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[center [font "century gothic" Amai nodded some more sleep would be great right about now. [+pink "More sleep would be nice. Right about now."] he said with a soft smile. Amai let out a soft yawn. His long tail curled around him and the blanket. It wasn't long after his head hit the pillow he was asleep.

Amai dreams were filled with fear, agony and face he didn't remember. Amai woke up sweating, he sighed softly as he sat up in the bed. Perhaps it would be good to get a drink of water. Amai sighed softly as he stood up. His legs were still shaky and sore. It was almost hard to move. He slowly made his way to the door. He opened it slowly to see darkness. It was a good he could see in the dark.

He quietly walked down the hall looking for a bathroom. He sighed softly as slowly moved down the hall his slender finger tracing the wall as he walk. He finally came to an open door. Inside the door was a sink, small tub and a toilet. He sighed softly as he step inside the room. He closed the door behind him. He looked around the room and seen a small cup. He filled it with water and took a drink. The cold water rushed down his throat. At first it felt great then suddenly a sharpe pain fill his body. Just drinking water hurt. He coughed a little as blood pour out of his mouth. He fell to the floor. Everything went black.
  Amai / Uramu / 12d 31m 10s
[center Ah exactly as he expected. He didn’t remember much. Good. He gave a slight nod as he spoke. The cat on his shoulder listened his ears twitching before he looked away.

[+aqua “Well that seems normal. It doesn’t seem like they have learned on how to get them back with their memories, but they seem to like it better that way.”]

Sighing Kingyo held up his hand silencing the cat. That was enough they didn’t want to confuse Amai anymore than he probably already was. The cat sighed softly. In his mind he felt they needed to hurry things up or his master may end up dead and he didn’t want that. Could end up even worse actually... He could end up like Amai was... And then put through things that would make him wish he was dead. Didn’t he remember anything of what he seen at that place..?

[+lime “We are at my home, but sadly there won’t be much time to get comfortable. We will end up on the move to a safe place I have set up.”]

Was anywhere really safe though..? No not really. Any place like that would only be temporary. Kingyo knew that. They could be on the run for the rest of their lives unless they had a way to stop that place. Kingyo sighed softly. Right now he had to help Amai though. It wouldn’t do either of them any good if he remained without memories. That and right now he was kind of useless.

He probably couldn’t fight and if he could he may not remember. Moving and constantly hiding would be the best bet right now. He would try and feed Amai some information slowly to work on the memory thing. Some of it sadly Kingyo didn’t know and it would have to be things Amai had to remember on his own or at least help Kingyo to help him.

[+lime “we may have a day or two to spare here, but after that we will have move quickly to that spot I set up. You can at least get more rest. Eat and start piecing together your memory slowly.”]

He tried to be gentle, but there was an urgency hidden behind all that. He knew his life was in danger now. He had taken a valuable test subject. One that showed promise... But in the end they said that about all the failed ones too. Why had he chose to help again..? Oh right... His father was involved in it. Not the leader, but he was one of the top people. He sighed softly.]
  .Kingyo. / -MoonRabbit / 16d 16h 44m 46s
[center [font "century gothic" Amai sat there watching the male and the cat. It was rather rare to see such a friendly cat that could speak. Amai lashed his tail slightly. He snicker at the cats remarks. He then heard Kingyo speak.

[+Pink "I don't remember much... my name that is about it....Amai... I mean I think that was my name... I remember another name but it is rather fuzzy... Ura... Urami.... Most of it is just a blur anymore..."] he said with a soft sigh.

Amai closed his golden colored eyes. He then opened them again and let out a sigh. [+pink "So where am I? This place seems to be different? I mean the sounds and smell are different..."] he said as he tilted his head to the side.
  Amai / Uramu / 17d 27m 49s
[center [+aqua “Master was it a good idea to steal this guy away like this..? Isn’t it wrong..? Those people trusted you... Plus... If they can bring someone back from death... I would hate to think of what they could possibly do to you...”]

[+lime “Hush. If he hears us before we enter the room and wakes...”]

He didn’t finish his sentence just let it hang in the air as he opened the door. The male was still sleeping wasn’t he..? No. No he wasn’t. He could tell. It was so easy to tell. Sighing he walked towards the bed. Great. Now what was he going to do. Surely he must be terrified. He would never understand that this place was much more safe than where he was previously. Oh well.

Ah he spoke. He tilted his head slightly wondering if he should give his name to him. He had once before. That had been some time ago. A time before this male had died.

[+lime “For now you can call me Kingyo. This little guy on my shoulder is Shikimo.”]

[+aqua “Oh I see my name isn’t a damned secret.”]

Sighing the man calling himself Kingyo decided to ignore the cat for now.

[+lime “What do you remember..?”]

It was important to know. Kingyo tilted his head slightly watching the male. If he was like all the others had been... The ones that Kingyo had not saved then... He wouldn’t have much of a memory would he..? He had only saved this male because he knew him. They had met before. Though that would be a long explanation and too much for this male’s foggy memory. Right now it was best to see what he did know before adding too much more to the male’s mind.]
  .Kingyo. / -MoonRabbit / 17d 3h 21m 13s
[center [font "century gothic" Like a dream Amai was just a faded memory now. It had been a long time since he walked the world of the living. Amai didn't remember how he we brought back or even why. His death was also blur so where most of his memories.

Amai sighed softly as he his golden eyes danced around the room. Where am I ? He thought to himself. He slowly sat up and in the bed. He let out a sigh as he ran his hand thought his ivory colored hard. He didn't understand what was going on. Where was he? Was he still dead? If he was still dead would explain the pain he felt in his chest?

Amai tilted his head as he heard foot steps. He quickly laid back down, slowed his breathing as he listened. He didn't know who was coming. The man open the door to the room. Amai nose twitched, the scent, of the man who walked though the door seemed familiar.

Amai heart was racing, he didn't dare to open his eyes. Part of him wanted to part of him was scared. Amai open his golden colored eyes to see a male standing before him. [+pink "Who are you..."] he said wary.
  Amai / Uramu / 18d 1h 31m 35s

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