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I'm looking for more roleplay partners. I mainly use Final Fantasy characters and am looking for someone to help me roleplay Captive Innocence. We can do another plot if you'd like. I roleplay anything except mature themes and smut. Those are my two big no-nos. Please reply if you would like to roleplay with me.

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I have a role play. its my first one and its pretty bad. i don't think it fits your recommendations but you should try checking it out. the title, which is also bad, is Nightmare come true. read the plot and tell me what you think. also please don't judge my role playing skills. don't worry there is no overly mature theme. probably a few scenes of minor maturity. nothing over the top probably just the main character is a little you know.
  Grant/Grace / Character / 12d 1h 41m 22s
Alright. I'll do that and don't be surprised with Tidus's behavior. He's naturally playful
  Catlover33 / 28d 21h 16m 34s
Me too! Feel free to Pm me and we can discuss characters and plots
  Maybel Winter / xdaidremex / 28d 21h 19m 53s

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