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Klaus didn’t like being told what to do, and he was stubborn. That was why he was in his current situation: a dog pound. If he had listened, he’d still be at home in the abyss with full control over his abilities. Not that it particularly mattered he supposed. He was so young that he was essentially kenneled anyway. Young for a hellhound at least. His kind wasn’t the longest living of demons, but they lived significantly longer than any human- especially if they managed to avoid being summoned. That being the case ‘pups’ were rare, meaning Klaus was subjected to overprotective parents. It was part of what drove him to run away like he did.

All he’d done was express an interest in the human realm. That interest was instantly met with his mother shutting him down and forbidding him from the topic. It didn’t stop him. He pestered anyone that would give him the time of day until, out of sheer exasperation, one of the older hounds explained how to get to the human realm without being summoned. Maybe he hadn’t thought that Klaus would actually try it or maybe he didn’t care if it did if it meant he had some peace. Either way Klaus followed his instructions to the T and instead of being able to run around as he pleased, something else happened.

He became a tiny speck of a dog.

Sure, he wasn’t the biggest hellhound. He was still a baby, but in this new form he’d been forced into he was smaller than an infant. No fire, no strength, no powerful jaws or massive size. Nope. All he had was a ridiculously yappy sounding bark and so much fluff that he suspected he looked bigger than he actually was. It was humiliating. What was more humiliating was that he was captured by humans that cooed to him in ridiculous voices and treated him like more of a child than his family did. He understood what kind of situation he was in. Thankfully he could still understand language so he could listen to what the humans were talking about.

Apparently, he unnerved them. Something about him not acting like a normal Pomeranian. Was that what he was? Not that having a name to whatever the fuck this yappy form was mattered much. There was talk of ‘fixing’ him- which sounded ominous- but it was dismissed as they mentioned that he might last long since the other dogs were terrified of him and no one wanted him. It was true. When he’d first been put in the kennel he’d had neighbors on all sides, but they had all gone to the furthest corner of their cages and one had even hurt itself trying to get away. After that they’d moved them to further kennels, an inconvenience apparently. If the dogs’ reaction wasn’t enough, the humans that walked through and took dogs tended to look at him, get nervous, and continue walking; like they could tell he wasn’t what he appeared to be. It was a couple weeks of that until one day [i he] showed up.

The visit started much the same with the excitable mutts barking and making a fuss that there was someone new to sniff-
‘maybe he’ll play with us!’
‘Does he have treats?’
It was irritating and woke him from a nap. Klaus huffed in annoyance but got up to see what the fuss was this time. It was a man. How exciting. He lay down and stared out the door of the kennel. How long would this one stare at him before freaking out? A poor form of entertainment, but the only one he had.

The man was cute for a human. Strange though. He cooed at a few of the dogs before the tour came to him. When the man saw him, he stopped and actually crouched in front of the door. Interesting. Klaus got up and approached the human curiously, ignoring the gushing nonsense that he was spouting to stare into his eyes silently and intensely. Silently willing him to get him out of this nightmare of disgusting food and stupidity. If only he could talk.
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