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[center A place for me to house my ideas for plots, story-lines, and characters.
Look within [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=152465 [font "Georgia" [i Rummage]]] for an actual search thread.]]
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[youtube http://youtu.be/j9N-v3KURSc]

[tab ] [b Central Themes:] Memory, Mystery, Discovery, Supernatural
[tab ] [b Conflicts:] Person vs Self, Person vs Enviroment
[tab ] [b Concepts:] Very basic and has definitely been done before: Characters A and B wake up in a strange place with no memories. Potentially a large house with many rooms and twisting hallways- a place easy to get lost in if not careful. The house is surrounded by a strange forest enshrouded in fog- they can explore the gardens and courtyard, but when they try to explore the forest they get turned around easily and always end up back at the house once more. Over time perhaps they remember things, slowly as well as learn about themselves. Perhaps they are dead. Perhaps one killed the other- or perhaps they've been trapped here by some strange force.
[tab ] [b Character Relationships:] Were they friends? Lovers? Enemies? Why out of all the people in the universe are they here now, together? Were they two people picked at random and placed here by the universe?
[tab ] [b Inspirations: ] [i House of Memories] by [i P!@TD] , [i Angel Beats!], [i Your Name], [i The Good Place], and I'm sure others will come to mind.
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AHS Inspired, underground. This group is the group you ended up with, and after the dust has settled, you're getting a chance to meet everyone, finally.
Something darker lurks in the background, a small tight knit group that don't seem worried about the nuclear winter outside.
And then people began dying... Was it the radiation? Or something more sinister....
  |Conceptualization| / DanceMyDear / 211d 16h 31m 30s
"I've always had a clear image in my mind of what my ideal life would be like. It was originally an exercise that we had during our mandatory writing course in college, but it's become something that I have kept with me, and think about often." She tried to explain, tucking some hair behind her ear and searching for the right descriptors. "It's a place I hold in the back of my mind, a concept of home that keeps me going. It's where I imagine myself when I get too caught up in everything that's been going on."
"I think of a house, in the forest near the river, only one story, with flowers and vines going wild, blurring the lines where the forest and garden ends, and the house begins. A place of peace, a reading nook overlooking the river, the understanding that this place is safe. I'm able to practice my own art, life my own life. Sometimes I imagine getting to survive long enough to grow old, tending my garden and watching the stars."

She shifted on her feet, trying not to think too closely about what she wanted to say, "I'm not sure when it started... But I was realizing the other day that when I think of my ideal future, ideal home, ideal life... It's changed. I've started realizing that certain things, like technology, a certain song in the background, the smell of certain foods have become integrated into it. And I couldn't figure out what it was." She was starting to get shaky now, teary eyed. "It was you. It involves you, even without me truly realising it. Your prescence imprinted in this silly ideal home, this safe place. And I realized that I don't want it any other way."
  |Conceptualization| / pheonix / 212d 17h 20m 35s
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[center [size18 [b Coincidence, Choice, and Fate.]]

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[size14 [center
[b [i Imagine with me, for a moment.]]

There is a choice to be made. Someone says, [i "Let's flip a coin to decide, and we'll go off that."] Murmurs of agreement travel around the group, and then someone digs out a quarter from their wallet. Silver flicks into the air, glinting against the light. It lands on...

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[b [i Heads.]]
The group heads out for the night. They go to dinner at your favorite pizzeria in up town, and you get there about 6:45 pm all together, and you know there's a 9:00 pm showing of the movie that you wanted to see together at the Uptown theatre. As you're exiting to the parking lot, and you catch a taxi, and at approximately 8:34 pm someone holds up a gas station on your way there, they peel out of the parking lot and crash into your taxi. No one is seriously hurt-- but everything just got worlds more complicated.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/Vz1VoUu.jpg?1]

[b [i Tails.]]
The group heads out for the night. They go to a movie first at the Uptown Theatre, and decide to catch dinner afterward, and at around 9:14 pm, you decide as a group to head to the bar. On the ride there, you see the after effects of a car crash and a robbery, you reach the bar, and you all share a few drinks before catching different rides home. You and one of your friends decide to walk home from the bar, and on the way back you get mugged. No one is seriously hurt-- but everything just got worlds more complicated.

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[b [i "Let's take a step back."]]
The coin in the air gets dropped, and your friends look at you in confusion. You can't explain why you feel it-- but something has changed. [b "I heard that the Midtown theater has started doing dine in-- you guys want to try there?"] you cover quickly, a crisis adverted it seems, and no one questions your offer, instead getting a resounding chorus of 'yeah, sounds good'. The night is otherwise uneventful.]
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[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i I. Inspiration]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] This concept, of a character being able to see for a brief moment-- within the time it takes for a coin to be flipped-- to see the resulting paths of a particular choice and pull choice in that direction, is something I am extremely interested in working with. I'd like to work with someone to develop a role play together where the stakes are high-- involvement with the supernatural comes into play.
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i II. World and Genre]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] I really enjoy mixing the supernatural with the modern world-- and that's the direction that I would like this to go. I think that Sci-fi fantasy is the best sort of genre to aim for here, as well as trying to include some sort of more meta elements overall. Ideally, I think it would be interesting to bring some characters into a modern, potentially somewhat grungy, downtown cityscape where the potential to get into trouble is a bit higher than it might usually be. Maybe we could involve some issues with a fictional mafia or something similar?
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i III. Development Questions]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] What kind of characters should we try pairing together? Should they both have this power or should one have the power while the other is some form of supernatural?
[tab ] If we wanted to work with an underground crime sort of idea, would we want to work with one character being involved in crime and one not? I have a character and idea connected with this if the interest is there.
[tab ] How do we add a driving factor to this plot? What makes it keep going when we get stuck?
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i IV. Preliminary Plot Concept]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] [b Character A] has recently begun to notice that they can trust their gut feeling more than anyone else they know-- without fail, they have been able to make things turn out the way they want to. They always know when things could start to turn out badly and are usually able to bend the situation to their choice and get out of it.
[tab ] [b Character B] feels trapped into life by fate. Working for their [i 'Family Buisiness'] is something it feels like they are unable to escape, and as much as they want to get away from it, they have felt it necessary to go along with the ride. So they do as they're told-- and in this case, that involves kidnapping people for ransom, for revenge, for reasons they don't ask about-- things involving supernatural creatures they prefer to avoid. They aren't happy with it, but they know there'll be hell to pay if they don't follow the rules.
[tab ] [b Character A] has the misfortune of meeting [b Character B] when they were on the hunt, so to speak, in the guise of a taxi driver, and they capture [b Character A], who starts trying to utilize their gut feeling to escape, but no matter which choice they make, it all seems to end up the same way. [b Character A] convinces [b Character B] that they can help them get out of their situation, but there's deeper problems to deal with now. The supernaturals working with [b Character B]'s "family" have taken notice of [b Character A] now... and the only way they can both get out of it is by working together....
  |Conceptualization| / DanceMyDear / 211d 17h 2m 32s
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_S2qFh5lU]
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[center [size18 [b Current Interest in Project:]]]
[center [size18 [b No Time to Die]]]
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i I. Inspiration]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] Personally, most of the plots and other similar stories that I have written, are either directly inspired by or written to certain pieces of music.
[tab ] Naturally, being someone who loves to listen to the music of Billie Eilish, when [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GB_S2qFh5lU [font "Georgia" [i No Time To Die]]] was recently release for the upcoming James Bond film of the same title, I absolutely loved it, despite not explicitly being a James Bond fan.
[tab ] When taking a look at some of the lyrics of this song, these are the ones that popped out the most to me:
'the blood you bleed is just the blood you owe';
'Fool me once, fool me twice, Are you death or paradise?';
and 'Faces from my past return, Another lesson yet to learn'.
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i II. World and Genre]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] I like to involve elements of fantasy, mixed-modern-magic, and other such sci-fi in my writing. Should we involve magic in this? Or perhaps some science fiction type of things, such as time travel? If you read my sample post titled 'The Time Machine', we could utilize that sort of idea as a plot device, and have the spies be working on changing/keeping history from changing. Let's discuss!
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i III. Plot]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] I think that it would be the most fun, generally, to go for a sort of Spy Versus Spy type of plot line, with some potential 'forced to work together thrown in'. Maybe it's just having grown up with the Spy Kids movies, but the plot line of the parents in that movie has intrigued me since I was little. The TL;DR of this is; the two spies have been put on a mission to take out the other; they meet; and begin to question why they have to kill the other, blah blah blah, love story.
[tab ] I have an idea that for one reason or another, both sides have been forced/ requested to/ hired to go undercover at some sort of crime epicenter, lets say perhaps relating to the mafia. Perhaps, it could be along the line of one trying to get undercover with American Mafia, and the other with the Yakuza, or something similar because the two groups are working together on something, and they both get discovered/discover each other.
[tab] OR, Maybe they have each been hired to take out the other?
[tab ] OR maybe it has to do with some good v evil?
[tab ] [b OR Perhaps one has been hired to protect someone, and the other has been hired to assassinate that protected person?]
[tab ] Let's work together and figure it out!
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i IV. Development Questions]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] What should be the instance that forces them together?
[tab ] Should the know about each other previously or go in with no prior knowledge of the other?
[tab ] What do they need to go through to be successful?
[tab ] How will their bosses respond to finding out they worked together?
[tab ] How much romance should be involved? How much are characters willing to go the distance for romance over their jobs?
[center [h2 [font "Georgia" [size16 [i V. Character]]]]]
[size14 [tab ] I don't much care what type of gender presentation that my character has. I am a cis-woman, and I tend to find myself writing female characters more often than male characters, if not having a pair of main characters of both a traditional male and female character, as well as background characters as well.
[tab ] I prefer to not let that get in my way, but rather to write a character that I think will fit the story line. We can discuss this more as we develop our plot line before starting writing.
  |Conceptualization| / DanceMyDear / 220d 18h 58m 50s
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6goU7EVriMQ]
[font "Georgia" [size14
[tab ] "Ah yes, to be the lady's maid of a young and beautiful widow to a noble man whom hast died under mysterious circumstances but whom hast I know was a cad whose garden grows a variety of nightshade that isn't onions and when I confront her knowing that she had spent the afternoon of her husband's death in the garden she confesses everything and then she convinces me to run away with her and her late husbands funds to travel the world as lovers disguised as being 'sent by her late husband as an act of diplomatic relations' and make many interesting friends across multiple countries and continents."
  |Conceptualization| / DanceMyDear / 220d 18h 59m 35s

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