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Vaan sighed and followed Nickoli back to Mikaela's house.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 13h 47m 33s
Nickoli looked at both of them confused. [+blue “What is going on here...”] Nickoli picked up Mikaela. [+blue “We are going back and you are explaining everything to me, Pet.”] Nickoli was frustrated and confused with a scowl on her face as she started to walk back with Mikaela in her arms.
  TessaFox / 3d 13h 53m 34s
"I already took down a huge moose earlier so I'm full and I only lick Vaan's wounds in order to make sure that they heal faster." Mikaela told Nickoli. He then looked at what Vaan was doing and almost fainted.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 4m 35s
Nickoli turned to look at Vaan and saw what he was doing. [+blue “Vaan no! Mikaela mighty smell your blood!”]
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 8m 49s
"You aren't even paying any attention to me." Vaan told Nickoli before trying to prick his own finger using his fangs.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 14m 58s
Nickoli was looking up and at the distant hills. [+blue “And it isn’t very polite to yell at others, Mikaela.”] Nickoli thoughts about how easy it would be to just run into the horizon. Away from all of this..
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 33m 22s
Vaan yawned again and revealed his fangs. He was slightly tired from being dragged around.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 39m 19s
Nickoli has been looking away when Vaan has yawned. She looked at Vaan and then at Mikaela. [+blue “I don’t see anything except my pet who you dragged through the town.”]
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 41m 48s
"HE DOES BECAUSE I JUST SAW THEM EARLIER!" Mikaela yelled out. Vaan ended up yawning and revealing a pair of dull fangs. "SEE! THERE THEY ARE AGAIN!" Mikaela yelled out.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 49m 5s
Nickoli rolled her eyes. [+blue “Mikaela, Vaan can’t possibly have fangs. He is a human and if he had fangs I would have noticed them.”] Nickoli kept muttering to herself.
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 53m 54s
"I don't know why but Vaan has fangs... he was probably half vampire the entire time." Mikaela told Nickoli.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 58m 3s
Nickoli has gotten upset and destroyed the tree after Mikaela had left. She was sitting at the base of the destroyed tree and muttering angrily to herself when they came back.
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 59m 28s
Mikaela walked back to Vaan and noticed that something was off about him. "OH MY GOD! YOU HAVE FANGS!" He yelled out before dragging Vaan to Nickoli.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 3d 15h 3m 30s
Nickoli shook her head. [+blue “No way. I will not allow this. We will keep running if we have to but Vaan ISN’T becoming a vampire.”] Nickoli stood up and growled at Mikaela harshly.
  TessaFox / 3d 15h 12m 59s
"I don't want that either but it might be the only way to save his life... " Mikaela told Nickoli.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 3d 19h 27m 40s

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