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Maya's eyes lit up. "Really!? Thank you so much! " She told him happily. "Maybe this will be a good chance for us to get to know each other outside of Artemis" She smiled as she looked at her husband, seeing her husband on his phone. "Love, we're at the table...can't it wait until we're done with breakfast?" She asked him with a small pout, hating not having his full attention. It was odd...actually she hadn't really been able to get his full attention as of lately. She just brushed it off as work related....or maybe she was just boring.
'Ah...nooo stop thinking like that...' she thought as she turned her sights to Adam. "Would you like to start today?" She asked him as she stuff her face with pancakes. She moaned."So good~" she smiled
  Lunaxlynn / 14d 16h 20m 43s
Adam thought in his head for a second as her nipped at a piece of bacon. [+red [i It is the perfect opportunity for me. I just can't get too attached.] "Why wouldn't I?"] Adam finished with his eggs and moved to the pancakes on his plate as Artemis gave him a slight evil smile as he got a text on his phone.

Artemis picked up his phone and smiled when he saw that it was the girl he had been with last week. His smile widened as he texted back saying he would see her in a few hours and that he was busy at the moment.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 14d 17h 42m 46s
"I have job for you, if your willing to take it that is.... I will pay you of course and it's only temporary, but i'm a down a personal assistant and I could really use the help. I don't have many friends sooo I was thinking if maybe...if you don't mind hanging around me 24/7 for days at a time...would you be willing to fulfill that duty? Pretty please?" She asked almost shyly. She hated to bother him which such a task but she really need the help and someone could trust ASAP. She didn't really have the time to sit and have interview after interview.
  Lunaxlynn / 14d 18h 4m 23s
Adam smiled as he sat down, [+red "thank you."] Adam grabbed a clean plate as well as Artemis sat down, smiling. He looked so innocent in Adam's eyes. [i [+red Looks and reality are always one of the most mixed up things in this world.]] Adam thought to himself, thinking of what his mother had told him before she started drinking. Adam snapped out of his gaze and looked at the breakfast on the table, digging into all the wonderful food on the table. He had taken 4 strips of bacon, pancakes, and eggs. He stood up to go get his coffee cup which he had left and sat back down as he heard Maya speak. [+red "Okay, shoot."]
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 14d 18h 26m 25s
Maya giggled a bit. [+pink "I think you both will be excited."] She smiled happily trying to contain herself, a she placed the now cooked eggs and bacon on a plate, setting it on the table for the men.[+pink "Dig in before it gets cold. I'll tell you both the news after breakfast."] She told them. She grabbed her cup of coffee, making her way over to her seat which was across from Adam. She bit her lip as she grabbed a clean plate and helped her self to three pancake, eggs, four strips of back and apple, which she had grabbed for the basket of fresh fruit she had always managed to changed out each week. She poured some syrup on her pancakes. [+pink "Oh, Adam! I have a question for you!"]
  Lunaxlynn / 14d 18h 40m 25s
Artemis smiled at the thought of good news, thinking he could use some in his day.

Adam snapped out of his gaze, the look of worry fading from his face. [+red "Should I be scared or excited?"]

Artemis gazed at him [+blue "if she says, 'good news' I think excited, don't you?"]
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 16h 42m 31s
Maya's smile immediately brightened as she heard her husband voice, but still focus on making the pancakes.Anyone could tell she was head over heels in love with her husband. He could do now wrong on her eys.[+pink "As long as I have you by my side I'm sure everything will go perfectly...and You know I just a had to share our little piece of heaven...and he likes it too."]she told him as she flipped a few pancakes. She then turned on another fire on the stove for the bacon and eggs to fry. [+pink "Plus, today is special! I have some very good news."] She told them both.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 17h 39m 26s
[+blue "I know you'll be smart enough to make the right decision,"] Artemis emerged from the hall after his long shower, looking over at the coffee cups before taking his.[+blue "I see you made your favorite coffee."]

Adam looked at the two and felt a slight happiness before the conversation from before Maya had appeared replayed in his mind.

[i kill my wife]
[i next month]
[i one million dollars]
[i can you complete the task?]

Adam had a worried but deep-in-thought expression across his face as he spaced out.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 17h 56m 42s
Maya laughed at his little roar when he called himself a tiger. She shocked her head slightly.[+pink "Good things come to those who wait. I'm sure there a woman out there that can tamed you. It's just a matter of time."]she told him happily as she turned on the fire for the stove setting a pan on top. [+pink "I'm glad to know your good with being single. It shows how strong of a person you are...."] she told him as she started put some butter in the pan. She paused for a moment going over his question in her head about how she was doing. She smiled slightly.[+pink "In all honesty....I've never been happier and at peace."] She told him as she bit her lip thinking about the company launch.[+pink "It's a big step and a huge responsibility to take on but I'm ready. This is what I worked so hard for. I built it from the ground up, there going to be somuch Employment opportunities for people, plus giving back to communities and do some good in the world. I just have to close the deal with My business partners in South Korea and Japan and I should be set to launch by the end of this year."]she told him as she poured the mixture into the pan.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 18h 11m 35s
[+red "No, no your fine. I only wish I could do those things with someone, but every woman out there is too afraid of this tiger,"] he fake roared at the last part, smiling a tad. [+red "But yeah, I have been single for a year now. And its actually fine by me."]

Adam took another sip if his coffee, [+red "how are you doing? I heard about your business launch."] He took another sip of the coffee, seeming not to want stop drinking the little peace of heaven for the day.
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 18h 33m 9s
She giggled a bit when asked where'd she get the coffee from.[+pink "I told you Bora Bora."] She smiled putting a cup of flour into the bowl along with a few eggs and buttermilk.[+pink "I'm glad to hear everything is going fine and well for you. Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"] She asked curiously. She had hardly seen him we anyone of the opposite sex...and when she did it was for long.[+pink "Artemis and i could really use a double date that not boring or about business partnership."] She told him as she rolled her eyes slightly. [+pink " I would love to do a game night...I know that sounds childish but it good to connect with your inner child once in a while..."]she told as she started to stir the mixture together while she added cinnamon and vanilla extract in. She felt her face heat up at the realize what was coming out of her mouth.[+pink "Sorry I'm probably not making any sort of sense right now! Please ignore me. I'm talking too much!"]she told him as she pushed a few loose curls behind her ears before she continued to stir. Due to her clumsy and timid nature it was sometimes hard to imagine that she was the soon to be owner and CEO of a multi million dollar company. The women barely looked as if she could handle someone yelling at her.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 18h 41m 16s
[+red"I'm fine, and your fine- I mean your ok- I mean,"] he took a breath,[+red"its fine. And business is going,"] he paused, thinking about all the criminal jobs he had to do, [+red"rather well."]

He paused to take a sip of the coffee before speaking again, but when he was finished, he started to change the subject, not on purpose, to the amazing coffee. His face looking a little surprised at how good it tasted. "Did you get this coffee from heaven or what? It taste so damn good."
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 19h 7m 56s
Maya nodded and quickly poured him a cup coffee. [+pink "It tastes great too....We got this on our Honeymoon to Bora Bora. It was this small little coffee house in the village very beautiful village by the way... the coffee house is family owned. It's not sold anywhere ya know. And I loved it so much we decided to by a bunch of them."]she smiled happily living back the memories and how silly it was of her to buy so much coffee, she snapping out her thoughts she handed Adam the cup off coffee.[+pink "Cream and sugar are on the table. But I highly recommend not using any it takes away from the flavor."]she told him, making her way over to the Refrigerator grabbing some eggs, bacon and everything else she needed to make pancakes. She placed everything on the island and started looking for a big bowl to combine all the ingredients in. [+pink "I'm sorry! I'm so rude!?"]she suddenly said as she stopped what she was doing for a moment. She sighed deeply, hating forgetting her manners. [+pink How are you? How is everything going?"] She asked him genuinely interested in how he was doing now a days.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 19h 18m 9s
[+red "I would if your offering please and thank you,"] Adam replied, looking at her and felt himself deep in thought.

[i Why would anyone want to kill someone as sweet as her?]

He snapped back to reality when he smelt coffee in the air,"that smells delicious."
  Kate / cookiecookie524 / 28d 20h 14m 8s
Maya turned around quickly hearing Adam's voice. She looked down at her bare feet, blushing a bit. "Thank you Adam" She said as she looked at him, before grabbing three coffee cups. Maya was never one of those people who thought they were amazing beautiful. She always thought she looked okay...but she was wrong. To anyone Maya was beautiful and often mistaken for a model. She didn't understand why, if anyone knew her they would have known she was actually pretty clumsy.

She sat them down on the counter. "Would you like some coffee?" she asked him as she poured herself and Artemis some coffee.
  Lunaxlynn / 28d 22h 25m 17s

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