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Roleplay Responses

There used to be a chat that was live. It updated constantly and was pretty convenient
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 16d 1h 7m 15s
What's the live chat?

[b noms on some very delicious candy]
  Ceva / 16d 12h 37m 11s
Constantly refreshing this crap on the pages kinda sucks. Want the live chat back XD
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 16d 13h 21m 24s
I think reds a good way to go and I'm glad your (bf) is cool with it. :D
  Hex / hextheblackcat / 17d 2h 47m 4s
Oh well a lot of people told me red would suit me so i decided to try it out. My tato (bf) likes red har.
  Ceva / 17d 2h 51m 55s
Okay sims4 it is! I might use some mods to get certain things in place. Should look intersecting if nothing else and at least people will have a good idea of the cafe's blue prints. :D

Red? *W*

*Ahem* Thats neat. :3

what made you decide to go with red? o.0
  Hex / hextheblackcat / 17d 2h 55m 59s
I mean I’d say sims. Try that out. I’m curious
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 3h 11m 20s
Well i am on team sims4 of course

i dyed my hair red owo
  Ceva / 17d 3h 29m 45s
So hand draw it or build it in sims4 for that 3D-effect? o.0

Note; That I like to get detail'd so the drawing will take time but building in sims4 is like second nature to me... @.@
  Hex / hextheblackcat / 17d 5h 10m 32s
I mean the 3D idea sounds pretty cool so go for that
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 20h 13m 43s
Hello and welcome Ceva^^/

Cosmic Cafe its got a nice ring too it! ;D

Oh but this isn't the first time I've ran this cafe chat/roleplay. I took it down awhile back because of "reasons" and decided to to it up again because I want to rp and take to people again! Dx

lol~ xD
You caught me Ceva~ >w<'

Yes I'm going to have a skelly options for Staff roles and even guest. *W*

If you want too, then sure wolf :D

I'm also going to provide a floor plan as for how the cafe looks...Although I'm having trouble deciding how to present the floor plan.

I'm not too sure if I just want to make something simple using the paint program to show a really basic blue print or if I want to hand draw it to look 3D.

Heck I could very well build the cafe in sims4 for that 3D effect. If I build it in sims4 I probably will do a recording of the build in game play and put it up on youtube then link it the thread for people to click on.

IDK what to do... @x@;
What do you guys think I should pick? o.0'
  Hex / hextheblackcat / 18d 2h 47m 2s
I'm just a sucker for cafe type threads, and i may seen you in here but still it was mainly because i love cafes. Oooh hex, are you gonna have different applications for different roles? That would be cool.
  Ceva / 18d 15h 31m 1s
Oh applications for what? If there’s anything up I can lend a hand
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 16h 1m 23s
Well I’m definitely glad to be back this was my favorite place. And Ceva I see you make your rounds.
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 16h 1m 50s
I think a cafe is a great idea, i've been meaning to start in intergalactic cafe theme. I was gonna call it cosmic cafe.
  Ceva / 18d 16h 47m 58s

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