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Byungchan was absolutely sure of three things. One was that his beta status would be known immediately. Two was that this mission wouldn't end very well. And the third thing was that Seungwoo was going to murder him if his nephew was killed. If he didn't get killed before then that is.

[center ~]

Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Byungchan is here with his story and we're about to take a deep dive into what may turn out to be one of my most thought out stories in the series. Well, sort of.

I swear all my stories are well thought out. But this one has a bit more thought in it than the others.

The thing about this story in particular is that everyone has a flaw of some sorts, and Byungchan's happens to be his beta status. As he is the newest general for Kris's pack, it would prove to be rather difficult for him as he is sent out on this latest mission, which is to try to go farther into Europe to contact a pack that Chan of STRAY KIDS had ties to.

Also, along with being in control of the members of VICTON, Byungchan also has control of a sub pack that contains half of the members of ATEEZ!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Byungchan: A pure blooded werewolf who is one of the newest generals in Kris's pack. He took Seungwoo's place, and is determined to not let his status as beta try and bring him down. He used to depend on Seungwoo to keep his beta status not known, but now he was on his own. He is known for his friendly demeanor, something that he viewed as a strong point. He tries to live up to Seungwoo's reputation, but even Seungwoo is doubtful that Byungchan would truly live up to his reputation. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a white streak of fur in the shape of a claw mark over his left eye and a nasty looking scar going down his back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Subin: A pure blooded werewolf who is the youngest in the pack. He is Seungwoo's nephew, and his only living relative. He is known for his calm demeanor that kept Seungsik in line. He is a medic by trade, having been trained by Yixing himself before being handed off to Seungwoo's side of the pack. Under that calm demeanor is an untapped source of anger that came from his early days of being in his home pack. He ends up becoming one of Byungchan's betas, which was odd for him because he was an alpha but he wouldn't take advantage of that. For now he would try and make Byungchan's beta status not known to the general public. His wolf form is a large dark brown, almost black, wolf with grey feet and a patch of white fur covering his right eye.

Seungsik: The only turned werewolf in the pack, he is also the only hybrid in Byungchan's side of the pack. He is half vampire, having been turned some time before joining Kris's pack. He is calm and collected most of the time, depending on Subin or Seungwoo's normally calm demeanor to stay in control of himself. The one flaw Seungsik could put on himself was his vampire side. It took a long time for him to control that side of him, and he knew that depending on Subin or Seungwoo would become his downfall. His wolf form is a large silver colored wolf with a scar on his back left leg near his kidney seen in his wolf and human forms.

Hanse: A pure blooded werewolf with anger issues. He was part of Yedam's side of the pack along with Chan training to become werewolf hunters before being handed to Seungwoo due to the almost uncontrollable anger that he has. It proved to help him, because Seungwoo was able to help him control it. He doesn't leave the territory too often though, only leaving when they really needed him. His wolf form is a large grey wolf with black feet and many battle scars going across his body seen in his wolf and human forms.

Chan: A pure blooded werewolf who also has anger issues. He had joined Seungwoo's side of the pack along with Hanse to get a better grip on his anger. He is better at controlling it than Hanse is, but he also rarely leaves the territory to make sure no one gets hurt by the things he could do. He is known as a child soldier, being raised by his home pack to fight in all wars. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a black patch of fur on his back and battle scars scattered around his body seen in his wolf and human forms.

Sejun: A pure blooded werewolf who is the calmest one out of the pack. He was handed off to Seungwoo along with Subin from Yixing's pack, and works as a barista at a place dubbed as "Yuto's Starbucks" as a person to go to for information. He doesn't have a flaw per say but he does tend to lash out at people when he is set off enough. He keeps the information network up to date, working with many people that passed through that Starbucks. His wolf form is a large grey wolf with a streak of black fur covering his face in the shape of a scar.

Seungwoo: A pure blooded werewolf who was the previous general. He is known throughout the supernatural world as the coldest person in existence. He has a soft side to him, it really only ever being shown to his nephew Subin and his mate Wooseok. He was away from the pack for a couple years, helping out a pack of shapeshifters led by Yohan. When he cameback he gave the general position to Byungchan, choosing to retire for good. He is mated to Wooseok. His flaw is that he grew up as a child soldier, and under that cold exterior is a broken man, secretly longing for a normal life. His wolf form is a large timberwolf with stormy grey eyes and three claw marks across the left side of his face starting from his ear seen in his wolf and human forms.

Wooseok: The only shapeshifter in the pack, he joined the pack after Seungwoo returned from being in Yohan's pack. He is mated to Seungwoo, though Seungwoo initially denied the claims due to the time they had met. He is also one of the coldest shapeshifters alive at the moment, though under that icy exterior lies a broken man that has seen too much. He leads a rather impressive information network, with ties to people all over the world. His animal form is a large polar bear with three claw marks on the left side of his face with the third claw mark going over his left eye seen in his animal and human forms.

I hope you enjoy the story~!


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[center Chapter 3]

Byungchan let out a deep sigh as he stood outside to watch the sunrise. Seungsik was standing leaning against the wall by the back door behind him with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry," said Seungsik. "For what? Nearly losing control?" Asked Byungchan as he turned his head to look at Seungsik. Seungsik hummed, opening his eyes to look at Byungchan. "You should know better by now," said Byungchan as he shook his head, turning back to looking up at the sky.

"You okay?" Asked Seungsik. "Fine," said Byungchan as he looked down at the forest in front of him, his body tensing slightly as he felt the distinct sense of fear from feeling someone's alpha aura wash over him. Seungsik walked over, keeping a slightly defensive stance as he eyed the forest in front of them. "You think it'd be any easier," Byungchan grumbled to himself as he recognized Wooyoung's wolf form as it came into view.

"We're fine," said Seungsik as he too recognized the wolf. "Go on," he said. "You heading to Berlin or going on from here?" Asked Byungchan as he forced his voice to remain calm. When the alpha aura receded Byungchan took that as a sign that Wooyoung was heading on. "Alright," he said. "I think Jongho and Hongjoong are passed Austria by now," he said. Wooyoung bowed his head before turning and heading back into the forest.

"Is this [i really] necessary though?" Grumbled Byungchan as he slumped slightly, relaxing his tense stance. "It's the only way we can communicate it seems," hummed Seungsik. "Using me as bait? That's stupid as hell," Byungchan said with a sigh.

Byungchan froze in place as he felt another person's alpha aura wash over him, shivering at the intensity of this one. "God damn it," he grumbled. "Sorry," came a familiar voice behind them, causing Byungchan to turn around to spot a smirking Subin.

"Did you [i really] need to ramp it up that high?" Byungchan asked with a pout. "Sorry," said Subin as he gave a nonchalant shrug, letting in his alpha aura fade away, causing another grumble to come from Byungchan. "Ungrateful brat," mumbled Byungchan as he relaxed, shaking his head in amusement before turning to look back out at the forest.

"Who came by?" Asked Subin. "Wooyoung," said Seungsik as he shrugged. "Ah," hummed Subin. "What did he want?" He asked. "He came over in wolf form," said Byungchan. "So he was only passing through," he added. Subin hummed.

"When are we heading to Austria?" Asked Seungsik. "Probably within the next couple days," said Byungchan. "I want to see if anyone else shows up with information before heading on," he said. "Why?" He asked. "Just wondering when we were leaving again is all," said Seungsik. "Don't think of going down the route of Eunki and Jinyoung now," said Subin. "I won't," said Seungsik.

"Miss breakfast why don't you," said Donghan as he came outside, causing everyone to turn to him. "Not hungry," said Seungsik. "I'm fine, I made some toast before coming out," said Subin. "I'm not hungry," said Byungchan. "Alright, it's there if you're hungry," said Donghan. Byungchan nodded.

[center ~]

"So what do you know of the rest of Europe?" Asked Donghan as he stood outside with Byungchan after dinner. "A lot," said Byungchan as he shrugged. "This isn't the first time we've had to come out to Europe to try and get a territory public," he said. "But this is the first time someone was [i willing] to have someone come out here," he said. "Sounds interesting," said Donghan. Byungchan hummed in response.

"You're a beta aren't you?" Donghan asked suddenly. Byungchan blinked. "What made you figure that out?" He asked. "The way you were trying hard not to flinch yesterday," said Donghan.

[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 2]

"You really mastered your uncle's cold expression you know?" Asked Byungchan as he stood beside Subin. Subin turned to Byungchan with a raised eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. "Seungwoo has quite the reputation for having the most stoic expression ever," said Byungchan. "I think you've gotten to that point," he said, earning a scoff from Subin. "Okay," said Subin.

"I'm pretty sure everyone has mastered that expression by now," said Seungsik as he walked over. "Except for you apparently," he said. "Oi," said Byungchan as he scowled. "I can't help it alright," he said. "Sure sure," said Seungsik.

"I'm sure if you worked on it you could have the same cold expression as the others," said Subin. "Even Sejun mastered it," he said. "Hm," hummed Byungchan as he turned to look up at the sky.

The sound of a train horn startled the three of them, as Byungchan turned to look at the clock on the wall. "Oh, it's time to go," he said going over to their train car with Seungsik and Subin following after him. "This break wasn't that long," said Subin. "I know, we'll be in Switzerland soon," said Byungchan.

"Why are we going there again?" Asked Seungsik. "It's on the way," said Byungchan. "Also I wanted to check on Donghan's side of the information network," he said. "Ah," hummed Seungsik. "He may have a bit more information, and if he doesn't we still got Austria," said Subin as they reached their sleeping cabin. "Yeah," said Byungchan.

[center ~]

"Well then," said Donghan as he went to pick them up from the train station. "Heading on foot from here?" He asked. "No, we'll be staying a couple days, if you don't mind," said Byungchan. "I was told by Chanwoo that you'd be stopping by so yeah," said Donghan. "I'm fine with it," he added.

"How have things been with the information network anyway?" Asked Byungchan. "It's been fine," said Donghan. "Nothing much has been going on except your packmates visiting," he said. "Jongho and Hongjoong?" Asked Byungchan. "Yeah," said Donghan.

"What were they here for?" Asked Byungchan. "Just checking on us before they continued east," said Donghan. "I see," said Byungchan. "Did they leave anything for us?" He asked. "No," said Donghan. "But they wished you luck on getting to Hungary," he said. "They're going passed Hungary to see what's out there," he said. "Ah," hummed Subin.

"Do you mind if I go hunting when we get to your house?" Asked Seungsik. Donghan looked in the rearview mirror at Seungsik. "Should be fine," he said as he looked back at the road. "Just be careful, don't get caught," he said. "I won't," said Seungsik. Donghan nodded.

[center ~]

"Hey you three," said Kenta as Byungchan and Subin entered the house with Donghan. "Seungsik went hunting," said Donghan. "Cool," said Kenta. "Dinner's almost ready," he said before going back into the kitchen. "We have a guest room for the three of you, if you're fine with it," said Donghan as he turned to Byungchan. "I'm fine with it," said Byungchan. Subin nodded. "Only two of us can sleep so," he said, shrugging. "Seungsik will probably just be out most of the night," he said.

"So what kind of info do you have for me?" Asked Byungchan as they sat in the livingroom eating dinner. "On Lucas?" Asked Donghan. Byungchan nodded. "Not much, Yohan probably has more information than I do," said Donghan. "Though Chenle is in his pack," he said.

"Chenle?" Asked Byungchan. "Someone Chani may have heard of, since he was in Jaemin's pack," said Subin. "I remember Seungwoo discussing it once when Chani met up with Kris," he said. "Ah," hummed Byungchan.

"It's just him though," said Subin. "I don't know where Jisung disappeared off to but it seems the wolf council got a hold of him before he could escape to another pack," he said. "It's always the wolf council," grumbled Byungchan. "We can't do a thing about it until they come after us," said Subin. "I know," said Byungchan. "Which is why this is annoying as hell to deal with," he said.

"When Chan decides to finally get help from the vampire hunting association we may be able to help him out," said Subin. "Granted Kris is willing to put in his resources to help," he added. "With Yedam putting in his input we may be able to help Chan," said Byungchan. "That's true," said Subin.

[center ~]

Seungsik came in after Byungchan and Subin got ready for bed, blood still on his clothes. "Tough hunt?" Asked Byungchan as he turned to Seungsik. Seungsik shrugged. "I was really thirsty," he said. "Apparently," he added.

"Seungsik," said Subin. "You know you can't beat Eunki in the whole "hunting one animal/human per territory" when we go all over the place," he said. "You're trying this again?" Asked Byungchan. "I know that Jinyoung can manage it but that's probably due to who he is," he said. Something flashed in Seungsik's eyes and Subin immediately put himself between Byungchan and Seungsik.

"I suggest you get cleaned up," said Subin, his voice almost disturbingly calm as his alpha aura surrounded him. Byungchan shivered behind him, forcing the need to submit down as much as possible. Donghan and Kenta appeared behind Seungsik, ready to defend their home if Seungsik went berserk.

Seungsik growled, tensing up as he forced himself to stay still. "Go," commanded Subin. That got Seungsik to move as he finally turned and pushed his way passed Donghan and Kenta and made his way into the bathroom to clean up. Donghan went to keep an eye on him, escorting Seungsik outside once Seungsik was done cleaning himself up.

Byungchan took a deep breath, relaxing when the front door closed and Subin reeled in his alpha aura. "I've never seen him this close to losing it," said Byungchan. "I have," said Subin. "The last time this happened was when he faced off against Junho for the first time in a spar," he said. "He was able to control himself better because Seungwoo was there but," he said, sighing.

"Why do you keep him with you?" Asked Kenta. "Out of curiosity," he added. "I don't know," said Byungchan. "That decision was entirely Seungwoo's," he said. "It's not like he's a bad person," he added. "Seungsik is trying hard to keep himself in control, and usually hunts more than one thing," said Subin. "Animals," he added. "But Eunki and Jinyoung's rule of hunting one animal, or one human per city in Eunki's case, per territory is making him challenge himself," he said.

"He [i knows] it's a bad idea to keep doing that to himself, but he chooses to do it anyway," said Byungchan. "It's hard on him, I'm tempted to stage an intervention with Eunki and Jinyoung present but we got thrust into doing this," he said.

"Sometimes I think it was too early for you to become general," said Subin as he turned to Byungchan. "I don't know what Seungwoo was thinking either," Byungchan said, sighing. "But I have to try," he said.

"He went running," said Donghan as he walked back into view. "Said he'd be back by the morning," he said. "Let him," said Subin. "I'll go chase him down in the morning if he doesn't come back," he said.

"If he becomes a problem..." Started Donghan. "He won't," said Subin. "When returns bloody like that, he'll be fine," he said. "I know, it won't seem like it because of what I just said but," he said, shrugging. "He's hunted enough to remain calm for the next week or so," he said. "We'll be out of here before then," he said. "Alright," said Donghan. "Goodnight," he said, before turning and walking away with Kenta following after him.

Byungchan heaved a sigh of relief, looking down at the floor. "I curse my damn status," he mumbled. "We need to find a way around this," said Subin. "I hope we don't run into anymore trouble," he said. "I know," mumbled Byungchan.
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[center Chapter 1]

"I can't believe we're doing this," said Byungchan as he looked out the airport terminal windows at the plane that would take them to Berlin. "Well, Chan did say he was paying a lot to whoever can make their way east to find this mysterious pack he has connections with," said Subin as he walked over, standing beside Byungchan.

"It's not even about the money at this point though," said Byungchan as he took a deep breath, sighing a bit as he exhaled. "It's about just getting somewhere where we can establish that yes, this territory is now public," he said.

"Hunters have already gone to that side of Europe though," said Subin. "They don't have much access to anything though," pointed out Byungchan. "They go radio silent after leaving Austria," he said. Subin hummed in response.

"Where is Seungsik anyway?" Asked Byungchan as he looked around, not seeing Seungsik nearby. "He went off to a quiet corner," said Subin. "He'll join us before the flight," he said. "How's his thirst?" Asked Byungchan. "It's not bothering him right now," said Subin. "I know that once we land in Berlin he'll need to hunt though," he said. "Right," hummed Byungchan.

"Hey you two," came a voice, causing Byungchan to turn to spot Yunho. "Heading to Europe?" Asked Byungchan. Yunho shook his head. "Just landed," said Yunho. "I'll be heading home from here," he said. "Ah, nice," said Byungchan.

"I believe Hongjoong and Jongho are still out there though," said Yunho. "I lost contact with them after I entered Germany," he said. "Wooyoung is still in Germany though, I managed to see him before I left," he said. "I see," said Byungchan.

"Do you think you'll make it?" Asked Yunho. "I have to try," said Byungchan as he looked back out at the plane. "I think it's the only thing we can do at this moment," he said. "It's your first real mission as general," hummed Subin. "I'll get going then, good luck," said Yunho. "Say hi to the others for us," said Byungchan as he nodded. Yunho nodded, bowing his head before turning and leaving.

When the announcements for first class boarding started Seungsik made his way over, keeping his hands in his hoodie pockets with a bored expression on his face. "Let's go then," said Byungchan before walking over to the gates with Subin and Seungsik.

[center ~]

Arriving in Berlin brought a sense of apprehension for Byungchan, as this was his first time here without Seungwoo. "You know, I'm surprised Seungwoo let you two come with me," he said, turning to Subin and Seungsik after they reached the entrance of the terminal. "I was perfectly fine with taking Hanse and Chan," he said. "It was Kris's orders to be honest," said Subin as he shrugged.

"I don't think those two are ready for anything outside the territory just [i yet]," said Seungsik. "I mean, I know they managed Forks and Seattle just fine but you're a beta," he said. "I don't think you'd be able to stop them if things got out of hand," he said. "Those two can defend themselves though," said Byungchan. "I can defend myself as long as I'm not overwhelmed by the various alpha auras," he said.

"So why are we going to the coffee shop?" Asked Seungsik as he drove the rental car there. "We're meeting Chan there," said Byungchan. "He'll tell us who to look for, and what to expect," he said. "If they agree to become public with their territory, we'll finally have a foot in that side of Europe," he said. "While you're having your meeting I need to hunt," hummed Seungsik. "No problem," said Byungchan. "Take your time," agreed Subin.

"Hey you two," said Moonbin as Byungchan and Subin entered the coffee shop after getting dropped off. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Byungchan as he went to pay for it. "Chanwoo in?" He asked. "He's doing something with his brothers today," said Moonbin as he processed the orders before handing Byungchan the card he had used to pay. "He said Chan'd be here," said Byungchan as he took the card.

"Paris Chan or UK Chan?" Asked Moonbin as he blinked. "Paris Chan," said Byungchan. "Ah, I'll see what's up with him, your order will be a few minutes," said Moonbin. Byungchan nodded before turning and going to sit down with Subin joining him a few minutes later after returning from the restroom.

[center ~]

"Sorry, had to do something at the bank," said Chan as he walked over after ordering his drinks. "Dropping Renjun off again?" Asked Byungchan as he noticed Renjun having a discussion with Moonbin. "No," said Chan. "Chani agreed to take him for a bit, his flight isn't for another few hours so we're chilling for a bit," he said. "Ah," said Byungchan.

"So who are we contacting and where?" Asked Subin. "His name is Lucas," said Chan. "You'll meet him in Hungary," he said. "I've managed to send mail back and forth until the wolf council intervened," he said. "But he agreed to meet someone not involved with this mess, and try to negotiate some things," he said.

"Getting passed Austria is where it's going to get bad," hummed Byungchan. "I'm sure you'll make it," said Chan. "Hunters have made it pretty deep into Europe but they can't come into service until they make it to Austria at least," said Subin. "We'll be out of service the entire time until Lucas says it's okay," he said.

"Are you okay with that?" Asked Byungchan. "Yes," said Chan. "I can wait, until some sort of news comes about," he said. "I know many werewolf hunters head out that way but I don't know what they do," he said. "Mostly Wontak and Dongmyeong headed East," hummed Byungchan. "From what Yedam has told me of those two and their accomplishments," he said.

"Yunho headed out that way before we ran into him didn't he?" Asked Subin. Byungchan nodded. "He never talks about what he does though, so I don't know what he's done," he said.

"We'll get there," said Byungchan. "I have a reputation to keep up with," he said. "Where exactly in Hungary are we meeting Lucas?" He asked. "Budapest," said Chan. "I don't know exactly [i where] in Budapest, but you'll find him I'm sure," he said. "We will," said Subin. "I'm known for finding people in weird places," said Byungchan. "So we'll find him," he said. Chan nodded.

"Anything else we should know about before heading out?" Asked Byungchan. "Just be careful," said Chan. "I don't know what's out there and neither do you," he said. "We'll be careful," said Byungchan as he nodded.
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