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"Well- uh-" he cursed under his breath. "You got me there," he said, looking kind of sheepish.
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 12h 18m 49s
“I saw a mudwing SandWing’ she said “so yes”
  HydreigonMaste / 15d 12h 32m 40s
"Have you ever seen a Sandwing like this?" he tried to counter.
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 12h 35m 21s
“Not really” she siad “just brown back legs”
  HydreigonMaste / 15d 12h 58m 6s
"Yes, he looks relatively normal besides that one small detail, and there's me, where something looks seriously different."
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 13h 12s
“Cactus, and sidewinder, right?” She asked “allthough, cactus does have pretty dark spots on his barb”
  HydreigonMaste / 15d 13h 7m 4s
"I never really thought about asking my parents that question, because they both look like Sandwings, head to tail, but here I am."
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 13h 7m 35s
“I know, I wa spooking at you and thinking of your parents when I talked” she said “I think... that my mom was a sewing, and my dad was a nightiwng”
  HydreigonMaste / 15d 13h 12m 46s
"Well, one of your parents would've had to be a Nightwing, because there's you, right here," he said.
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 13h 13m 32s
She nodded “my dad was a seawing. Or a SandWing,and my mom was a seawing. I don’t know, I haven’t met them”
  HydreigonMaste / 15d 13h 40m 57s
"Wow," he said, staring at the line of scales, "it's beautiful."
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 15d 13h 43m 2s
She frowned “well, I am part seawing” she said, raising her wing to reveal a line of sapphire blue scales
  HydreigonMaste / 16d 6h 43m 5s
"Yeah, unfortunately," he said, his mind constantly going through everything that could end a friendship.
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 16d 7h 21m 41s
“The seawing is in the prey center” she said “so.. did you think I was her?”
  HydreigonMaste / 16d 7h 22m 58s
"No, I was talking to the Seawing," he tried to clarify.
  Sandstorm / ARandomDarkener / 16d 7h 23m 33s

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