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Like 103-104 hot, which leads to me having heatstrokes
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  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 51m 33s
Yup, my body temperature just gets really fucking hot

  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 55m 1s
I have malfunctioning sweat glands, that's why I don't sweat
das heart atteck there for yea [+white mjnhyujdrghhuyuhyteewsfhbhjb]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 1h 13m 7s
It's cold here but I feel hot, but I'm not sweating
im doing homework ughgfrdew3e4r5t6yujhgfdsdyueugyftrdtghunjhgyfdttrfguyh
  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 1h 17m 1s
I'm bored but I'm watching YouTube so its aight
  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 2h 3m 21s

I heard that they're remaking the movie Candyman
[i I still sleep]

  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 2h 31m 49s
She lit some candles and grabbed one of the many pumpkins from the backyard
[i I fall back to sleep, hoping I could just disappear]
  Minyia / bellpepper / 275d 2h 37m 3s

She began to make some soul cakes and hummed some

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