left, and soon, it was time for her to leave. As much as Noah wanted to follow her the four hours, he knew it wasn't good for either of them. He was going to visit her in a few weeks, and they knew they would speak in their time away. Noah pressed a final kiss to Savannah's lips, [b "Drive safe. I love you."]
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The weeks between their meetings dragged on. It was class, practice, a phone call or video call with Savannah if possible, and bed; repeating every day. It was boring, uneventful, and a lot of avoiding Brandon because he still wanted to break his nose for even looking in Savannah's direction. It was too long, and now, it was time to visit Savannah for a long weekend. Monday was a holiday, and he was heading down Friday night as a surprise and would be staying until Monday night.
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Noah drove for hours, making sure that Savannah wasn't expecting he would show up early. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend by being early. He showed up at her apartment, knocking on the door. He sent her a text, [+blue Hi baby. I sent a surprise outside your door, go see what it is (;].
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 25d 19h 54m 36s
Savannah smiled softly as Noah questioned about College. [b “I really like the campus, well from what I’ve seen of it. I think it’s going to be really great. Did I tell you that my roommate is also premed?”] She couldn’t help but laugh as Tanner walked down the sidewalk in front of them, dancing to a beat as he did so. [b “Oh bless his heart. He is going to feel so rough in the morning.”] She held onto his hand as they walked. [b “I just feel like me coming to California was the best thing for us... I don’t know how we would’ve done long distance for four years..”]

Her eyes lit up when they walked into Fireflies. It was poppin. She sensed that this was a local college hangout. She nodded quickly as he told her to go get Single Ladies put on the list. [b “Got it!”] she said as she danced her way over to the DJ booth. After she made sure that it would be played next, she hurried back over to the table. [b “Tanner, I signed you to to sing... It’ll make me feel betterrr.”] she told him with a grin. She hopped up on the booth and scooted closer to Noah.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 28d 4h 39m 51s
Noah laughed, [b "He'll do it for another beer, let's do it."]. Noah found Tanner dancing by himself, the male grabbed him by the back of his shirt. [b "Let's get outta here. We're gonna go to Fireflies."] Noah said, letting go of his shirt and pulling an arm around the male's neck. [i "Weee~ Fireflies~."] Tanner slurred. Tanner hadn't let go in a long time, he held his own pretty well this summer. He didn't like to get drunk around Megan, which was probably why. He deserved this night, he was a great guy.

The trio started their way down to Fireflies. Lots of college kids heading in and out of bars. [b "Well, you haven't told me much about college yet."] he spoke to Savannah. When she had got there, they had their tiff with Samantha, and he wasn't able to ask her about her school. She had learned a lot of his school, but he knew little to nothing. Their Skype calls were short and sweet. He knew they were a little drunk, but he was just making conversation until they made their way to the club.

Fireflies were less of a bar, more of a club scene. It was dark, a small bar with a large dance floor and DJ. There were girls at tables doing bottle service and VIP tables all around. There was also the normal college scene of kids taking jello shots that were being offered for a dollar. This place was for all kinds of people. They were also allowing requests to the DJ. Noah leaned into Savannah, [b "Get Single Ladies on that list!"] he whispered, making sure they didn't lose sight of Tanner. [b "But get back quick, I don't want to take my hands off you anymore."] Noah smirking, biting his lip before pressing a kiss to her cheek.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 34d 17h 18m 48s
Savannah looked at Noah and nodded softly. [b "We had suck a dramatic summer.. I didn't want to drama to follow us to College too. I thought I could handle Brandon. I had no idea that he was stupid enough to follow us here tonight."] she looked back and watched Brandon. He was still talking to the police, which security had called. He would probably just talk his way out of it. [b "I love you."]

She was tired. But she was determined to make sure that the three of them had a fun night out. [b "I guarntee we can get Tanner up on stage to sing Single Ladies. We have to go to Fireflies!"] she tried to sound enthused. Her arm was slightly sore from being jerked around but she had a good poker face.

Her eyes went wide as she watched Noah unbutton his shirt. [b "Yes you are."] she said before she leaned over to press her lips to his. [b "You are hot indeed."] she mumbled as she reached up and ran her hand through his hair, messing it up slightly as she pulled away and grinned. [b "We should find Tanner."]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 35d 18h 44m 10s
[b "Babe, I can deal with Brandon being a dick to me. I can't deal with him touching you and bothering you. I live with him and play with him, I don't have to like him. Parker seems to put him in line anyway, I just know not to leave you alone with him. I promise I won't again."] Noah smiled. [b "Also, I'm pretty happy I didn't have to punch him. I probably would have broken his nose."] he laughed lightly. Noah pressed a kiss to Savannah's lips, smiling. [b "I love you."] he smiled. [b "Now, do you want another drink or what? I'll buy it."] he smiled, bringing her over to the bar.

The spend another hour dancing at Two Keys until the bar started winding down. Noah had heard of another place with live music down the street, Fireflies. They could walk and the next place was open basically all night. [b "Hey, are you guys done for the night, or do you want to go somewhere else? Fireflies are down the street and they are basically open all night?"] Noah asked. He wasn't about to drag Savannah around if she was tired. He knew she was excited about going out. Noah unbuttoned a couple of buttons of his shirt, [b "It's getting hot."] he smirked at Savannah.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 45d 17h 7m 38s
[b "Brandon let me go!"] Savannah said. [b "Noah and Tanner are here. They will realize that I'm gone and they will both come looking for me."] she told him. [b "You cannot be this damn stupid."]

She looked up when she felt the pressure of Brandon's arm was gone. She looked down and realized her arm was going to bruise. [b "Noah."] she said. She didn't know what was about to play out. Her eyes went wide when Brandon unloaded everything to Noah. She sighed softly and just shook her head. The next thing she realized was it was actually Tanner who punched him. Even Drunk Tanner came to her rescue. [b "Tanner!"] she said.

She let Noah pull her to the quietest spot in the club and she nodded softly when she heard his question. [b "Well. I didn't make out with him. He came in your room that morning when you went to get Coffee and he tried to.. Well. If you hadn't of walked in when you did.."] she whispered. [b "He's been trying to corner me the last few days. Noah, I didn't tell you because I thought I could handle it. Tanner told me to tell you, but you two are stuck with Brandon and Parker for the next year! I didn't want something like this happening."] She was still pretty wasted, but the shock of it all had her sobering up. [b "Tanner heard Parker tell Brandon to knock it off. Parker knows how protective you are when it comes to me.. He overheard them after you got back from practice today."]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 45d 20h 2m 33s
Noah noticed that Savannah had been gone for a while, but assumed the line for the bathroom was long, as they usually are in clubs. He decided he probably should start drinking water, along with Tanner. He grabbed the boy, grabbing two glasses of water, and taking a seat at a table until Savannah came back. Tanner started chugging the water, until breathing heavy and looking at Noah, [i "This is water...why, not beer?"] he asked. Noah shook his head, taking another sip of water.

Brandon took hold of Savannah's arm, pulling harder. [+grey "Don't fucking talk to me like that? Damn, you got a mouth on you, huh?"] He said. He tugged on her more, hoping he could get her outside, into his car quickly.

Noah and Tanner decided to check on Savannah when Noah caught a glimpse of her being pulled by Brandon. [b "Fuck no."] Noah said, walking. He took Brandon's arm, taking off of Savannah's arm. [b "Get away from her."] Noah said, he was calm but angry. He was fighting everything inside him not to punch Brandon straight in the face. [+grey "Really? Now you're defending her? I've basically made out with her before and you were too stupid to figure it out."] Brandon taunted. Noah pulled back to punch him, but a drunk Tanner beat him to it. He punched Brandon straight across the face, not very hard but enough. Noah probably would have broken his nose, but Tanner only left him a bit shaken. Brandon turned around and wiped his mouth, before taking a swing as Tanner, who dodged it drunkenly. That's when security grabbed Brandon, kicking him out for assault and fighting. He let Tanner off with defending assault.

Noah pulled Savannah over to the side. [b "Is what he said true? Did you make out with him and has he been making passes? Why didn't you just tell me?"] he asked. This whole scene made him sober up pretty quickly.

Tanner sauntered over. [i "Haha, I punched a guy."] he said, before making his way back to the dance floor.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 45d 20h 26m 54s
[b "I will babe!"] she said when Noah asked that she let him know when she came back. It was fun, hanging out with him and Tanner, but it almost made her miss Megan even more. [b "Hey! Is this the line for the bathroom?"] she asked a random girl who nodded.

She looked behind her and simply rolled her eyes when she seen Brandon. [b "Okay I'm upgrading you to a level ten stalker at this point."] she said. [b "You probably overheard us talking about this place. Both Noah and Tanner are here, you need to leave."] she said. [b "Go find some bimbo that has no standards. Maybe she'll make out with you at least."] she spat. It might've just been the liquor talking, but she definitely had more courage than she had yesterday when it came to him. She only had one more day, she was determined to not let Brandon ruin it.

She froze when she felt him grab her arm and yank. [b "What the hell are you doing? Asshole. Let go of me!"] she spit.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 45d 20h 49m 7s
Noah was pretty hammered by now, Savannah made sure of it. Of course, she was farther gone than he was, but he still definitely was not sober. The group of three hadn't left the dancefloor much and they were basically unbothered, which was a nice surprise to the group. Considering they were bothered by someone every time they went places, this mixed with alcohol caused them to lower their guards.

Savannah mentioned she was going to the bathroom. [b "Okay baby. Just let me know when your back."] he smiled, kissing her cheek, missing her lips completely. He turned back to Tanner, who was basically at the same or farther than Savannah was, dancing to the music. He continued to ask where Megan was all night, which was nice, but sad when he got sad she actually wasn't there. He was basically a toddler at this point.

Brandon had ended up at Two Keys, hoping to find some girl to bring back to his room later. He grabbed a beer, keeping to the edge of the dance floor. He looked over, seeing Savannah walking toward the girl's room , waiting in line. He headed over, standing next to her. [+grey "Hey, funny seeing you here, beautiful"] he said, taking another sip of beer.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 46d 19h 11m 58s
[b "Can I please have a Whiskey Sour, Bahama Mama and a Bud Light lime please, oh and three shots of Tequila."] she told the bartender. She looked down when Noah told her she could let go of his hand. [b "OH! Baby I'm sorry. I didn't realize I was holding it so tight."] she said before she brought his hand to her lips and placed soft kisses around it. Grinning slightly as she seen the look on his face. [b "Let's go find a table. I need some alcohol in me before I can freely dance."] she told him as she took the tray of drinks in her hands.

She followed Noah's eyes and seen Tanner already beginning to dance. [b "Oh my gosh. He is awful."] she said. [b "We're gonna have to show him how it's done."] she told Noah.

Two hours later and she was three sheets to the wind gone. She had smashed about ten Bahama Mama's at that point. Her drink of choice because you couldn't taste the alcohol. You really didn't even know you had been drinking until they crept up on you and all but knocked you on your ass. She and Noah had hardly left the dance floor except to get refills. Other men had came up to her, but between Noah and Tanner they didn't get more than three words out. [b "I gots to pee."] she giggled as she looked up at Noah. [b "I'll be right back, kay?"]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 46d 20h 22m 54s
Noah's was basically numb the way Savannah was holding onto it. [b "Whiskey Sour."] Noah smiled at the girl. He was happy she was excited to let loose before school started. Tanner smirked, [i "Just a beer. Surprise me."] he laughed. [b "Baby, you can let go. I'll stay with you, you're hurting my hand."] Noah joked.

Noah made sure he kept a hand on her waist, giving looks to any guys who even looked in her direction. Her outfit looked amazing on her and showed her body off to everyone, which he liked for him but not for the other people here. As much as he wanted her in a turtleneck, he wasn't going to not let her wear what she liked to wear, he was not that kind of guy.

Noah looked around and found Tanner already dancing with some random guys/girls in a circle. He recognized them as people Tanner was in a study group with in the school. Tanner was able to go to school as long as he joined a sanctioned study group to improve his grades. Noah tapped Savannah, pointing over to a badly dancing Tanner. [b "He dances better drunk, maybe he needs something stronger than a beer."] he laughed, whispering in her ear.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 46d 20h 31m 35s
Savannah looked at Tanner and quickly shook her head. [b “I’m not ruining his night. I still don’t even know if I really want to tell him. You two are stuck with Brandon, remember? Do I really want to make it even more awkward?”]

She felt like she could breathe when Noah’s fingers intertwined with her own. She felt Brandon’s eyes on her, but Noah was right beside her. Even she knew he wasn’t that stupid to try something directly in front of him. She grinned when she heard the car horn. [b “Let’s gooo! Sis wants to dance!”] she said as she pulled Noah out the door. [b “I’m going to get soooo fucked up tonight.”] she told them both.

Soon after they were at the first spot for the night. It was called Two Keys, it was a little country dive bar right in the middle of town. It was really rustic but it had good vibes. [b “Soooo what’re we drinking? First round is on me!”] she said as she had all but a death grip on Noah’s hand.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 47d 6h 53m 15s
[b "That's the point"] Noah continued to kiss and bite her neck. When she ran out of his arms to talk to Megan, he sighed and laughed. Noah knew how close the two girls were, and probably didn't have a lot of time to talk. Noah was gonna let the girl's talk and headed to his room with Tanner. The boys messed with their hair, something the two did have in common.

Noah and Tanner were complete opposites, which is probably why they were such easy friends. While Noah was high energy and could get mad easily, Tanner was calm and collected 99% of the time. They met as little kids when Noah hit a kid in the schoolyard who was picking on Tanner and had been friends ever since.

As Tanner heard Savannah and Megan start their goodbyes, he headed back to his room. Noah finished his hair and headed behind Tanner. Tanner said bye to Megan and closed his computer, listening to what Savannah said. [i "I mean, he's pretty suspicious of him now. Maybe it's a good time..."] Tanner tried to tell her but then the girl ran to Noah. All Tanner could do was droop his head and sigh.

Noah smiled at the girl, laughing. [b "Yes yes! We can go. I ordered an Uber, should be here in a minute anyway."] he said. Noah laced his fingers with Savannah. He saw the other roommates, waving them goodbye. Brandon couldn't take his eyes off of Savannah, Parker hitting his arm, snapping him out of it. [b "There's the car, let's go!"] Noah said, heading toward the car.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 47d 18h 6m 49s

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