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Nickoli tilted her head in confusion. [+blue “Why should I duel with Marth? Is he a skilled swordsman as well?”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 1d 21h 11m 32s
"Sure but we shouldn't hurt each other and you should duel Marth as well." Kirito told Nickoli.
  Kirito (Fairy) / Catlover33 / 1d 21h 14m 37s
Nickoli watched his expressive skill. [+blue “Would you be willing to take me on in a duel?”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 1d 21h 32m 50s
"I am quite talented with two swords and that's why I help Marth with his hunts for the other refugees." Kirito told Nickoli before carving what remained of the tree that was destroyed into a sculpture of an angel and a dragon.
  Kirito (Fairy) / Catlover33 / 1d 21h 53m 48s
Nickoli gave a polite nod to Kirito. [+blue “I guess we are.”] She eyed his swords. [+blue “You must be a talented swordsman.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 1d 21h 56m 11s
"You must be the new refugees. My name is Kirito and I'm a fairy. It's nice to meet you." Kirito told Nickoli.
  Kirito (Fairy) / Catlover33 / 1d 22h 52m 25s
Nickoli politely refused the piece of moose that she was offered. She sat in her own angry bubble and watched everyone.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 1d 23h 1m 55s
Mikaela woke up and drank his fill of the moose's blood. He cut a piece of the meat for Nickoli and gave it to her.
  Mikaela / Catlover33 / 1d 23h 23m 52s
Nickoli sulked under the turn apart tree and watched as everyone started to eat the moose. [+blue “Those cursed bloodsuckers...”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 1d 23h 48m 20s
Marth laid on his bed and got ready to fall asleep for the night.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 2d 8h 44m 57s
Nickoli gave him a warning growl before tearing up the small tree next to her with her knife.
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 9h 3m 40s
"I sometimes can't help it okay... I don't snoop intentionally." Marth told Nickoli before walking to his house.
  Ace (Demon) / Catlover33 / 2d 9h 6m 42s
Nickoli growled at him angrily. [+blue “Stay out of my head or else I will destroy your pretty face.”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 9h 13m 56s
"I'm a mind reader which is why I was hunted in the past..." Marth told Nickoli.
  Marth / Catlover33 / 2d 12h 44m 18s
Nickoli raised an eyebrow at Marth. [+blue “What do you mean? I never said anything so how would you know that I am worrying?”]
  Nickoli Quimby / TessaFox / 2d 12h 52m 29s

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