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Prompto started to rub up against the bars in order to clean the cement off of him. He had managed to get rid of the pickaxe
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 4d 5h 19m 59s
She slapped him and put him into more cement before placing him into a cell and lowing the roof
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 5h 21m 26s
Prompto started to roll around on the floor and Neku had cement on him which he quickly washed off.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 4d 5h 26m 7s
She moved him away from the wall and away from anything from him getting out
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 5h 27m 2s
Prompto started to rub the concrete off of himself using the wall.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 4d 5h 47m 58s
She chuckled, "if you get out of that I will make sure you get put into the med-bay"
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 5h 57m 3s
"Could somebody please get this concrete off of me." Prompto said out loud.
  Roxas (Vampire) / Catlover33 / 4d 6h 18m 5s
it still didn't do anything it just absorbed it
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 6h 51m 54s
Roxas used water magic to try and remove the concrete.
  Roxas (Vampire) / Catlover33 / 4d 7h 13m 8s
His pickaxe ended up getting stuck in the wet stone
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 7h 14m 54s
Roxas pulled out a pickaxe and then started to chip away the concrete. Neku was laughing the entire time however.
  Roxas (Vampire) / Catlover33 / 4d 7h 15m 36s
She runs after him and threw him into some wet concrete before blocking him and placing him next to the cage letting him dry "Anyone else"
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 7h 25m 35s
Prompto saw the oppourtunity to run and started to run away.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 4d 7h 31m 52s
She chuckled, "I can knock you to next Tuesday if you want"
  Alfa279escaped / 4d 7h 36m 39s
"Now you know how we feel every day." Roxas told the sister.
  Roxas (Vampire) / Catlover33 / 4d 7h 38m 2s

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