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Nickoli threw up again. [+blue “No... Teleportation sucks.... You guys could have flown or something....”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 15h 55m 22s
"Are you okay over there?" Tidus asked Nickoli before picking her up and setting her on a bed of mist.
  Tidus (Angel) / Catlover33 / 2d 16h 24m 56s
Nickoli stumbled around. [+blue “Teleportation is the worst.”] Nickoli fell into the ground and threw up.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 16h 33m 50s
Ace teleported everyone that was touching him and Mikaela to the land of angels. "This is my home." He told them.
  Ace (Angel) / Catlover33 / 2d 16h 36m 30s
Nickoli followed Vaan and walked up to Ace as well. She gently put her hand up and touched his wing.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 16h 44m 38s
Vaan had already packed up all of his stuff and was carrying Mikaela. He approached Ace and touched his wing.
  Vaan / Catlover33 / 2d 18h 58m 16s
Nickoli went back inside and walked up to Vaan. [+blue “Let’s go. Grab your boyfriend and all your stuff.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 19h 1m 8s
"I'm an angel... not a demon. There is a demon that is being hunted by his own kind that has taken refuge with us however. Just touch my wing and grab the other two so that I can teleport to my home." Ace told Nickoli.
  Ace (Angel) / Catlover33 / 2d 19h 11m 7s
Nickoli glared at him. [+blue “And why should I listen to a demon? I could just take my pet with me and run for it. My pet only wants me to go with you because it is the safer option.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 19h 17m 51s
"I'll take you there... teleporting there is a lot faster than walking so please grab the other two and then touch my wing." Ace told Nickoli.
  Ace (Demon) / Catlover33 / 2d 19h 26m 46s
Nickoli looked at him in shock. How has he not passed out? She thought that she had hit him pretty hard. [+blue “Yes. And you better take us there or else I’m cutting off both of your wings.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 19h 38m 52s
Ace was calm and turned around. "I suppose that you're the ones that I forsaw who needed refuge?" He asked Nickoli.
  Ace (Angel) / Catlover33 / 2d 19h 47m 51s
Nickoli got right up behind Ace and stabbed the knife into his wing. She then proceeded to hit him over the head and knock him out.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 19h 52m 50s
Ace continued talking to himself and was unaware of any danger that could befall him.
  Ace (Angel) / Catlover33 / 2d 19h 57m 57s
Nickoli was hiding in some shadows by Ace. She prepared herself to throw her knife at his wing so that he could fly away.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 20h 55m 16s

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