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tbh Idk

ummmm must be vampire romance?


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Machina smiles and pats Ace on the head in order to calm him down
  Machina / Catlover33 / 13d 6h 12m 58s
[i I pour the dressing on and sit in front of the tv and turned it on. Then I say my prayer and start eating while I watch TV]
  saki / bellpepper / 13d 6h 27m 18s
Machina gently pushes Ace off of him and scolds him.
  Machina / Catlover33 / 14d 1h 28m 35s
[i I finished making the salad and put some on a plate and got salad dressing out]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 2h 56s
Ace walked towards Machina and playfully tackled him.
  Ace / Catlover33 / 14d 4h 42m 27s
''oh tha~Thank you'' [i I wrapped my finger and cleaned my knife]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 4h 43m 3s
"That's a relief. And I'm glad to see someone new for once." Ace told Saki
  Ace / Catlover33 / 14d 4h 45m 32s
''oh its okay... im fine really'' [i I said as I started wrapping my finger up]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 4h 46m 6s
"Sorry for scaring you like that." Ace told Saki
  Ace / Catlover33 / 14d 5h 7m 21s
'' It's okay I just wasn't expecting this to happen he he''[I got the first aid kit down as I said that]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 5h 8m 10s
"Oh sorry about that. When I smell blood I come running to the source." Ace told Saki.
  Ace / Catlover33 / 14d 5h 10m 33s
''aghhh oh god you scared me... how did you ge~get here so fast] [i I was so nervous cause he got here so fast. It's kind of creepy]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 5h 11m 39s
Ace smelled the blood and licked Saki's finger
  Ace / Catlover33 / 14d 5h 36m 3s
[i I started chopping up vegetables with a sharp knife. I was making a salad. It was gonna have peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and of course. lettuce. I started peeling and cutting the lettuce but then ] '' Owch'' [i I but my thumb and it was bleeding a lot] '' Crap!''
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 5h 41m 11s
Vaan sighed and smiled knowing that everyone would be safe from the scientists.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 14d 5h 47m 34s

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