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a supernatural romance :)

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  hotpotato / 14d 4h 36m 27s
They are at a bar at night. I don’t think bars have cafes in them?
  Angel_love94 / 14d 4h 54m 26s
[i I walked over to a rack of books and started reading the titles. I chose three books and went over to the cafe area]
  bellpepper / 14d 4h 58m 3s
Grayson turned his head when he heard the bell ding. He noticed a girl walking in. He grinned.
  Angel_love94 / 14d 23h 15m 36s
[i I walked to a little store called '' mashic dolafwah'' and I went inside. when i opened the door, a little bell rang]
  bellpepper / 24d 5h 27m 57s
Grayson sat at the bar doing his normal people watching. He was finding the right person to feed from. he sipped his glass of bourbon and glanced at the door when a girl walked in.
  Angel_love94 / 24d 21h 12m 8s
[i I, however, have been sober all my life because of im still a freaking teen. I walk down the street in the opposite direction of you and people are moving out of my way... making rude comments on every single move I make. telling me to die, saying I should kill my self. calling me ugly and those were not the worst of it because the city is still getting used to us witches, and change is hard especially on things you don't understand like magic but I don't think this will ever stop... ever]
  bellpepper / 34d 22h 24m 36s
It was a chilly night in the town of Meekin. Grayson loved the night, he loved aimlessly walked through the ally ways and going to the local bars. He decided to go to this bar he hadn’t been to in a while. Grayson walked to the bar and sat down. “A glass of bourbon please.” He asked
  Angel_love94 / 34d 22h 34m 7s
you start please (^>.<^) [+white uhjytyrttyguhhjuhuygtfrtgh]
  bellpepper / 35d 19h 52m 54s
Sounds good :) I like free styling and then the ideas just come. U wanna start or shall I?
  Angel_love94 / 35d 19h 53m 45s
ummmmm i don't know lets just freestyle?) [+white kjjnhgcfdryuhujgytfyg]
  Alla / bellpepper / 35d 20h 25s
I use real pictures is that okay with you? And any plot ideas?
  Angel_love94 / 35d 20h 1m 38s
witch [+white jhjghfcfgghbhjnnbgvcdcghbjnmnm nv vgf]
  Alla / bellpepper / 35d 20h 9m 37s
Do you want to be the witch or the vampire? And I see no picture
  Angel_love94 / 35d 20h 10m 10s

  bellpepper / 35d 20h 12m 49s

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