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"I'd stay in inside",she says as she looked at Yozora
Yozora steps outside and continues to look around for any scientists.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 2h 45m 36s
"Oi, anata wa kuso o suu ",Charlie says as he laughed some
Yozora checked to see if any of the scientists were in the area.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 2h 49m 48s
Her and Charlie was playing cards and was currently arguing who was cheating "Anata wa meinu no musuko o damasu ",she says loudly
Yozora woke up a few hours later and looked out the window.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 2h 53m 11s
She caught him and put him.on the couch as she looked around some
Yozora finished explaining his situation to Amy before passing out.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 23m 55s
She listened to him speak as she checked her perimeter
Yozora coughed up a small amount of blood and told Amy about why he ran away from the lab that he was kept captive in.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 30m 9s
"They can't get you here, its protected by many alarm systems",she explained
"They're after me..." Yozora said out loud. He was scared of the scientists.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 33m 13s
"It was an amber alert",she says as she looked around "dont worry. Chin Chin is still condemned",she says
"Why was that Alert sent in the first place?" Noctis asked Amy
  Noctis / Catlover33 / 240d 3h 40m 30s
"Its fine, the teams are in order, nobody came through the portal",she says to Noctis

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