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Prompto noticed Charlie in the area and started to attack him in order to drive him off.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 240d 6h 1m 58s
[b She was reading a book and listening to music as she swung back and forth.]
Neku quickly covered his nose and mouth as Cloud manages to get rid of the smoke coming his way with just a flap of his wing. Noel started panicking because of the smoke. Tidus was busy playing a game and didn't notice the smoke.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 240d 6h 4m 22s

[b Laying in her hammock and smoking a cigarette.]
Roxas drags Neku by the arm and makes sure that he is following. "Come on let's go and don't get hurt." He said out loud. "Whatever Roxas quit nagging me." Neku told Roxas. "I AM NOT NAGGING YOU FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!" Roxas yelled at Neku. "Then explain why we're lost yet again." Neku muttered to himself. Cloud was just watching from behind and had ignored the arguement completely. "Can we PLEASE stop arguing before something goes wrong." Dark Pit muttered to himself. He had no idea why he even decided to accompany Roxas and Neku in the first place. "They're always like this and it never changes." Noctis said out loud.
  Roxas / Catlover33 / 240d 6h 12m 59s

I am hella bored but I'm watching my 3am challenge videos
  Minyia / bellpepper / 274d 8h 5m 16s
I know now I need water like constantly, like a damn fish
dang please don't die ;^; hgfrdessdrftghybjnhbjgrfswer
  Minyia / bellpepper / 274d 8h 13m 5s
And I almost died of a damn heatstroke, I was so dehydrated
of jjjuihygtfrdfttgyhujhgihthuithuithuthutrhuthuit85858gtrfg
  Minyia / bellpepper / 274d 8h 17m 39s
Yea it sucks

First time it happened, I was at fucking Grand Canyon
darn that seems rough
  Minyia / bellpepper / 274d 8h 22m 0s
So..yup, I have to keep ice packs and stuff on me at all times
oof yjkkjuhygtfrdegfctvbhjrgyfjgbyfvbhjfeyhufrhrgfddrertry
  Minyia / bellpepper / 274d 8h 28m 14s

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