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Nickoli looked away from Vaan. [+blue “Maybe it would be better if Mikaela didn’t come... I know you love him but he has a village to run.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 10h 52m 59s
"Then the villagers have to stay here... Mika won't like it but it's the way that it has to be." Vaan told Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 11h 8m 5s
[+blue “You can expect us to travel with a whole village!! The Demons and Werewolves would catch us in no time once they see that no one is there.”] They got back to Mikaela’s house and Nickoli sat down on the couch.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 11h 13m 37s
"Mika would never do that so the villagers have to come with us..." Vaan told Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 11h 25m 21s
Nickoli gave Mikaela over to Vaan. [+blue “But do you think a vampire lord is just going to abandon his people? Even if he is unconscious.”] Nickoli just wanted to leave with Vaan. But Vaan would put up a fight if she made him do that. Of course she knew that Mikaela would hunt them down and go with them even if they did leave without him.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 11h 31m 4s
"Then we need to leave right now. Mika has a friend who's location has never been discovered... We'll be safe with him." Vaan told Nickoli before grabbing Mikaela.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 11h 37m 22s
Nickoli shook her head. [+blue “They will just get in.. they will probably make it here by tomorrow...”] Nickoli was having trouble hiding her tears. [+blue “We are almost there...”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 11h 45m 31s
"Other species can enter this village only if a vampire chooses to let them in. It's a lot like how rouge vampires can't enter houses outside of the village without permission." Vaan told Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 13h 30m 51s
Nickoli shrugged. [+blue “Probably not. Unless they get tired of chasing us or we hide really well and they give up looking.”] Nickoli wiped her eyes and wondered how Vaan was controlling his blood lust around her.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 13h 34m 6s
"I-I know but will they ever stop hunting us down?" Vaan asked Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 13h 48m 24s
Nickoli looked at him in shock. [+blue “I know you don’t want to leave but we have to. The demons and Werewolves will be here soon and will destroy the village.”] Nickoli hide her face as tears started to fall. She kept walking and tried to focus on getting back.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 13h 36m 48s
Vaan started crying and hugged Mikaela. "I can't leave the village since it is now a safe haven for me." He told Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 13h 57m 24s
Nickoli growled. [+blue “It isn’t that simple. This is war now and weither you are human or vampire they will want you dead. And how did a rouge vampire get to you?”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 3d 13h 55m 49s
"No he didn't... I actually got bit by a rouge vampire and then this happened. At least we don't have to run anymore." Vaan told Nickoli.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 3d 14h 9m 33s
Nickoli tried to hold back a disapproving growl. [+blue “So where have the fangs come from? You never had fangs when we lived happily at my house. Did your boyfriend bite you without my permission?”]
  TessaFox / 3d 14h 10m 34s

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