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Adam, age 26, was always one of the best criminals when it came down to much of anything. But when he is asked to pull off a murder for his best friend, things get a little more complicated.

She is his best friend's wife, and has already been cheated on. The reason Artemis wants her dead, to keep her money. Adam decides to take the job, but already feels himself regretting it as he starts to talk and get to know her. Adam has to keep reminding himself that he is a heartless criminal. But is he really all that heartless?

Adam is falling for her, and he is falling for her fast, making it even harder to complete his task every time he is around her.

And she is falling for him even as she doesn't know it.

Will he come clean of his crimes and confess everything for his love? Or will Adam be the heartless criminal he has always been?

Will she feel the same around him? Or will she stay loyal to the one she thinks is the perfect person for her?

ALL ES rules apply
MAY be cursing or mature themes, I don't really know yet
NO age limit on this rp, all ages welcomed
MUST be able to post at least twice a week to keep the rp going
This is a romance, if you couldn't tell, but I am warning you now

Extra (optional):

If someone else gets the role, but you also want to do this too, just pm me and I will make another one.

Name: Adam
Age: 26
Bio: Master criminal who is heartless until he finds her
Looks: Blond hair, brown eyes, almost always wears a dark sea blue jacket he got from his father.

Name: Maya J. Alexander
Age: 26
Bio: Maya's life was never hard, some would even go as far to say that she had it made.Born into upper class family, Maya never had to lift a finger to do anything...but that never stopped her. Maya was one few people in this world who wasn't blinded by wealth. She wasn't one of those snobby rich girls. She was actually quite humble and knew how grateful she was to have what she did. She kind, caring, understanding, well educated and well read. And while she was all those things and more, people always assumed the worst of her before even trying to get to know her...cause lead to her having trouble making friends when she was younger and even in her teen know how the story goes when your a teen wanting to fit in. She always wanted to see the good in people, which was a her weakness. She was oblivious to the fact that her so called "friends" were just using her. In away she knew, and it hurt but she didn't really mind back then as along as they spoke to her....she was kinda lonely during her childhood. Her parents were never around much for her so she did was she could to make any possible human in a way she was using them too..
but that was in the past...she still the same Maya but more mature bow. Now Maya is 26, married to the man of her dreams, and in the process of launching her million dollar business. She couldn't be happier...

Looks:Maya is African American and stands at 5'6". She has hazel eyes and dark brown long curly hair. She's has a nice tone figure but is still feminine built as well.


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Adam looked at her, "trust me when I say, hearing about your marriage is probably the most normal and safe thing that goes on in my day." He wasn't wrong either. Adam remembered all the things he had to do today and sighed when he realized he had [b way] more jobs to do today then just the one. Adam looked at her, "but if you don't need someone to talk to, I'll just head on out."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 1d 16h 37m 56s
Maya let a small giggle slip for her lips as she wiped her eyes was the sleeves of her sweater. " Really? I haven't noticed..." She said sarcastically with a smile which soon fell. "I don't know what's gotten in to him minute he's the person I married and the next he's someone I barely recognize..." She said looking at the ground. "I feel like I'm doing everything wrong..,you i'm not enough for him." She sighed as she looked at him. "Sorry you probably don't want to hear me complain about my marriage..." She said standing up straight. " But thank you for listening anyway..." She told him softly as place her hand on his.
  Lunaxlynn / 3d 1h 59m 10s
Adam didn't know why, but he felt bad for Maya, but angry at Artemis all the same. [i Why am I mad at me best friend? I shouldn't be,] Adam thought to himself as the question repeated itself inside his head. But every time he looked down at her, the emotions kept coming back. Adam couldn't stand to see Maya like this, and that he knew. Adam pulled away from the hug before he got too wrapped into his thoughts. "Maya, I wish I could tell you whats wrong with him. But if I'm being completely honest, your husband is one heck of a roller coaster."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 3d 14h 35m 6s
Maya was slightly surprise at Adam's offer to hug him, but she did. She needed some kind of comfort, that wasn't from herself. She wrapped his arms around him and cried into his shoulder. "Thank you..." She sniffed trying to keep herself together.
  Lunaxlynn / 3d 23h 17m 55s
Adam went right in front of her and blocked her way"Maya, I'm not dumb, your upset." Adam sighed for a second as he suddenly felt something nagging at him as he knew the feeling. He had wanted to kiss her in that little tiny moment he was staring down at her. [i I can't believe I'm actually about to say this.] "C'mon, you need a hug, bring it in."
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 10d 16h 44m 14s
Maya jumped a bit as Artemis slammed the front door as she stared after him.She hadn't expected him to leave like that or at all. She sniffed a bit, wiped away a few tears that she didn't realize had fell. "I'm so sorry about that....I didn't think he would react like that...he just needs sometime to clam down.." She told Adam softly sniffing yet away trying to get a grip on her emotions. She took a deep breath before trying force a smile, but that didn't so a good job at hiding how hurt she was. " Mmm... I just going to finish cleaning up...a...and I'll go get changed and we can get the day started.." she told him softly not looking at him as she moved around the kitchen.
  Lunaxlynn / 12d 3h 58m 35s
Artemis stormed off and out of the house, slamming the door behind him. He started to curse as he got into his car, slamming the door to where it could be heard from inside the house, and drove off to see the girl he had planned to be with.

Adam looked at her apologetically. He knew exactly what was going on in her husband's head. Artemis knew his policy of not killing anyone under the age of 18. Adam started thinking about the job he had been given. [i I just can't now. I can't! She is carrying a child. A baby!] Adam knew he would have to make a decision on whether he continued the job or not, but it wasn't going to be an easy decision to make, but he had to.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 12d 5h 16m 34s
"I-I just found this morning...i'm... sorry..."She told him softly as confusion swam around in her hazel eyes.Maya's smile fell from her face as she soon realized that her husband was angry. She looked into his eyes and only saw... Anger...that was one emotion she didn't think she would come across when she told him the news...Why was he angry? What did he think was going happen? She wasn't on the birth control and he didn't wear a condoms. Anyone could tell she was confused at this point...and also hurt. This was not how she pictured her pregnancy announcement to him. He was suppose to be happy and excited. Picking her up and telling her how happy he was about becoming a dad....not this. He looked as if he wanted to push her down the staris...

She was glad Adam dediced to stay. Maybe she could get some information of why Artemis was angry or what she did wrong..

At this point Maya didn't know what to do. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath,as a wave of dizziness washed of her. "I already told my parents and yours. They're coming over for dinner tonight. To celebrate...if you don't want to...fine..." She told him as she looked at Adam. "Your welcome to come." She told him getting him a small forced smile.
  Lunaxlynn / 12d 21h 4m 2s
Artemis felt his jaw drop as so did Adam. [i I don't think that was supposed to happen] Adam thought to himself. "Holy crap! You didn't tell me sooner?!?" Artemis said, looking at her angrily. "Calm down Artemis-"

"Stay out of it Adam. Go home or something." Artemis was angry at this. He knew this might make the job harder for Adam. He knew that Adam had a policy of not killing kids, so he would have to convince him on this one. "Artemis, I'll stay." Adam replied since he knew it might not turn out well for Maya.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 2h 59m 45s
Maya literally started bouncing on the balls of her feet when he asked what the good news. Her heart started pounding slightly as the feeling of nervousness and excitement washed over her. She bit her lip slightly as she turned to face them leaning back on the sink with big smile." I'm pregnant! " She smiled happily as she looked at Artemis, trying to reading his facial expressions.
  Lunaxlynn / 13d 3h 54m 7s
"Considering that I got seconds, yes. Thank you. And I guess boxing doesn't sound [b too] bad." Adam smiled a bit as he looked around just before standing up and bringing her his coffee cup. Adam heard another buzz but shut down the phone before anymore buzzing could go off. He had glanced at his phone just before turning it off to see that it was his mom. [i Probably wanting me to clean up another drinking problem.] he sighed a bit at the thought just before snapping out of them once again. "So what is this good news you have?"
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 14h 57m 18s
Maya giggled bit shaking her head." Well, you join when I go to my boxing classes..." She offered as she finished the rest of her food. She stood up taking her plate, Artemis's and then Adam's plate to the sink. " Did you enjoy breakfast Adam?" She asked him, quickly cleaning the plates and putting them away at the same time.
  Lunaxlynn / 13d 16h 42m 36s
"Not so much of boxing as it is telling a bag how you feel through punching it to death," Adam smiled a bit as he grabbed for more food. He looked at Artemis and noticed that he had barely touched his plate before and was just now shoveling down food. [i He looks..... rushed. Earlier he didn't even touch his food.] Adam heard a buzz from his phone but ignored it since it wasn't time for him to be on his phone right now. He loaded his plate down with food, finishing off everything. Adam started to eat the food on his plate and was done in no time as he noticed that Artemis had just finished as well.
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 16h 52m 27s
Maya felt the shift in his mood, but choose to ignore not wanting to ruin the vibe anymore. Hopefully, after she told him the news Artemis mood would change. He would be happy...right? Maya snapped out of her thought as she glanced at Adam and tilted her head to the side slightly, finding interesting that he boxed. She looked down at him knuckles, seeing the bruises. "You box? " She asked curiously. "Oh, help yourself." She told him with a small smiled as she continued to eat as well.
  Lunaxlynn / 13d 17h 17m 44s
Artemis brushed her off as he continued to type and finished while turning off his phone, his mood completely changing. Something had snapped inside of him, causing him to act differently in a way.

Adam tried to smile to make it better for Maya. He had to feel that something with Artemis was..... off. [i What if he is cheating on her? He knows I wouldn't have accepted the job if I known that.] Adam snapped out of his thoughts and looked at Maya,"that sounds nice, actually. I need to take a break from punching bags anyways," he glanced at his bruised and messed up knuckles. He mostly did it out of anger or sadness. His anger being his family's problems he was being brought into for no reason. Adam finished his food and his coffee and smiled before looking at Artemis and Maya,"you guys getting seconds or can I just go for it?"
  Adam / cookiecookie524 / 13d 17h 29m 26s

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