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"Can you switch days with him? or does that mean I have to leave now and not see my baby girl." he said spanking her gently. He didn't want to leave her... maybe they would have one more night together before her kids came home from their father's house.

Kane arranged it with Savannah to drop their kids off the next day and made sure the kids things were packed and they had more than they needed.

Brennan pulled Savannah close to him, "Baby why don't you come upstairs with me and you can tell daddy all about your ex while I make you feel good." He said dragging her up the stairs after she answered Kane. He would get what he wanted, he always did and that was a fact.

Kane had no idea what Kelsea's surprise was but when it was time to get her from the airport, he waited with roses.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 64d 21h 58m 28s
Savannah grinned as she walked down the stairs when she heard that her cell phone was going off. [b “Probably my mother trying to spoil our fun again.”] she said as she came up behind him and ran her hands down his chest. [b “I’ll go check it, just make sure the babies are okay, and then you are taking me back upstairs. Okay daddy?”] she said as she kissed him before walking over to the counter. [b “It’s Kane... He wants to switch days.”] she told him. [b “I bet his little girlfriend is coming home.”]

Kelsea was going back to Nashville in two days. She was so excited to see Kane, but she was nervous too. While she had been on tour, she had gotten really sick. But she wasn’t sick, well it was a good sick. She was pregnant. She was pregnant with Kane’s baby! She was going to have his baby and he would marry her when he found out. Kane would have to marry her, that’s what he did with Savannah, except divorce wasn’t an option with her.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 64d 22h 6m 39s
Kane had been spending time with his daughter and son but his week was going to fall on the same time that Kelsea was coming back, "Kelsea is coming back in a couple days and I know you don't want the kids around her so do you want me to drop them off with you?" He asked her in a text message. He was nervous for Kelsea to be back, she had told him she had some news, she had been gone a month now.

Brennan had a hard time keeping their relationship to himself and he wanted to be public but he knew that wasn't what she wanted out of their deal. When she was alone with him though, he made sure she knew she was his and he was in charge. He wasn't about to let a rookie boss him around in or out of bed but especially in bed. That girl was a wild one for sure... sweet on the outside though. Her phone buzzed on the counter, "Babe your phone is going off." He called to her.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 64d 22h 17m 10s
The next few weeks she had gotten into a routine. Kane had their kids one week, and then she had them the next. Her mother watched them while she was at work. Brennan was basically staying here when her kids were at Kane’s. They were still keeeping their complicated relationship a secret from their work force. They didn’t want the other detectives to find out. They were really making progress on their case. Savannah had managed to slide into the drug crowd by posing as a dealer. It helped that she wasn’t well known yet.

Raelynn hadn't asked about who the man was in their kitchen that night, which she was thankful about. The last thing she needed was Raelynn telling Kane their was a man in their house who wasn’t related to them. Even though Kane was with Kelsea, he would freak out more than likely.

She still hasn’t told Kane that she was seeing someone... well, sleeping with someone. But was it really his business? She was thinking about inviting Brennan over when her family came over for dinner, when the kids were with Kane.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 48m 21s
He nodded, “That’s alright with me too...just wanted you to know that I care about you like that even if that’s not what your looking for right now. I’m not sure how my daughter would react at 14 to her father having a girlfriend, when that time comes we might have to ease her into it.” He said with a laugh.

“I like dates at your place’s quiet and I get to spend time with you and no one can judge saw the stares...I didn’t know why until the press started hounding you..,I don’t care about your ex or who he’s sleeping I said I just care about you and us in the moment, no labels...just you and me.” With that they were kissing again, almost making out...a little farther and it wouldn’t be PG-13 anymore. He wanted her and from what he saw, she wanted him too. There was no doubt about that.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 65d 7h 36m 55s
Savannah sat silent at Brennan showed them his badge and asked them to leave. She didn’t even think about this happened. How could she have been so stupid? [b “My house is fine.”] she told him. After they got back to his car, she let it all out.

[b “My ex husband is Kane Brown. We were married for about a year when I cheated on him and he relapsed.. Our relationship was so fun at first, but then after the kids, he changed. He wasn’t the man I fell in love with, and I made a promise to myself that I would never settle. So I filed.”] she told him. [b “It never occurred to me that the press would be out watching for me.”]

He made it clear that he didn’t care who she was married too, she was now his. [b “How about we don’t put a label on it? I just got divorced. I can’t be someone’s girlfriend right now. I do like you, and I think we could really have fun together... but I can’t be your girlfriend yet.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 7h 44m 10s
Brennan showed his badge, “I’m going to have to ask y’all to leave, your infringing on her rights and my own.” When the people dispearsed he looked to her, “I’m assuming your ex husband is a little more than well off it news outlets are screaming questions at you, would you like to get this to go and eat at my place or yours?” He asked her knowing they could both drink more at either house.

Soon they were at her place and he kissed her gently but it was passionate for the first time. God she was beautiful. “Wow.” He muttered resting his forehead against hers. “I don’t care who your ex husband is or why everyone wants to know...all I care about right now is you.’” He was older and handsome and could take care of her well.

Eating their dinner he smiled to her, “Does this make us official? Like your my girlfriend?”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 65d 7h 53m 39s
Savannah watched Brennan as they got to the restaurant. She had it figured out that she was going to get a steak, but he had made it publicly known that he couldn’t afford the lifestyle she had grown accustomed too when she with was Kane, even though he didn’t know who Kane was, well, he didn’t know he was a country singer. [b “Pizza and Nachos actually sounds really good.”] she said.

They ordered and she had a margarita that she was nursing when someone came up to their booth and asked her about Kane. [i “Savannah! Where is Kane tonight?”] they asked [i “Does he know your out with another man?”] They had the camera up in her face. She just froze as she looked at Brennan. She didn’t think that the press would recognize her. [i “Is it true that Kane overdosed? Is he back on drugs? Is he with Kelsea B?”] they were persistent.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 7h 59m 49s
He smiled, “Good because I’m ready to unwind with a beautiful girl.” He said before gently kissing her cheek. He treated her like a queen. Once they got to the restaurant he held the door for her before they were seated. “I know we’re at a nice restaurant but it’s taking everything in me not to order the pizza and nachos and just eat all of it, I’ve never been here but those things look like they’re the best options.” Brennan drank but never more than two beers, he couldn’t drive with that and only ordered a sweet tea.

He did end up ordering the pizza and nachos for them to share but told her she could order anything she absolutely wanted.

Kane had the children and they were doing a movie night, he had gotten snacks and pizza for them and they were all having fun, just missing Savannah. Kane didn’t know she was out on a date, Kelsea was on tour now.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 65d 8h 52m 31s
Savannah looked at Brennan and smiled softly. [b “I guess this is where I should tell you how I want this to go.”] she told him [b “I’ve been divorced for two months. I’m getting lonely. I’m only twenty two. I have needs. I want sex. I want someone that I can drink with and just have fun with. I don’t think I’m looking for a full on commitment right now, but at the same time, I won’t be going out and sleeping with other men. So if this progresses, I would expect the same from you.”] she told him. [b “My life is messy. My ex husband is.... well known and it’s still not known publicly that we were even legally married. That will get out any any given time... I don’t need to be swept off my feet, I’ve been doing fine on my own.”]

Her first week in her new position went well. Brennan had taken her under his wing to show her the ropes of the job. They had decided to keep their envolvement together on the down low. She was still very new to the team and it would make the both of them look bad. She and Kane had come up with a new agreement. He got the children for a week, and then switched with her. It just worked better that way. Of course her mother was watching them while she went to work, and even sometimes when Kane had work.

She grinned when she heard her door bell ring. Brennan was taking her out to dinner, Kane had the kids for the weekend so she was free. Work had been good, but it wS a stressful job, so she was excited to have the opportunity to unwind with someone who understood it. [b “Yeah, the kids are with Kane.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 10h 31m 19s
" I was patrolling that night... stopped about six feet from a house that collapsed in front of me... everyone died and I couldn't do anything about it... that was the worst storm I've seen come through here." He said sighing, "But I'm glad she found ya'll and then your son is biologically your exes.... my daughter isn't biologically mine, shes adopted as well, she was just a baby when we adopted her, my ex wife couldn't have children and we wanted a child.... best thing that happened to me... until now.. you are... beyond my wildest dreams." he said seriously.

It was a week before Brennan came over to stay the night, "You look amazing." he said smiling, "My daughter is with her mother and I'm assuming your kids are with their dad?" He asked. He was excited to take her to dinner and then maybe come back and do a little more than that...
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 65d 22h 38m 10s
Savannah nodded [b “I don’t know what I would do without her.”] she told him. [b “She took the divorce hard.. But she’s so smart. I explained that I would be working more, but she would get to spend more time with her Father, and she’s okay with it now.”] she explained. [b “I’m sorry. I know you don’t want to hear about my co parenting problems with my ex.”] she said as she put the top on the cup. [b “There is. Help yourself. I’m gonna tuck her in.”]

She didn’t know if she was going to explain to Brennan that Kane Brown was her baby daddy. She didn’t want to scare him off. He was older, mature, he had a great job, and he was stable. Not too mention drop dead gorgeous. And he obviously liked children considering he was a dad.

[b “Yeah. Raelynn is three and Ryan is turning one in about two months.”] she explained. [b “I adopted RaeRae... Remember the tornado? I was patrolling with my brother.. My Jeep got lifted and thrown, and when we landed and I came too, I heard these blood curling screams. It was Rae. Her biological parents died.. I found her. The house was a mess, we almost didn’t make it out.. But I knew that night, i was thrown from my Jeep for a reason. Rae was that reason.”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 22h 42m 51s
Raelynn nodded, "Okay momma." She said dragging her blanket back to her bed. Brennan smiled, "Shes adorable." He watched her get a princess sippy cup and fill it with ovaltine, not chocolate milk... since it was better for the little girl. "I think your ex husband knew what he was talking about with your kids and they're very lucky to have you both as parents... whoever he is."

When she came back he smiled, "Would there happen to be more of those mashed potatoes? I love those... did you put garlic in them?" He asked taking his last bite on his plate.

"I have my daughter every other weekend, this week shes been with me because her mother is in Cabo with her friends for their yearly girls trip.... but after that we can coordinate so I can come over." He said with a smile. "You have two kids right? That little girl and a son?"
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[b “It doesn’t bother me at all... If anything, it makes you more attractive.”] she told him honeslty. [b “I’m sorry. I’ve had a glass of wine, and obviously I’ve turned into a lightweight.”] she giggled. [b “But yes. One day when my ex husband has the children, you definitely have to come and stay with me... When you don’t have your daughter.”]

She grinned when he commented on her house. [b “My house is decent. I needed lots of room. With two toddlers and then brothers who think o can’t stay by myself...”] she explained [b “I got this in the settlement. My ex husband was.... extremely well off and well, he didn’t want his kids living in a slump I guess.”] she explained. [b “No way I could afford this by myself.”]

She laughed about her cooking skills. [b “My Momma taught me everything I know.”] she said. [b “She wanted me to be a... lady. But all I’ve ever wanted to be was a cop.”] She froze when she heard Raelynns voice. [b “Sweetpea, what’re you doing up?”] she asked as she quickly stood up and walked over. [b “You go back to your room and Momma will bring you a soppy cup, okay?”]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / BooBear96 / 65d 23h 2m 22s
"No your age doesn't bother me as long as my age doesn't bother you." He said smiling, "No I'll go home tonight but maybe another time when your children are with their father... and I'm glad you said yes even if you are cooking for me but you don't know how long its been since I had a home cooked meal." He took the drink that was offered and looked around the kitchen, "This place is amazing." He said and touched the granite counter tops. "When you said you lived in Franklin, I was hoping you we'rent one of those mansions, because I can't support a girl with that lifestyle..." He said seriously... "But its nice to know that your down to Earth and an amazing cook from what I smell." He said with a smirk.

When dinner was ready he took one bite and groaned, "Seriously, who taught you to cook because I want to hug them, this is great." He saw a little girl in the doorway out of the corner of his eye, "Momma choccy milk?"
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