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[+red [size10 So the present I got my boyfriend is lost somewhere in the damn mail. Now I think it’s getting return to the sender.... I’m very stressed out I was hoping it was going to be here on our anniversary... We made it to one year already. If only I didn’t forget the damn apt number....
  Kanbi / -Akuma / 2d 1h 30m 26s
[center I don’t know what to say. I just don’t feel right today. Hearing what was said today has put me in a rather guarded state. I don’t want to go out and do anything. I only want to stay at home. I’ll go do the interview as asked because I promised I would try and get a job, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to focus. Instead I’ll be thinking about him. Maybe I should be taking more steps to get to him... I still can’t bring myself to post in my journal. It’s stupid but I just want to see his name and post there a little longer before it ends up cluttered with my thoughts.]
  .Bunny. / -MoonRabbit / 6d 4h 27m 5s
[center It seems like nothing ever really changes around home. I’ve chosen to post here because right now I don’t want to post in my journal.

This will be small. I just am getting tired of the way dad is treating mom. He practically made her walk by herself just because she was joking around with him.

If I had known she would have ended up alone I would have walked with them just so she didn’t end up walking by herself. How much of an asshole does he have to be..?

I wish sometimes that mom would leave him.]
  .Stag. / -MoonRabbit / 7d 13m 22s
[size10 I am worn out. Today has been a really long day. The floor had to be waxed at my job so all the tables and racks were put back in the department. It was a lot of work helping putting the racks way... Then after work I went to grandpa. There is still so many things I need to go through I just haven't had the time. It has been there since I moved...

Then when I got home there was a big mess to clean up. The cat decided he didn't like the daffodils. He broke the pot and his food bowel. My honey cleaned up most of the mess. Then afterwards we had lunch.. which meant there was dishes.

I guess all in all the day has just been long. Soon it will be bed time. There are a few unsettled things on my mind. Two of my friends will be moving soon. It's such a bitter sweet feeling.
  Uramu / Uramu / 12d 2h 22m 29s
I’m over on this profile at the moment. I’m sure she probably has been. Thanks for showing that to me though it was really cool ~
  .HeadMaster. / Nerium / 12d 22h 45m 55s
Well she is on youtube. So hopefully, she will be noticed!
  Uramu / Uramu / 15d 16h 6m 21s
I’m not surprised honestly. That’s a lot of hard work hopefully she is being paid well for it. Sadly though most artist don’t get known right away and the spend most of their time just trying to get noticed.
  .Kitten. / -MoonRabbit / 15d 16h 14m 3s
Yes it is ^^. Such beautiful work. I have watch some of her other videos before. They are amazing.
  Uramu / Uramu / 15d 16h 24m 4s
Yeah the music was really good. It was nice to hear why watching the artist work.
  .Kitten. / -MoonRabbit / 15d 19h 27m 30s
Oh I know but its so pretty. I love the music in it.
  Uramu / Uramu / 15d 23h 57m 31s
That was really cool to watch her put all together. I really liked it. Very dark! It also seems a bit much too lol. I would never be able to do that. I do not have the patience XD
  .Kitten. / -MoonRabbit / 16d 24m 46s

You should watch this Envy. I think you will like it. The art is so beautiful. There's also an Allan Walker song.

  Uramu / Uramu / 16d 2h 35m 40s
[size10 These past few days have been rough. All this talk about the virus is very stressful.
It's making me uneasy... Work is going to be changing hours and jobs will too. I stressed and it's still early in the week.

I still need to put in my two weeks notice at my second job. I get so nervous. I love the atmosphere there, but there is just nothing there for me really. Because of this virus it's hurting that places business. My other job is fine that place is just a zoo... full of people. Rude people at that.

My goodness this kitten is very gassy. I know it's her food. Goodness. I should of named her Miss Tinky. I love here dearly tho. She is very friendly and sweet.
  Uramu / Uramu / 22d 25m 42s

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