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Rain ran away from the others and tried to escape on his own. Yozora brought Layle to the hospital and then returned to the sister.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 2d 7h 40m 17s
She sighed throwing a note at him, "even if you tried"
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 8h 1m 12s
Yozora threw a dagger at Rain. He purposely missed him. "Shut up so that we can get out of here you doofus!" He yelled out.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 5m 16s
She chuckled Holding up another one, "We can see"
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 8h 7m 3s
"If they were Goombas then we could squish them easily." Rain said out loud. This earned him a scowl from Yozora.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 7m 47s
there was nothing to be heard and she chuckled holding up a note, "It's not human"
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 8h 9m 7s
Yozora fired a shot from his crossbow at the source of the sound that he heard earlier.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 41m 0s
The gun, shot again from a different area and it hit his leg
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 8h 45m 58s
Yozora had dodged the shot to where it only grazed his leg.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 48m 36s
She motioned again and another shot sounded somewhere else echoing
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 8h 50m 3s
Yozora sighed and shot the gun out of the sister's hand. He then grabbed Rain and Layle and made a stealthy getawat.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 52m 54s
She motioned and Layle was shot as she sighed holding up another note, "Yep" the doctor did a check up on him and everyone before putting them through surgery
  Alfa279escaped / 2d 9h 7m 54s
"I presume you don't want us to escape anytime soon." Yozora told the sister. He saw Layle trying to escape and didn't even bother warning him. Roxas looked at the doctor and was worried for his own safety. Yozora sighed and shot another tin can with his crossbow before slicing a few bars of the cell to see if his sword still was working properly. He examined the cut and made sure that it was clean.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 3d 3h 52m 16s
She chuckled holding up a note, "Don't you think I want you to escape?"
  Alfa279escaped / 3d 4h 23m 59s
"Wasn't that a little too brutal?" Yozora asked the sister. He was in the corner of his cage and was aiming for a tin can 20 yards away with a crossbow. He had learned how to shoot a crossbow without damaging the cell at all. Neku looked at the doctor and didn't move.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 3d 4h 24m 24s

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