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They were best friends since Pre-K. 9th grade came and they decided to date and found out their feelings was more than just friendship. Summer before 10th grade she moved separating miles away them. At first they tried the long distance but it wasn’t working out then they stay in contact but slowly stopped. Now college is starting, they both happen to be going to the same college. What will happen when they meet?

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"Why does that not surprise me?" Artemis joked as he looked out the window for a brief second.
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 1d 18h 28m 38s
“Today as long as I get some caffeine I really don’t care what we do. “ Savanna told him as she turned her car on and drove out of the parking lot and onto the road
  Angel_love94 / 8d 18m 59s
"I don't know what else I expected," Artemis said jokingly as he got right in front of the passenger door, opening it, and got into the car.
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 8d 8h 57m 30s
“Ummm maybe, though I have gotten better. “ Savanna said getting into the car.
  Angel_love94 / 8d 14h 55m 28s
Artemis started walking towards the car,"did you plan out every hour of today?"
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 8d 19h 8m 42s
"Lets go." Savanna said as she pulled her her keys out of her backpack and unlocked the car doors.
  Angel_love94 / 9d 5h 20m 43s
Artemis smiled,"it looks pretty good if I say so myself." Artemis looked at her,"shall we head that way?"
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 9d 5h 43m 33s
"Right there.." Savanna said pointing to a small convertible car. "My dad found the car and I helped restore it." She added.
  Angel_love94 / 9d 5h 50m 25s
"Sounds good," Artemis said, smiling back. He looked at her,"where is your car parked anyways?"
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 9d 5h 57m 1s
Savanna smiled. “We can take my car.” She said.
  Angel_love94 / 9d 6h 23m 5s
Artemis hugged her back until she pulled back. "Yeah that sounds great actually."
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 9d 6h 28m 22s
“Yeah. Hope you don’t mind.” Savanna said as she hugged him. Hugging him made her feel so happy. She pulled away and looked at him. “Ready? I figured we can go into town and grab coffee and walk around.”
  Angel_love94 / 9d 6h 45m 24s
"I see you still use the nickname you gave to me," Artemis said as he grew closer to her.
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 9d 7h 45m 45s
“Hey Arti.” Savanna called putting as she walked over to him. She wore a simple sun dress and her hair was in a messy bun.
  Angel_love94 / 9d 8h 12m 23s
Artemis got up early as he had planned and took a shower to wake himself up mostly. He put his clothes on, a dark blue shirt with black shorts, and headed out the door to the meeting spot they had planned.
  Artemis / cookiecookie524 / 9d 8h 28m 45s

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