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"And what about giving Marth a friend?" Kumo asked Vanguard. He had no idea why he said that.
  Cloud (Nighttime Variant) / Catlover33 / 24d 6h 35m 55s
Van guard chuckled, "Well we have to test it... I couldn't find vampires"
  Alfa279escaped / 24d 11h 2m 56s
Mikaela ended up hissing in pain and collapsed on the floor. He still retained his fangs however he was able to enjoy a more human life. Cloud picked up Mikaela and placed him in a bed. "He should wake up in a day." He told Vanguard.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 24d 12h 34m 1s
He shot and a dart was on his arm, "There's one and then" he shot a the other infected, "There's three"
  Alfa279escaped / 24d 12h 46m 14s
Mikaela hissed at the weapon at first and then relaxed. Kumo was in the corner and he had his eyes closed
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 24d 13h 4m 7s
Vanguard chuckled aiming a weapon at the vampire, "Um... cure you"
  Alfa279escaped / 24d 13h 10m 41s
"What are you going to do?" Mikaela asked Vanguard. Marth was still in the corner of the room.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 25d 3h 8m 56s
He chuckled, "Don't worry I um... I kinda um..."
  Alfa279escaped / 25d 3h 17m 35s
"The dumb guy with the snake just had to open his stupid mouth again." Mikaela muttered under his breath. Kumo smacked Prompto and dragged him off. Yoru and Noctis just looked at Vanguard and sighed. "Well Prompto got what he deserved." Yoru and Noctis said out loud.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 25d 3h 20m 49s
He chuckled, "I think I can make that happen"
  Alfa279escaped / 25d 3h 26m 1s
Mikaela walks towards Vanguard and looked behind him. He saw that Prompto was handling a venomous snake. "That thing is too dangerous to keep around here!!!" He yelled at Prompto before killing the snake. "I don't want to be cloned because it's creepy." Marth muttered to himself. "I think that Marth wants to have a twin brother." Prompto told Vanguard. Noctis and Yoru were awake and sighed. "His horns are definately showing again." They muttered to themselves.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 25d 12h 17m 26s
He nods and holds up the venom, "I made this and hope it works"
  Alfa279escaped / 25d 12h 22m 2s
Mikaela woke up and found Neku. He licked Neku's wounds and then bandaged them up. "Have you developed a cure yet?" Noctis asked Vanguard. Ramza was woken up by some screaming and found his clone on the ground. "Something's gone wrong for him." He muttered to himself. It was then that he noticed a bite on the clone's hand. "A venomous snake must've done this and it's pretty nasty." Ramza muttered to himself before carrying the clone to a bed.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 25d 12h 58m 45s
Vanguard worked all night and day for a cure and a weakening for them
  Alfa279escaped / 26d 7h 39m 54s
Mikaela hugged Shio tightly in his sleep and felt comfortable while hugging him.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 26d 7h 46m 33s

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