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She woke up then rubbed her eyes as she covered Yozora with a blanket
Neku giggled and grabbed Prompto by the arm. He was happy that Yozora and Amy were getting along.
  Neku / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 36s
Charlie shrugged as he drank his coffee and ate some waffles
Neku sighed and smiled. "They're adorable together." He told Charlie
  Neku / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 5m 56s
She ended up passing out as well and was snoring slightly
Yozora has already fallen asleep and was comfortable around Amy.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 7m 58s
"Its no problem",she says as she looked down at him
"Thank you for saving me from my pursurers." Yozora told Amy.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 11m 17s
She kinda flinched as she looked down at him then smiled again
Yozora rests his head in Amy's lap and starts purring.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 15m 56s
"Your welcome", she says smiling as she looked at him then drank some of her coffee
Yozora woke up and sat on the couch. He quickly thanked Amy for what she did.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 23m 10s
She laid on the couch as she looked around then coughed some
Yozora curled up and falls asleep on the floor. He was really tired.
  Yozora / Catlover33 / 239d 13h 38m 15s
She put a bandage on his neck as she yawned as well

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