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Rain got onto the couch and falls asleep. He was tired.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 5h 26m 16s
She was passed out, her head leaned back on the couch, breathing heavily
Rain woke up and yawned. He felt a little bit better after his long nap.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 5h 50m 14s
She finally got done healing him and smiled, it taking alot out of her
Neku yawned and almost falls asleep. He was a little tired.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 6h 22m 6s
She put some purple powder on the wounds when mumbled something in an ancient language
Noctis was watching Amy carefully and made sure that Rain would be okay
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 6h 39m 4s
She began to heal him again as she hummed to herself as she worked
Rain already has fallen asleep. He was extremely tired.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 6h 57m 1s
"He should be out in 10 seconds",she says as she waited for him to fall asleep
Rain started to feel the effects of the Etorphine and felt drowsy.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 7h 6m 24s
She injected him with etorphine, which takes effect I a matter of seconds
Rain nodded in approval and waited for Amy to do what she said that she was going to do.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 7h 27m 36s
"I can put you to rest for tbis if you want",she says as she looked at him
Rain winced in pain a few times. He tried his best to endure it so that he could prove how tough he is.
  Rain / Catlover33 / 239d 8h 30m 45s

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