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[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/NXi3AKq.gif]][center [size30 [b [#004080 Sink] [size40 ☸][#004080 r Swim]]]]

[center [b [#004080 But it's called the Devil’s triangle for a reason right? That's why when a sudden storm capsized the ship and left the survivors stranded on the shores of a strange deserted island. The survivors can’t help but feel like they were asking for trouble…

The island possesses black sand beaches, beautiful greenery, light blue sea water, and unbeknownst to our stranded survivors filled to the brim with dangerous man eating creatures?!
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/cxzn0Ce.jpg]]
[h3 [center [b Rules] || Info ]]
[b Char-Limit |][i 400 characters minimum. Quality over quantity preferred.][hr ]
[b OCC | ][i Chat will done in using [b { Braces }]. [u Example:] [b {]We'll know your speaking out of character or wanting to chat when you talk in these. [b }]][hr ]
[b Post Order |][i There will be a posting order. So do not post out of turn unless we are going to skip someone or if some asks to be skip them self. ][hr ]
[b Pictures |][i Anime, Illustrated, or Drawn. No real photos. Do some damage control and avoid massive pictures please. Please note if you need help resizing a picture feel free to PM and ask me. ][hr ]
[b Multi-Characters |][i If you double up I won’t push for different genders. However you must post 400 characters each for both of your characters.][hr ]
[b Romance |][i This is ES keep it PG13 or take it elsewhere. Romance is ,allowed but the story should not revolve around it, remember that. ][hr ]
[b No godmodding |][i No weapon is unbreakable, No unlimited ammo, Your body can get injured, and finally if fighting, be reasonable. Don’t always dodge or hit without letting the other person respond.][hr ]
[b Mature |][i Obviously mature themes such as swearing, violence, ect- will arise. Your all strand so eventually you’ll run into some dark things.][hr ]
[b DRAMA |][i Drama between characters is very much wanted. This is a lawless island and people do crazy things. Throw in twist and be creative! ][hr ]
[b Mandatory |][i You must PM me your skellys and title your PM: “sunburn” so I know you read the rules. Also do not request access unless I ask you too.]]]][hr ][center [pic https://i.imgur.com/VFIdCUZ.gif]]
[center [b Skelly ]][#004080 [hr ][b Username:
Age:] 10+
[b Gender:
Personality: ]optional- 3 pro and 3 cons.
[b Occupation:] This will determined your useful needless.
[b Skill-set:] This should relate to your occupation in some shape or form. plus [b one survival skill ]of your choice. Note: that it will be highlighted in bold.
[b Possessions:] Do you have anything note worthy with you?
[b Condition:] what is your current condition upon waking on the shore line.
[b Bio: ] Make it short and sweet or reveal it through rp.][hr ]
[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/eXeLbE1.gif]]
[center [b ~Stranded ~ Indiviuals ~]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/2nPRpcx.jpg?1]]
[b Username:] hextheblackcat
[b Name:] Tessa Spriggs
[b Age:] 24
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Straight
[b Personality:] n/a
[b Occupation:] lifeguard
[b Skill-set:] Free-diving, surfing, first aid knowledge, and [b fishing].
[b Possessions:] Water shoes a pair of swimming goggles lifeguard: whistle, rescue buoy, rope, Aquatics guard hip pack and flashlight.
[b Condition:] unharmed, but exhausted.
[b Bio: ] Tessa was a member of staff on the cruise ship. However after diving into a raging sea to save a life she ended up being swallowed by the sea and waking stranded on the black shore line of an unknown island. [hr ]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/hFKUhzq.jpg?1]]
[b Username:] hextheblackcat
[b Name:] Gigi Robins
[b Age:] 19
[b Gender:] Female
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual
[b Personality:] n/a
[b Occupation:] Student / Part-time chef
[b Skill-set:] kitting, sewing, and weaving. [b Cooking].
[b Possessions:] Bag cell phone, makeup, sunscreen, hair brush, hair ties, sunglasses, and a water bottle.
[b Condition:] Slightly bruised up from taking a tumble during the mass panic caused by the ship capsizing. Left ankle is sprained.
[b Bio: ] n/a[hr ]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80511 [pic https://i.imgur.com/yeHtGtX.jpg?1]]]
[b Username:] HydreigonMaste
[b Name:] Roark
[b Age: ]42
[b Gender: ]male
[b Sexuality: ]asexual
[b Personality:] he likes to help, is food at reasoning, and likes to be nice. But he has a very short fuse, horrible anger bursts, and not so friendly dialogue when angry
[b Occupation: ]his strong suit is [b hunting], so food gatherer I guess
[b Skill-set:] Amazing at hunting, good at climbing but not too good
[b Possessions: ]all he has is his axe. Normal one sided axe used for chopping trees
[b Condition:] angry and scared
[b Bio:] Reveal it through the rp, but one tidbit is he has a horrible past in the family department[hr ]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80501 [pic https://i.imgur.com/yeHtGtX.jpg?1]]]
[b Username:] cookiecookie524
[b Name:] Molly Stone
[b Age: ]22
[b Gender:] female
[b Sexuality:] lesbian
[b Personality:] n/a
[b Occupation:] College student/ part-time photographer and babysitter
[b Skill-set:] patience, observant, good at convincing, and [b gathering supplies].
[b Possessions:] A watch which still works, a small pocket knife that she got from her father, a drawstring bag, non-working cell phone, pair of glasses, bunch of oranges
[b Condition: ]Has a limp from before the cruise. Her right arm is bruised up a bit and she had a slightly deep scratch from a part of metal that broke off the ship and is slightly hungry.
[b Bio:] n/a[hr ]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80501 [pic https://i.imgur.com/yeHtGtX.jpg?1]]]
[b Username:] cookiecookie524
[b Name:] Zack Reed
[b Age: ]28
[b Gender:] Male
[b Sexuality: ]Straight
[b Personality: ]n/a
[b Occupation:] Doctor/father. Used to be survival trainer
[b Skill-set: ] First aid knowledge, [b Hunting], building shelters, medical tender.
[b Possessions: ]First-aid kit, matches, picture of family, wallet, wedding ring
[b Condition:] Hungry and unharmed
[b Bio:] n/a[hr ]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=80536 [pic https://i.imgur.com/gWHHqNH.jpg?1]]]
[b Username:] bellpepper
[b Name:] Benyo Rose
[b Age:] 19
[b Gender:] female
[b Sexuality:] straight
[b Personality:] pro- charming, smart, responsible, defensive cons-blunt, rude, too defensive, anti-social
[b Occupation:] writer/ librarian and fighter
[b Skill-set:]creativity. amateur one limb [b fighting]
[b Possessions:] my journal, hair bands, flower crown, and hairpins
[b Condition:] broken left leg, sprained wrist, and heel
[b Bio: ] shes very independent and does not really like talking to people so she´s antisocial. shes and lives in Chinatown. She hates preppy people and school. charming, quiet and indecisive.[hr ]

[right [http://rp.eliteskills.com/u.php?u=40915 [pic https://i.imgur.com/6wM7M1t.jpg?1]]]
[b Username:] WOLFofdimensions
[b Name:] John Bleddyn
[b Age:] 21
[b Gender:] Male
[b Sexuality:] Pansexual
[b Personality: ]A very stoic and mysterious individual, John keeps a lot of his words simple and to the point. He can be blunt and stubborn as hell, but at the same time he will usually help out anyone and has his moments of kindness when he isn’t trying to keep to himself.
[b Occupation:] N/A
[b Skill-set: ]high quality strategist/planner. Good physical stamina....Good with weaponry
[b Possessions:] note pad and 2 packs of pencils, hunting knife, satchel with book inside
[b Condition: ]No major damage. Had jumped ship before the boat capsized. However, angry about the whole disaster. Believes he should have stayed home.
[b Bio:] N/A[hr ]

[b Username:] Catlover33
[b Name:] Ramza
[b Age: ]16
[b Gender: ]male
[b Sexuality: ]bisexual
[b Personality: ]optional- 3 pro and 3 cons.
[b Occupation:] Fencer
[b Skill-set: ]sword fighting, parrying, gathering, hunting, spearfishing
[b Possessions: ]a set of swords and a rapier
[b Condition:] sprained ankle
[b Bio:] Make it short and sweet or reveal it through rp.[hr ]

[b Username:] AutumnReaper
[b Name:] Royland [vondien ]
[b Age: ]26
[b Gender: ]Male
[b Sexuality:] Heterosexual
[b Personality: ]Professional Smartass(TM) [self-proclaimed ], analytical, tactless. Loves the opportunity to be carefree, pensive, or just generally be himself. A simple guy with simple needs.
[b Occupation: ]Lumber mill worker - body removal technician for a mortuary to supplement his bills at night.
[b Skill-set:] General carpentry knowledge, shelter building, minor knowledge of the physics of heavy objects.
[b Possessions:] A waterlogged [apparently locked] photo album and the clothes on his back.
[b Condition: ]Minor chest pain from swallowing too much seawater.
[b Bio:] Royland was forced to go on this trip by his family - who is now lost to the sea and the sirens. He's keeping himself occupied, for the time being, but doesn't know how long that will last. He's willing to drag out every bit of distraction he can until his impending mental breakdown. Gotta keep it positive!


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Roleplay Responses

[i I thought about it and... he's right! There should be a source of freshwater!... I stood up and picked up my stick and leaned on it a bit. I took off my glasses which were mysteriously not cracked. and I ran my hand along with the lens. It's really strange because I almost drowned. I was fr down in the water and im pretty sure that the air pressure would at least scrape it or something. especially when I hit my face on the rack. There should be some damage. why isn't there any? I was perplexed but I was thinking about it too hard. Im is still suspicious of it. I turned to both of them and then I looked around. I wasn't hungry for that was good but I was tired. The guy was also right about pushing me too much. Im one of those people who overwork and stress themselves until they get something done and I was kinda doing that. not harsh though because I could deal with pain. Pains fine. Im a professional fighter who has to ignore the pain. Im good at that because pain is like an annoying message from your aunt or someone who acts nice because they want to please someone but really they don't care at all. And I can ignore that! I coughed and covered my mouth. the taste of seawater is making me sick and Im trying to barf everywhere. I can't give up! If I barf, I barf but If I die then I don't get to see Bryan. That sweet little boy. I have to make it. Im going to get back to my brother!. I realised that I was on the ground gagging when I stopped daydreaming about being home. my eyes were watery and my through was dry and scratchy. I forced myself to stop and I covered my mouth. If I was gonna barf then that was it. I had nothing in my stomach to bring up.] [+purple Im sorry. The saltwater.It's just messing with me... Im fine] [i My voice was scratchy and rough from me cutting through a horrible feeling. My head was hurting and now my stomach from my body trying to force me to puke the nonexistent food in my stomach. I took a deep breath out and stood up. this wasn't me pushing myself hard yet. the gagging is just normal life. Im fine I can make it out of here. I waited until my head stopped pounding and I asked] [+purple should we look for more survivors?] [i I was feeling better and I calmed myself down. If there are then they probably are going to do the same thing. Still in the back of my mind, Im wondering why my glasses aren't messed up a bit. there only wet]

{ I use () for her explaining something thats breaking the text but to separate it so you don't get confused. It's not out of character speaking it's her cutting through her thoughts to explain. hope thats okay}
  saki / bellpepper / 5h 23m 46s
[center [size15 [+purple Molly]]]

[+purple "I'm Molly,"] she introduced to the strangers that she thought she would be with for a while now. Molly looked at the newcomer and sighed,[+purple "as much as I would like to rest, John is right. We do have to get a move on."] Molly looked at the two people then at her foot,[+purple "don't let me slow you guys down, I can always catch up if need be."] Molly looked at the black sand in the distance and sighed, wishing she knew exactly where they were.

[center ~~~]

[+green [center [size15 Zack]]]

[+green "Nope. Bananas are better,"] Zack replied to her. Zack looked up once they were under the tree and saw coconuts at the very top. [+green "I see some coconuts up there if we can just climb up there. Can you climb pretty well?"] Zack asked Gigi while glancing at her before returning his gaze to the coconuts. [+green "I can, but I might not make it all the way up to the coconuts."] Zack looked at the coconuts as if one was going to fall off anytime now. He looked over to see one that must have fallen off earlier and took it, showing it to Gigi.
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 5h 44m 46s
Roark Fronde,me and tapped Ramza shoulder harder “would you like help, sir?” He asked, in an angered voice “I’m trying to talk to you, please stop ignoring me.” He said, brandishing the axe “I cna help you two” he said, twirling his axe and dropping it in the sand “I’m a certified medical school drop out” he said, snickering “actually, I just know first aid” he said, shrugging “I’m not that stupid” he chuckled “I wouldn’t drop out of med school”
  HydreigonMaste / 6h 28m 58s
Ramza started to panic as he thought that Vaan was not going to survive. He had done his best to keep him alive but all of that hard work would be for nothing if Tessa doesn't show up soon. "Please stay with me Vaan. I don't want to lose you like this." He said out loud.

Ramza was trying his best to help Vaan until Tessa could return. "What's taking her so long." He said out loud.
  Ramza / Catlover33 / 16h 30m 15s
[b { Sorry for the late replay everyone. I've been swamped at work in RL Dx }]

[hr ]
[#009999 [b "Tessa's voice"] and [i Thoughts]]

[#009999 [b “Huh?”]] Tessa turned to find yet another guy. [#009999 [b “H-HEY!”]] She found herself looking at him and then the rock and then him and the rock again before suddenly dropping it at her feet. [#009999 [b “Thats not-Er”]] She flinched at the heavy thud sound that came from the rock hitting the ground. It wasn’t exactly small and she probably did look a little um-[#009999 [b ”Ahem”]] She took a moment to stick a foot out and step over the rock. Putting it behind her and out of sight.

[#009999 [b “I’m a lifeguard of course I’m friendly!”]] She huffed at the misunderstanding. [#009999 [b “You mean the voyage to the bermuda cruise ship, right?”]] She started to point at the logo of the ship on her aquatics guard hip pack when the [i “friendly guy”] started coughing.

[#009999 [b “Hey are you okay?”]] She instinctively rushed over to him. He seemed like someone who nearly drowned or could have too much water in their lungs. [#009999 [b “Do I need help?”]] She blinked somewhat confused. [#009999 [b “No-I”]] Tessa refocused. [#009999 [b “Actually yes I’ve got a serious case back on the shore with a couple of people from the cruise ship as well”]] She turned back to the rock and the husk she had managed to gather.

[#009999 [b “I’m gathering some stuff to make a pair of splits”]] She looked back up to the vine that she couldn’t quite reach before. [#009999 [b “Do you think you could reach those vines for me mr-um”]] She asked while realizing she didn’t even get his name yet.

[hr ]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/FFtfOkd.jpg?1]] [#ff9999 [b "Gigi's voice"] and [i Thoughts]]

Gigi slowly stood up alongside Zack. [#ff9999 [b “Well it should-”]] She sighed and dusted the black sand away from her body. [#ff9999 [b “How ironic our cruise ship just happens to get caught up in a storm only a few days after we entered the waters of the bermuda triangle”]] She muttered under her breath.

[#ff9999 [b “Alright then”]] Gigi smiled. Zack had a point. It didn’t matter where they wore right now. The ships are gone and they are stuck here until help arrives. [#ff9999 [i If help arrives]] she started to walk towards the tree that Zack had motioned to. Shade would be a sweet release from the sun's rays and food- Her smile brightened and red puffy eyes gleamed. [#ff9999 [b “If there's fruit”]] She looked at Zack suddenly and asked mischievously [#ff9999 [b “Do you wanna bet on it being coconuts or bananas?”]].

[#ff9999 [b “I personally hope it's coconuts”]] She started to walk with a little pep in her step now. Being a foodie herself any conversation involving something edible always brought her love for cooking to mind and that in turn never failed to put her in a good mood even if she was having a bad day. [#ff9999 [i coconuts equal sweet drinks]] the thought crossed her mind as they neared the tree.

[#ff9999 [b “Well its a pretty tall tree”]] She spoke while raising a hand over her eyes to shield them from the sun. She couldn’t really till it if it was bearing any fruit though...
  Tessa Spriggs / hextheblackcat / 18h 3m 42s
[i ACHOO!]
[b “Uuuuuggghhhh!”] Royland groaned obnoxiously, sniffling even louder. He hadn’t even been walking for a few minutes, and he was beginning to feel the effects of the water in his lungs. It certainly was difficult to walk when he had to stop to have a coughing fit, spitting up excess water in his lungs, seemingly every few seconds. Not on-quarter of a mile from where he woke up, he stopped, removing his soaked jacket and wringing it as best he could without removing the small book safely tucked in his breast pocket. At least now his shirt could dry a bit more effectively.
With the jacket now around his waist, he continued on, taking a glance at his surroundings only occasionally. Who knew black beaches actually existed? They were rare, he knew that much. And he’d only ever seen such natural phenomenon in his mother’s unnaturally large pile of brochures on the unkept coffee table back home. She had always been fascinated by tourist destinations with novelty features, constantly adding to her travel list, much to dad’s chagrin. Royland’s pace slowed to a stop, his eyes listlessly watching grains of sad dance across his feet with help from a gentle breeze. Ash took right after their mother. He sighed, gently… hopelessly. He gnawed on the bite on his lip, letting the blood flow freely, lost in the cathartic feeling of the lingering pain. No use dwelling, no use dwelling…
Keep moving.
[i thwack,] [i thwack]
Royland’s head perked up, forcing him to stand up straight. [i Thwack, thwack] he could hear, from somewhere not too far off from him. Without stopping to think, his feet took him swiftly – as swiftly as one could move in sand – in the direction of the noise. [b “Hello? Is someone th—“] a cough, interrupted him, [b “Is someone there??”]. No response. Maybe they couldn’t hear him over their work. He called again, and again, growing ever nearer to the sound. And then, he saw her. A girl. [s [i A cute girl.]]
Royland shook his head and ran a hand through his hair. [i “This is NOT the time, Roy!”]
Shielding his eyes from the sun, he raised his arm to wave, hoping she had heard him. [b “Hey..! Are you stranded, too!?”] Cautiously, he drew closer to her, eventually better able to see what she was hitting with that large rock in her hand. [b “I’m friendly if you are..! Were you on the ship, too?”] Another hard cough stopped him from running his mouth. More fluid expelled itself from his lungs, forcing him into a fit. It just kept coming. In its aftermath, he was left panting, eyeing the girl not so far from him, now.
[b “Do you… Do you need any help?”] It wasn’t that he didn’t trust her to get any closer… but he was definitely afraid of that rock in her hand connecting with any part of his body. Particularly his skull. She certainly didn’t look injured, so what he could see of the objects around her didn’t make much sense to him. They had to be for someone else. [b “Are there others?”]
  Royland Vondien / AutumnReaper / 13d 2h 19m 28s
Ah I see. A pre existing condition. Well. Ill keep a pace you can follow. Wouldn’t want you getting lost” he replied to her in his monotone voice . Soon enough their conversation was broke by the discovery of someone else on the shore. He crossed his arms observing the new women who had been found on their walk. “Be careful” he said looking to molly “some people could be dangerous....but I don’t have the feeling this person is. So it’s just a heads up.” He shifted his way over to her seeing that the new arrival was frantic but exhausted “I wouldn’t push your body if I were you. Not before we manage to find some resources inland” he turned back to face molly “There are animals on this island. Which means fresh water is somewhere deeper in. If we make a trek for the center we should find something. And if not water, at least food.” He then realized he rushed ahead without any formalities, most people did appreciate that sort of thing. He looked at them both clearing his throat “but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I’m John. Good to meet you both, crisis aside”
  John Bleddyn / WOLFofdimensions / 13d 2h 47m 19s
[i Is the girl waving at me... she is. I have to get up!] [+purple ughhmm] [i I moaned as I gathered my strength and grabbed my stick] [i I got up and lean on the stick and hobbled over to the two people. she's smiling. there friendly after all. I made all the way over to them and got back on the ground and looked at my leg again.] [i I opened my mouth to say something to lighten the mood but couldn't think of anything... but I had to say something.] [+purple so~ this really sucks.] [i And it did. we were freaking stranded on an Island with no way to get back and no fresh water and We were all probably injured. I don't even know how many people are here! If I knew then I could be a good leader but They probably wouldn't trust me and wouldn't 'want me to lead I guess because well other people might be good too. Wait on the bright side, If I did lead then we could make a whole civilization here. If we could fend off the dangers here.]

[i I got lost in thought and started imagining what it would be like to live here] [i Would we ever find a way back? Could we creat some kind of wifi service to reach our families and tell them that were alive? . Probebly not. anyway. that would all probably not work. Were there other people who arrived here before us? not like people from the cruise but, like people who died here? What if there is a whole town or something here?... wouldn't google maps know where we are? If I could somehow get a wifi signal then I could check google maps!]
[i I pulled out my phone from my pocket and opened the screen and] [+purple aghhh] [i Sparks flew from it and spread around. there were a few cracks in the screen and it was all wet and looked burned. were never getting off of this island! I might as well go ahead and dig my grave because we aren't surviving long with-out electricity~] [i Wait!] [i I started thinking about the debate team I joined in high school in my freshman year. we were arguing about technology. My argument was about how we rely on technology too much these days!.... Maybe we could somehow start out like cave-men ad then speed up the way that we changed it... Nah that wouldn't work why am I even trying that. I'm just glad that I found another person.]
  saki / bellpepper / 13d 3h 3m 30s
{these guys not }

[+purple Molly]

[+purple "I get it, we need to get moving to be productive,"] Molly said through a sigh. She was hungry, [i too] hungry. She hadn't ate in about 10 hours. [+purple "I also don't think I have anything major, the limp was there before the cruise if thats what you mean."] Molly turned around to check their surroundings and saw someone in the distance walking towards them and started waving them over,[+purple "I think we got a head start on numbers,"] she said, nodding towards the stranger that was headed there way and spread a friendly smile across her face to show that they weren't dangerous and started walking towards them.


[+green Zack]

he also looked at the sand beneath his feet. [+green "I don't think it matters where we are right now, honestly, but we have to look for supplies. Even better if we find people."] Zack looked at Gigi before scanning the area around them with his eyes,[+green"I think I see a tree with some shade, we should probably head that way. There might be food growing from that tree."] Zack said motioning towards the direction he was talking about.
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 13d 3h 36m 54s
Roark tapped the person helping another. It was the one who had been shouting “Vaan!” “Hey bud, looks like your ankle is badly sprained or broken” he said, picking up a piece of bark “I can help with that” he sia,d showing his leg “I’ve made a splint for myself, it stings but I can actually walk. Do you need help with helping that guy?” He asked, pointing at vaan. He twirled his axe, and cleave a bit of cloth off his own shirt “I’ll make a splint for you anyway” he said, wrapping the cloth around the bark on his ankle

{I know that. I don’t know why you think I got something confused}
  HydreigonMaste / 13d 3h 2m 3s
Ramza had been applying constant pressure on Vaan's wounds. He took short breaks to see if Vaan was still alive and to clean up any blood on his hands. He tried hard not to fall asleep as he knew that Vaan could die without medical help. His ankle really did hurt but he didn't pay any attention to the pain that he was in. "It's going to be alright Vaan. You don't have to worry about a thing." Ramza told Vaan.

  Ramza / Catlover33 / 13d 7h 23m 54s
[hr ]
[#009999 [b "Tessa's voice"] and [i Thoughts]]

She needed two sticks, something flat for both legs and- Her head hurt. This was a bit too much to be wrecking her brain over, especially after last night.

[#009999 [b "Okay, Heres the plan”]] Tessa turned to the boy. [#009999 [b " I need to gather some things before I can do any first aid, but before I get those I need you to find something like a clean cloth material to uh-”]] She glanced at the Van’s legs for just a moment.[#009999 [b " To stop any bleeding. I’ll need you to then apply constant pressure until I get back”]] She smiled reassuringly as she didn’t want the kid to panic or anything like that. While she would be off for the necessary things.

[#009999 [b "I’m going inland for a couple of things and I’ll be right back to patch your friend up best I can, okay”]] She finished up and sprinted off across the black sand towards the tropical trees and plants.

[#009999 [b "Sticks, Rope, Flat thing-”]] She repeated the supplies in her head as she entered the shade beneath a palm tree. Looking around she noticed it possessed some coconuts and long vines. The vines would make for a good rope if she could reach them.[#009999 [b "I’ll just-” ]] She gave bouncing off the ground and into the air a try. Her arms reaching up with the intent of catching a vine only she landed empty handed… [#009999 [b “Maybe not yet, then”]] She chuckled in defeat.

[#009999 [b "Sticks of equal size then! “]] She began to search the ground for sticks which this place had plenty of. [#009999 [b "Okay something flat”]] She found her standing beneath another type of palm tree starting at the husk. They weren’t perfectly flat but the husk would be good enough in a situation like this, right?

Tessa grabbed onto one and started to pull hard but the thing wouldn’t come so she stopped to pick up something helpful. A Rock and a good sized one at that. She started to use it like a hammer. Hitting the husk until it eventually gave way. Oh how swimming against pulling tides and sea currents were so much easier than this. [#009999 [b "It's been like 20 or 35 minutes now”]] She started to work on loosening another husk. [#009999 [b "“ I hope that [i Van ]guy doesn't die. His legs-”]] She cringed and nearly hit her own finger. [#009999 [b "I-uh better be more careful”]] She gave a heavy sigh.

[hr ]
[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/FFtfOkd.jpg?1]] [#ff9999 [b "Gigi's voice"] and [i Thoughts]]

Still shaking. Gigi looked up to the man who came rushing to her aid. She was grateful to both him and the dolphins. But even more so to be on dry land again.[#ff9999 [b “Even I-”]] She suddenly turned the other way to hack up some sea water that she swallowed while nearly drowning.[#ff9999 [b "I-ugh”]] She paused and waited for her stomach to settle some.

[#ff9999 [b “I-oh um”]] She heard him introduce himself and quickly responded with “[#ff9999 [b I’m Gigi”]]. It was then that she finally noticed the black sand beneath them. It was her first time ever seeing black sand before.[#ff9999 [b “W-Where are we?”]] She asked as she started to take a proper look around. It was such an amazing place to be, almost magical in a way. [#ff9999 [b “I’ve never seen a black beach before”]] She found herself shakingless now. Maybe because she was finally able to breath again or the fact that she wasn’t alone now.
  Tessa Spriggs / hextheblackcat / 13d 7h 33m 49s
[b “I. Hate. Ships.”] Royland eased back in his chair, at risk of falling onto the concrete below at any moment. If it meant he sustained a concussion to relieve himself of having to take part in this trip, it was worth it. [b “I’ve always hated ships. You know that, Ash.”]
A girl of short stature and thin build stamped her feet. Royland met her gaze, then rolled his eyes. Being a brat, as always. She glared harshly, [#005500 [b “You are ALWAYS like this, Roy! You always have to ruin everything! Just once I’d like to have a birthday where you’re not being a downer just to spite me!”]]
[b “First of all, you don’t even REMEMBER your 3rd birthday. And it’s not MY fault mom went into labor that day. Take it up with dad and his Christmas gift to her!”]
[#005500 [b “Ugh! You’re so gross! You were dad’s worst Christmas gift he’s ever given to anyone!”]]
Royland sat up in his chair, then stood, towering over his older sister by a good foot. If she thought she was going to intimidate him or bully him into yet another outlandish birthday wish, she was wrong.
[b “I’ve had enough of this conversation. I’m not going on your stupid birthday cruise! You’ve always been such a brat.”] He pushed past her roughly, retreating from the patio. She was a cloud on his day, anyhow.

[center ---]

[i “Music…?] A big band, the brass blaring, the bass thumping, the clarinets and saxophones trilling in his ears… Johnny Mercer bellowing his final line of [i “Peronsality”] while Royland’s father taps his foot. The ship rocks, the lights go out, screams erupt, and the waves soon take him…
When his eyes fluttered open, the incoming tide stung sharply. Crying out, he coughed up water, more water – tears of frustration flowed. Was he still caught in the tide? Was he going to die?
No. His fingers curled tightly around the sand underneath him. Finally, with eyes adjusting to the sunlight, he sat up. Gasping for breath, almost instantly overcome with surprise. A beach, a gentle tide… an island? With civilization, or with blood thirsty tribals? Calm, Royland. You are calm, rational.
His breathing slowed as he stood, weary, vision blurred, and posture slumped. Calm. Rational.

[i Breathe.]

As soon as his eyes began to clear, shedding tears to rid themselves of the seawater, he pushed back his deep auburn hair, taking in the scenery before him. A dense, unpredictable horizon hiding God knows what beyond its leaves. [b “How could it have come to this…”] He blinked, slowly. In a daze that seemed never-ending. Reality or dream? Fact or fiction? God…dammit! A memory presented itself, but he bit his lip, hoping as the blood left his body, that his thoughts would, too.
[i “I can’t be the only one.”] His green eyes darted left, right, but no one was in his immediate vicinity. He listened closely for a cry of pain, confusion, or outreach. Nothing. Clutching the miraculously undisturbed breast pocket of his jacket, he muttered, [b “I guess I just have to start walking.”] Surely, there were others on the shore. It was better than assuming he was alone.
  Royland Vondien / AutumnReaper / 14d 4h 10m 38s
He drew his plans down as the woman spoke to him “I see I wasn’t the only one. That’s good” he said in a monotone voice. His eyes quickly glanced over to her closing the notebook with one hand sliding it into his satchel “I didn’t acquire any injuries no. It seems you may have however. So I wouldn’t push to hard if I was in your position” stood up some stretching a bit as he felt a slight pop in his spine “well. Neither of us will get very far chatting. If we made it others did too. We can start looking for them along the shore...and if all else fails we can try again tomorrow.” Adjusted his jacket some and put his satchel on. “Sorry if I’m being rather quick on introductions...but strength in numbers is the most desirable outcome we have”
  John Bleddyn / WOLFofdimensions / 15d 2h 57m 9s

[i I looked around for some way of getting around. leaves? no. Tree stump? ha if I had the power of hulk, still would need to [b use] it. Bugs? ew oh god no. branches? ehh I could try.]
[I I skooch over to the branch thing and I took one of my hair bands and wrapped it around a brand and stuck another one to it. totally not gonna work. I leaned on to my butt and. . . OW... oh hairpins.]
[i I took a hairpin out of my back pocket and bit the round parts off so it was sharp and I stabbed it through the two '' branches turned to sticks by braking the leaves off''. ] [+purple that would work~ ... hopefully] [i I heard voices off in the distance. guess I'm not the only one who landed here] [i I got up and leaned on the branch] [+purple, please. please.[b please] don't break. god, this sucks] [i I started to try to walk and it... worked. sort of] [+purple looks like the wise don't only think a lot but age faster] [i I chuckled to myself to lighten the mood. god I hope Bryan is okay] [i wait... Bryan isn't ..well wasn't on the boat.] [+purple ughh this is the worst..] [+purple mmmmmhmmm] [i I moaned and complained and pouted until I got to rock. I lean against it to take a break] [+purple guess my parents were not lying when they said pain is tiring] *sigh* [i I started again to where I thought the voices where and [+purple OOF] aghh god what was that?!?!] [+purple god my head is killing me~] [i I looked up and saw a tree.] [+purple ughhhhh great. just what I needed. another injury. concussion Islan here I come~] [i I watched where I was going this time and made my way slowly to a large opening. footprints! perfect. let's just hope these don't belong to some maniac killer] [i I followed the footsteps and saw someone. nice purple hair.. looks like their helping someone. hmm. Can I trust them? help gonna go find out. ]

[i I struggle over to the person. a girl. I struggle over to the girl and see that she's helping a guy... okay this might become awkward. don't care. I made it halfway across the sand on this side and looked at them closer. then I fell] [+purple frick. MY Arm] [i I sat down on my butt again and relaxed. this could wait a few minutes, can it? sure it can]
[i My breath heavy, I started examining my wrist a second time and my leg] [i Swollen. turning purple, horrible pain. yep, it's broken~ what about my wrist? probably just a sprain. goddddd This suuuucks. please just take me now] [i I leaned forward and placed my arms down in the sand. I planted them. I looked down straight at it and slowed my breath. when I was calm, I sat back up and wiped my dirty, sandy, grubby hands on my shirt, and took a deep breath out. My shirt was short and black and it showed my belly. It had a picture of Mario on his knees praying and it says '' Hey God, Its a me a Mario''. I wore black leggings all the way to my feet with a pair of jean shorts over then. the shorts were light blue with wholes in them. I wore a pair of black and grey Vanns and long black socks which I tucked under my leggings. I had circle type frames on my glasses and a thin lens. I had my hair cut short and straightened before we crashed. I had light brown freckles and they were only under my eyes and on my cheeks] [i I didn't feel like getting up. hey I guess growing really takes it out of you, doesn't it? he he. I wanna go homered. Bryan, Shelbie, Tess, and Jackie are gonna be worried sick about me. we were supposed to come back next week. I bet they're gonna check their phone, try to call me, I don't answer and they have a mental break-down] [+purple ughhhhh God this is the worst] [i I yelled unintentionally and quickly covered my mouth with my un-injured hand] [i This is gonna be a long day]
  saki / bellpepper / 14d 20h 38m 34s

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