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Byungchan was absolutely sure of three things. One was that his beta status would be known immediately. Two was that this mission wouldn't end very well. And the third thing was that Seungwoo was going to murder him if his nephew was killed. If he didn't get killed before then that is.

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Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! Byungchan is here with his story and we're about to take a deep dive into what may turn out to be one of my most thought out stories in the series. Well, sort of.

I swear all my stories are well thought out. But this one has a bit more thought in it than the others.

The thing about this story in particular is that everyone has a flaw of some sorts, and Byungchan's happens to be his beta status. As he is the newest general for Kris's pack, it would prove to be rather difficult for him as he is sent out on this latest mission, which is to try to go farther into Europe to contact a pack that Chan of STRAY KIDS had ties to.

Also, along with being in control of the members of VICTON, Byungchan also has control of a sub pack that contains half of the members of ATEEZ!

Now onto the characters~!

[center Characters:]

Byungchan: A pure blooded werewolf who is one of the newest generals in Kris's pack. He took Seungwoo's place, and is determined to not let his status as beta try and bring him down. He used to depend on Seungwoo to keep his beta status not known, but now he was on his own. He is known for his friendly demeanor, something that he viewed as a strong point. He tries to live up to Seungwoo's reputation, but even Seungwoo is doubtful that Byungchan would truly live up to his reputation. His wolf form is a large black wolf with a white streak of fur in the shape of a claw mark over his left eye and a nasty looking scar going down his back seen in his wolf and human forms.

Subin: A pure blooded werewolf who is the youngest in the pack. He is Seungwoo's nephew, and his only living relative. He is known for his calm demeanor that kept Seungsik in line. He is a medic by trade, having been trained by Yixing himself before being handed off to Seungwoo's side of the pack. Under that calm demeanor is an untapped source of anger that came from his early days of being in his home pack. He ends up becoming one of Byungchan's betas, which was odd for him because he was an alpha but he wouldn't take advantage of that. For now he would try and make Byungchan's beta status not known to the general public. His wolf form is a large dark brown, almost black, wolf with grey feet and a patch of white fur covering his right eye.

Seungsik: The only turned werewolf in the pack, he is also the only hybrid in Byungchan's side of the pack. He is half vampire, having been turned some time before joining Kris's pack. He is calm and collected most of the time, depending on Subin or Seungwoo's normally calm demeanor to stay in control of himself. The one flaw Seungsik could put on himself was his vampire side. It took a long time for him to control that side of him, and he knew that depending on Subin or Seungwoo would become his downfall. His wolf form is a large silver colored wolf with a scar on his back left leg near his kidney seen in his wolf and human forms.

Hanse: A pure blooded werewolf with anger issues. He was part of Yedam's side of the pack along with Chan training to become werewolf hunters before being handed to Seungwoo due to the almost uncontrollable anger that he has. It proved to help him, because Seungwoo was able to help him control it. He doesn't leave the territory too often though, only leaving when they really needed him. His wolf form is a large grey wolf with black feet and many battle scars going across his body seen in his wolf and human forms.

Chan: A pure blooded werewolf who also has anger issues. He had joined Seungwoo's side of the pack along with Hanse to get a better grip on his anger. He is better at controlling it than Hanse is, but he also rarely leaves the territory to make sure no one gets hurt by the things he could do. He is known as a child soldier, being raised by his home pack to fight in all wars. His wolf form is a large white wolf with a black patch of fur on his back and battle scars scattered around his body seen in his wolf and human forms.

Sejun: A pure blooded werewolf who is the calmest one out of the pack. He was handed off to Seungwoo along with Subin from Yixing's pack, and works as a barista at a place dubbed as "Yuto's Starbucks" as a person to go to for information. He doesn't have a flaw per say but he does tend to lash out at people when he is set off enough. He keeps the information network up to date, working with many people that passed through that Starbucks. His wolf form is a large grey wolf with a streak of black fur covering his face in the shape of a scar.

Seungwoo: A pure blooded werewolf who was the previous general. He is known throughout the supernatural world as the coldest person in existence. He has a soft side to him, it really only ever being shown to his nephew Subin and his mate Wooseok. He was away from the pack for a couple years, helping out a pack of shapeshifters led by Yohan. When he cameback he gave the general position to Byungchan, choosing to retire for good. He is mated to Wooseok. His flaw is that he grew up as a child soldier, and under that cold exterior is a broken man, secretly longing for a normal life. His wolf form is a large timberwolf with stormy grey eyes and three claw marks across the left side of his face starting from his ear seen in his wolf and human forms.

Wooseok: The only shapeshifter in the pack, he joined the pack after Seungwoo returned from being in Yohan's pack. He is mated to Seungwoo, though Seungwoo initially denied the claims due to the time they had met. He is also one of the coldest shapeshifters alive at the moment, though under that icy exterior lies a broken man that has seen too much. He leads a rather impressive information network, with ties to people all over the world. His animal form is a large polar bear with three claw marks on the left side of his face with the third claw mark going over his left eye seen in his animal and human forms.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to [ these] guys for the awesome poster :D


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[center Chapter 12]

A hum left Seungsik as he stood up from his latest kill, seeing a vampire standing a few feet away. "Eunki," he said. "They're gonna kill you you know, if they find out you've been the one behind the killings of the humans," said Eunki. Seungsik smirked. "Don't worry about it," he said. "Don't blame me when you get caught," said Eunki. "I'm careful enough to not get caught," said Seungsik as he went to get rid of the body. Eunki shook his head and left the area.

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"Never thought we'd come to this huh?" Asked Byungchan as he stared down at Seungsik who was lying on his back in shock as he stared up at Byungchan. "H-How?" Asked Seungsik.

"You forget which pack I belonged to," said Byungchan as he turned and walked away, leaving Hanse and Chan to deal with Seungsik.

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"I have reason to believe it's one of your own hunting the humans," said Lucas as he had summoned Byungchan to the cafe. "Really?" Asked Byungchan. "Who do you think it is?" He asked. "I think it's the hybrid," said Lucas.

"What evidence do you have?" Asked Byungchan. "None yet, but the only vampire left in the city is Seungsik," said Lucas. "I suggest keeping an eye on him," he said. "I'll make sure to do so," said Byungchan as he nodded.

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[continue tomorrow]
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[center Chapter 11]

"How many times do I have to tell Wontak to give you a longer break between each hunt?" Asked Byungchan as he spotted Yunho walking over. "What can I say? I'm popular apparently," said Yunho as he shrugged, putting his hands in his pockets.

"What brings you to Hungary?" Asked Byungchan. "Was supposed to meet up with Hongjoong and Jongho before they left the country but it seems they've already done so," said Yunho. "And Wontak asked me to come over to help him with this werewolf problem he's having," he said. "Is Hyeongjun here too?" Asked Byungchan. Yunho nodded. "Yeah," he said.

"Just be careful alright?" Asked Byungchan. "We don't want you to end up like Minseok," he said. "I'm fine," said Yunho as his expression darkened before he schooled it to be blank. "If I was having an issue with being a hunter then," he said, shrugging. "Alright," said Byungchan as he looked slightly skeptical.

"Not everyone is cut out for this job," said Yunho as he shook his head. "I'll be fine though," he said. "You really need to learn to let go of grudges," hummed Byungchan. "Whatever," said Yunho as he turned to walk away.

Byungchan sighed, shaking his head and turning around, seeing Wontak standing a few feet away awkwardly with his hands in his pockets. "Hey Wontak," he said. "Hello," said Wontak as he shrugged, walking over and stopping in front of Byungchan. "I know I should've given him a longer break but he [i really] needed to meet up with Hongjoong and Jongho," he said.

"Apparently," said Byungchan. "We were on their trail for a while," he said. "I know because Wooyoung was going the same way," he said. "I know, Seongri was the one to tell Yunho that," said Wontak. "I see," hummed Byungchan.

[center ~]

"So while negotiations are going on," said Seongri as they met at the cafe again, sitting in front of Byungchan. "We have a werewolf pack to deal with," he said. "Of course we do," said Byungchan. "Most likely they [i don't] want this alliance formed, since we've had these sort of issues before," he said.

"So how do you want negotiations to go?" Asked Seongri. "Well, it's up to you at this point," said Byungchan. "You're the one who owns the country," he said. "That's true," hummed Seongri.

"Tell you what," said Seongri. "I'll let the country become public and you try to talk the werewolf pack that occupies this other part of the country into agreeing to the terms set," he said. "For now the country remains closed to outside communication, except here in Budapest," he said.

"What are the terms?" Asked Byungchan. "Only hunters are allowed open communication," said Seongri. "People are free to access the information network as needed here with Lucas," he said. "But as far as other means of communications goes, that remains here in Budapest," he said.

"And for those who work for Kris?" Asked Byungchan. Seongri shook his head. "Hunters only outside the city," he said. "Alright," said Byungchan. "I think Kris will agree to that," he said. "Considering that we still have here as a public spot for everyone," he said. Seongri nodded.

"Who is this werewolf I'm looking for?" Asked Byungchan. "His name is Sunghyuk," said Seongri. "I believe that Wontak may know who he is," he said, getting up. "However I need to return to my home," he said. "If negotiations with Sunghyuk go well, tell Lucas," he said. "He will contact me," he said. Byungchan nodded and Seongri turned and left, leaving Byungchan to slump in his chair slightly as he stared at his cup of coffee in thought.

[center ~]

"You wanted to see me?" Asked Wontak as he sat in front of Byungchan at the cafe. "I need information," said Byungchan as he passed over a bag of coffee flavored hard candies. "I heard about the conversation with Seongri," said Wontak as he took a wrapped candy out of the bag to examine it before unwrapping it and popping the candy into his mouth. "Sure, I'll give you some information," he said, leaning back in his chair, letting the bag of coffee candy sit between them on the table.

"Who is Sunghyuk?" Asked Byungchan. "My old pack alpha," said Wontak as he shrugged. "He's been in quarrel with Seongri for years now," he said. "But lately it's been at a stalemate," he said.

"It doesn't seem that way if you're here taking out werewolves," said Byungchan. "I've already taken care of them," said Wontak. "They weren't a problem whatsoever," he said, shrugging. "Sunghyuk's werewolves are a lot worse than that," he said. "I left for personal reasons," he added. "And became a werewolf hunter later," he said.

"Who should I be expecting with him?" Asked Byunchan. "Hyunmin and Daehyeon," said Wontak. "At least, those two were the only ones left of the old pack when I left," he said. "I don't know if he's had any new members added but he's been protected since Hyunmin became a vampire hunter," he said. "I see," hummed Byungchan.

[center ~]

"And now what?" Asked Subin as he looked at Byungchan. "We can't just [i go] after this guy when we don't know much about him!" He said. "We have no choice," said Byungchan. "He can't have that much power can he?" Asked Seungsik.

"Judging from the stalemate that is going on right now, he is pretty powerful considering no one can touch him due to Hyunmin being a vampire hunter," said Byungchan. "We'll need Yunho with us, if we want [i any] chance of succeeding," he said. "He's still in the city I think," said Seungsik. "I ran into him a few days ago after hunting," he said.

"Having any trouble hunting?" Asked Byungchan. "No, I'm left alone," said Seungsik. "As long as I keep to hunting animals," he added. "I see," said Byungchan.

"I think because of who Hyunmin is, we should leave the necklace here," said Seungsik, turning to Subin. "And risk losing the alliance with Yeosang and his coven?" Asked Subin. "They would know about Seongri and what's happening here," said Byungchan. "So they would understand," he said. "I guess," said Subin as he rubbed the back of his neck.
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[center Chapter 10]

Seungsik returned from a hunt to see someone standing outside the hotel they were staying in and immediately stopped in his tracks, watching the person for a second before walking over, keeping his stance neutral in case it was anyone from Lucas's pack.

"The hybrid returns from the hunt then?" Asked the person once Seungsik was close enough. "Who are you?" Asked Seungsik. "Seongri," said Seongri as he shrugged, taking his hands out of his pants pockets and crossing his arms over his chest.

"Brave of you to come by yourself," said Seungsik, earning a snort from Seongri. "Brave of you to hunt on your own, when there's been reports of missing humans in the city," said Seongri as he tilted his head to the side in question. "I don't hunt humans," said Seungsik.

"Someone is," said Seongri. "And it isn't me," he added. "I don't hunt in a city owned by the wolves," he said.

"Makes me think you are only doing this in an effort to frame me," said Seungsik. "Please, if I was doing that you'd be dead long before you got to the city," said Seongri. "I'm sure I'd find ways for your [i packmates] to have to kill you due to some rather... [i Unfortunate] things that happened in your own past," he added.

"You wouldn't," growled Seungsik. "I can, and I will," said Seongri. "Watch what you say to me pup," he said. "Who are you exactly?" Asked Seungsik. "That question will be answered soon enough," said Byungchan as he exited the building.

"You're who I'm meeting then?" Asked Seongri as he turned to Byungchan. "Yes," said Byungchan as Subin exited the building and stood beside Byungchan. "Oh cool, the gang is all here," Seongri said with slight sarcasm. "Makes me think I should've brought one of my covenmates along," he said.

"We can talk at the cafe, if you want," said Byungchan. "Fine with me," said Seongri. "But they won't be open for another two hours, so let's take a walk, the two of us," he said. "And before your packmates say anything, [i if] I was going to kill you I would've done so by now," he said. "He's got a point," said Byungchan. "I'll be fine," he said, nodding to Subin and Seungsik. "Wait for me at the cafe in a few hours," he said.

"Are you sure?" Asked Subin, a glint of concern showing in his eyes. "Yes," said Byungchan. "Believe me, I know how to defend myself," he said. Subin nodded, reassured for the time being. "If you're not at the cafe in a few hours we're hunting you down," said Seungsik. "No problem," said Byungchan before he walked off, with Seongri walking after him after eyeing Seungsik.

[center ~]

"So who are you?" Asked Byungchan as they walked through the city. "Do you know Youngbin?" Asked Seongri as he shrugged his shoulders, putting his hands in his pockets. "Of course," said Byungchan. "Who [i wouldn't] know who he is?" He asked, earning a snort from Seongri.

"I used to be like him you know," said Seongri. "My reputation was just as diverse as his," he said. "And then Italy's purge happened," he said. "Youngbin runs the information network in the states, I run the entire information network here in Europe," he said.

"Did you run Italy?" Asked Byungchan. "No," said Seongri. "That was Kangin's job, then he messed up," he said. "I still have a hold on Italy, but we're still a long way from making that country public again," he said. "I'm in talks with Mashiho about the yearly purges coming back but it's taking some convincing from the new coven that has made the country home," he said.

"Yearly purges might be coming back?" Asked Byungchan as he blinked in confusion. "No," said Seongri. "At least, not within the next few years or so," he said. "However, the werewolves in this side of Europe have become rather violent lately," he added. "I'll have to ask Yedam to fix that problem when we make this country public," he said.

"You know who's been killing the humans then?" Asked Byungchan. "I do," said Seongri. "However, they're starting to become a problem," he said. "Even Lucas is staring to question why they're going through the trouble of causing this kind of publicity," he said.

"Normally if there's a problem as big as this there's a motive behind it," said Byungchan as he turned his head to look behind him, a sense of fear flaring up as he fought down a shiver. The distinct need to submit forced him to stop walking as the alpha aura nearly made him collapse and bare his neck in submission as Seongri noticed that he stopped.

"You alright there?" Asked Seongri as he looked in the direction they came from. "For now," said Byungchan as he took a shaky breath, glaring at something in the distance. "I think we're being followed," he said. "I can get us out of here, if need be," said Seongri. "Let's not draw attention to ourselves," said Byungchan as he forced himself to turn around and continue walking.

Seongri put an arm on Byungchan's shoulder in a comforting way though it was disguised by a sudden friendly tone in his voice. "Come on, the others are looking for us," he said, walking with Byungchan and steering him back towards the cafe.

"You're shaking," remarked Seongri as they walked. "I can't help it alright?" Grumbled Byungchan as he tried and failed to force the shaking to stop. "I wasn't going to ask if you could or not," said Seongri. "Besides, I know a beta when I see one," he said, removing his arm from Byungchan's shoulder as they reached the cafe. He opened the door and let Byungchan walk inside ahead of him before following, going to get an order from a new person at the counter that Byungchan hadn't seen before.

"Hendery, the usual please," said Seongri. "Also please call Lucas downstairs, this is really serious," he said. Hendery nodded, going to do just that. Seongri went to sit down beside Seungsik who was sitting in front of Subin who Byungchan now sat beside.

"How did you know?" Asked Byungchan as he finally relaxed, leaning into Subin slightly as he slumped in his chair. "You don't think I've run into my fair share of betas while running the information network here?" Asked Seongri as he raised an eyebrow. "You guys are more common than you think," he said. "I'm not doubting that," said Byungchan as he shook his head. "I thought I hid it well," he said. "Not well enough apparently, if a vampire could pick it up," said Seongri.

[center ~]

Lucas came over, bringing a chair and sitting down at the end of the table, placing the cups of coffee down for everyone. "So how serious is this?" He asked. "Serious enough for Byungchan's beta status to be known almost immediately," said Seongri. "So we got werewolves in on this huh?" Asked Lucas. "It seems so," hummed Seongri.

"What do you need me to do?" Asked Lucas. "Do some scouting," said Seongri. "We can't let our guests be hindered by this when we still got negotiations," he said. "We'll deal with them when the time comes," he said.

"You're not gonna let us meddle in this are you?" Asked Byungchan. "As much as I'd [i love] to, it wouldn't do well for my reputation if I let visitors to the country get killed," said Seongri. "Besides, I believe Wontak is still in the country somewhere," he said. "I'll ask him to help if it gets worse," he said.
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[center Chapter 9]

Byungchan looked up when he heard footsteps, spotting Yunho walking towards him. "What's up?" He asked. "I'm sorry about the rest of my packmates," said Yunho. "Hongjoong tends to say stuff without thinking of the consequences," he said.

Byungchan shook his head. "He had some fair points there," he said. "Don't worry about it," he said. "You guys are a part of the pack too, you do have a say in how things should be ran, Seungwoo tends to forget that fact," he said. "Speak up more next time," he said. "You'd be able to put in your input before Hongjoong can have any say in it," he said.

"Hongjoong doesn't trust my word on anything," said Yunho as he shook his head. "He does," said Byungchan. "As a hunter you have more say in most things than he does," he said. "Even if he's the leader of your sub pack," he said. "Talk it out between you two, I'm sure things will be fine," he said. Yunho nodded, turning and walking away after a few minutes. Byungchan let out a deep sigh, pushing away from the wall he was leaning against and walking the other direction.

[center ~]

Byungchan let out a sigh as he pushed away from the wall he was leaning against to face the cafe that was across the street from the hotel. "You haven't decided on going in yet huh?" Asked Subin as he walked over and stood beside Byungchan. "I'm thinking about it," said Byungchan. "I just don't know if it's safe enough to do so," he said.

"Seungsik says everything seems fine enough in there," said Subin. "But I don't want to just rush in in case he's wrong," he said. "Mhm," hummed Byungchan.

"One of these days someone will come out of the cafe and look for us," said Subin. "Yes," said Byungchan. "I think we'll have some time to explore the city first anyway," said Subin. "Just to see what we're dealing with," he added. "I don't think we're dealing with much," said Byungchan. "Just the occasional person coming through who has messages for Seongri or are looking for Lucas," he said.

"You know we haven't seen a single animal-human here, other than Lucas anyway," said Subin. "It's odd," agreed Byungchan. "But I'm sure there's a reason for it," he said.

[center ~]

"Byungchan," said Hongjoong, causing Byungchan to turn around to face said person. "What's up?" Asked Byungchan. "I'm sorry," said Hongjoong. "For what?" Asked Byungchan. "Pretty much attacking you just for one decision that Seungwoo had the final say in," said Hongjoong. Byungchan shook his head. "No worries," he said. Hongjoong blinked in confusion.

"You had fair points for the argument," said Byungchan. "I wouldn't have made myself general either," he said. "Due to my beta status," he added. "But I'm doing what I can to keep people from finding out," he said. "Most don't even know of my beta status anyway," he said. "You have a point," said Hongjoong.

"It will become public soon I'm sure," said Byungchan. "But for now I'm content with the fact that no one knows," he said. "Right," hummed Hongjoong.

[center ~]

Seungsik returned from a hunt, looking at the cafe in front of him as he looked up at the sign. "Hm," he hummed, before deciding to enter the cafe, being greeted by the smell of coffee and humans. There was a distinct undercurrent of the wolf smell that was permeating off of one of the people standing at the counter so Seungsik assumed it was someone in Lucas's pack.

"Oh, you showed up then?" Asked the person at the counter. "Kun I'm guessing?" Asked Seungsik. "Nah, I'm Xiaojun," said Xiaojun. "Lucas said you'd show up one of these days, what do you need?" He asked. "I'm looking to set up a meeting with Seongri," said Seungsik. "That would be something for Lucas to do," said Xiaojun. "Let me call him down," he said, turning around and grabbing the walkie talkie off the counter behind him. Seungsik nodded and went to sit down.

"Lucas you got a visitor," Xiaojun said into the walkie. "[i I'll be over in a few minutes, get the usual for them]," came Lucas's voice. "Will do," said Xiaojun before he put the walkie down and went to make a coffee for Seungsik.

[center ~]

"Jongho," said Byungchan as he walked over. "What's up?" Asked Jongho as he turned to look at Byungchan. "How are things with you?" Asked Byungchan. "Seungwoo asked me to check on everyone, you especially after Jinyoung had announced that the youngest in his subpack had to leave for personal reasons," he said.

"Honestly?" Asked Jongho. Byungchan nodded. "I'm doing fine," said Jongho. "There's been some stress lately since everything happened with Minseok but," he said, shrugging. "The others, Wooyoung and Yunho especially, have been looking out for me," he said. "That's good," said Byungchan. "When Seungwoo found out that Minseok left for personal reasons he had to make sure everyone was fine," he said. "I understand that," said Jongho.

"Not everyone is cut out for what he was doing," said Byungchan. "Yep," hummed Jongho. "I worry for Yunho sometimes though," he said. "And now MK," he added. "Because of their professions," said Byungchan. "Pretty much," said Jongho. "I want to care for Yunho as the others want to for MK on Jinyoung's side of the pack," he said.

[center ~]

"You finally showed up huh?" Asked Lucas as he sat down in front of Seungsik who fiddled with the coffee cup in front of him. "Yep," said Seungsik. "Though Byungchan has been scouting the city in hopes of finding Seongri before I talk to you," he said. Lucas shook his head as he chuckled in amusement.

"You won't find Seongri here," said Lucas. "He doesn't even live in this city," he said. "He never comes to the city unless he's been summoned," he added. "He knows you hunt here though," he said. "I'm surprised you haven't been caught yet," he said, earning a raised eyebrow from Seungsik.

"I don't hunt humans," said Seungsik. "Are you sure? There's been a rash of disappearances lately," said Lucas. "You sure it's not you?" He asked. "I'm positive," said Seungsik. "I always leave the city to hunt animals," he said. "i know better than to hunt humans, Subin and Byungchan have a standing kill on sight order once word gets out that I started hunting humans," he said. Lucas hummed in response.

"So about that meeting?" Asked Seungsik. "You'll get a response from me in the next few days," said Lucas. "I'd have to ask Seongri if he's up for meeting you in the city or not," he said. "I also have Yeosang's message to deliver to him, along with Wontak's," he added. "So I'll kill two birds with one stone," he said.

Seungsik nodded, getting up and leaving his coffee on the table. "I'll be going then," he said. "Thank you," he added. "Come back in a few days, you'll have your answer," he said. "Alright," said Seungsik as he left, heading back to the hotel.

"You think it's him?" Asked Xaojun as Lucas examined the coffee cup. "No," said Lucas. "If it was the mark would be acting up again," he said, reaching up and rubbing the near invisible mark on the back of his neck. "Leave him be for now," he said, taking the cup of coffee to the backroom.

[center ~]

"Wooyoung," said Byungchan. "What's up?" Asked Wooyoung as he didn't look up from washing the dishes. "How's the anger?" Asked Byungchan. "A bit more manageable now that I have more control over the alpha aura I absorbed," said Wooyoung as he shrugged. "Good, Seungwoo's thinking of sending you into Europe again," said Byungchan, earning a sigh from Wooyoung.

"Who's coming with me?" Asked Wooyoung as he turned to Byungchan and handed him a plate. Byungchan grabbed a towel and started drying it before putting it up, taking the next plate and doing the same. "I don't know," he said, as he continued to dry the dishes that Wooyung would hand him. "But we'll see when he needs you," he said.

"Is Yunho okay?" Asked Wooyoung as he turned to Byungchan after they finished washing and drying the dishes, with Byungchan putting the last dishes away. "Yeah," said Byungchan as he turned to Wooyoung. "Why?" He asked. "I dunno, he seems more... Mentally exhausted after every mission he comes back from now," said Wooyoung. "Just keep an eye on him okay?" He asked. "Sure," said Byungchan. "I'll let Wontak know he may need a longer break too," he added. "Thanks," said Wooyoung.

[center ~]

"He'll be here in a few days huh?" Asked Byungchan once they got the news that Seongri would come to the city to speak with them. "Yeah," said Subin. "Let's prepare for this meeting then," said Seungsik as he nodded.

"Also," said Byungchan. "You sure it's not you hunting the humans in the city?" He asked. "I swear," said Seungsik. "I think only another vampire would be able to tell," he added. "So we can ask Seongri," he said. "Just making sure," said Byungchan. "I know," said Seungsik.
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[center Chapter 8]

Byungchan opened his eyes when he heard movement, turning his head towards the sound and spotting Seungsik entering the room, returning from a hunt. "Go back to sleep, I was just out hunting," said Seungsik. Byungchan grunted, turning over and falling asleep again a minute later. Seungsik shook his head in amusement before going to clean up and change clothes before settling into one of the chairs in the room to wait on a more reasonable time to wake Byungchan and Subin so they could go scouting. He crossed his arms over his chest and closed his eyes, pretending to sleep.

[center ~]

Seungsik opened his eyes when he heard movement, looking towards the door as he heard footsteps heading down the hall. He looked around, spotting Byungchan and Subin still sleeping so he knew it wasn't them. Something about these footsteps had him on edge so Seungsik got up, going to the door and listened closely to make sure the footsteps wouldn't stop outside the door.

When the footsteps did stop outside the door Seungsik stepped back from the door, waiting on the knock and hearing Subin wake up behind him. "Who's here?" Asked Subin as he sat up, shaking his head to wake himself up.

"I don't know," said Seungsik as he stepped away from the door, looking confused at the pause before there was a knock. Seungsik hesitated, looking at Subin who shrugged. "Open it," said Subin. Seungsik reached for the handle, turning it and opening it to reveal someone they [i weren't] expecting. "Wontak," said Subin.

"Heard you were here," said Wontak as he stared down Seungsik who didn't move away from the door. "Let him in," grumbled Byungchan as he turned over, maneuvering to sit up as he let his feet touch the floor at the side of the bed. "I asked him to meet us here," he said. "A little warning next time would be nice," said Seungsik as he moved away from the door to let Wontak in before closing the door.

"What do you got for me?" Asked Byungchan as he looked at Wontak. "You know my form of payment," said Wontak. Byungchan got up and went to get something out of the bag Seungsik was using for their travels and tossed a bag at Wontak who caught it.

"What payment did you give him?" Asked Seungsik as he blinked in confusion. "Hard Candies, more specifically coffee flavored," said Byungchan as he shrugged, putting his hands in his pants pockets while Wontak looked through the bag. "Good enough," said Wontak as he went to sit down in the chair Seungsik was occupying earlier.

"So I can ask you a total of how many questions?" Asked Byungchan. "5," said Wontak. "Only because I'm feeling generous and Yunho asked me to give you a few answers to some questions," he said, shrugging. "He's asking for a favor?" Asked Subin as he blinked in surprise. "Yep," said Wontak as he took one of the hard candies out of the wrapper and popped it into his mouth, letting it roll around with his tongue as Byungchan thought of a question to ask.

"Who owns the country?" Asked Byungchan as he got straight to the point. "A vampire," said Wontak. "Name?" Asked Byungchan. "Seongri," said Wontak. "He turned Eunki a few centuries back," he said. "Though that's all I know of him regarding Eunki anyway," he added.

"How powerful is this guy?" Asked Byungchan. "Powerful enough," said Wontak. "At least, to keep the wolf council off of Lucas' tail anyway," he added. "For as long as Lucas has been here the wolf council never bothered him," he said.

"Is this... Seongri available to speak?" Asked Byungchan. "He should be able to," said Wontak. "I don't know his real location though, you'd have to talk to Lucas about that," he said. "I'm just passing through because Eunki had a message for him," he said, shrugging. "I always pass information to Lucas so," he said, shrugging again.

"How has he not been killed by vampire hunters yet?" Asked Byungchan. "Doesn't need to be," said Wontak. "He has a pretty large information network in this side of Europe, it's what keeps the missions coming through," he added.

"That's all the questions I can answer," said Wontak as he got up, grabbing the bag of candy and heading to the door. "Wait," said Byungchan. "Can you answer just [i one] more question?" He asked. "I could," hummed Wontak. "But I'm not going to," he said. "I said I'd answer 5 questions, that's it," he said, opening the door and leaving, letting the door close behind him.

"We know who owns the country," said Subin. "There shouldn't be much of a problem finding out where he is right?" He asked. "No," said Byungchan. "But it would've been easier to find out where Lucas hides during the day so we could find him," he said.

"That won't be hard, I have a scent to follow," said Seungsik. "Alright," said Byungchan. "Since this part of the country is now public we can get in touch with the others," he said. Seungsik and Subin nodded.

[center ~]

Byungchan looked up from his phone when he heard footsteps heading towards him, seeing that it was Yeosang. "Hello Yeosang," he said. "Hello," said Yeosang as he stopped in front of Byungchan.

"You have information for me?" Asked Byungchan. "You know my form of payment," said Yeosang as he put his hands in his pockets. "Who are you looking for?" Asked Byungchan. "A vampire by the name of Kiwon," said Yeosang. "I had already asked Seongri, he hasn't seen Kiwon in years," he said.

"Kiwon is in Russia last I checked," said Byungchan. "You'd have to ask Yuri for a confirmation however, since the last time I talked to Kiwon was a few months ago," he said. "The only public territory there is Moscow, damn," said Yeosang as he sighed. "Alright, I'll head there next," he said. Byungchan nodded.

"What information were you needing?" Asked Yeosang. "Where is Seongri located most days?" Asked Byungchan. "I can't say," said Yeosang as he schooled his expression to be blank. "He isn't here in this city though, if that's what you're wondering," he added. "You'd have to set up a meeting through Lucas, to get him here," he said.

"Do you know where Lucas is most days then?" Asked Byungchan. "There's a cafe near the hotel you're staying at, it's run by his pack alpha named Kun," said Yeosang. "You can probably find him there," he said. "Lucas is more a messenger, since most people know him but," he said, shrugging. "What's the exact address of this cafe?" Asked Byungchan. "It's quite literally across the street from the hotel," said Yeosang. "I went to see Lucas there before coming to see you," he said. "Ah," hummed Byungchan.

"Anything else?" Asked Yeosang. "No no," said Byungchan. "How is Jinyoung doing anyway?" He asked. "Fine," said Yeosang. "He just returned home a few weeks ago, ran into him as I was walking out of the airport," he said. "Mingi's spending time with Seonghwa," he added. "So the tattoo's on him right now," he said. "Ah, I was wondering where your pet was," said Byungchan.

"I should get going then," said Yeosang as he turned to walk away. "Careful getting to Russia," said Byungchan. "No worries," said Yeosang as he raised a hand in goodbye before walking off.
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[center Chapter 7]

"I find it funny that the 'shifters regard us with indifference," said Chan as he stood with Byungchan while they were waiting on their orders at the Starbucks that Yuto and Sejun worked at. "I mean are we really that much different from them?" He asked. "No," said Byungchan. "But this alliance is something else that's for sure," he hummed, going to get their drinks after Yuto called out their names.

[center ~]

Seungsik kept his hands in his pockets as leaned against the wall while looking up at the sky in thought. They were one city away from Budapest now so Byungchan decided to see about getting a car and driving the rest of the way there. Seungsik was told to scout while Subin went to acquire some food for himself and Byungchan.

"Getting thirsty?" Asked Subin as he walked over with a bag of food in his hands. "No," said Seungsik. "I hunted yesterday remember?" He asked. "Hm," hummed Subin as he nodded. "I remember," he said.

Byungchan pulled up beside them in a rental car, and Seungsik went to put the bags in the trunk while Subin got in the passenger seat with their food. Once Seungsik got into the backseat Byungchan drove off, heading towards Budapest.

[center ~]

"Hanse," said Byungchan as he approached said person. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Fine," mumbled Hanse as he looked at Byungchan before looking somewhere else.

"You're tense," said Byungchan. "What's wrong?" He asked. "I'm just dealing with a few things," said Hanse. "Nothing major," he added. "Will you tell me if it's something major?" Asked Byungchan. "Of course," said Hanse. "No problem there," he said. "Alright," said Byungchan.

[center ~]

When they reached Budapest, Byungchan parked somewhere and got out, looking around as Seungsik and Subin got out of the car. "We made it," he said. "Yeah," said Seungsik. "It's almost [i too] easy," hummed Subin.

"Let's find a hotel and we can at least have a place to stay for the night," said Byungchan. "We have the entire city to scope out tomorrow, I'm sure we can find them tomorrow," he said. "Leave the car here then?" Asked Seungsik. "Yeah," said Byungchan. "I already paid the tab for it," he said. "Alright," said Subin. Seungsik nodded. "Let's go then," he said. Byungchan nodded and walked off, going to find a hotel. Subin and Seungsik followed after him.

[center ~]

Byungchan stood face to face with Wooseok, who was glaring at him yet not glaring at him at the same time. "What do you want?" Asked Wooseok. "Cut the crap Wooseok," said Byungchan, his voice unusually icy for his usually bright demeanor. "You think I'm going to let you in this pack because of the mate clause?" He growled.

"Cut it out Byunchan," said Seungwoo as he walked over, his usual cold glare on his face. "[i Everyone] earns their place in the pack," said Byungchan. "Kris said so," he added. "Mate clause or not we have to test him," he said.

"There is no need," said Seungwoo. "This side of the pack is full of fighters," said Byungchan. "A reputation is not worth this," said Seungwoo. "Kris would say otherwise," said Byungchan. "Pack comes first, you know this more than anyone here," he said.

Seungwoo grabbed Byungchan by the shirt and slammed him into the wall behind him with a snarl, his eyes filled with anger. "I said [i leave it]," he growled. "Father would be disappointed," said Byungchan as he kept his slightly defiant stance despite the pain that bloomed on his back where the still fresh scar was healing. "The hell does he have to do with this?" Spat Seungwoo as he pulled Byungchan forward before slamming him into the wall again, letting go when Byungchan couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped him.

"Leave it," said Wooseok. "We'll deal with this another day," he said, walking over to Byungchan and helping him up. "Let Sunyoul look at you," he said. "You should [i know] better than to try and challenge me to a fight," he said, sighing as he helped Byungchan over to where Sunyoul was.

[center ~]

"Lucas," said Byungchan as he spotted said person leaning against the wall outside the hotel Byungchan decided to stay at. "Hey there," said Lucas as he tilted his head before pushing away from the wall and walking over.

"You knew where he was the entire time didn't you?" Asked Subin as he raised an eyebrow in question. "His stench was not hard to find," said Seungsik. "I merely suggested this place by coincidence," he said. "I swear I do not smell," grumbled Lucas, earning a laugh from Byunchan and a chuckle from Subin. "Don't mind Seungsik," said Subin.

[center ~]

"So we made contact," said Byungchan as he entered the hotel room he rented for the duration of their stay. "Yes," said Lucas. "Are you able to make this country public?" Asked Byungchan. "I am allowed to make Budapest public," said Lucas. "However, you'd have to talk to the person who owns the country to get the rest of the country public," he said.

"Who owns the country?" Asked Byungchan. "I am not allowed to disclose that information," said Lucas. "But what I can tell you is that he is very powerful," he said. "My pack and I have been left alone for the most part, out of pity really," he said. "They don't like dealing with the wolf council and as long as we don't bother them they're fine with us being here," he said. "While they offer you protection?" Asked Byungchan. Lucas nodded.

[center ~]

Byungchan shivered at the alpha aura rolling off of Seungwoo as Seungwoo stood in front of him protectively. "Back off damn it," snarled Seungwoo. "I'm not backing off until you do," said Hongjoong as he glared at Seungwoo.

"Back off Hongjoong," said Jongho. "We're trying to keep our place [i in] the pack," he said. "We can't have a beta in this side of the pack," said Hongjoong. "Look at what happened with Wooyoung," he said, gesturing to said person who was standing off to the side.

"He'll do just fine as the next general," said Seungwoo. "Trust my judgement will you?" He asked. "I've made the final decision," he said. "And Kris approved of it," he said.

"I don't know about you," said Yunho as he walked over. "I'm fine with this," he said. "Seungwoo was the one to help this alliance get formed between our pack and Yeosang's coven," he said. "At your insistence," said Hongjoong. "It worked out didn't it?" Asked Yunho. "Give him a chance," he said.

[center ~]

Byungchan sighed as he flopped down on the bed, wincing slightly as it jarred the scar on his back, his right hand immediately going to to his left shoulder where the scar started. "Is it hurting again?" Asked Subin as he appeared in Byungchan's peripheral vision. "No," said Byungchan as he shook his head. "I just landed on my back at a slightly weird angle," he said. Subin hummed, moving out of view and going to take a shower. Byungchan threw his left arm over his eyes and tried to get some sleep.
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[center Chapter 6]

"Well," said Byungchan. "I sent him home, but I don't think you'd believe me," he said, turning to Subin. "He's waiting for us just outside of Austria," he said. "What?" Asked Subin as he blinked in confusion. "Did you [i really] think that they'd let me leave the territory for long periods of time?" Asked Sejun. "We had this planned from the beginning," he said.

"Seungwoo wanted to test what Yohan was going to do if one of his own was attacked," said Byungchan. "Yohan was not aware of it at all, but everyone else was," he added. "His response was perfect," he said. "So Seungsik is joining us after all?" Asked Subin. Byungchan nodded. "Yep," he said. "Sweet!" Said Subin, a rare grin appearing, causing both Byungchan and Sejun to blink before shaking their heads in amusement.

"Why are you and Seungsik so close?" Asked Byungchan. "You tend to hang out with him more than everyone else," he said. "I ask the same with you and my uncle," said Subin. "You two used to go everywhere together before you got the general position," he said.

"Well," said Sejun. "Seungwoo and Byungchan aren't mates," he said. "Neither are Seungsik and I," said Subin. "But that doesn't really mean anything does it?" He asked. "Not really," said Byungchan. "Let's go then," he said, turning towards the tracks when he heard the sound of a train horn.

[center ~]

"You continue to come to me even after I explained my past to you?" Asked Seungwoo as he stared down Byungchan with his usual cold stare. "We all know it's a front, hyung," said Byungchan as he shivered under the stare involuntarily, his hand going up to his left shoulder where the large scar going down his back started.

"Does it hurt again?" Asked Seungwoo, the cold stare melting away to show a rare concerned expression on his face. "No, I'm fine," said Byungchan as he let his arm drop to his side, huffing out a sigh as he looked anywhere but at Seungwoo.

"The others won't understand you know," said Seungwoo as he looked off to his right when he heard their names being called, his usual cold stare coming back. "Of course not," mumbled Byungchan as he got to his feet, turning to see Sejun running over. "I don't think anyone would understand how we both grew up in packs that were only thirsty for power, unless you count Chan of course," he said, putting his hands in his pockets as Sejun finally caught up to them, explaining that Chanyeol was calling a meeting and they needed to be there immediately.

[center ~]

"You're thinking so hard that steam is coming out of your ears again," said Subin as he sat in front of Byungchan with a cup of coffee for them both. Byungchan hummed, turning his attention to the coffee before taking it and taking a sip, returning to looking out the window.

"Where's Sejun?" Asked Subin. "He's somewhere," hummed Byungchan. "Probably went to bother the dining car again," he said. "Probably," Subin said, huffing out a chuckle as he shook his head.

Sejun entered the room they were in, huffing as he closed the door. "What's wrong?" Asked Byungchan. "There's like [i no] good coffee," whined Sejun, earning a laugh from Byungchan and a snicker from Subin.

[center ~]

"You and I aren't much different you know," said Byungchan as he looked at Seungwoo. "If only your nephew would understand this sort of bond we share due to this stupid fact that no, we aren't mates, but half brothers really," he said.

"Can you believe that though? We're complete opposites," said Seungwoo. "My need to keep you unharmed runs deeper than that," he said. "You don't want me to end up like you," said Byungchan. Seungwoo nodded, looking down at the ground.

"I've already been there and done that," said Byungchan as he shook his head. "I didn't let it break me, which in hindsight sets me apart from you," he said. "Our father is stupid," said Seungwoo. "Was, but yeah, I agree," hummed Byungchan as he looked down at the ground and kicked a rock off to the side.

"Subin will never understand you know," said Seungwoo. "Believe me, I know," said Byungchan. "We'll have to see what happens with him and Seungsik," he said. Seungwoo nodded. "Yeah," he said.

[center ~]

"Seungsik," said Byungchan as he stepped off the train and onto the platform to face Seungsik who was standing with Yunho who had his arms crossed over his chest. "Byungchan," said Seungsik as he kept a steady gaze with Byungchan.

"Good on you," said Byungchan as he grinned, relaxing as he moved so that Subin and Sejun could step off the train. "I put up a convincing front don't I?" Asked Seungsik as he chuckled slightly. "Almost had [i me] convinced you screwed up," said Yunho as he shook his head.

"We'll get going then," said Sejun. "I can't stay for much longer unfortunately," he said. "I'll take you to Berlin before leaving to meet up with Wontak," said Yunho. "Alright," said Sejun. He soon left with Yunho and Byungchan turned to Subin and Seungsik.

"We go on foot from here?" Asked Seungsik. Byungchan and Subin nodded. "Mind carrying our clothes?" Asked Byungchan. "Not at all," said Seungsik. "I guess this is why you decided to travel light after leaving Berlin," he said. "But can you keep up with me?" He asked as he smirked. "Bring it," said Byungchan as he smirked. They headed off to change somewhere and Seungsik gathered their clothes into a backpack, putting it on and grabbing his phone to check the map to see which direction Budapest was from where they were.

Subin and Byungchan soon walked over after they were both in their wolf forms, waiting for Seungsik to lead the way. "Alright," said Seungsik. "We go this way," he said, pointing in said direction. "We'll run into a few towns it looks like but we can circle around them," he said. Byungchan and Subin nodded and Seungsik took off, in the direction of Budapest. Byungchan and Subin rushed after him.

[center ~]

"We both come from the same place," said Byungchan as he sat beside Seungsik. "The same leader, the same general," he said. "But are you sure you want to move?" He asked. "I feel like it'd be easier on me," said Seungsik. "I sense hostility coming off of everyone, even though Jinyoung assures me that's not the case," he said.

"You know," said Byungchan. "I think I'll go with you," he said. "If Jinyoung allows it of course," he said. "You have history with Seungwoo," said Seungsik. "I do," said Byungchan.

"Who am I to get between you two," said Seungsik. "Family bonds are always stronger than mating bonds," he said. "Keep him going will you?" He asked. "I sense he will need your presence," he said. Byungchan nodded.
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[center Chapter 5]

A sigh left Byungchan as he opened his eyes, looking up at the sky from his spot on the dock overlooking the pond. Yohan had given him an ultimatum, and Byungchan was still trying to figure out what to do in regards to Seungsik. Seonghwa had started keeping a closer eye on him, making sure Seungsik wouldn't do anything stupid like a few days before.

"What would Seungwoo do?" He asked himself as he leaned against the railing, looking down at the water as he crossed his arms and let them rest on the railing and resting his chin on his arms. "If I tell him to go home, this would cause Seungsik to believe I don't trust him, but if I let him stay we risk losing this alliance," he mused, tapping his fingers on the wood railing in thought.

[center ~]

"This decision is up to you," said Yohan. "Though to further prevent things from happening between your pack and mine I request that you leave immediately, if you choose to let him stay," he said, a serious look on his face as he crossed his arms in what Seungwoo had dubbed as Yohan's "alpha's stance."

"I can't make this decision immediately, you know this," said Byungchan as he kept his stance neutral, a blank look on his face as he faced Yohan. Hangyul and Dohyun were flanking Yohan, their postures relaxed though Byungchan [i knew] they would spring into action if needed.

"How long would you need to come to a conclusion?" Asked Yohan. "A few days, a week at the most," said Byungchan. "You will have your answer by then, I swear," he said. "Seonghwa will keep an eye on him," said Yohan. "Until then I want him out of this house until you come to a decision," he said. Byungchan nodded. "Alright," he said, shaking hands with Yohan to finalize the deal.

[center ~]

That conversation had been a few days ago, and Byungchan was still torn between sending Seungsik home and having him stay. He moved away from the railing to walk to the end of the dock, which was open, and sit down at the edge, letting his legs swing back and forth off the end as he leaned back on his hands.

"Still unable to come to a decision?" Asked Seungsik as he walked over, leaning against the railing a few feet behind Byungchan. "Mm," hummed Byungchan as he turned his head to look at Seungsik. "I went hunting earlier, I'm fine," said Seungsik as he looked up at the sky. "I wasn't going to ask," said Byungchan as he looked back at the water and surrounding forest, returning to his thoughts. They stayed like that for a couple hours, enjoying each other's company as it seemed Seonghwa was leaving Seungsik alone for a bit to spend time with Hangyul.

"I won't be mad with whatever decision you make," said Seungsik as Byungchan got up after noticing how late it was getting. "I know," said Byungchan as he turned to Seungsik. "I think I've come to the right decision," he said. "But, I will tell them tomorrow," he said. "I'll see you in the morning," he said, walking passed Seungsik and up to the house where Subin was waiting.

[center ~]

"Yunho," said Yohan as Yunho arrived with San in tow again. "Hello," said Yunho. San inclined his head in greeting, earning a raised eyebrow from Seonghwa who had come to see who was at the door.

"Can we come in?" Asked Yunho. "San needs to be outside," said Yohan. "I'll take him," said Seonghwa as he went to grab his shoes and put them on, walking back over and taking San through the house and out the back door.

"What did Seungsik do to garner your attention?" Asked Yohan. "I believe that would be up to Byungchan to tell you," said Yunho as he shrugged. "A decision was made then," said Yohan. "Possibly," said Yunho. "Come on in then," he said, moving to let Yunho inside.

Yunho headed inside and Byungchan met him in the livingroom, taking him to the guest room they were staying in to discuss further plans regarding Seungsik.

[center ~]

Yunho exited the guest room with a serious look on his face as he made his way outside to the dock where Seungsik, Seonghwa and San were. Byungchan rushed after him, with Subin following close behind. Yohan, having heard the commotion from his room followed them outside, calling for Hyeongjun in case this got more serious than he expected. Hyeongjun flanked Yunho, providing backup if needed.

"You idiot," snarled Yunho as he grabbed Seungsik and slammed him into the railing and nearly breaking it as it bent backwards from the force. Seonghwa and San took a generous step back, knowing that if Yunho was [i this] pissed, this would end badly if they interfered.

"I was enjoying a [i nice] vacation until you decided to screw up," snarled Yunho as he yanked Seungsik away from the railing and into the railing on the opposite side of the dock. "The decision was made, you're going home, right now," he spat, letting go of Seungsik as he took a step back, turning his attention to Byungchan and Subin.

"And your decision is firm," said Byungchan. Yunho nodded. "This [i idiot] knows better, and he went and did this," he said, huffing as he took a deep breath to try and stay calm. "I didn't want to come to this conclusion, but after hearing your story of what happened, well," he said, shaking his head.

"Send for Sejun on the way home will you?" Asked Byungchan as his expression turned serious, standing straighter as he went full leader mode despite his beta status. "As much as I'd like to have Hanse and Chan here, I don't think they'd be ready," he said. Yunho nodded, turning to Seungsik. "Let's go," he said. Seungsik could only nod, looking down as he left with Yunho.

"So your decision was to send him home after all," said Subin as he kept his expression blank when Byungchan turned to him. "For now," said Byungchan. "We may need him later, but Seungsik needs this break," he said. Subin nodded, turning and walking away, going back to the house.

"I'll need to get Hangyul to fix the dock," grumbled Yohan as he surveyed the damage. "Sorry about that," said Byungchan as he scratched the back of his head in embarrassment, the tense atmosphere leaving immediately as Byungchan's friendly nature showed itself again.

"Leave it to Yunho to have the final decision hm?" Asked San as he scoffed. "I needed a hunter's opinion," said Byungchan. "I would've asked Hyeongjun but he would've been biased about it, no offense," he said. "Nah, I would've given my honest opinion about it," said Hyeongjun. "Then again, I would've sent him home too," he said. "Exactly," said Byungchan.

[center ~]

Sejun arrived a few days later, much to Subin's surprise. "What, were you really expecting someone else?" Asked Sejun. "You've been stuck at that damn Starbucks for so long," said Subin. "I didn't think you'd agree to coming along the journey," he said.

"I had a bit of cabin fever, I needed to get out of that Starbucks, especially when Sanha is visiting," said Sejun as he shook his head. "Those two have so much tension between them," Subin said with a chuckle, shaking his head. "Mm," said Sejun as he shook his head.

"This is the first time in years that you've left the territory," said Byungchan as he walked over. "How do you feel?" He asked. "Relieved? Thrilled? I dunno," said Sejun as he shrugged. "Used to go out all the time when Seungwoo or Kris would allow it," he said. "But I guess things change," he said.

[center ~]

"We'll be leaving in a few days," said Byungchan as he sat with Subin and Sejun and discussed the next plan of action. "I want to see what else our information network has for us before we head on, from here we're radio silent," he said.

"We're heading straight for Budapest," he said. "But I was going to run there, since we don't know how things will be on the trains," he said. "Since Seungsik isn't here we'll have to rely on the train to get us there quickly," he said.

"It's only one country over," said Subin as he blinked in confusion. "What could go wrong?" He asked. "You're really asking that when we've been sent all over the place with little to no information?" Asked Sejun. "We know what's there at the end," said Byungchan. "But we don't know what's going to stop us from getting to the end," he said. "Rest up, we'll be leaving the day after tomorrow," he said. Subin and Sejun nodded.
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[center Chapter 4]

"What the hell were you [i thinking]?" Asked Byungchan as he kept Seungsik pinned against the wall with his arm pressed up against his throat. "I didn't want to do this, but you took it too far," he snarled, moving away and letting Seungsik slide to the ground. "Get the hell out of here and don't come back until you calmed down," he spat, and Seungsik obeyed, getting to his feet and rushing off into the forest to hunt.

[center ~A couple days earlier~]

"We better get going," said Subin as he stood behind Byungchan on the platform waiting on their train to arrive. "We're waiting on the train," said Byungchan as he turned to Subin. "Seungsik is getting restless," said Subin.

"Does he want us to run all the way to Austria from here?" Asked Byungchan. "I don't know," said Subin. "He said he wasn't in the mood for a long train trip," he said. "That usually means that he's thirsty or he really wants to be somewhere else, and quickly," said Byungchan. Subin nodded.

"What's gonna happen from here?" Asked Subin. "We're going to Austria," said Byungchan. "You know the guys there better than I do," he said. "Yeah," said Subin. "We spent some time with them when Seungwoo was still with them," he said.

"What are they like?" Asked Byungchan. "Well, Yohan's the alpha," said Subin. "His betas are Hangyul and Dohyun," he said. "Then you got Seungyoun, Eunsang and Dongpyo as their messengers," he said. "Junho, Hyeongjun and Minhee are their fighters and that's about it," he finished after thinking it over.

"Junho tends to challenge everyone he meets, because he wants to be able to fight all kinds of people," said Seungsik as he walked over. "He may challenge you," he said. "Gee, if only I wasn't that much of a fighter thanks to my beta status," grumbled Byungchan as he sighed.

"I don't think it should affect you [i too] much," said Subin. "You're facing off against 'shifters, they don't have alpha auras," he said. "Yohan has his alpha's voice, but as far as I'm aware, it doesn't effect anyone else species wise," he said. "Hm," hummed Byungchan as the train horn sounded, causing them to turn in the direction the train was coming from. "There's our ride," he said.

"Can I just run there?" Asked Seungsik as he turned to Byungchan. "How do I know you won't stray from the path there?" Asked Byungchan. "I just need to hunt, I'll be there before you, I swear," said Seungsik. "Text us when you get there," said Byungchan. Seungsik nodded, and watched them board the train before heading off in a different direction to hunt before heading for Austria.

[center ~]

When they reached the station just outside of Yohan's territory Seungsik was waiting for them, his arms crossed and a small smirk on his face. "Told you I'd be here first," said Seungsik. "Did you at least get a car?" Asked Byungchan as he walked over with Subin following behind him.

"Of course," said Seungsik before he turned and walked out of the station with Byungchan and Subin following after him. "I'm not that cruel," he said. "Says you," Byungchan said with a shake of his head. Subin shook his head in amusement.

When they got to Yohan's pack house Seonghwa was just returning from a hunt, waiting on the front porch swing with someone they weren't expecting. "San?" Asked Byungchan as he got of the car. "What are you doing here?" He asked. "Visiting," said San. "You finally decided to return to civilization," remarked Seungsik, earning a scoff from San.

"I [i do] visit when I'm in the area," said San. "Most people don't notice," said Byungchan. "No one tends to notice because I'm in and out within like 5 minutes," said San as he shrugged. "True," said Subin.

Yohan stepped outside with Hangyul and Dohyun behind him, noticing the new guests. "Well hello you three," said Yohan. "And welcome back Subin, Seungsik," he said. "We did say we'd be back didn't we?" Asked Subin as he tilted his head to the side.

"Junho's itching for a spar," said Yohan. "Of course he is," said Subin. "Who does he want to fight this time around?" He asked. "I would assume Byungchan," said Yohan. "Of course," said Byungchan as he shook his head in amusement. "I'm the new guy after all," he said.

"You're up for a spar then?" Asked Yohan. "After a bit," said Byungchan. "I want to be ready, though I warn you I'm not that good of a fighter compared to these two," he said, motioning to Subin and Seungsik. "But I'll put up a decent fight," he said.

[center ~]

When Junho came outside with the others after Byungchan said he was ready for the spar Byungchan was already in his wolf form, sitting and watching with calculating eyes. Hyeongjun nodded to Seungsik and Subin who acknowledged him with a slight head bow before turning their attention to Byungchan who stood when Junho walked over after changing to his animal form.

"The rules of this spar is no teeth or claws, the winner knocks their opponent off their feet," said Hangyul as he would be the judge of this fight. When Junho and Byungchan nodded to the rules Hangyul brought his hand down for them to begin.

A growl left Junho as he went fully offensive, launching himself straight at Byungchan. Byungchan merely sidestepped the hyena, turning and tapping him with his paw before jumping backwards landing a few feet away. Junho turned to face him in confusion and Byungchan bared his teeth in a smirk before launching his attack, barreling straight into Junho and headbutting him, using the momentum to throw Junho off to the side.

"What was that move?" Asked Hyeongjun as he leaned forward. "A new tactic that Byungchan came up with in regards to everyone sparring," said Subin as he crossed his arms. "A tap to a body part with his paw is basically saying that he got them," he said. "Since the general rule is to not use your teeth or claws, we've worked around that," he said. "If it was a serious brawl Junho would be seriously injured right now," he added.

"A page out of Jinhyuk and Gyujin's book eh?" Asked Seungyoun as he watched Byungchan land another tap on Junho's body. "Pressure points?" Asked Yohan as he blinked in surprise. "Yes, but Byungchan is really just playing with his opponent at this rate," said Seungsik. "He's not a trained fighter it seems but he's damn good at it," said Dohyun as he watched the fight.

"He's good for spars," said Seungsik. "Seungwoo was the one to teach him this way of fighting," he said. "A work around for a certain weakness of his I assume?" Asked Hyeongjun. "You knew?" Asked Subin. "We're given information on every werewolf who works for Kris," said Hyeongjun. "So yeah," he said, shrugging.

Junho was getting pissed, parts of his body getting shut down as Byungchan hit more and more pressure points. He had to end this quickly, before he lost to a simple pressure point duel. He poured all of his remaining energy into this last attack as he threw himself at Byungchan, catching Byungchan off guard as he was slammed into a tree.

Something seemed to snap in Seungsik as he rushed forward before anyone could stop him, grabbing Junho and slamming him into a tree with a snarl. Subin and Byungchan quickly rushed forward with Seonghwa and San running over and grabbing Seungsik, throwing him off to the side. "Oi," said San as he stared Seungsik down. "Back off will you? This fight is over," he said. Subin went to check on Junho to make sure he was okay after checking over Byungchan.

Byungchan let out a commanding growl, going to stand in front of Seungsik who stared him down, refusing to back down. The stare down continued for a minute before Byungchan launched himself at Seungsik, changing back into his human form as he slammed into him, making Seungsik slam into the wall a few feet behind him. Byungchan's eyes filled with anger as he glared at Seungsik, daring him to try and unleash his alpha aura.

"What the hell were you [i thinking]?" Asked Byungchan as he kept Seungsik pinned against the wall with his arm pressed up against his throat. "I didn't want to do this, but you took it too far," he snarled, moving away and letting Seungsik slide to the ground. "Get the hell out of here and don't come back until you calmed down," he spat, and Seungsik obeyed, getting to his feet and rushing off into the forest to hunt.

"Is he alright?" Asked Byungchan as he closed his eyes, taking deep breaths to calm himself down. "For the most part," said Subin as he moved away from Junho. "He should gain mobility soon, you didn't hit him to the point of being immobile for a few hours," he said. "Good," said Byungchan. "I'm going for a run," he said. "Stay within property lines," said Yohan. "No problem," said Byungchan before he changed, rushing into the surrounding forest to go on a run.

"Damn, does everyone in your side of the pack have such [i horrible] anger issues?" Asked Hyeongjun as he walked over after getting clothes for Junho who returned to his human form after he could properly move. "You should see Hanse and Chan," Subin said with a nonchalant shrug.

"As far as I'm aware, Byungchan is the calmest out of all of us," said Subin. "But Sejun comes at a close second," he said. "I think your packmate needs to go home," said Yohan. "In case something like this happens again," he added. "For once I agree," said Subin. "But it's up to Byungchan at that point," he said.

"Knowing him, it won't happen," said Seonghwa. "Seungsik should know better by now," he said. "I'm going to find him," said San. "After that I'll leave, I need to head back," he said. "Tell Yeosang I said hello," said Seonghwa. San nodded before rushing off into the surrounding forest.
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[center Chapter 3]

Byungchan let out a deep sigh as he stood outside to watch the sunrise. Seungsik was standing leaning against the wall by the back door behind him with his eyes closed.

"I'm sorry," said Seungsik. "For what? Nearly losing control?" Asked Byungchan as he turned his head to look at Seungsik. Seungsik hummed, opening his eyes to look at Byungchan. "You should know better by now," said Byungchan as he shook his head, turning back to looking up at the sky.

"You okay?" Asked Seungsik. "Fine," said Byungchan as he looked down at the forest in front of him, his body tensing slightly as he felt the distinct sense of fear from feeling someone's alpha aura wash over him. Seungsik walked over, keeping a slightly defensive stance as he eyed the forest in front of them. "You think it'd be any easier," Byungchan grumbled to himself as he recognized Wooyoung's wolf form as it came into view.

"We're fine," said Seungsik as he too recognized the wolf. "Go on," he said. "You heading to Berlin or going on from here?" Asked Byungchan as he forced his voice to remain calm. When the alpha aura receded Byungchan took that as a sign that Wooyoung was heading on. "Alright," he said. "I think Jongho and Hongjoong are passed Austria by now," he said. Wooyoung bowed his head before turning and heading back into the forest.

"Is this [i really] necessary though?" Grumbled Byungchan as he slumped slightly, relaxing his tense stance. "It's the only way we can communicate it seems," hummed Seungsik. "Using me as bait? That's stupid as hell," Byungchan said with a sigh.

Byungchan froze in place as he felt another person's alpha aura wash over him, shivering at the intensity of this one. "God damn it," he grumbled. "Sorry," came a familiar voice behind them, causing Byungchan to turn around to spot a smirking Subin.

"Did you [i really] need to ramp it up that high?" Byungchan asked with a pout. "Sorry," said Subin as he gave a nonchalant shrug, letting in his alpha aura fade away, causing another grumble to come from Byungchan. "Ungrateful brat," mumbled Byungchan as he relaxed, shaking his head in amusement before turning to look back out at the forest.

"Who came by?" Asked Subin. "Wooyoung," said Seungsik as he shrugged. "Ah," hummed Subin. "What did he want?" He asked. "He came over in wolf form," said Byungchan. "So he was only passing through," he added. Subin hummed.

"When are we heading to Austria?" Asked Seungsik. "Probably within the next couple days," said Byungchan. "I want to see if anyone else shows up with information before heading on," he said. "Why?" He asked. "Just wondering when we were leaving again is all," said Seungsik. "Don't think of going down the route of Eunki and Jinyoung now," said Subin. "I won't," said Seungsik.

"Miss breakfast why don't you," said Donghan as he came outside, causing everyone to turn to him. "Not hungry," said Seungsik. "I'm fine, I made some toast before coming out," said Subin. "I'm not hungry," said Byungchan. "Alright, it's there if you're hungry," said Donghan. Byungchan nodded.

[center ~]

"So what do you know of the rest of Europe?" Asked Donghan as he stood outside with Byungchan after dinner. "A lot," said Byungchan as he shrugged. "This isn't the first time we've had to come out to Europe to try and get a territory public," he said. "But this is the first time someone was [i willing] to have someone come out here," he said. "Sounds interesting," said Donghan. Byungchan hummed in response.

"You're a beta aren't you?" Donghan asked suddenly. Byungchan blinked. "What made you figure that out?" He asked. "The way you were trying hard not to flinch yesterday," said Donghan. "I could've swore I hid it well," said Byungchan.

"You did," said Donghan. "But Kenta noticed," he added. "He was slightly concerned," he said. "I see," hummed Byungchan. "I can see why you're trying to hide it," said Donghan. "Most would try to take over after learning you're a beta," he said. "Yes but everyone in the pack knows already," said Byungchan. "And Seungwoo chose me with confidence," he said. "So he knew what he was doing," he said.

"He should've given it to whoever was the second oldest," said Donghan. "That would be Seungsik," said Byungchan. "But for obvious reasons, you would know why he wasn't made general," he said. "And Subin said no when Seungwoo asked," he said. "Since Subin is Seungwoo's nephew anyway," he added. "Hm," hummed Donghan.

[center ~]

"What has you losing control again?" Asked Subin as he studied Seungsik. "I'm not losing control," said Seungsik. "I think you are," said Subin. "Seungwoo is the only one capable of keeping you calm," he said.

"You can keep me calm too you know," said Seungsik. "But for how long?" Asked Subin. "My alpha aura isn't anywhere [i near] as powerful as my uncle's, you know this," he said.

"I'm beginning to think we should've left you at home and brought Sejun with us," said Subin. "Had you stay with Chani or something," he added. "Kris is a good guy, but I don't know what he was thinking to send you out with us when you're losing control," he said. "That would have to be Byungchan's call in the end," said Seungsik. "And you know he won't do it unless it's [i really] bad," he said.

"If you think you can handle yourself we'll keep going," said Subin. "I can," said Seungsik. "Don't count me out just yet," he said.

[center ~]

"Your packmates seem fine with you being in charge," said Kenta as he sat outside with Byungchan. Byungchan shrugged. "I just bring a friendly face that's easier for people to approach," he said. "I know they have my back if things get serious," he said. "I've known Seungsik for ages and Subin has proven time and time again that he is good at what he does, as a medic for our side anyway," he said.

"You put a lot of faith into them," said Kenta. "If I didn't, I'd probably be dead," said Byungchan. "Fair point," said Kenta.
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[center Chapter 2]

"You really mastered your uncle's cold expression you know?" Asked Byungchan as he stood beside Subin. Subin turned to Byungchan with a raised eyebrow. "What's that supposed to mean?" He asked. "Seungwoo has quite the reputation for having the most stoic expression ever," said Byungchan. "I think you've gotten to that point," he said, earning a scoff from Subin. "Okay," said Subin.

"I'm pretty sure everyone has mastered that expression by now," said Seungsik as he walked over. "Except for you apparently," he said. "Oi," said Byungchan as he scowled. "I can't help it alright," he said. "Sure sure," said Seungsik.

"I'm sure if you worked on it you could have the same cold expression as the others," said Subin. "Even Sejun mastered it," he said. "Hm," hummed Byungchan as he turned to look up at the sky.

The sound of a train horn startled the three of them, as Byungchan turned to look at the clock on the wall. "Oh, it's time to go," he said going over to their train car with Seungsik and Subin following after him. "This break wasn't that long," said Subin. "I know, we'll be in Switzerland soon," said Byungchan.

"Why are we going there again?" Asked Seungsik. "It's on the way," said Byungchan. "Also I wanted to check on Donghan's side of the information network," he said. "Ah," hummed Seungsik. "He may have a bit more information, and if he doesn't we still got Austria," said Subin as they reached their sleeping cabin. "Yeah," said Byungchan.

[center ~]

"Well then," said Donghan as he went to pick them up from the train station. "Heading on foot from here?" He asked. "No, we'll be staying a couple days, if you don't mind," said Byungchan. "I was told by Chanwoo that you'd be stopping by so yeah," said Donghan. "I'm fine with it," he added.

"How have things been with the information network anyway?" Asked Byungchan. "It's been fine," said Donghan. "Nothing much has been going on except your packmates visiting," he said. "Jongho and Hongjoong?" Asked Byungchan. "Yeah," said Donghan.

"What were they here for?" Asked Byungchan. "Just checking on us before they continued east," said Donghan. "I see," said Byungchan. "Did they leave anything for us?" He asked. "No," said Donghan. "But they wished you luck on getting to Hungary," he said. "They're going passed Hungary to see what's out there," he said. "Ah," hummed Subin.

"Do you mind if I go hunting when we get to your house?" Asked Seungsik. Donghan looked in the rearview mirror at Seungsik. "Should be fine," he said as he looked back at the road. "Just be careful, don't get caught," he said. "I won't," said Seungsik. Donghan nodded.

[center ~]

"Hey you three," said Kenta as Byungchan and Subin entered the house with Donghan. "Seungsik went hunting," said Donghan. "Cool," said Kenta. "Dinner's almost ready," he said before going back into the kitchen. "We have a guest room for the three of you, if you're fine with it," said Donghan as he turned to Byungchan. "I'm fine with it," said Byungchan. Subin nodded. "Only two of us can sleep so," he said, shrugging. "Seungsik will probably just be out most of the night," he said.

"So what kind of info do you have for me?" Asked Byungchan as they sat in the livingroom eating dinner. "On Lucas?" Asked Donghan. Byungchan nodded. "Not much, Yohan probably has more information than I do," said Donghan. "Though Chenle is in his pack," he said.

"Chenle?" Asked Byungchan. "Someone Chani may have heard of, since he was in Jaemin's pack," said Subin. "I remember Seungwoo discussing it once when Chani met up with Kris," he said. "Ah," hummed Byungchan.

"It's just him though," said Subin. "I don't know where Jisung disappeared off to but it seems the wolf council got a hold of him before he could escape to another pack," he said. "It's always the wolf council," grumbled Byungchan. "We can't do a thing about it until they come after us," said Subin. "I know," said Byungchan. "Which is why this is annoying as hell to deal with," he said.

"When Chan decides to finally get help from the vampire hunting association we may be able to help him out," said Subin. "Granted Kris is willing to put in his resources to help," he added. "With Yedam putting in his input we may be able to help Chan," said Byungchan. "That's true," said Subin.

[center ~]

Seungsik came in after Byungchan and Subin got ready for bed, blood still on his clothes. "Tough hunt?" Asked Byungchan as he turned to Seungsik. Seungsik shrugged. "I was really thirsty," he said. "Apparently," he added.

"Seungsik," said Subin. "You know you can't beat Eunki in the whole "hunting one animal/human per territory" when we go all over the place," he said. "You're trying this again?" Asked Byungchan. "I know that Jinyoung can manage it but that's probably due to who he is," he said. Something flashed in Seungsik's eyes and Subin immediately put himself between Byungchan and Seungsik.

"I suggest you get cleaned up," said Subin, his voice almost disturbingly calm as his alpha aura surrounded him. Byungchan shivered behind him, forcing the need to submit down as much as possible. Donghan and Kenta appeared behind Seungsik, ready to defend their home if Seungsik went berserk.

Seungsik growled, tensing up as he forced himself to stay still. "Go," commanded Subin. That got Seungsik to move as he finally turned and pushed his way passed Donghan and Kenta and made his way into the bathroom to clean up. Donghan went to keep an eye on him, escorting Seungsik outside once Seungsik was done cleaning himself up.

Byungchan took a deep breath, relaxing when the front door closed and Subin reeled in his alpha aura. "I've never seen him this close to losing it," said Byungchan. "I have," said Subin. "The last time this happened was when he faced off against Junho for the first time in a spar," he said. "He was able to control himself better because Seungwoo was there but," he said, sighing.

"Why do you keep him with you?" Asked Kenta. "Out of curiosity," he added. "I don't know," said Byungchan. "That decision was entirely Seungwoo's," he said. "It's not like he's a bad person," he added. "Seungsik is trying hard to keep himself in control, and usually hunts more than one thing," said Subin. "Animals," he added. "But Eunki and Jinyoung's rule of hunting one animal, or one human per city in Eunki's case, per territory is making him challenge himself," he said.

"He [i knows] it's a bad idea to keep doing that to himself, but he chooses to do it anyway," said Byungchan. "It's hard on him, I'm tempted to stage an intervention with Eunki and Jinyoung present but we got thrust into doing this," he said.

"Sometimes I think it was too early for you to become general," said Subin as he turned to Byungchan. "I don't know what Seungwoo was thinking either," Byungchan said, sighing. "But I have to try," he said.

"He went running," said Donghan as he walked back into view. "Said he'd be back by the morning," he said. "Let him," said Subin. "I'll go chase him down in the morning if he doesn't come back," he said.

"If he becomes a problem..." Started Donghan. "He won't," said Subin. "When returns bloody like that, he'll be fine," he said. "I know, it won't seem like it because of what I just said but," he said, shrugging. "He's hunted enough to remain calm for the next week or so," he said. "We'll be out of here before then," he said. "Alright," said Donghan. "Goodnight," he said, before turning and walking away with Kenta following after him.

Byungchan heaved a sigh of relief, looking down at the floor. "I curse my damn status," he mumbled. "We need to find a way around this," said Subin. "I hope we don't run into anymore trouble," he said. "I know," mumbled Byungchan.
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[center Chapter 1]

"I can't believe we're doing this," said Byungchan as he looked out the airport terminal windows at the plane that would take them to Berlin. "Well, Chan did say he was paying a lot to whoever can make their way east to find this mysterious pack he has connections with," said Subin as he walked over, standing beside Byungchan.

"It's not even about the money at this point though," said Byungchan as he took a deep breath, sighing a bit as he exhaled. "It's about just getting somewhere where we can establish that yes, this territory is now public," he said.

"Hunters have already gone to that side of Europe though," said Subin. "They don't have much access to anything though," pointed out Byungchan. "They go radio silent after leaving Austria," he said. Subin hummed in response.

"Where is Seungsik anyway?" Asked Byungchan as he looked around, not seeing Seungsik nearby. "He went off to a quiet corner," said Subin. "He'll join us before the flight," he said. "How's his thirst?" Asked Byungchan. "It's not bothering him right now," said Subin. "I know that once we land in Berlin he'll need to hunt though," he said. "Right," hummed Byungchan.

"Hey you two," came a voice, causing Byungchan to turn to spot Yunho. "Heading to Europe?" Asked Byungchan. Yunho shook his head. "Just landed," said Yunho. "I'll be heading home from here," he said. "Ah, nice," said Byungchan.

"I believe Hongjoong and Jongho are still out there though," said Yunho. "I lost contact with them after I entered Germany," he said. "Wooyoung is still in Germany though, I managed to see him before I left," he said. "I see," said Byungchan.

"Do you think you'll make it?" Asked Yunho. "I have to try," said Byungchan as he looked back out at the plane. "I think it's the only thing we can do at this moment," he said. "It's your first real mission as general," hummed Subin. "I'll get going then, good luck," said Yunho. "Say hi to the others for us," said Byungchan as he nodded. Yunho nodded, bowing his head before turning and leaving.

When the announcements for first class boarding started Seungsik made his way over, keeping his hands in his hoodie pockets with a bored expression on his face. "Let's go then," said Byungchan before walking over to the gates with Subin and Seungsik.

[center ~]

Arriving in Berlin brought a sense of apprehension for Byungchan, as this was his first time here without Seungwoo. "You know, I'm surprised Seungwoo let you two come with me," he said, turning to Subin and Seungsik after they reached the entrance of the terminal. "I was perfectly fine with taking Hanse and Chan," he said. "It was Kris's orders to be honest," said Subin as he shrugged.

"I don't think those two are ready for anything outside the territory just [i yet]," said Seungsik. "I mean, I know they managed Forks and Seattle just fine but you're a beta," he said. "I don't think you'd be able to stop them if things got out of hand," he said. "Those two can defend themselves though," said Byungchan. "I can defend myself as long as I'm not overwhelmed by the various alpha auras," he said.

"So why are we going to the coffee shop?" Asked Seungsik as he drove the rental car there. "We're meeting Chan there," said Byungchan. "He'll tell us who to look for, and what to expect," he said. "If they agree to become public with their territory, we'll finally have a foot in that side of Europe," he said. "While you're having your meeting I need to hunt," hummed Seungsik. "No problem," said Byungchan. "Take your time," agreed Subin.

"Hey you two," said Moonbin as Byungchan and Subin entered the coffee shop after getting dropped off. "The usual?" He asked. "Sure," said Byungchan as he went to pay for it. "Chanwoo in?" He asked. "He's doing something with his brothers today," said Moonbin as he processed the orders before handing Byungchan the card he had used to pay. "He said Chan'd be here," said Byungchan as he took the card.

"Paris Chan or UK Chan?" Asked Moonbin as he blinked. "Paris Chan," said Byungchan. "Ah, I'll see what's up with him, your order will be a few minutes," said Moonbin. Byungchan nodded before turning and going to sit down with Subin joining him a few minutes later after returning from the restroom.

[center ~]

"Sorry, had to do something at the bank," said Chan as he walked over after ordering his drinks. "Dropping Renjun off again?" Asked Byungchan as he noticed Renjun having a discussion with Moonbin. "No," said Chan. "Chani agreed to take him for a bit, his flight isn't for another few hours so we're chilling for a bit," he said. "Ah," said Byungchan.

"So who are we contacting and where?" Asked Subin. "His name is Lucas," said Chan. "You'll meet him in Hungary," he said. "I've managed to send mail back and forth until the wolf council intervened," he said. "But he agreed to meet someone not involved with this mess, and try to negotiate some things," he said.

"Getting passed Austria is where it's going to get bad," hummed Byungchan. "I'm sure you'll make it," said Chan. "Hunters have made it pretty deep into Europe but they can't come into service until they make it to Austria at least," said Subin. "We'll be out of service the entire time until Lucas says it's okay," he said.

"Are you okay with that?" Asked Byungchan. "Yes," said Chan. "I can wait, until some sort of news comes about," he said. "I know many werewolf hunters head out that way but I don't know what they do," he said. "Mostly Wontak and Dongmyeong headed East," hummed Byungchan. "From what Yedam has told me of those two and their accomplishments," he said.

"Yunho headed out that way before we ran into him didn't he?" Asked Subin. Byungchan nodded. "He never talks about what he does though, so I don't know what he's done," he said.

"We'll get there," said Byungchan. "I have a reputation to keep up with," he said. "Where exactly in Hungary are we meeting Lucas?" He asked. "Budapest," said Chan. "I don't know exactly [i where] in Budapest, but you'll find him I'm sure," he said. "We will," said Subin. "I'm known for finding people in weird places," said Byungchan. "So we'll find him," he said. Chan nodded.

"Anything else we should know about before heading out?" Asked Byungchan. "Just be careful," said Chan. "I don't know what's out there and neither do you," he said. "We'll be careful," said Byungchan as he nodded.
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