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Adam, age 26, was always one of the best criminals when it came down to much of anything. But when he is asked to pull off a murder for his best friend, things get a little more complicated.

She is his best friend's wife, and has already been cheated on. The reason Artemis wants her dead, to keep her money. Adam decides to take the job, but already feels himself regretting it as he starts to talk and get to know her. Adam has to keep reminding himself that he is a heartless criminal. But is he really all that heartless?

Adam is falling for her, and he is falling for her fast, making it even harder to complete his task every time he is around her.

And she is falling for him even as she doesn't know it.

Will he come clean of his crimes and confess everything for his love? Or will Adam be the heartless criminal he has always been?

Will she feel the same around him? Or will she stay loyal to the one she thinks is the perfect person for her?

ALL ES rules apply
MAY be cursing or mature themes, I don't really know yet
NO age limit on this rp, all ages welcomed
MUST be able to post at least twice a month to keep the rp going
This is a romance, if you couldn't tell, but I am warning you now

Extra (optional):

If someone else gets the role, but you also want to do this too, just pm me and I will make another one.

Name: Adam
Age: 26
Bio: Master criminal who is heartless until he finds her
Looks: Blond hair, brown eyes, almost always wears a dark sea blue jacket he got from his father.

Name: Ava Mari Starck
Age: 25
Bio: Ava married for love. Her family member approved. They wanted her to marry for business to make the family name.more.powerful. She's the sweet and nice one of them all.
Looks: like black hair, brown eyes, fit, and has a secret small heart tattoo under her boon which will forever be hidden unless you're intimate with her.
Extra: Starck industry is a multi-million company her family runs. Ranges from hotels to resorts and soon to be condos.


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Adam went to go grab his dagger and his medication like he was told to do. "Better to be safe than sorry," Adam muttered to himself as he hid it where he always did. He had thought about bringing a gun instead, but he was better with blade-like weapons.

Adam finally brought himself outside and saw the car,"got a new car I see? It looks nice." Adam got to the car a bit more easily than he did getting to his room.
  Merlot / cookiecookie524 / 20h 9m 7s
Ava began to chew on her bottom lip. He is taking forever... She used this time to bring the pets back into her car, a GMC Acadia. It’s such an upgrade. She didn’t care about having expensive things. Her family told her, her soon to be ex-husband won’t expect her to finally cave and show she has money.

She waited near the door, keeping an eye on her car. When he asked about a weapon she nods. “I have a small pocket knife and some sort of gun at the house. Well apartment. Correction, penthouse. It’s temporary... but fine. You can bring ONE thing. One.” She walks over to him to get his bag. “But I’m safe where I’m at. There’s extra security. The code to the penthouse changes every night...” she says reassuring him. “Don’t forget your meds.” She says heading out to her car with his bag. Ready to swat him if he tries to touch his bag.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 3d 19h 52m 1s
Adam smiled as he hopped to his room using his crutches. He was lucky to be able to use them in the first place since his arm was pretty messed up. "I knew my friends were right when they said women could be childish," he said teasingly as he got into his room. He sighed as he hopped over to his room and knew he had just asked for a death wish when he said that.

After a grueling 30 minutes, he had finally packed. It would have only taken him about 10 if he didn't have the injuries. He hopped out and looked at her,"you got any weapons to defend yourself at home? Cause you always might want to keep one on you."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 4d 6m 11s
“The dog. He’s happy to see me. You, I don’t think you’re happy to see me.” She says sticking her tongue out at him. She stays on the floor to pet her new pet. “Wanted to show someone my dog and to make sure you didn’t die. Come on. You can’t be alone and I’m starving. Pack a bag. You’re staying with me for the next two weeks. No weapons or poison or anything in between those lines.” She says says seriously. Standing up she points towards the hallway so he can go pack. “I’m starving. So chop-chop.”

Ava wasn’t sure why she said what she did but there’s no going back. He won’t do anything. Hopefully. He had many opportunities but didn’t go through with them. So she’s safe. For no. Until he decides he wants to end her.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 6d 17h 55m 10s
"Who did you miss? Me or the dog?" Adam said with a smirk as he was asked the questions that were thrown at him. "I haven't ate yet, but I was about to. And my sister left last night. She had to leave early for some reason." Adam looked down a bit but then looked at Ava,"wait, why are you here? And why are you so worried?"
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 7d 15h 24m 2s
Ava made sure to be quick. Bruno could be using him as a chew toy! The girl hummed as she peed and washed her hands. “I missed you...” she says approaching Adam. Only to bend down to snow Bruno some love. Ava looks up to Adam. “Did you eat? Where’s your sister?” She asks sitting on the floor to continue to show her dog some love.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 7d 15h 33m 11s
Adam had gotten to the door and looked at her confusedly but wasn't able to ask any questions since she was talking so fast. He started laughing before apologizing and taking to pets,"its the second door to your right." He then started smiling at her,"don't pee on my floor though, I don't want to clean up after you." Adam looked at the animals he had been given in the fast moment and started to adore them while thinking about Ava. [i She's cute when she's like-Nope! Stop thinking it!]
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 7d 21h 6m 57s
Okay so her new dog decided he wanted to go for another quick walks. It’s okay. She would rather have him pee outside then inside. Especially if it’s someone else’s home.

When they finally arrived she was tired of caring a mini cage. Ava know knocks on the door. “I gotta pee! Open. Open. Open. Open. Please!” She says pleading. Which somehow made the dog excited. “I got pets... I don’t feel like being alone... so pets. They seem to be okay with each other... watch them... bathroom... where is your bathroom?” She asks practically doing the pee-pee dance.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 8d 19h 6m 42s
"I make no promises!" Adam told Ava as she left.

Adam had just hung around his house all day, kind of happy to be back home. Until his sister got a call and broke to him the bad news.

"Adam, I have to leave. I'm sorry."
"I'll be fine, Aaron. Stop apologizing! Go. I just won't tell the doctor this time. When have I ever been honest to anyone like that anyway?" Adam had always lied to doctors. To cops. It was normal for him to do it to Aaron, but it had always concerned her.

"Fine. But if you can't go to the bathroom, don't blame me."
"You act like you want me to beg you. You better go start packing. You flight leaves early tomorrow morning," Adam said as he felt the sudden urge to beat the living crud out of that punching bag.
"I love you, Adam," she said as she gave him a slight hug.
"I love you to. Now get out of my house and start packing!"

The next day, Adam had woken up in his bed since he had managed to get to his bedroom last night. "Another painful day," Adam said as he rose a bit. Ava had pulled up in the view of his slightly pulled back window as he smiled, "she just can't get enough of me can she?" Adam started to get ready the best he could with his injuries. It wasn't easy, but he managed to change into an entire new outfit and freshen up a bit as well.
  Molly / cookiecookie524 / 13d 16h 30m 54s
“Stay off caffeine and liquor.” She says on her way out.

Today was busy. Her family kept her busy. They wanted to distract her and keep a close eye on her. She hasn’t been alone since visiting Adam. It was so bad that she slept in her brothers office. That couch isn’t as comfy as she remembers it to be.

Next day, in the morning she went home before anyone could see her and prevent her from leaving. It’s weird living in a penthouse. It’s too nice and big. It’s weird. Not to mention how quiet it is... After showering and changing she went to go get breakfast And looking for some pets. A bird and a dog.... a bird will always chirp and a dog will always keep her company and cuddle with her. She got a blue parakeet and a pit bull that’s a year old. She may even put her dog in school to teach it how to behave, play, and attack when it’s necessary.

Instead of going home she stopped by Adams to show him her new mini family.
  Ava / Simply_Random / 13d 16h 48m 38s
"Stay away from poles. They might like you as much as you like me," Adam replied with a smirk as he rested for a second. "If you need me to do anything that doesn't require moving, call me," Adam held up his phone and felt bad for his sister. He knew he must seem like the laziest person right now. He would hate himself too if he were someone else. Adam saw his bottle of beer beside the couch as he smiled. He was able to reach over and grab the bottle.... only to find that it was empty. "Damn it," he cursed under his breath as he looked at the bottle.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 17h 21m 35s
Ava began to chew on her bottom lip. What he said was kind. She’s starting to think he may actually like her and it’s not a ruse to prevent her from talking to the cops. Not like she was going to do it anyways.

When he got a phone call she looks away. Decided to make him tea and warm up a piece of pie... and a few tacos cause she’s starting to get hungry. She even began to hum so she doesn’t listen to the conversation. “Don’t worry about it...” she says handing him a cup of tea and a slice of pie. “I should get going. I have a few meetings to attend to. Negotiate with the family and a few small local businesses.”
  Ava / Simply_Random / 15d 6h 32m 13s
"I would rather you be in this world and your family not have to do anything at all," Adam remembered the car crash,"and I don't think I can do much protecting if I can't keep my shit together."

Adam had stayed silent for a minute until he got a call on his phone and answered it,"hello?"
[i "Is this Adam?"]
"Depends who is asking," Adam got a look on his face like he had an idea what was going to happen next, which he did.
[i "I have a job for you, but I can't say it-"]
"No. I can't. And even if I could, I wouldn't," Adam wasn't going to give in to this guy. He knew what he wanted him to do was a crime or a murder.
[i "Adam! I need this ple-"]
"You better not call this number again, or else it will be the last time you do," and with that, Adam hung up on the caller and looked at Ava,"sorry about that."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 18d 34m 41s
Her jaw clenched. He has a point. He did know how to hurt her and not leave a mark. Although there were moments when he did. Then he would act like he loved her and was super apologetic about it for a while.

“Well don’t let me hold you back or him... I’m pretty sure if he shows up anywhere near me and my family finds out they’ll find someone to get rid of him... they normally pay people to stay away and quiet but something tells me this won’t be the case...” they once had a nanny who was sleeping and sharing drugs with one of her brothers. She left one day. Left her things in her room, since she was a live in nanny, and never returned. They bumped i to her a few years back on a family vacation. They all thought she was killed for her stupid decisions but she was paid to leave... “Nah keep the money and don’t worry about the medical bills. It’s covered. I should go... I have goodies to donate and then I’m going to buy a puppy to keep me company and maybes go travel. Hide... if you want I can drop of your sister to New York. I wouldn’t mind going for a day or two.” Who knew he had a sister. It makes her feel better. Oddly enough. Ava isn’t a jealous type. So why does she feel a type of way seeing a girl with Adam? It’s not like she’s married to him or cares for... Nah. She can’t have feelings for him. She barely knows him!
  Ava / Simply_Random / 18d 5h 16m 2s
"Something s holding me back from going with her," Adam said, looking at Aaron who was outside now. "And you can have your money back, I realize now that money isn't everything. I have to clear my debts by working for it. And trust me, I'm going to stay near you to make sure that no one try to kill you because when Artemis can, hes most likely going to get both of us killed when he can. Even if he doesn't get the money out of it. He does things out of anger, but you might know a thing or two about that," Adam realized how ashamed he was that he was ever friends with that guy as he finished the last part of what he was saying.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 18d 5h 46m 43s

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