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A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren’t able to make it until the storm clears up . On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives.
Version 1: Muse B is dating one of the friends who hasn’t arrived yet, but hasn’t mentioned this to Muse A. The truth comes out when the rest of the group arrives.
Version 2: Both Muse A and Muse B are single and ready to spend the summer indulging in their steamy fling.


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Noah's face widened into a smile as she accepted his date request. "Good, because I would have carried you downstairs anyway." he laughed, leading the girl downstairs. He led her over to a chair, pulling it out for her and pushing her in. He sat down at his chair, smiling at her. "So we have steak, my famous mac & cheese, and wine. You can have something else to drink but I thought wine would be fancy." he said, smiling.

"So take as much mac as you want." Noah smiled. All the male could do was smile, he was even too nervous to eat, which was bizarre to him. He took some of the mac to make sure he wasn't showing how nervous he actually was. He started to drink some of the wine, hoping it was calm him down. "Sorry, I just don't want to mess this up." he smiled at her.

Noah was always taught by his family to be a gentleman. He was to always treat women with respect, and he was always going to be that way. This is the first time he ever went on a date like this, with a girl he had always been in love with. He wanted to make sure his nerves wouldn't make him sound disrespectful. He took a deep breath, looking at the girl. "Sorry. Savannah I really like you and I want this to go well." he said, biting his lip. "Let's just talk like we always do. So, what was your favorite part of the trip you went on with your dad?" he asked.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 3d 2h 20m 13s
Savannah didn't really didn't know what Noah was planning. But she was slightly excited, giddy even. She piled up on her bed, she found herself looking at Stanford Med program. She had no idea why. She was going to Columbia, that's where her Mother went.. Stanford was out of the question, even if her favorite person on the planet was going there. She had to complete her undergraduate courses first.. No. She was going to Columbia it was expected of her...

They would have weekends, breaks and summers right? Hell, Noah could come spend the summer in New York with her if he wanted, or she would go home to Tennessee. It wasn't she couldn't afford some plane tickets here and there.

After she had read more into the program, she took a shower. It was obvious that Noah was cooking dinner, so she wanted to look cute. She curled her hair into messy beach waves and applied some makeup. Her lipstick popped. She had butterflies in her stomach when she read Noah's text. She was ready, all she had to do was put on her dress and shoes. She was giddy.

Their friends would arrive tomorrow. Their relationship had shifted so much in two days, she didn't know what would happen after the rest of their friends got there. She was sure they could speak more about it tonight.

She all but jumped up from her bed when she heard a knock at her bedroom door. [b "Hii."] she said with a big grin. Woah. He was asking her on a date. Now! Right now! She quickly nodded. [b "I would love to go on a date with you."]

[ hair]
[ makeup]

[ dress]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 3d 2h 45m 9s
Noah prepared a dinner that he knew she would love, steak and his famous mac and cheese. As he marinated the steak, he prepared his mac and cheese. As he was cooking, all he could think about was Savannah being so far away from him. They would be miles and miles away, months between seeing her. She wouldn't even be home for summers, considering she would have an apartment out there. She would get all new friends, she was so great, who wouldn't want to be her friend.

Noah put the mac and cheese in the oven and fried up the steak, just how Savannah liked it. He grabbed his phone and texted the girl, [i [b Put on something nice. It will be ready in a little bit.]] In a few minutes, he was going to ask her if she wanted to go on a date with him, and this would be their first date. Well, their "first" now that he knew she liked him. They had been out on date-like outings more times than he could count, but always as friends. He hoped this wouldn't backfire.

Noah finished the steak and set them on two plates. He had set up the table, complete with wine and candles. He took out the mac and cheese, putting the whole tray on the table. He quickly went upstairs and got dressed in some black jeans and a black button-down shirt. He fixed his hair in the mirror.

Noah went to Savannah's door knocking. When she opened it, he couldn't believe how beautiful she looked. "Savannah..." he asked, taking a deep breath, "Would you like to go on a date with me? Right now, in the dining room?" he asked, holding his hand out. His heart was beating out of his chest.
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-It's okay! The office has been insane! I'm sorry-

Savannah nodded when he said they would visit one another. You would think that would make her feel better, knowing that she would still get to see him from time to time, but when in fact, knowing that it would be months between seeing him, just made her even more upset. She grinned when he brought up their childhood idea about getting a house and rescuing dogs. [b "I still want to do that. I just think it will have to wait till after Med School."] she explained when a grin.

[b "I was going to do the dorms! But I think Dad thinks that I'll just become one of those party girls, so he sprung for a apartment. I'll be there for like eight years, so it will be nice not having to move at all."] she told him. [b "I can't wait to come see you play."] she mummered as she looked out toward the ocean. You could faintly see it through the balcony doors. She smiled sofltly when he said he would visit again. [b "That makes me happy."] she wasn't surprised when she felt his lips on hers, lately, that was all she wanted to do anymore. Kissing Noah just felt right.

She was confused when he pulled away from the kiss and told her to go upstairs. [b "Wa-- What?"] she said. SHe looked at him and just grinned before she did what he had told her.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 3d 3h 58m 0s
-I've been super busy lately! Sorry!-

"Of course we will visit! It just will be so weird to so far away from you!" Noah said, sighing. He started laughing, "Remember when we were little, and we said we were just going to buy a house and rescue a bunch of dogs." Noah and Savannah were inseparable as kids, but so were their parents, so it wasn't a surprise. Noah was a ladies man as a kid, so he was always surrounded by girls, but Savannah was always number 1 to him.

"And I've never been to New York, so it'll be a treat for us both." Noah smiled, pressing a soft kiss to the girl's lips. He smiled when she said she was living in a studio. "Oh so lucky! I'm living in the dorms, with some of the teammates." he said. He forgot to tell her, "Oh, I got in mostly on a baseball scholarship!" he smiled. He played T ball as a kid and moved up to baseball through middle school and high. He was a captain in his Junior year and stayed Captain in Senior. Baseball was how he met his best friend Tanner. He loved the sport and was glad he was able to play in college as well.

"Of course I will visit you baby" Noah smiled, kissing the girl's lips. He let his hand drift to the back of her neck, deepening the kiss. He pulled away, biting his lip. "Now, go upstairs. I'm making a special dinner tonight, and it's a secret!" he said, pushing the girl toward the stairs. "I'll tell you when I'm done!" he said, kissing her again before pushing her again.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 8d 17h 23m 6s
She couldn't help but grin as she nodded. [b "Yeah. It was super tough! I was for sure I wasn't gonna get in.. But Mom went there. I've always wanted to go there... even more after she passed."] she said softly. [b "I just feel like it will connect me to her even more... ya know?"] She didn't say anything, but she seen his face fall when he realized that she was going to school across the country. She smiled weakly before she leaned up and softly kissed his cheek before she cuddled closer to him.

[b "I really hope so."] she said as she leaned into his hug. [b "Yeah... Completely across the country."] she muttered. [b "But. There are breaks and weekends and summers.. Right? We could still visit.. I've never been to California."] she was hinting around; but she still didn't know what they were. Hell, up until two days ago, they had been strictly friends. [b "You worked so hard though! You totally deserve it all. You're gonna be the top student at that school."]

She shook her head when he asked about roommates and if she was living off campus. [b "Off! Daddy signed a lease on the cutest studio apartment that's only a few blocks away from Campus. No roomates. Just me. I want a dog or something so I'm not completely alone... But then I'm afraid I wouldn't have enough time for it."] she explained. [b "Yo...You'll come and visit, right? And I can come out to Stanford... Are you gonna play any sports?"]
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Noah's heart dropped into his stomach when he heard where she was going. "Columbia! That's amazing. You are going to be the best doctor in the whole world!" he said, hugging the girl. He knew her going to Columbia in New York and him going to Standford in California, that would mean he would never see her. Maybe only over Spring Break and Winter Break, but that was about it. He was so so proud of her, he knew she was going to follow in her mother's footsteps. She was going to be amazing like her mother was.

"You are making your mom so proud." Noah said softly, hugging the girl. "We are gonna be pretty far away huh, like across the States." he said. He didn't want to bring up the elephant in the room, but he needed to get it off his chest. "Stanford was rough to get into and I had to beg for money, but I pulled it off. Tanner tried getting in too but he failed miserably. He has shit grades but I think he did it mostly as a joke." Noah laughed. "Are you living on campus? Or Off? Any roommates?" he asked, curious about her living situation.
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She nodded as she started organizing their drinks and things that would be going into the refrigerator. [b “Yeah. I think it would be better if we just keep it our secret for now... We really don’t even know what’s gonna happen, right?”] she asked. She almost jumped out of her skin when he questioned her about the six bags of hot Cheetos. She turned around and just smiled at him. [b “You said we were going to get necessities, and those are a necessity to me!”] After she had the refrigerator and freezer organized, she heard him call for her.

She squealed when he pulled her down in his lap. [b “Mhm. Hi.”] she mumbled when she felt his lips on her neck. [b “I could get used to this.”] She moved around a little so she was at a more comfortable angle for the both of them, her back resting against the arm of the couch. Her body froze when he said he got into Stanford. It was his dream school, she was so happy for him... But that was thousands of miles away from New York. [b “Oh my gosh! That’s amazing!”] she exclaimed. [b “I got into Columbia! Med School with a focus on Family and Pediatric Med. Like my Mom..”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 12d 3h 42m 38s
"So, we will keep it a secret for a little bit, and then we will tell them. We can't just spring this on them the second they get there." Noah said, smiling. "That works for me." he smiled. Noah started putting away the groceries, getting them all set up so it would be easy to find everything later. As he is getting their snacks out, he starts to pull out about six bags of Hot Cheetos. He turns to Savannah and shakes his head. "Savannah, really? Six bags?" he said, laughing. "You are seriously addicted." he finished, putting them in the pantry.

Noah finished putting all the food away, sighing. He plopped down on the couch, calling Savannah over to him. He plopped the girl down on his lap, pressing small kisses all over her neck, tickling her. "Savannah, tell me all about this fancy college you are going to. Where is it again? I haven't seen you recently to hear about it." he smiled, curious about what she was doing. He was so busy before she left on her trip that he missed a lot of what happened. "Did I ever tell you I got into Stanford?" he smiled. Stanford was his dream school, he always wanted to go to California. It was great for PoliSci, which is what he wanted to study.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 12d 19h 4s
[b "Okay okay!"] she said as she pilled some bud light limes and then white claw and a couple of others types into the cart. [b "Yeah. I don't know if its more of a free month vacation at the beach, or if its because its out last big hurah as a group before we all go off to Collee.... But everyone is coming!"] she said. She blushed once more when he said he still hoped they could sneak some alone time. [b "We'll definitely have to make time for that!"]

After they checked out and loaded everything in the truck, they quickly headed back to the Beach House. They all but packed everything on their arms so they could get it inside in one trip. [b "Gosh. I wish this stupid rain would go away. I want to go to the beach."] She couldn't help but grin when she seen Noah walk up to her. [b "I like it when you kiss me."] she said softly.

She glanced up at him when she heard his question about telling their friends about them. She hadn't even thought about that. [b "I don't really know."] she said honestly. [b "What do you think? All I know is.... I like it when you kiss me."] she said as she shuffled nervously. [b "I think it's nice to have our own bubble right now... But then if we didn't tell them.. we would almost have to sneak around."]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 9h 0s
"Then grab some drinks lady!" Noah said as he heard she brought her ID. "I'll drink whatever, and I know Tanner grabbed a bit more liquor so we'll be set on that!" he smiled.

As she started listing off people, he was shocked that their entire friend group was coming down. "Wow. That's like everyone." he said. Now, he was so excited to see everyone, but he was gonna have to pull Savannah into his room so they could have time alone. Since he kissed her, he wanted nothing more to do it again and again. "I hope we still get our alone time, I like spending time with you." he smiled.

Noah grabbed a bunch of other stuff and finished everything they needed. They checked out quickly and got all the bags in the back of his truck. They got all their bags quickly inside and he sighed. He smiled at Savannah and went up to the girl. Noah pressed his lips to the girl, letting the kiss for a few seconds before pulling away. "I've been waiting since we left the house to kiss you again." he smiled at her. "Uh, Savannah, do we want to tell our friends, about us?" he asked. He was a bit unsure of what they were at this point but he didn't want to kiss her in front of their friends if she wanted to wait to tell them.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 13d 18h 9m 30s
She could hardly hold back a giggle when he realized they needed muffin mix after he had called her “muffin”. [b “Okay! What flavors? Blueberry? Strawberry? Wild berry? Banana?”] she stammered as she basically listed all them off.

She watched as he went over to the butcher. She couldn’t help but smile. [b “Lets see... We needed hamburger meat. We could do burgers one night or I could make some Lasagna too. Pizza! Definitely need some frozen pizzas.”] she said as they walked around, both of them just throwing randoms in the cart. She did a happy dance as she snuck a few more bags of hot Cheetos in the cart, hoping he didn’t notice. She couldn’t help but grin widely when he gave her a look. [b “But they are a necessity!”]

She followed him around as they continued to wonder around. [b “Hmmm. I brought my I.D with me...”] she muttered as she stood in front of the beer section. [b “Yeah! Megan texted me, the roads are cleared so they’ll be here sometime Monday afternoon!.”] she said [b “Megan and Tanner, Josie and Jake, and then I think Ben and Adrian are coming. Megan said something about her sister and Jacob tagging along, but I’m not sure about that her. Oh and Jenna and Micheal!”]
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"Okay, whatever you want muffin." Noah smiled, "Oh and muffins. We need to make muffins" he laughed.

Noah went over to the butcher and asked for the two best cuts of steak they had. He could make a special dinner for the two of them, steak and mac and cheese. He'd make it more than once but it'd be a special meal for the two of them tonight. He watched her throw Hot Cheetos into the basket, "Ugh, okay. Fine." he smiled at her. "But Takis are so much better and spicier." he smiled, throwing two bags of Fuego Takis into the cart as well.

Noah looked around, throwing random snacks and different things into the cart as the wandered through the aisles. He saw a bunch of groups of teens, probably doing the same thing they were doing. The pair was going to have to wait until Monday until all of their friends were gonna be there anyway. "Have you heard from anyone? Also, who exactly is coming, I forgot. I know Tanner and Megan but have you heard from anyone else? " he asked. He was super forgetful and knew he would never remember who was invited until they showed up.
  Noah Charlie Davis / SmileBright / 13d 18h 43m 46s
Savannah just stood there and stared at him. He really had to go and bring that up, AGAIN? [b "Okay, wow. Meanie."] she muttered. [b "I told you, Your Momma told you, you're not allowed to make fun about that anymore!"] she whined. [b "It was one damn time! And I swear, it moved when I was backing out!!"] She had started to walk toward the door, but she stopped quickly when he said he had forgotten something. [b "Oh wha--."] she was cut off when she seen him leaning down toward her out of the corner of her eye. She couldn't help but blushed as she ran out towards his truck. He was the cutest thing in the world. While they were driving, she couldn't help but sneak glances at him.

She all but jumped out of the truck once they arrived at the grocery store. [b "When I imagined what our summer would look like... I didn't imagine all this fucking rain."] she said as she shoved her hood off her head when they were inside. She thought for a moment when he asked what was something she really wanted. He could probably cook rubber and it would taste good. [b "Hm. I'm not sure... But would you let me cook for you one night? I'm sure it wouldn't be as good as your own cooking... But I feel like I should do something in return."]

[b "Steak!"] she said rather quickly. [b "And pleaseee make your mac and cheese. I would literally do just about anything for it."] she said with a wink. [b "Hot Cheetos!"] She grinned as she wobbled over and threw two bags in the cart. [b "Oh my gosh. Look how good this looks."] she said as she grabbed ice cream out of the freezer. [b "Strawberry Cheesecake!"]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 18h 49m 30s
Noah thought a minute about what car to take. "Hmm, we can take mine. I like my truck and I really don't trust you driving after you hit my mailbox when you backed out of my driveway last year." the boy laughed, grabbing his wallet and keys. "Got everything?" he asked, smiling. They walked to the door, and Noah stopped. "Oh I forgot something" he said, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the girl's lips. "Okay, now we can go." he said, winking and putting his hood up.

Noah opened the door for Savannah, shutting her door and went to his side. He got in quickly, putting his hood down and ran a hand through his slightly wet hair, pushing it out of his face. He smiled at the girl, putting the car in drive and started going to the store. He put on the GPS and was able to find a store right around the corner. He parked pretty close to the store, opening his and her doors, closing them. He grabbed the girl's hand, running slightly so they wouldn't get too wet. Now his hair was fully soaked again. "And my hair just dried from my shower," he said, trying to run his hands through it so it looked somewhat decent.

"So, what is something you [i really] want me to make? I'll make you anything you want." Noah smirked at the girl, winking. "I'm definitely getting things to make my famous mac and cheese. I'll probably get stuff to BBQ with too once the rain lets up." he smiled, throwing stuff in the cart as he passed it.
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