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She rubbed the powder into the wounds then poured some red liquid one towel, putting it on the more serious wounds
Rain stood completely still and didn't move at all.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 10h 21m 41s
"Stop moving",she says as she looked at Rain as she poured some blue powder on the wounds
Rain looked at Amy and asked her what she was doing.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 10h 24m 40s
She pulled out bags of various powders and bottles of various liquids as she looked at him
Neku grabbed Amy's pink duffle bag from the back room and handed it to her
  Neku / Catlover33 / 239d 11h 15m 21s
"Grab my pink duffle bag from the back room",she says as she kneeled beside him
Rain passed out from his wounds which alarmed Neku greatly.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 11h 36m 42s
She lowered the gun and put the electrfyied fence on then coughed a bit
Rain hides behind Amy and watches as the scientists left the woods.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 11h 56m 55s
"This is your only warning",she yelled to the scientists
Rain ran into the house as fast as he could. He was covered in injuries and was out of breath.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 12h 1m 39s
She cocked the gun "get him to the house",she yelled as she pointed the gun up
"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Rain yelled at one of the scientists and had kicked that scientist
  Neku / Catlover33 / 239d 12h 3m 55s
"Goddammit",she yelled as she ran and grabbed a hidden AR-15 from the closet, loading in a magazine to the fun

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