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She sighed as she laid back on the couch as she itched her neck some
Neku stays alert as he knows that something else is in the house.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 43m 57s
Sorry, I'm in a bad mood [b Sighs as she sat down then mumbled something angrily.]
"Quit being a douchebag to them." Noctis told Amy.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 49m 17s
Sorry I wasnt raised all rich and pampered [b Rolls her eyes again.]
Prompto was still holding his pistol and cautiously walked into the house. Neku ran into the house as well while covering his nose and mouth.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 240d 4h 2m 31s
Come in....I guess [b Takes her vape from her pocket and grabs the e liquid from her bag.]
Prompto approaches the front door of the house and knocks on the door.
  Prompto / Catlover33 / 240d 4h 7m 3s
[b She rolled her eyes.] I'm sorry I'm not all high class like you are
Neku fires another water spell at Amy. He was annoyed with her language
  Neku / Catlover33 / 240d 4h 14m 56s
What I do is none of your fucking business, I'm a grown ass adult
"Smokers should be punished swiftly and efficently." Neku told the voice while Prompto shot at the direction of the sound.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 240d 4h 16m 51s
Yo, dont attack my fucking brother you wank stain [b Voice sounds raspy and looks at them angrily.]

Neku sighed and used a water spell to put out the cigarette. "That's much better." He said out loud. "Thank goodness we have clean, fresh air." Roxas said out loud. Cloud was happy as well about what Neku did.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 240d 4h 29m 2s

[b Looks around as she itched her nose some.]

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