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It had been a long time since Kane had been out on the town... a long time since he had went out drinking with the guys but tonight he was down on Broadway at a new club and on his third heineken... he didn't actually prefer the drink but his buddies had bought rounds of the stuff. He didn't have his kids this week but he missed them so much... his daughter and son... he missed their mother too... Savannah .... but she wouldn't even give him the time of day.

He sighed when Ryan was pointing out hot girls and nodded, they were okay but no one jumped out at him and where else was a guy like Kane supposed to find a girl to date? He ordered a bud light lime and out of the corner of his eye he thought he saw Savannah but told himself no... he had to be going crazy, she wouldn't be here, would she? Whoever it was, he had to know her and he had to get to know her now... he chugged the fourth beer and got a fifth before weaving through the sea of people in the club.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2d 21h 37m 33s
[b "I love the lfe that we've begun to make. I love our children. But I need a break from being anything more than a Mother... We rushed into this, Kane."] she explained. [b "But I will not loose my children. I will not give them up... no matter what I feel about their Father."]

The Divorce didn't take long. Since the Media didn't know they were even married, they kept it to themselves, private. No one but their families and the lawyers knew. It had been two months since she'd moved out of Kane's manison. Not that he would've told her no, for the childrens sake, but the only thing she asked to keep was her Jeep and she got enough settlement money to buy a house in Brentwood. She didn't want all of Kane's money, he had worked for that, she didn't. She just needed a home for her and the babies, Away from the City. It was secluded, it had a huge backyard. They had made it their home. Her Brothers took turns staying with her, as they agreed she didn't need to be there with the children by herself, even though she was a Detective now. She was back at work, almost happy even.

Kane seemed to be doing well. She read about him online. They really hadn't spoke. They did drop off and pickups between her Mother, just so they didn't have to see one another. She just wasn't ready for that yet. Kane needed to learn how to be himself again. He had gotten so wrapped up in her and the children... He wasn't the same. Though, she wasn't the same either. She had read that he was getting out into the public scene again, which she thought was good. As long as he kept it under control.. She was going undercover soon. She had a big case coming up.

[ house]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 2d 21h 47m 44s
Kane was in tears, "You saw the pictures and you didn't leave me, that makes you a better person than I am... I got upset and mad and I just... I wanted you for myself, I love you and the kids more than anything and now I just don't know what to do. Your leaving and taking our kids... will you let me see them? Don't move out please." He said tears welling up in his eyes. "I don't think I can stand not seeing ya'll everyday of my life." He said reaching out to hug her. "Forgive me honey please... and I'll.... I'll forget this happened and forgive you... I just... I can't do without you and your not raising me... I need you because I love you.... just... reconsider what your doing please."

He knew she could take him for everything she had if she filed for divorce... no prenup and two children... she would get the house, the cars, the plane... anything and everything she could ever want... not that he would fight her... it was all hers.
  Kane / polkadotrocker / 2d 22h 7m 57s
[b "Yes. I slept with someone esle! I have sex with another man. Meanwhile you were here doing drugs, drinking and at a fucking strip club!"] she screamed. [b "Derek had the pictures to show me as soon as I stepped into the hotel!"] She head tears rolling down her face as she shook her head. [b "I slept with Casey."] she muttered. [b "Kane, you're so fucking confusing! One minute you're yelling at me and the next you're telling me you don't want me to leave.. I can't do this anymore. I can't. I'm going fucking crazy. We did this too fast."] she shook her head as she walked over and looked at the pills. [b "I can't take care of you anymore."]

She peaked her head in to look at the kids. [b "I'm going back to Nashville.. I'm taking the kids with me. We can set up a schedule when you get back to Nashville.. I made the decision to be a mother to two children, not three."] she said as she glanced up at him. [b "You can have them for tonight. We're leaving in the morning."] she said before she ran out to find her Mother.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 11d 21h 45m 55s
“Yes I did drugs, a lot of them, I don’t know what I even took.” He admitted seriously, he was furious, “you slept with someone else! All I did was drink and take a few pills! You fucking slept with another man! We’re married!” He said almost grabbing her but stopping himself.

“How the hell could you?” He asked angry. He had his head in his hands crying. “Baby just...the pills I have left are by the TV...just I’m trusting you to get rid of them for me.” He said upset. “I don’t want you to leave me...whatever I can do to get you back telL me....this man had you and your not denying it! If the kids weren’t here I would have some more to scream but I will not fight in front of our kids! I won’t do it, I grew up with that and I won’t put my kids through it, I love them too much.” He said sighing.

He was about to scream but he couldn’t, not now.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 11d 21h 55m 9s
Savannah shivered as she felt Kane's lips on her neck. Gosh, she had missed him more than she ever realized. [b "The kids and I missed you so much."] she whispered before she laid Ryan down.

She sat down on the couch and sighed as he told her that a guy from the Fire Department had messaged him pictures... pictures that she didn't even know had been taken. [b "I... His name is Casey."] she muttered as she rested her head in her hands. [b "It was the night that I went out with Macey.. Josh and Casey ended up meeting us at Tootsies... And I was already plastered. I didn't know what I was doing."] she lied. [b "I was so drunk.. I was confused..."] she tried to lie her way out of his. She froze when she seen a picture of her lying in Casey's bed, asleep, but naked. No clothes on whatsoever. [b "Wait. You're doing drugs again?"]

She couldn't lie. It was obviously her. She couldn't even try and lie. It was her half sleeve. That much was obvious. [b "It was me.."]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 1h 33m 48s
He hugged her tight and kissed her on the neck gently before letting her go. “I’ll help you set up the stuff for the kids for their nap time, They look exhausted, I’m assuming the flight was alright?” He asked seriously as he looked to her.

When the kids were asleep and down for their naps. Kane sighed, “A guy from East Nashville Fire Department send me a private message on Instagram with about thirty pictures of you supposedly and him, I want you to tell me if they’re real or photoshopped. I cannot be mad at you because I took some pills and was a couple days ago but I’m just getting back to was when you went out...I tried to numb it all and it just wasn’t working but now...I...I regret it.” He said and then showed her the pictures.

“Tell me that isn’t you.” He said softly, he had tears in his eyes and he was trying now to cry.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 13d 1h 40m 43s
Savannah could've cried when she seen Kane walk around the corner. [b "Hi baby."] she said with a cheeky grin. She was just so estaic to se him... but he went right for the children. Her Mother excused herself, she was tired. She was going to go take a nap in her room that she had gotten reserved. [b "Are you surprised?"] she asked as she set their bags down in the hallway. [b "We just missed you so much and.. We just couldn't wait to see you..."]

She was setting up Ryans pack and play when she heard Kane say that their was something they needed to talk about... in private. She nodded slowly. [b "Well. The babies need to go to sleep. I kept them up all night so they would sleep here."] she muttered. [b "I thouht... We could just spend some time together. I've missed you so much."] she muttered... [I Pictures... What pictures?"] she thought to herself.

After the babies were asleep, she walked up to Kane in the living room. [b "Is... Is everything ok?"] she muttered. She had a black pit in her stomach. [b "Okay.. An explanation on what?"]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 3h 46m 22s
“Yeah baby?” He asked and smiled seeing Abby come around the corner. “This is a surprise princess.” He said scooping her up in his arms. Kane’s eyes were blood shot but he didn’t say anything about what and when he had taken was effects from the previous time...he was still recovering. He didn’t remember but he had tried to remember with everything he had. “I love you, but I can’t believe your here.” He said and smiled to his son in her arms. “I missed y’all like crazy.” He had gotten an instagram private message from a guy who’s profile claimed East Nashville Fire Department and he had pictures with Savannah wearing almost nothing in a club. “Darlin’ I’m happy to see you buy I got a message and I think we should talk in private about it, I’m worried that I did something wrong or this guy is faking these pictures of you.” He said seriously.

Casey had messaged Kane pictures of them dancing and then pictures of much more later on in the night. Kane was furious but he knew she would be furious with him to find out he had been drinking and using again. They were fucked but at least they were fucked together, that was looking on the bright side of things right? “I just...I need an explanation.”
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 13d 3h 53m 44s
Savannah sook her head quickly, until she realized he couldnt see her. [b "Nothing baby. I'm just hungover as hell. My head is hurting. But I missed you so much. I just wanted to hear your voice!"] she explained. [b "You just stay in Europe baby."] she said softly. [b "I love you baby. I gotta go take a shower."]

Thirty six hours later, they were in Paris. She just needed to see Kane. She needed Kane to hold her. [b "I can't wait to him."] she explained. They were heading straight to the Hotel that Kane was staying at. She had Ryan in her arms, and her Mother had Abby.. Macey ended up not coming. She hadn't spoken to her since that night with Casey. She didn't know if it was going to get out into the media or what. She was just so scared. [b "Hello?"] she called as she slide the key card into the lock to Kane's penthouse suite. [b "Kane?"]

Her mother had set Abby down and now she was running all over the place calling out Daddy.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 4h 12m 10s
Kane relaxed when he heard her voice. “Hey honey I miss you too.” He sai shearing her, “what’s wrong?” He asked hearing the tears as she tried to talk. “Are you okay, the kids? I’ll be on the first flight home you just have to tell me baby.” He said worried. He loved his family. He had no idea that the drummer had taken pictures of him the night before with a dancer, getting a lap dance and kissing her. He had been high and drunk and he didn’t know what he was going to do at that time but now he was sober and worried about his wife and kids thousands of miles away from

“I love you baby, listen to me...breathe and take care of the kids, I’ll do this show and come home even if it’s only for a few hours, I need to see you and judging by your voice, you need to see me too.” He said seriously, just hearing her made him want to cry. He didn’t know what else to say other than he was there for her and he loved her. He knew nothing of her night.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 13d 4h 27m 28s
Savannah looked at Casey and shook her head. [b "Yeah, so were you."] she muttered as she scrolled her texts. [b "Oh.. My baby is sick. I've got to go."] she said as she scrambled to get dressed. [b "Josh and Macey are at the Hilton... Thank you for last night."] she said before she all but ran out of the building. She didnt have a car. [b "Fuck."] she muttered before she called her Brother. [b "I messed up really bad.. I need you to come get me and take me home."] she was crying at the point. She looked around and noticed there was a walgreens on the corner market. She walked over and bought a morning after pill, and then waited on her brother.

[b "I don't want to talk about it."] she said after she got back home. [b "Can we just leave it at I got drunk and fucked my entire life up."] she told her Mother. [b "Momma, I really fucked up.. I'm gonna go pack for Europe and then I'll take a shower... We leave tomorrow."] she muttered. She couldn't live without seeing Kane. She had no idea if she was going to tell him, she just knew that she had to see him. Sighing, she dialed his number and it began to ring. [b "H--Hey baby."] she said, trying to hide her crying voice. [b "I miss you."]
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 5h 7m 40s
Kane woke up the next morning on his hotel room couch with an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand. “Holy fuck what happened to me?” He asked out loud. He didn’t remember a thing about the night before...he didn’t remember drinking but the bottle clued him in on that fact. He concluded he must have taken something but he had no idea what and his head was pounding. He scrambled looked through his pockets for his phone but found it on the floor and sighed realizing there were no messages or calls from Savannah. He texted her, “Honey I miss you...I hope you had fun last night. Call me when you can.” He was off to the next city tonight.

Casey smiled seeing her, “Your finally awake, how’d you sleep?” He asked getting up and getting dressed. “Last night was amazing...he’ll your amazing.” He said not caring that she was a married woman and he was a fireman and they worked together a lot. People would talk if this got out...she could lose her husband and her job.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 13d 5h 36m 28s
Savannah looked at Casey and smirked when he brought up Kane. [b "Yeah, I am."] she said [b "He's touring over in Europe for a few months."] She could see Macey giving her a look; like she needed to watch herself. One night of fun wouldnt hurt anyone? Right.

[b "He's just protective, thats all."] she said, defending her husband when Casey mentioned how he always stared down her neck. She ordered two shots of tequila before she nodded at his question about dancing with him. [b "Sure. Why not. One night of fun won't kill anyone."] she said before she all but ripped off her button up, reveling a lingerie babydoll one piece that was tucked into her jeans.

It felt amazing, just dancing, not having a care in the world. She probably should've realized that grinding on another man that was not your husband would lead to trouble, but she was just craving adult fun. Of course, she didn't realize how much trouble she would be in until she woke up the next morning, naked in Casey's bed.
  Savannah Grace Ryan / boobear96 / 13d 5h 44m 32s
Kane sighed frustrated when she didn’t answer him, he knew she was going out tonight but he had hoped she would still answer him. Now he knew otherwise. He did get to say goodnight to his kids thanks to who was watching them but he knew that Savannah was having fun out there on Broadway by herself and hoped she was safe. He took a deep breath and downed the hand full of pills and washed it down with a bud light lime. He wanted to forget everything for a night and forget who he was. He was Kane Brown and had no trouble getting plenty of drugs when and where he wanted them...women too, but he wasn’t to that point yet.

Casey smiled rose Savannah, “so I heard your married to that country singer now...where is he tonight?” He asked obviously buzzed already. He bought her a beer and asked her, “Care to share this dance with me? He’s not here to stare down your neck as usual...let loose and have some fun with me.” He muttered. She looked gorgeous and he didn’t care what Kane Brown had to say about it. Savannah Brown was his tonight.
  Kane / Polkadotrocker / 13d 5h 57m 7s

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