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Matthew stopped her and knew it was the hormones talking. “I say that now knowing her and knowing your feelings. You don’t have to move in with me and seeing Sofia, our son is going to be the most beautiful mixed Latino country boy that this world has ever seen.” He knew it would earn him a chuckle out of her.

When she said she was married he stopped, “How are you married? Your carrying my child and I’ve never seen a man with you. Who are you married to? you want to be married to this person,” he thought for a moment, “married or not, do you want to date me? Our situation isn’t exactly normal, hell your carrying my child and I’ve never laid a hand on you.” He said softly. He wanted to though, he wanted to make sure she knew what she was giving up with him. Never having to worry about money or work.
Alexandria looked and Matthew and nodded. [b “Be protective, that’s fine. But I’m not some china doll that’s going to break! I delivered Sophia with no mediation, I did it all on my own. I’m perfectly capable to taking care of myself, my daughter and our son.”] she said. [b “You day you wouldn’t uproot Sophia; that goes against everything you told me four days ago! You said we were to move in with you. Why are you lying now and saying you didn’t?!”]

She sat down and sighed with her head in her hands when he said he was going to ask her out on a date. [b “You don’t love me... I’m not good for you.”] she muttered. [b “You deserve so much more than what I can give you... All I can give you is a little mixed Latino baby.”] she muttered.

[b “I’m married.”]
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 116d 43m 57s
“Alright then are you opposed to me being here more. The difference is this time that your not alone and I’m protective of the woman carrying my only child. The only child I’ll ever have.” He said seriously. “I wouldn’t dream of uprooting Sofia, she’s a sweet and smart little girl but I also won’t just sit at home and wait on my
Child to be born and get to see the baby every now and then? No I won’t do that.” He said sighing.

“I...I was going to ask you to go out with me...what was I thinking? You don’t want to date me...hell I’ve been falling for you since the moment I saw you and your pregnant with my child and I...I thought we could have something and now I’m scared to because of this.” He said sighing.
  Matthew Claybourne / Polkadotrocker / 116d 3h 40m 24s
After dinner, they sat in the living room, while Sophia played in the adjoining play room. This way she could keep an eye on her daughter but still speak to Matthew about everything that was on her mind and bothering her.

[b “Sophia and I aren’t moving in with you.”] she said soflty. [b “The child I am carrying is yours. But I’m carrying it, I’m going to give birth and deliver it to the world... I also have Sophia. I was practically alone in my pregnancy with her, and I did a fantastic job.”] she said. [b “I don’t expect you to understand. Sophia is my daughter. I will not uproot her from the life that she knows just because her mother got knocked up by a billionaire for money.”] she muttered. [b “We aren’t moving in with you.”]
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 116d 3h 45m 38s
When Matthew came in he smiled to Alexandria. “how are you feeling? I’m serious.” He loved her already but they weren’t even together but he couldn’t tell her that. She was carrying his child and all he could do was shut up and wait on their baby to be here. He wouldn’t and couldn’t ruin this.

When he saw Sofia he smiled and knelt down, “Hey princess...I got you something.” He knew she knew that he was the daddy to her mommy’s baby but they hadn’t met and she wasn’t a stupid little girl, she was actually very smart. “Whatever you made Alexandria it smells amazing...a rea home cooked’s been months maybe over a year since I’ve had one.” He admitted to her with a smile, “thank y’all for having me over here.”
  Matthew Claybourne / Polkadotrocker / 116d 3h 57m 29s

Alexandria jumped slightly when she heard someone knock on her front door. She knew it was Matthew. He was coming over to join them for Dinner. He was going to meet Sophia tonight, and she was a little nervous. She had been doing a lot of thinking and soul searching the past few days and she wasn't sure how Matthew was going to take it when she told him her new plan.

She had cooked steak and all the fixings for dinner. Sophia had an expensive taste when it came to well... everything. But the little girl deserved the entire world and even more. [b "Sophia. Dinner is almost ready... Someone is here to see you!"] she said.
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 116d 4h 47m 24s
Matthew hadn't met Sofia yet either but he would today, they were getting together for a day in and movies at her place.

Matthew knocked on the door but didn't have flowers this time, but a gift bag, with a new Polly Pocket for Sofia and smiled. "How are you feeling today darlin?" he asked as his large hand went to her small bump. She was carrying his child and he was fascinated and excited.... and very protective of her. "I wanted to ask you, have you thought of names? I know of the arrangement but I... I want you to help name him. Hes ours, not just mine." he said knowing they would be moving in with him soon, before she was too far along to get anything done.
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It had been three months since she had had the IVF done.. And it was a success. She was three months pregnant and it was a boy! Sofia was was ecstatic, almost as much as Matthew. They had become great friends, he usually came over for dinner a couple nights a week, and then they would go out to dinner when she didn’t feel like cooking. The first two months of her pregnancy was rough, as she had morning sickness almost every day.

She hadn’t heard from Ryan, which was a good thing probably. If he found out what she had done, he would just call her a whore among many other names. She still hadn’t told Matthew that she was married. She didn’t plan on telling him though. It was nothing that needed to be shared. She was just going to keep it to herself.
  BooBear96 / 116d 23h 57m 16s
“I didn’t expect you to...but your also just not giving up our helping me have a child but it’s your child too. There’s not one ounce of my being that would allow myself to do this on my own. Yes I’m older but your right I’m no where near as capable as you are. That’s why I said contract aside, anything that you and the baby need, or your daughter for that matter because you will not be able to work, consider it done. You have a debit card that I hope you’ve been using, don’t worry there’s no way in hell you’d max it out. Anyone could try but wouldn’t, trust me when I was about 19, I tried, cars, planes, houses...sold most of it recently, I didn’t need it.” He said sighing. “Realized I wasn’t happy with my life and I wanted to change it, I changed my habits, quit drinking and smoking, lost weight, and I want a family.”
  Matthew Claybourne / Polkadotrocker / 119d 3h 4m 22s
Alexandria looked at Mathew and nodded slowly as he began to speak. She didn’t know if what he was saying was the truth, but she was okay with it.

[b “I think we need to make changes to the contract again.”] she said. [b “Allow me to be frank, I’m twenty three, I have a three year old daughter that I’ve practically raised myself. Single handedly, I think I’ve done a great job. However, you’re twenty nine, you’ve just recently came out of your party bad boy days... I don’t feel completely comfortable just hanging over a baby to you.”] she explained. [b “Not even in the sense that you’re probably taking it. But how are you going to breastfeed? You don’t have breasts. There are so many things that you’re not capable of..”]
  BooBear96 / 119d 4h 11m 25s
He nodded, "I wanted to talk to you about that, this baby will be half you as well and yes its my child but I'm not cutting you out of the child's life...I.. I guess what I'm saying is you'll always be the only momma this kid knows, I have no intentions of marrying or dating. Everyone just isn't for me..... your the only one I've been able to have a decent conversation with... and I... I just want you to know, you'll see your child as much as I will. I'm not cutting you out or off and its your decision if your daughter and this child meet... I know shes old enough to understand that momma will be having a baby.. also I wanted to ask... will you and your daughter stay with me towards the end of your pregnancy? So your not alone? I wouldn't dream of asking you to be without her and I saw the changes you made to the contract, your sure you want to have this baby at home, well my home... with a midwife?" He knew people hated hospitals, he was one of them.
  Matthew Claybourne / polkadotrocker / 119d 19h 36m 16s
Alexandria smiled softly as she sat down across the table from him. [b “This place is really nice... I haven’t been here before.”] she said, just trying to make small talk. [b “I absolutely love Spaghetti. It’s my favorite thing in the world, aside from Steak.”] she said, she was a food fanatic. She baked a lot, and had even managed to turn it into a small in home business.

[b “Oh I’m never good at talking about myself... Um. I’m twenty three, I do have a three year old daughter, Sophia.. I’m just a mom. My entire life has revolved around her since the day I found out about her.”] she said. [b “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me... I don’t know where I would be without that little girl.”] she explained
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She was gorgeous but this wasn’t a date and he had to keep telling himself that, he knew this could take time and each treatment for her was close to a hundred thousand dollars. They could do it the old fashioned way....a lot of women wanted to sleep with Matthew Claybourne but he never dared to suggest it, he wanted a child...not a relationship. But maybe a relationship was what he needed. He didn’t know. He sat there and sipped his Dr Pepper. It was fancier but still a family Italian restaurant. “This place has the best tell me about yourself. I saw in your file you have a daughter, it was one of the reasons I picked you, other than your striking beauty.” He said seriously.

“I didn’t want someone who had never had a child and have the risk of them not being able to have the child:”
  Matthew Claybourne / Polkadotrocker / 119d 21h 27m 13s
The appointment went great. Everything went according to plan. She had to go back in a month to see if she was pregnant though. The doctor had told her while this is indeed a different situation; that it could take a few tries to actually be successful.

She had taken Sophia to daycare and then headed back to her house to clean up from Sophia’s morning mess. After the entire house was clean, and she had showered and gotten ready, she headed to the Italian restaurant to meet Matthew. It seemed like it was on the fancier side when she googled it; so she had dressed up a little bit.

[ dresd]
  Alexandria / BooBear96 / 119d 22h 27m 43s
Matthew nodded and smiled, “Ill text you the place.” He said with a smile. When she went to the doctors he went home and tried to focus on anything else but her. He didn’t know what it was about her but he couldn’t get her off of his mind. Then he imagined his father and mother telling him how beautiful his new son or daughter was. He couldn’t want to be a dad. Everyone thought he would be a horrible one but all he could think about was how much he was going to spoil that baby and how much he already loved that child, more than anything in this world. He knew the baby would be beautiful just judging by its mother.

The next day he texted her to meet at an upscale Italian restaurant. He knew the owners and they were his good friends and gave them a private balcony table. “How did yesterday go?” He asked after they had gotten their drinks.
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